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Rhino ECO Spray On Roof: Does Anyone Have One???

Does anyone have personal experience with the Rhino ECO roof? I am not talking about the same stuff that you spray on your truck bed, but their roofing. Would like to hear about your experience with it. thanks Matt
bowler1 05/05/22 07:23am General RVing Issues
Rhino ECO Spray On Roof---Anyone have one???

Hi, This is a follow up to a post I made a few weeks ago. I am considering getting a Rhino ECO roof as a replacement roof. I got some feedback on this but nothing from someone who has first-hand experience with this product. There are not many reviews on the internet, and the ones that I have seen are not necessarily relevant because they are from people who got the truck liner sprayed on their roof (which is not the same and not a good idea) or who got it sprayed on by someone who was not certified to do so. Can anyone provide first hand experience with these roofs? One of the things I am wondering / concerned about is heat. The product claims to reduce heat inside in the summer since it is a silver/reflective color. But at least one person online said it did the opposite (although this does not make sense to me). Any additional info would be appreciated. thanks Matt
bowler1 04/08/22 09:03am General RVing Issues
Rhino ECO Roof Replacement vs. TPO or Rubber???

Hi, I need to get a new roof on my 2018 Open Range 5th wheel. I am leaning toward getting it sprayed on with the Rhino ECO lining. Seems like the way to go, but I want to make sure there are not any drawbacks I am not aware of. Anyone have thoughts about whether to do this or just go with a standard TPO or rubber roof? I am interested in the durability and maintenance free aspect of the Rhino roof. thanks Matt
bowler1 03/28/22 06:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Generators: Cummins 4500 vs Westinghouse vs. ?????

I am the original poster. So I still have not bought a generator. To be honest I don't really NEED one. I want one to use as a backup source of power in the event the electric goes out (my RV is next to my house to I could hook it up and go stay in the RV when the power is out). I could just get a cheap / loud industrial generator for this application, but I figure that if I am going to spend the money I might as well invest it in something I could use while dry camping in a campground .....i.e. a quiet generator. In my case, I would not be putting lots of hours on the generator. I would use it as needed on a rare occasion. So in that case I may not need the highest quality generator. But on the other hand, I want it TO WORK if I ever do have to use it. Seems like only the Honda or Yamaha are truly reliable from my research. They are expensive though....especially if you need enough juice to run two AC units on a 5th wheel. I still have to think about this. I really don't want to spend the money for a generator and then have it not work when I really need it. Just don't know that i am willing or able to spend the money for a high voltage Honda. FWIW I have owned two Honda 2k generators in the past that I ran in parallel, and a 2400 watt Yamah, and a 1k Yamaha. Also, FWIW the Yamaha did fail on me when I really needed it. It started but would not produce electricity and it took a long time to get it fixed. That really sucked b/c I was dry camping and it was super hot and I had no AC. Had to go stay in a hotel it was so bad. Matt
bowler1 02/19/22 07:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Roof Damage (water leak???)

So what should I do now? It did occur to me that sealing it might seal in moisture, but fixing it seemed like the thing to do, much like fixing any cracked caulking. I believe that the damage could be covered by insurance since it is likely the result of some sort of impact or whatever. But what can even be done to fix this? Or what do you do in this situation? I assume that the moisture must be dried out, but I am not putting another hole in the roofing before an adjuster looks at it. But what then? Do you just re-seal it and deal with the roof damage? Do they rip it open and replace the damaged material? Can the damage continue to spread or is it contained once dry? thanks Matt
bowler1 01/20/22 06:01am General RVing Issues
RV Roof Damage (water leak???)

I need some help and advice. This is a bit of a "different" situation and not a function of failing to maintain caulk on my roof and appeard to be an issue with the roof itself. I have a 2018 Open Range 5th wheel with PVC roof. This roof has a 10 year warranty. I recently climbed on top to inspect and to re-caulk where needed. I recently had this done at the dealer as well in April. I noticed a spot where the PVC roof covering was "bubbled up" and when I felt it, it felt soft. It appeared that air had gotten in and caused the "air bubble" effect. I noticed a very small spot where the roof appeared to be damaged...not sure if it was a cut or a defect in the roofing material, but there was a small perforation. I would estimate it to be about the size of a "comma" on your computer key board. It was very small. I sealed it with caulk about 3 weeks ago. I went up again today and examined the spot and the wood material under the roofing is definitely soft and feels like I can crush it....not good. I assume this means water got in and it is now rotting. I am a bit baffled and very irritated over how the perforation got there, how such a small perforation could cause what appears to be water damage, and what to do about it. Looking for thoughts before I call the insurance company. I don't feel this is an issue of negligence on my part. All of the caulk is intact. The roofing material should not have physical damage nor a defect that would cause this. Additionally, the shape of the perforation was kind of a comma. Not what I would expect from a cut unless it was caused by a rock or something hitting the top while at highway speed (since it was not evenly shaped). It appears to be either a function of physical damage, or of a defect in the roofing material....not sure which, but I don't believe either are a function of lack of maintenance. And like I said I just had it at the dealer in the spring and they inspected the roof. Any thoughts on this? thanks Matt
bowler1 01/19/22 07:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generators: Cummins 4500 vs Westinghouse vs. ?????

Any other opinions on this topic--preferably from someone who has first-hand experience? I do appreciate all the insights, but only a few of the posts seem to be based on personal experience. General consensus here and other places seems to be that the cummins is a POS and the Westinghouse is pretty good....but people say they are the same generator. Only consistently good reviews I see are for the Hondas, but they are just too expensive for me for the level of power I need. Getting close to buying one, but still have no real solid opinion about which one to get. Matt
bowler1 12/29/21 05:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generators: Cummins 4500 vs Westinghouse vs. ?????

Actually I may stand corrected on the sound.....I just watched a review where they tested both under load and they were pretty close to the same volume. So volume may not be an issue. Anyone else have a Champion? Part of my reason for this post is to see actual experience from owners or people who know folks with these generators. Although online reviews are interesting, they don't compare to real people with real experience of ownership and using them under real conditions. matt
bowler1 11/30/21 06:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Generators: Cummins 4500 vs Westinghouse vs. ?????

I do like that Champion and people have said very good things about it. My only concern would be the noise level at 61db. That's a bit on the louder side of "quiet" generators. I believe the Westinghouse and Cummins portable and similar variants are rated at 52DB. Because DB are a logarithmic scale the difference in 9DB should be fairly significant. Of course the way they are measured could be different (distance from generator and % load) That is one other minor detail that makes me question if the Westinghouse and "Cummins" could truly be low quality. Generally the low quality and "cheap" generators are loud. 52DB is pretty impressively quiet. I think I would pretty quickly jump on the Champion if it were quieter, but I might sacrifice volume for reliability. Matt
bowler1 11/30/21 06:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Generators: Cummins 4500 vs Westinghouse vs. ?????

Yes, I would agree that the Cummins is not truly made by Cummins, but rather they just put their name on the outside. However, I would think that they would not be willing to do that if they did not feel the product was not of good quality. I would hope so at least. That's my theory at least, but not sure I want to bet $1k on it! Funny thing is that if the Cummins and Westinghouse are identical it seems that the reviews on them are not consistent. But I don't really trust reviews (which is part of the problem). I have seen generally good reviews on the Westinghouse, but poor reviews on the Cummins, which again is why I ask the question here to see if I can get some real world experience from people. I did notice the Cummins has a 3 year warranty so that helps at least, as well as the fact that it is probably pretty easy to find a service center. I will have to compare warranties on the Westinghouse and Champion. Agree that the Yamaha is a good unit too, but they seem to be sold out just about everywhere. Matt
bowler1 11/28/21 07:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generators: Cummins 4500 vs Westinghouse vs. ?????

Thanks for the replies. I plan to use two in parallel if running both AC units. I know that the single unit would be a challenge to start both (might be doable, but I would not want to chance it). I am mostly wondering about the brand. Good point on the Champion company. I am not sure if they have a unit in this power range that is as quiet as the Cummins or Westinghouse. I have heard that they are the same generator with different colors and stickers, but they actually do have slightly different specs. I think the dimensions and weight are slightly different. I have watched video reviews that claim a difference in performance, but I am not convinced. Matt
bowler1 11/28/21 06:29am General RVing Issues
Generators: Cummins 4500 vs Westinghouse vs. ?????

Hi, I know this question has been asked before, but I did not really find a truly definitive answer. I am looking to buy a quiet generator to use with my 5th wheel (50 amp with two AC units). I would use just one when I did not need the AC, but would want to have a second to power the AC units, when and if I needed to I am leaning toward getting two smaller generators to run in parallel. Also am looking for a dual fuel option preferably so i can run off propane if needed. Getting two Honda 3000 watts would be my preference but the cost is high so I am looking at the Cummins 4500. I have noticed that the Westinghouse 4500 appears to be nearly identical and from the reviews I have read it seems that they are very similar, but I still don't have a solid opinion on which to get. The reviews I have read are very mixed and I am not sure which ones to believe / trust. It's difficult now with so many fake reviews out there. From what I have read, many have said that they are the same generator, but they do have slightly different specs. The majority of the reviews seem to favor the Westinghouse, but I find it hard to believe that it would outperform a Cummins brand generator. On the other hand, many have said that the Cummins is not really made buy Cummins and is a cheap Chinese setup that is identical to several other cheaper models on the market...which may be true but I would still think that Cummins would not put their name on it if it were not of a reasonable level of quality. So I don't know what to believe, nor what to buy. Does anyone out there have experience or opinions on either of these generators or other similar options? thanks Matt
bowler1 11/27/21 09:11pm General RVing Issues
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