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RE: Cruise Control Monaco Executive Roadmaster Chasis

Thanks for the information. There is a clear box with a bunch of fuses relays and a circuit board off on the passenger side of the front area where the engine compartment would be on a regular vehicle. It has a bunch of lights I didn't even know what that was but I guess maybe that's a smart controller. I don't know how to post a picture of this. I will get that guide I didn't know they had that I've been trying to figure out the Smart Wheel information as well. There is a solenoid near the vacuum pump above it but under the ball which I would love to send a picture of and it looks kind of melted and it goes to a blue hose I know that that vacuum line controls the air conditioning vents and they work fine but that other solenoid I wonder if that's the cruise control and it's just not working because of that solenoid being melted. I'd love to show you what that looks like. That ball is about 8 in in diameter. In terms of the engine horsepower so somebody put a 600 on the back with the six slightly crooked. It says that the 600 was an option for this camper but the tag on the engine clearly states 525 horsepower. I called Cummings and I'm going to register for their free whatever so you can download some stuff but he said that their site shows that it's 525 horsepower. I suggested that maybe Monaco or Roadmaster did something to make it 600 there wasn't at an authorized Cummings dealer. He said that was unlikely that in order to do that they would have to have a coming certification and therefore Cummings would know about it or whatever. He said those places all used authorized whatever so he said he didn't think it was at least done by the manufacturer. But I heard it 600. I doubt they did any super big modification to make it 600 it has to be something external some type of modification which I have no idea what would do that or how that would be a really bad thing. I heard on these motors that the rear like one of the cylinders can have a problem that's big trouble because of cooling or something. It's my understanding the 600 horsepower started having problems after 07 and this is an 06 but that could be this information. I can't be sure if it's $600 I don't even know how it would be. Certainly happy to hear anything further regarding the box that I see on the passenger side by the way it has a clear cover and it's a fancy box like all weather sealed. And also anything you might say about this 600 horsepower and that melted relay. How do you post pictures by the way? Thanks
buystockinfun 07/26/21 02:52pm Class A Motorhomes
How to find an old post

Hello, across an old post that is in a print format but when I search for it even in archive search I can't find it in the forum format. Actually trying to see a diagram that's mentioned in the post but it keeps coming back that site can't be reached. Also want to try to find manuals and things that people refer to not sure where these manuals and things are on this website but any direction would be great. There's a link to the post. And this is the link to the document I'm specifically trying to find. It would be nice to be able to find old posts with the search tool I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with that... Search title for the Post reference to above that I plugged into the subject line of the search engine in the forum. Question for Monaco and Holiday Rambler tech's
buystockinfun 07/26/21 08:31am Forum Posting Help and Support
Dash AC not cold

I'm wondering if my expectations for my Dash AC are set too high. It just doesn't seem to blow very cold. When it is about 85 out it comes out about 63 out of the dash with an AC temperature gauge. I tried it on a rental car and it was coming out like 50 degrees at the same time for the rental. Never had any luck doing AC pressure readings but I did buy a gauge set. I hear if it has an expansion valve you can't get quite the right readings but then I also read that if the pressure isn't changing on the low side then you have something stuck or plugged and I'm not sure what that is. At 85° I get a pressure of about 255 on the high side which appears from when I'm reading to be accurate but the low side is just 15. No matter how much Freon I put in there the low side pressure doesn't change and the high side pressure goes up and of course I have to evacuate that because it can't be too high I don't want to ruin the compressor. Also not sure what type of oil to put in I believe it's some kind of 46 oil but there's no real accurate information to confirm that there's a bunch of different oils. The compressor appears to be engaged fine. I did notice when I put fluid in you could see a little tiny bubbling from the high and low sides I tighten the needle valve down. This could indicate some kind of bad o-ring or needle valve that needs replaced I did put a new needle valve in one of them but I think it still has a little bubble where the needle valve is I think it also goes away though I guess when it gets agitated or something maybe they can bubble out a little I'm not sure. But this could indicate a separate problem I think regardless of the needle valve when you put 5 lb in there the pressure still on the left side never goes up above 15. So like I say two different advice that I saw on forums were that something is sticking cuz it should go up between 30 and 50 psi but then a contradictory for him said that because it might have an expansion fitting that it never will fluctuate or something but it just seems too low for me. I can't find an AC place that will even look at it because it took camper and a diesel pusher. Maybe 63°is a normal reading with the compressor way in the back. But I really have no information on the routing or any of this for this it would be great to get a diagram of how it's routed and how many pounds it would take I mean I'm guessing it's about four to five pounds somebody said on some forum somewhere. It is r134a system. This is a 2006 Monaco executive with a 525 horsepower isx15 Cummins engine that was supposedly upgraded to 600 HP on a Roadmaster chassis. Sorry for the long post but at least it's a full explanation hopefully. Not sure how to add pictures I don't see that option maybe I'm too new. Oh and most forms people don't post their solutions which drives me crazy so I promise I'll post a solution if I find one or what the final analysis was for example on the low pressure.
buystockinfun 07/26/21 08:18am Class A Motorhomes
Cruise Control Monaco Executive Roadmaster Chasis

Hello, I don't think I've owned an RV that has ever had working cruise control LOL. I have a 2006 Monaco Executive with a Roadmaster chasis. The cruise control for the Smart Wheel system apparently that it has is on the steering column and it is buttons that you push on the steering column. The cruise control lights up but it never sets. Here's what I've tried and do know. I've looked for a fuse but since the lights on I think that's good. The step is not out and no warning lights on the dash are on. I've tried it with and without the air brake on. I've tried it above 25 mph and all the way up to highway speed. The idle control with the cruise pressing set and resume will idle down to 500 and up to about 850. I thought it should go higher but it doesn't go any higher. Not sure if this is that clue but it is working to some extent. I've driven with the exhaust brake on and off lifting up the brake pedal from behind it while trying to set the cruise so it doesn't seem to indicate that the parking brake switch is engaged or anything like that and I would think that would show up on the dash maybe I don't know. Unless the parking rate switches completely bad wouldn't there be other problems? So not sure how to check that exactly but also heard that it runs off vacuum which diesel engines don't generate and I do notice a vacuum canister and there's a solenoid of some kind underneath it looks a little melted except for the dash AC actuators all work but that's a whole other post cuz the dash AC doesn't really blow cold. Anyway trying to figure out how to diagnose and troubleshoot this Cruise control. I can't find any diagrams on the system and how it's routed and works. It would be great to get a diagram of the routing where various components are that kind of thing. Does anybody have that and can they provide any guidance into common issues. It has Cummings ISX15 525hp (supposedly upgraded to 600hp-this is probably true because it was offered as an option but I don't really know how they upgrade that and why it's not on any of the stickers other than the back of the camper). Drives me nuts when people resolve problems and they never post on these forums with the solution was so I promise not to do that once I figure it out!
buystockinfun 07/26/21 08:07am Class A Motorhomes
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