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RE: Kitchen Sink

Is it the same size? Mind if I ask where you got it? It was basic same size. I had to trim the opening around 1/2" L+W. I found it at Home Depot online. I believe they called it a 25" x 19". The faucet came from Amazon. You may notice the rubber sprayer on the faucet. My wife and I were remembering back in the day when everyone had one of those on their kitchen sink. Now we all have retractable sprayer hoses of one kind or another, but back in the day those sprayers were what we all had. Probably been 40 years since we've had one. I did not do a sprayer hose, due to a mid-level shelf below and that storage is useful.
bpounds 09/23/20 03:47pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Adding USB and 12v outets to my 2 RVs

I put this in a couple years ago. I used this fixture, which connects to any 12vdc source. 12v USB wall fixture They also have one for 110vac source. Surprisingly the one with a built-in transformer is less $. 110vac USB wall fixture width=640
bpounds 09/23/20 12:25pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Recent wonderful trip

The little-known shortcut for adding emojis on Mac and Windows Click on any text field. Position your cursor in any text field where you'd like to add an emoji. ... Press Command + Control + Space. ... Choose your emoji from the list. ... Click to add the emoji to your text. Never heard that before. And now I know why. NoNoNannette.
bpounds 09/23/20 10:17am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Kitchen Sink

My lovely bride has hated the plastic sink and plastic faucet in our Cougar since day one. Almost 10 years. Finally got round2it. Old width=640 New width=640
bpounds 09/23/20 09:49am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Half ton towing

People are doing this exact thing daily. You can argue against it as unsafe, but the highways are far from littered with disabled F150's. Those who won't should move over for those who do.
bpounds 09/15/20 07:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solar Panel Wiring on Rubber Roof

I don't know why you would want to use it. But most liquid-tite will be UV rated. Just like most solar cables are UV rated. Which is why pulling the UV cable through a UV liquid-tite seems like nonsense to me. If you use it, check the specs.
bpounds 09/11/20 02:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Panel Wiring on Rubber Roof

Some Dicor dabs, some Eternabond tape. Combiner boxes are rarely needed, and best avoided IMO. width=640 width=640
bpounds 09/10/20 11:34am Tech Issues
RE: BEWARE Keystone Hideout

When my frame self destructed I contacted the manufacture. I don't think a failed frame was part of the original bargain I don't know what your time frame was, but I would still ask, why not? Is there something about a frame weldment that you think should have an indefinite warranty? Is a frame something that is impossible for a user to damage even if built properly? I know some have had luck getting Keystone or Lippert to help with frame repairs, outside the warranty period, but within the first few years. Lucky for them. Doubtful that would happen 8 years out, but sometimes they do surprise us with good will. And we know good will really means bad press avoidance.
bpounds 09/09/20 10:07am Travel Trailers
RE: BEWARE Keystone Hideout

Industry-wide quality issues aside... This individual has one post to his name, and obviously only joined this forum to lodge his complaint. Probably hoping to stick another spear in the side of they who wronged him. At some point in ownership, you have to just suck it up and become an owner. Warranty is over. Deal with it. Our own rig is nearing 10 years old. Approaching the manufacturer for repair assistance would not even occur to me. It belongs to me, has for a long time, and maintenance and repair are all on me too. Get over all the victimhood stuff and grow up.
bpounds 09/09/20 09:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Water Pump replacement for older Travel Trailer

Yes, check voltage supply. Could be a fuse or even a bad switch. Also, these pumps are all easily rebuildable, so that is a consideration too.
bpounds 09/04/20 05:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Dually towing TT

I never used sway control unless also using weight distribution. Having said that, every trailer is different. I would pull it first and then decide. Some trailers just pull great, and some don't, and some don't pull really nice even with a sway control.
bpounds 09/04/20 05:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water Pump and Battery Question

I don't know if the voltage drop is a problem. If only 1 battery, that doesn't sound too far off. As far as the hot versus cold water, I think it was hammering a little on a head of air as it fills the water heater tank. Most RV systems will hammer a little at first, until the system purges air, or at least compresses the bubbles of air. You might want to adjust the pressure regulator on the pump downward just a little. I've learned that when running on battery power only, the pumps sometimes struggle to reach the pressure setpoint with the voltage available. Less of an issue when hooked to shore power with a strong 12v converter keeping the voltage up. More of an issue without hookups as the voltage tapers down. A slight adjustment of the regulator makes it all happier, and the pressure you feel at a faucet is not even noticeable.
bpounds 09/03/20 02:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Selecting portable compressor

Viaire is a great product, but I think it is overkill for what you (the OP) needs. It only has one advantage - it runs on 12v. Got a generator, or an inverter? A Harbor Freight pancake or hotdog compressor will outperform the Viaire, and can be had for around $60. Add an extension cord so you don't need a big roll of air hose.
bpounds 09/03/20 11:28am Beginning RVing
RE: How to tow & push BACKWARDS?

If you do a hitch on the rear, make sure it's attached to something solid. Not the typical paper thin rear bumper you find on most trailers. Also, you might consider something like a pintal hitch as you are going to have a fairly large negative hitch weight (probably in excess of 1000lb on a 7000lb trailer). I wouldn't want to be pushing from the rear and have it pop off a ball. There is little concern about the bumper thickness, since this is just a device for short moves in his yard. And there won't be any negative or positive hitch weight, since a tow bar is hinged at the trailer attachment points. Weight will still be on the front trailer jack as usual. The tow bar acts as a steering and pushing device, not much else.
bpounds 09/02/20 11:23am Travel Trailers
RE: How to tow & push BACKWARDS?

Yes, thank you. That's what I was trying to figure out: how to rig up a tow bar on the rear bumper. There's no products out in the market that i can see which would make that easy. Depends on what you've got on the rear of the trailer. If you have either a C-channel or square tube bumper back there, Harbor Freight sells an inexpensive tow bar that comes with brackets which bolt right up to a CJ or YJ front bumper, and would easily bolt or weld to your trailer rear bumper. Then 2 pins and it comes right off the trailer for storage. I think it would work perfectly for you, but you need to make sure your front jack has a swivel wheel, and keep it from digging in to your gravel. The trailer is already front heavy obviously, so it needs to travel and turn on that front jack wheel. You could probably lay some plywood down for it to run on. Someone above mentioned the door being on the wrong side of his trailer, and that is exactly why my father did this. To get his entry door where he needed it, and the other side was up tight against a fence. He was also fighting a fairly steep incline, but it still worked fine.
bpounds 09/01/20 04:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: How to tow & push BACKWARDS?

My late father had a similar situation where he needed to position his trailer for storage. He rigged up a tow bar to the rear bumper of the trailer, and used his truck to back it. When he wanted to use the trailer, he pulled it out onto the street, then drove around to the other end and hitched up as normal.
bpounds 09/01/20 01:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Getting the AC right

A small fan can go a long way to recirculate air evenly around a space. And these A/C are so noisy, you probably won't even notice a small fan.
bpounds 08/18/20 04:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Where to Dump?

We won't make a habit of dumping at home but only until dump stations opens again. Any particular reason you don't want to dump at home? Since I rigged up a system at home, we rarely dump anywhere else, and only then because we were on a longer trip. If you just don't want to stretch out all that pipe, maybe a Sewer Solution, or other type of macerator, would work better for you.
bpounds 08/18/20 01:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Getting the AC right

No expert here, since we rarely ever use our RV A/C. But I'll throw in anyway. No harm will be done if you restrict, or even close, any duct registers you choose. Within reason of course, but the vents on the bottom of the A/C itself should be plenty of flow by themselves. Do you have the round registers, or rectangular. I haven't seen the round ones with flow restrictors, but there might be. The rectangular type usually do have them. But regardless of what type, you can easily restrict the flow. Just block some or all of the slots in the register. Use whatever type of tape that suits your d├ęcor preference. If your goal is more even temperature throughout, the key is usually to push the air to the farthest ducts, and force it to flow back to the return at the main A/C. It's called Forced Air. Ideally the air flow should pass the thermostat location. And that is why they are most often placed in a hallway. So maybe you want to restrict the discharge on the bottom of the A/C unit, and open ducts in the bedroom. I have experience with a new home and A/C where the bozos stuck the thermostat in a dead end of a hallway. No air flow. It must have been an easy place to pull the wires, because it was a stupid place for the stat. I moved it.
bpounds 08/18/20 01:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: What to use to level trailer while parked

Good for quick getaways too. Like if someone is shooting at you. Don't even need to pickup the blocks. :B
bpounds 08/17/20 05:24pm Fifth-Wheels
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