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RE: S&S 8.5 Camper on Ram 2500: Measured weights; advice.

I’d like to point out to the people who keep saying gas trucks have more payload that this truck’s front end weight is LESS when loaded with the camper than when empty. It actually removes some weight from the front end. That extra payload from a lighter engine up front does not increase your real world, useable payload. Yeah, I know, the spec sheet says it does… but that’s not the whole story.
burningman 12/21/21 04:44pm Truck Campers
RE: how much camper can I carry

Jaycocreek is one of the few that understands the realities of pickup truck running gear… he’s exactly right. The limit you’re up against is your rear tires and wheels. You can step up to heavier duty/larger ones but there aren’t many choices unless you go to 19.5s. Lately I’ve seen several big aftermarket pickup wheel rims, with the tires still on them, on the sides of the highway, busted out off of the wheel centers. Your truck isn’t going to break, but the wheels and tires can under too much load.
burningman 11/03/21 09:18am Truck Campers
RE: Putting some glide in the ride….

When sitting in the truck seats you are between the front and rear axles which give the best ride . When in the camper while driving you are close to being directly over the rear axle which will be the roughest ride . Same as on a boat . Yep, and that’s why cabover trucks like the Isuzus really suck to drive! Most are owned by someone other than the guy who drives it…
burningman 11/03/21 09:11am Truck Campers
RE: Does anyone else have a 1988 Lance LS4000 9.4 Squire?

All the parts and appliances are standard, pretty much every camper has all the same gear in it. There’s nothing specific about a 1988 Lance you need to know, just camper info in general.
burningman 10/20/21 07:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking for options

Every 3/4 or one-ton pickup out there will haul a 5000 pound camper. It’s all about what your rear tires are good for. Don’t believe camper weight specs, they’re 100% always unrealistically light.
burningman 10/20/21 07:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Never saw this before!

10,000 pounds on four or six tires (1,666 to 2,500 pounds) isn't what any state is concerned with regarding the destruction of pavement. An 18 wheeler at 80,000 pounds is almost 4,500 pounds per tire. It’s not about weight per tire, it’s about weight per inch of tire width. Big-truck psi isn’t really so much. They’re big tires.
burningman 10/20/21 06:53pm Truck Campers
RE: When a redneck wins the lottery....

in the mean time in Texas "border=0" For Full-Size Image. Yeah, absolutely NOT Texas. That’s Black Rock Deaert, Nevada. At Burning Man. Mutant Vehicles like that only cruise at 5 MPH on flat level desert. It’s got no COG or payload worries. You should see mine!
burningman 10/15/21 02:30pm Truck Campers
RE: A add-on for the almost blind old guy

It’s amazing the effort people will go to avoid learning how to look in their mirrors! You really don’t need all this junk. If you would just pull way out ahead of the camper, several truck-lengths, get square and back under it while sighting down the jack legs on both sides, making them both the same, you’d slide right under it square and straight every time with ease. Using a roller to force it into position when it isn’t is gonna be stressful to the jack mounts. I wouldn’t use this thing.
burningman 10/03/21 02:21pm Truck Campers
RE: $135k for a very basic camper?

Bigfoot and Northern Lite are the best thing going these days if you want a reasonably well-built camper without trouble and leak prone slide-outs. For the price of a Loki you can get one AND a brand new diesel truck to put it on. And it’s a better camper anyway.
burningman 10/03/21 02:11pm Truck Campers
RE: $135k for a very basic camper?

There’s everything basic about it.
burningman 09/29/21 12:50pm Truck Campers
$135k for a very basic camper?

Have you guys seen this? After seeing the price it looks more like an April fools joke. They seem to act like the idea of a truck camper is revolutionary. Loki camper
burningman 09/29/21 07:14am Truck Campers
RE: The price of new trucks is beyond comprehension!

I’ve got no intention of ever selling my1986 GMC 4x4 crew cab dually. I might put a Cummins diesel in it, although it’s actually lots cheaper to put gas in it than to do the diesel swap or buy a new or late-model truck. It’s cheap and relatively easy to work on and extremely reliable. There just aren’t nearly as many things to go wrong on it. And.... it’s so much better looking! The new ones are SO UGLY!
burningman 09/26/21 10:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help for Unreliable combo brake turn signal light on trailer

By the way, if they aren’t LEDs, replace them with LEDs. They’re brighter for a reason many people don’t consider: even if an incandescent bulb was as bright, by the time it’s 12V power goes through a bunch of small-gauge wire and a connector or two, it’s getting pretty weak power. The LED doesn’t need much power and still shines at full brightness. That’s also why you still want to own an incandescent 12V test light for troubleshooting. LED test lights will glow on the faintest current, sometimes misleading you to believe a circuit is good when it isn’t.
burningman 09/02/21 10:47am Tech Issues
RE: Help for Unreliable combo brake turn signal light on trailer

Most lights set in a rubber gasket are simply held in by that gasket. You just pry it out.
burningman 09/01/21 06:52am Tech Issues
RE: It's been fun

the blown out cracked into 5 pieces escape hatch currently unable to locate parts so going to put a couple layers fiberglass over it.. Been there done exactly that. It works great, ends up stronger and more durable than a new plastic hatch cover.
burningman 08/30/21 11:32am Truck Campers
RE: 30 amp plug assistance needed

Isn’t it easier and cheaper and better to just replace the bad breaker?!!
burningman 08/28/21 04:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Anyone with 12v Air Conditioning Experience?

It’s similar with campers. They come with seemingly oversized units for a reason. Don't know about oversized. My 12' Lace had 13.5 k BTU unit and when we camp in 120's the AC running all the time was just on the edge of keeping us in comfort. We were good in the center, but close to the walls you felt the heat. Opening any cabinet was like opening working oven. We had afternoon shade, so with night cooling down to 105F made the cabover good enough for sleeping. Yep, that’s exactly what I’m sayin’! If you go by a residential BTU needed for how many cubic feet chart, it seems like campers have oversized ACs, but… they don’t! The reason is what you described.
burningman 08/28/21 04:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Anyone with 12v Air Conditioning Experience?

I’ve tried using a 5000 BTU “window shaker” in desert heat in an 11.5 footer, it was totally inadequate. Cars have low square footage but their AC systems are extremely powerful, usually somewhere around 30,000 - 40,000 BTU. That’s because vehicles have less insulation, and people want them to cool off quickly when super hot. It’s similar with campers. They come with seemingly oversized units for a reason.
burningman 08/27/21 10:56pm Truck Campers
RE: 96 F-250 diesel, campers under 2300?

I have a 1996 Dodge 2500 6B Cummins, 2wd, with a manual transmission. I bought this truck new and have performed all minor and major service myself. It’s it great shape to this day. However, a 3/4 ton truck has limitations. My GVWR is 8800 lbs with the front axle at 4400 lbs and the rear axle at 6084 lbs. My truck weighs 6453 lbs full of fuel with me in it on the landfill scale. Wife says I can’t weigh with her in it! I bought a brand new Northstar 8.5 Adventurer in 2012 very nicely optioned. On the same landfill scale the truck/camper combination weighs 8789 lbs. This weight includes two full 20 lb propane bottles, full cassette flush tank, two group 27 Lifeline batteries, tie downs, etc. However, my 20 gallon water tank, grey water tank, black tank for the cassette, and hot water tank were completely empty. And, I had no supplies or food on board. My point is I’m barely below my GVWR but that works for me because I travel very light. Your truck has a Dana 80 rear end. It’s the same one the one ton duallies used (except it’s 2” narrower) and it’s the same one that Ford was putting under the F450 at the time. It’s rated at 11,000 pounds. Your limit is your tires, not the truck. Put heavier duty wheels and tires on it and it’s physically the same hardware as one that had a higher number on the door sticker. And as mentioned earlier, factory gvwr stickers are not legal max numbers. If you are a worried about that take the sticker off. There’s a huge misconception around here that 2500 and 3500 trucks are way more different than they really are, and that those payload sticker numbers are engineering limits on al the components. They aren’t, the most glaring example is the late model F350 and F450. Same GVWR. The F450 actually has a LOWER payload “rating”. Some lost sounds even buy F350s rather than F450s, just because they think they’re doing the right thing to be safer with a heavy camper.
burningman 08/26/21 10:42am Truck Campers
RE: Center of gravity

You really need either a long bed truck or a short bed camper. There’s gonna be no right answer with the combo you’re describing. The camper center of gravity is still going to be pretty far behind the rear axle, like it is now. If you weigh your axles I’ll bet you’ll be alarmed at how much each rear tire is carrying. Probably too much.
burningman 08/26/21 10:21am Truck Campers
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