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RE: How are your solar panels mounted?

BTW Can I post the photo of my neighbor's RV You can post photos. There is a sticky around here somewhere that explains exactly how. I just use a link to my photos storage account elsewhere, but the forum does have a storage solution that works too. On edit: here it is. Forum hosting help and pics FAQ
bpounds 03/27/20 02:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: How are your solar panels mounted?

I might see using tape if you've got a solid material roof, like sheet metal or fiberglass. I think that is a small percentage of RV's, but maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, if you've got any kind of rolled out roof, like EPDM, using tape will only be as secure as the bond between the rubber roof and sub-roof. Which as we all know, from seeing bubbles and even sails when that bond fails, it is not a reliable bond over the entire surface. Also don't think your only concern is the wind created by travel. You may see high lift forces any time the wind blows, while parked, as well as side winds while under way.
bpounds 03/27/20 11:21am Travel Trailers
RE: How are your solar panels mounted?

Zee brackets, set in a puddle of dicor, screwed to the roof, one screw per bracket if I could get it over a truss, 2 screws on the few where I couldn't, then dicor covering the screw heads. This is for mounting on a EPDM roof. width=640
bpounds 03/26/20 04:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Inverter location

I would put it in the front compartment, and higher than the batteries. That compartment is not well sealed at all. And if you're not seeing corrosion on things in the compartment now, you won't. It would also be a good reason to upgrade your batteries to AGM if budget permits.
bpounds 03/26/20 04:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Senior Citizens Speak Up

When approached by a hot woman, a Covid-19 test is recommended.
bpounds 03/24/20 02:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Solar Charge Controller question

I've been very happy with my Epever system. Search that term on Amazon. It will stretch your $100 budget, but worth the extra money IMO. I would go with a 40a, even though the 20 or 30a would suffice for your 200w panel array. Unless you have zero chance of adding panels later, for example, no roof space left. In which case, go with the smaller rating CC. I would also recommend the kit that includes the MT50 monitor that you can place inside the coach. The kit also gets you the temp probe. Money spent on a PWM is money poorly saved IMO.
bpounds 03/22/20 10:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Senior Citizens Speak Up

California government sucks. A bunch of enviro-nazi whackos run the place. But that's a subject for another thread. CA has closed some beach campgrounds and has stocked all the spaces with RV's, to be used as quarantine quarters. Is it possible the COE is anticipating the same need? If you've built your living situation around low price government plots of land, I guess you'll just have to accept whatever they dish out, and vote as you see fit.
bpounds 03/20/20 11:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Solar panels

... all four panels in series... This may result in more voltage than your controller is rated to handle. Typically about 100V is max, but you'll need to check your documentation. That's why series/parallel is so popular. Even if you had 6 panels you could do 3S x 2P, but then you likely would want to upsize the conductors. Also, it can sometimes be easier to run parallel conductors instead of pulling and replacing with larger size. Every situation will be different.
bpounds 03/19/20 08:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solar panels

^^^ It's 10 gauge wire, so I guess if all 4 panels are hooked in series the 10 gauge would be heavy enough. Is that a bad idea? Not a bad idea, in fact it is what you should do with an MTTP controller. With 4 panels, I would suggest 2-pairs in series, those pairs in parallel. That will be well within reasonable current for 10ga wire, as well as reasonable voltage. Folks around here tend to get stuck in the weeds over excessively sized conductors.
bpounds 03/18/20 08:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Thoughts on the 'need' factor of a main line surge protector

Seems a lot of people assume that their rigs would have been badly damaged if not for the fact that their EMS shut down. When actually, how many people camped at that exact site without any harm, and no nuisance disconnects? Like I said, those who have them were already convinced it was deadly out there and they just had to have that insurance policy. So these RV forum threads are heavily slanted so that it looks like the majority of the RV world has EMS. While I'm betting that is not the case at all, in fact just the opposite.
bpounds 03/07/20 03:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fed Cuts Rates: Will RV Rates Follow?

To think of all that money I spent for that economics degree. I could have learned it on a forum as it seams much of what I learned was inaccurate. :B Can you get your money back?
bpounds 03/05/20 10:34am General RVing Issues
RE: New R/V mattress

We replaced our RV mattress with a solid memory foam, about 10" thick. Cut to whatever size we wanted, which for us was RV Queen. Most decent size towns will have a custom mattress company. Probably several. You might be surprised at what they can do for you locally. Ours was more than helpful. We pulled the trailer over to them and they installed and removed the old one for us.
bpounds 03/05/20 10:32am General RVing Issues
RE: seal pulling out?

I repaired mine and it has lasted for a while. Probably not forever. Exact same location as yours, around that bend. All I did was push the trim upward in its groove. A couple of inches I suppose. It has shrunk lengthwise over time. Then I ran a screw through the center of the trim right at the bottom so that it could not slip back downward. The screw is below the living quarters area, so no concerns about water intrusion down there.
bpounds 03/05/20 10:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Thoughts on the 'need' factor of a main line surge protector

Folks who have them, have already convinced themselves that you must get one. Meanwhile, by my estimate the other 90% if us are getting along just fine without one.I think you got your percentages turned around. The progressive Industries EMS is so much more that a surge protector. I've been helped by mine more than once for stuff besides electrical surges. I won't go into specifics for all you 10 percenters... Okay, your percentages are just as good as mine, since I just made up a number. I don't think we will find an RV industry survey to tell us the EMS ratio. Just observations is all I have, and I rarely speak with anyone who has installed one. My point above was, those who have decided that they are a must-have item, jump on threads like this. Those who don't, tend to not bother discussing something they don't find important. Another reference point would be how rarely they are offered on new RV units as primary options. If typical folks felt strongly about that insurance, I'm sure the manufacturers would jump at the opportunity to offer an upgrade. I'm sure an EMS is much more popular added to higher end rigs. There is a lot more to lose, so insurance becomes more desirable. An EMS is simply that - insurance. Some folks put more faith in it than others.
bpounds 03/05/20 09:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Traveling with a tailbone injury

Sorry to hear of her injury. I know how painful that can be, and it can last for years in some cases. If you've tried all the pillows, I'll accept that as fact. I can't believe a mattress in the back of a moving vehicle is going to be an acceptable relief, so I suggest you don't spend too much money on a first test. If you do, I'll bet you can rig up a seat belt that uses the existing attachment points, and if you've shown that effort I think LEO will be understanding. When her injury becomes too painful in normal life, what does she do for relief? Stand up and walk around? Switch positions to something like a side-saddle sit? If you must travel while she is ailing, you might just have to accept that you will have to stop every hour (60-75 miles) and let her do whatever stretching provides relief, then continue with your slightly delayed journey.
bpounds 03/04/20 01:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thoughts on the 'need' factor of a main line surge protector

Folks who have them, have already convinced themselves that you must get one. Meanwhile, by my estimate the other 90% if us are getting along just fine without one.
bpounds 03/04/20 01:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Motorcraft 10W30, 5W40, Rotella or Mobil 1 for 6.7

The dealer is using what Ford specs for normal service. If you don't use the truck in normal service, it is up to you to tell the dealer that you need severe or extreme service oil. How is the dealer supposed to know unless you tell them. And of course, expect to pay extra for the upgraded oil.
bpounds 03/02/20 02:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: We were shocked to learn our newly purchased TT

I can remember when a dual gas/elec water heater was a fancy upgrade. But now, it is a very stripped down model that would have gas only. Would only be a few buck cheaper, plus some extra labor and wiring to install. Units that focus on the dispersed style camper might leave out the WH AC. No use for it without an E hookup. As far as kits, yes they are available, but make sure you are up to the task of getting AC power into the water heater cabinet. It can sometimes be a lot more work that just dropping the kit in your online shopping cart. As for us? The AC is pinned OFF and we never use it. Water heater stays on whenever we are in camp. Turn it off when we are away, for safety reasons.
bpounds 03/02/20 11:39am Travel Trailers
RE: getting trapped inside a park

It's one of the reasons I try to avoid pulling in a camp after dark. You should be able to back out of anything you drive into. But every difficult maneuver becomes 3 times more difficult in the dark. I've been known to spend the night in a rest stop or a parking lot within a few miles of our destination, just so I could park and setup the next morning after daylight. And well rested when attempting it.
bpounds 02/21/20 09:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Who is responsible for discounts?

To me it just makes sense that the clerk ask about discounts. Just to avoid getting all the way down to the point of passing the CC over, and then going back and adjusting the price. That doesn't make it the providers responsibility, just smoothes the flow of the transaction. I have been at places that I didn't necessarily trust, and would let them tell me the final price before I tell them about my discount. You know, those places that are less than truthful about their prices. Never had that at a camp or hotel. More like contractors or other casual labor.
bpounds 02/20/20 02:51pm General RVing Issues
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