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RE: Thinking a Battery Monitor.............

I know very little about battery monitors except that most experienced boon dockers with solar recommend them. I don't see any reason to try and take a low rent route to get this done and end up with an iffy I would bet most boondockers don't use one, and I assure you that you don't need one for a successful solar plant. But if you want one, carry on.
bpounds 01/01/20 09:48am Tech Issues
RE: RV Crushes Truck

It ain't so much the things that people don't know that makes trouble in this world, as it is the things that people know that ain't so. Mark Twain The trouble with our...friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so. Ronald Reagan I am always drawn first to the opinion page of a newspaper. I guess I enjoy reading stuff that I know just ain't true. Reminds me of this forum sometimes. All in fun guys. :W
bpounds 12/30/19 09:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Crushes Truck

That hitch should only be used as a Boat Anchor. Yeah, but we would need a lot more boats, since every non-BW hitch would need a boat. By your theory. :)
bpounds 12/27/19 11:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Crushes Truck

My main point about it being overly complicated, was simply this - there are NO BAD HITCHES out there. Contrary to what some folks here have convinced themselves of. There are some that are simpler, and therefore harder to screw up when using them. But in the end it is always user error.
bpounds 12/26/19 04:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Crushes Truck

How do you define complicated, it appears the handle needs to be in the locked position , and pinned . Not sure the complication . I have the top of the line Reese ,same thing ,make sure the handle is in the locked position ,and pinned. I was under the impression thats pretty much how all hitches work, if not bad bad things CAN happen . Fair point. You do have to rotate the handle, which sort of ***** it I guess, so it will snap shut. That's an extra step. Then there is the indicator that is supposed to tell you it is locked, but obviously does not prove anything. Pulling a pin to remove the handle extension, then using that pin to lock the release handle. I also noticed that even when operated correctly, there was very little travel between locked and released - no mechanical advantage it seemed. And what was the using a stick to snap the jaw shut all about? Is all that more complicated? Each can judge that for themselves, but it was obviously too complicated for that gentleman, and he supposedly has used another fifth wheel hitch "hundreds" of times. Did you notice how much fore-aft slop there was when correctly hitched up. It was shown in this last installment. I hope they get themselves a nice Reese to replace that. I never did hear them say what hitch they had before trading, and I could not make it out in the first video when they were swapping. Looked like a Reese, but not for sure about that. on edit: I guess we can't say "co_cks" here LOL
bpounds 12/26/19 04:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Crushes Truck

A high-pin is a physical position, not a procedure. Simply means the recess in the pin is too high for the jaws to engage it. I suspect a pin on top of the jaws is less common that what we had here, where the pin was just slightly too high. Anyway, I also appreciated this last installment of the video, and I'm happy to see that they got a good handle on what they did wrong. And also give them props for not blaming the hitch, but accepting responsibility for their mistake. Basically it is 99.9% never the fault of the hitch, regardless of what brand or design. My opinion is that particular hitch is more complicated than it should be.
bpounds 12/26/19 03:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Crushes Truck

Handle was NOT latched. Possibly because of the extra slip plate but he sure got it hitched later WITH extra slip plate still on. Not what I would call a high hitch for sure. Because you've got one image of high-hitch in your mind, and that one doesn't qualify. But the pin was too high for the jaw to close, so it fits the definition of high-hitch. Open your imagination a bit and think outside of your paradigm. Yes it did close later with the disk in place, but if it is marginal, the jaw may snap closed one time, and not the next. You could probably push on the handle and force it closed if it fits metal to metal, but Mr. Newbie didn't know to try that. That's why I think it is likely to happen again if he doesn't figure this out.
bpounds 12/23/19 03:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Crushes Truck

I believe that was a high-hitch issue. Now, before we start arguing again, not all high-hitch errors are the same. Sure there is the obvious one, where the pin sits on top of the jaws, and the fifth wheel plates are nowhere near touching. There is also the situation where the plates are touching, the pin is home, but the jaws cannot close into the pin recess. It partially closes, against the bottom pin collar, but the jaw cannot fully close and the handle cannot lock. The jaw will open right up and the pin slip right past it easily. I believe that second situation is what happened here, and the doubled up Teflon disk is the reason it happened. May easily happen again too. That particular hitch does not have a lot of handle travel to begin with, which makes it easier to not notice it isn't closed and locked, for a newbie that doesn't know his hitch well enough. Lastly, yes they are making money off the video, but I don't believe they faked this. That guy would be the best actor ever if he could fake his wounded pride at the beginning of the second video. He was acting at the beginning of the first video, when begging her not to post it, so his acting skills are clearly not that good.
bpounds 12/23/19 11:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cleaning top of slideout

...Ordered Blue tooth selfie stick today. Will make PVC extension. Quick way to inspect top of slide. Be sure to share what you get and how you modify it. I'm thinking it would be a nice thing to keep in the trailer too.
bpounds 12/23/19 11:02am Tech Issues
RE: RV Crushes Truck

Hitch wars again. {yawn} My thoughts are, that guy had a lot of nerve to trade them that old Husky clunk-master and ask for extra cash to boot. Right there I knew they were babes in the woods. Then the guy gave them half-butted instructions on how to use it. You could tell the new guy wasn't really grasping what the guy was saying.
bpounds 12/18/19 10:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: WFCO converter for lithium batteries

I may change the whole unit out and add some more solar and stay with flooded or agm so as not to have to deal with protecting lithium batteries from cold. More solar may be your best choice. Optimize your charge controller to compliment whatever batteries you choose. I've left my WFCO converter in place, after years of planning to replace it with a PD. I went solar instead. The converter sits there switched off, and only gets turned on if a couple cloudy days come along and the genny comes out. Rare event, so no sense replacing the converter, but if it ever dies I certainly would not buy another WFCO.
bpounds 12/14/19 12:12pm Tech Issues
RE: WFCO converter for lithium batteries

Someone might happen along who has done that. But I wouldn't hold my breath. I wouldn't spend a dime to save a WFCO converter. I would replace it with a better unit.
bpounds 12/13/19 02:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Upgrades to existing sofa

Nice solution, and nice work.
bpounds 12/13/19 12:20pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Cleaning top of slideout

I like the idea of a hook shaped device, either blowing air or a water wand type. But here is another idea- 9.5 times out of 10 nothing has accumulated on top of my slide, and I don't need to do anything but look to be sure. But looking requires climbing the ladder too. How about a selfie stick for your cell phone so you can inspect from the ground? I'm not sure they make a selfie stick long enough for use with fiver slides, but I'm sure you could adapt something to extend the reach.
bpounds 12/13/19 10:04am Tech Issues
RE: Battery monitor gauge upgrade

I've never felt the need for more than a digital volt meter. Make sure it is a 2 place decimal (hundredths of a volt). You can definitely go more complicated, and spend your life looking at amp in/out values, and if that's something you enjoy, go for it.
bpounds 12/13/19 09:55am Tech Issues
RE: Recs for Solar Cut Off Switch?

I used this little DC circuit breaker. I'm a bit over on the voltage rating, but I know it isn't going to be an issue. Mounted it on the same panel as the CC. I chose to interrupt the positive lead, because it is good practice, but it make no difference in a non-grounded solar circuit. Just makes me feel better in case something around the panels decides to find a path to ground.
bpounds 12/10/19 04:26pm Tech Issues
RE: do you do this

You're going to be replacing them due to age anyway. And lifting isn't going to make them age any less. Keep them covered from sunlight if you want maximum life of the rubber.
bpounds 11/18/19 12:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Evolving Canines, de-evoloving people?

This is the inevitable result of liberal policies. S.F. is just the point of the spear, and as long as we keep electing liberal leadership, it will only worsen and spread wider. And it won't just be S.F. or just CA. It is coming soon to your blue state too.
bpounds 11/15/19 02:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: UTV trails/campgrounds in Richfield Utah area ???

Google Duck Creek Village. There is a FS campground called Duck Creek Campground. Nice sized sites, but no hookups. There is a dump station. There is also plentiful dispersed boondocking available, which is probably what we would do next time. I don't know offhand if there is a full hookup park, but it is likely that there is. Lots of dedicated ATV/UTV trails, rentals for same, etc. We don't ride those, but we off-roaded in the pickup where we could and that was great. Lots more trails where trucks were excluded.
bpounds 11/13/19 02:26pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Landing gear motor.

I don't think the distance down is too important. I would be happy to measure mine for anyone who asks. It's more than 4" I'm sure. Guessing 6-8" from top end of leg. I wanted to be able to spray lube right at the follower nut (the top of the inner leg where it is threaded), so that it could penetrate. Then run the leg down a little and spray some more. Then run the leg up/down to spread the lube along the leadscrew. You can't reach all the threads with just the 4" straw on a spray can, but working the leg up and down while spraying will get it effectively spread along the thread. To really do it right, pulling the legs would get it done. More work than its worth IMO, unless some other repair is needed. Don't bother lubing the sides of the square tube legs. They are never a tight fit, unless you've bent one.
bpounds 11/13/19 08:52am Fifth-Wheels
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