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RE: Replace jack knife sofa w/recliners

Interesting how the old saying works here: different strokes for different folks. Our 5er came with recliners and we had the dealer remove them for a pull out sofa. We wanted the extra sleeping space for grandkids or friends.
bsbeedub 11/05/21 07:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need advise from the Ram Owners

"Never tow my camper with gas … again, ever." Pepsid complete does wonders with that. I see what ya did there! Kudos to you!
bsbeedub 08/13/21 11:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: New 5er, fresh water

Use the winterizing connection. Connect a hose to it. Drop the hose in a jug or bucket of water and pump it into the FW tank. When sanitizing add bleach to the jug or bucket. Make sure to set the valves in the wet bay to the proper positions. The winterizing inlet bypasses the fresh tank as well. This assures that the anti freeze goes into the water lines only and does not pump excess anti freeze into the tank.
bsbeedub 07/23/21 07:40am General RVing Issues
RE: New 5er, fresh water

If you can use a funnel to put bleach in your tank, why can't you use a funnel to put fresh water in from a bucket? The bleach is not just added with a funnel. As explained in my original post, the bleach is added to my fresh water hose with a funnel. The hose is then connected to a water spigot which is pressurized from my house and the water forces the bleach from the hose to the fresh tank. It’s my understanding that just trying to pour water into the inlet on the trailer does not have sufficient pressure to flow into the tank. Many new trailers ( including mine) have no gravity fill inlet. That is why an external pump is needed to fill it if there is no city water connection.
bsbeedub 07/22/21 12:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: New 5er, fresh water

Bob, I do not know your specific coach, but as a general statement, almost any pump will be able to deliver water to the potable tank from the city water connection. All that extra valve does is to by-pass the pump and (typical) check valve part of the system and go right to the tank. Matt Good to know Matt. Thanks for the tip. I’m seeing pumps around 35 PSI to 65 PSI that should work well for this process
bsbeedub 07/21/21 10:35am General RVing Issues
RE: New 5er, fresh water

Mine has another new inlet that I’ve never had before! There is an inlet labeled “winterization” right by the water inlet and valves and it bypasses everything to go right into the system via the on board water pump.
bsbeedub 07/21/21 10:33am General RVing Issues
New 5er, fresh water

Our old TT had a gravity fed inlet for the fresh tank as well as a pressurized inlet for city water. While at my campsite, I was able to add water to the fresh tank from a six gallon jug into the gravity inlet if I needed more after the original fill up. Our new 5er (five trips under our belt) has only one inlet that can be switched via valves for filling the fresh water tank or using city water. Pouring from a jug is now not an option. Obviously, I can’t add sanitizing bleach to the fresh tank with the old method either. I never realized this until I was talking with a tech at my dealership. Regarding sanitation (I do this at home), the tech did tell me to pour the proper amount of bleach into my fresh water hose with a funnel then fill the tank normally from a water spigot. The pressurized water will then force the bleach from the hose into the tank. Different, but easy enough. As for adding to the tank while at a campsite; is using a small pump the only option? Does a pump provide enough pressurization to work in this scenario? We are pretty good at conserving water and the most we stay at a site without water is four days but I want to be prepared to add water if I need it. I definitely don’t want to have to break camp to take the 5er to fill up.
bsbeedub 07/21/21 10:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Suspension Help Needed

Can depend on the road surface. Some roads can develop a harmonic that matches your truck/trailer to amplify the bouncing. Yes shocks may help. I would try a different road or a newly paved area so see if it changes. We just recently bought our first 5er too and I had the problem mentioned above. Certain roads have done this to me. The ride was so bad it concerned me at first but then I realized that the distance from the truck back tires to the trailer tires was just in the wrong place with the slight bumps on the surface of the road. When I get on a smooth road there is absolutely no rough ride whatsoever. I hope you find this is the same as what you’re experiencing.
bsbeedub 06/13/21 07:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New fifth wheel update

Unfortunately all spots are the same width but they have different lengths.
bsbeedub 05/25/21 12:25pm Fifth-Wheels
New fifth wheel update

We picked up our new fifth wheel on 14 May and were able to get a site at a city rv park 10 miles from us the following Friday. We were happy to be able to have our first trip so soon after pick up. Some thoughts: I bought an AUH and we originally had the ball at the highest setting to clear the tonneau cover rails and the ball funnel putting the trailer farther from the cab. After towing it home I dropped the ball to the middle setting and turned the funnel around which gave me more clearance to the rails. It still rides a bit high but I am going to drop the ball to the lowest setting and see how much bed rail clearance that gives me. Since the trailer was nose high the ride was a bit rough but it pulled nicely. My truck has more than enough guts to pull this 5er. This trailer is six inches wider than my TT was so it was quite a bit more difficult to put in the same storage spot. I’ve never towed/backed a 5er before so there was a large learning curve. I had to go around and start over at least 10 times. I was getting quite frustrated but was finally able to get it parked. It’s real tight in there now! Some new things that we have now but didn’t with our TT are: large slide (no slide before), electric awning, black tank flush, large shower, queen size bed, 12 volt fridge, more outside storage and larger holding tanks. The fridge reached operating temperature in about 90 minutes at home on electric. It’s 11.5 cubic feet and is cavernous compared to our 6 cubic foot propane fridge. Hitching and unhitching the AUH was as easy as everything I’ve read and every video I’ve seen. My DW and I were quite good at hitching our TT and this is different but much easier. Since the GVWR is a bit under 10,000 I feel I’ve made a great choice in going with the AUH. I also installed the Torklift Glowstep Revolution Uprising steps after removing the factory installed LCI Solid Step. It was a pretty simple install. It also came without the $1000 Furrion 50” flat screen option (thankfully) so I had purchased a Vizio 50” from Sam’s Club for $300 and installed that as well. My DW had a blast putting all of our stuff into the much bigger cabinets and pantry. Our first “real” trip is in two weeks. Overall we’re very pleased with our new purchase and are looking forward to the rest of this season.
bsbeedub 05/25/21 09:21am Fifth-Wheels
Finally a new fifth wheel

New 5th wheel incoming. We bought the new truck (in signature) in 2018 with the intention of getting a 5er. It’s finally happening and we are looking forward to it. We ordered it on 10 March and they said it will realistically take 12 weeks. We figured as much, so no big deal. My salesman called the other day and said I have bad news and good news. Bad news is Coachman is discontinuing the trailer you want so they will not be making one for you. It’s a 30 foot Chaparral Lite 25 RE and it seems they are not as popular as larger ones and they don’t sell very many so it’s getting the boot. I didn’t want to struggle in parks so my goal was to stay at 30 feet. My dealer had two of these models arrive a few weeks before we ordered and we walked through and decided it would be perfect for us: two older folks that will only occasionally have two visitors. Good news is they still had one of the ones we walked through in stock. He said he would put our name on it if we wanted it. The only hiccup was there were two options that we wanted that were not on the one they had. We wanted a 2” receiver for the bike rack and we also wanted a sofa bed (for the occasional guests, mainly young grandkids) instead of the dual recliners. Thomas Payne, the sofa manufacturer, will send the new sofa directly to my dealer and they will swap them out for us. They will also install the receiver hitch on the frame. We pick it up in nine days! 12 weeks would have been 2 June, so it worked out pretty well. My truck has 3978 lb. payload capacity, a towing capacity of 16,000ish and the 5er has a pin weight of 1115, a 7273 UVW and CCC of 2527, with a GVWR just a bit under 10,000. The weight will also be perfect for the Andersen UFH hanging on the wall in my garage. Keep the boos and hisses to a minimum please! Lol! It comes with the Lippert Solid Step and I am one of those that will be unable to open them in storage so the Torklift Glowstep Revolution Uprising will be installed before I take it to the storage lot. Our shakedown cruise will be 21 May. Pictures will be forthcoming!
bsbeedub 05/04/21 12:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Steps

There is no opening for the old style steps or the Torklift Glowstep and I don’t want to cut into the skirt of a brand new trailer. That would be the Glowstep Revolution. Might look into the Torklift Glowstep Uprising. I do not have experience with them but they mount similar to the MoreRyde or Step Above for RV's without under door mounting box. Thanks mileshuff! I’ve never seen this version. I think this is the way I’ll go. Much more convenient than the MORryde for my situation.
bsbeedub 03/16/21 08:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Steps

We have a fifth wheel on order that comes with the Lippert solid step. Unfortunately, we will be unable to open these steps in our storage area because the units are close together. I’ll be buying the second generation MORryde that has the new hinge. This allows you to release the steps easily and it is similar to pulling the hinge pins out of an interior door. I’ll remove the steps and the bottom will easily slide under the unit next to me then I’ll just put the hinge pins back in. It isn’t near as convenient as the older style steps that pull out from underneath but it will work for me. At the camp site they’ll just be lowered per the design. There is no opening for the old style steps or the Torklift Glowstep and I don’t want to cut into the skirt of a brand new trailer.
bsbeedub 03/14/21 09:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen Hitch

Thanks to all who replied to my question. I appreciate it.
bsbeedub 02/23/21 05:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen Hitch

We will be getting a fifth wheel soon and I plan on getting an Andersen hitch. One of the disadvantages I see regularly, and in this thread, is having to align the red hitch pin adaptor directly over the ball on the Andersen. I currently have a TT and have to do basically the same thing with aligning the ball on the truck under the coupler on the tongue . I don’t understand what the difference is and why some indicate this is a difficult thing to do. Can someone shed some light for me please?
bsbeedub 02/21/21 03:54pm Fifth-Wheels
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