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RE: Another Towing Question

That’s a lot of trailer for a half ton truck. Been there, now tow with a 2500. You might be able to make the numbers work (doubtful) but it likely won’t be a fun or comfortable especially for someone with no towing experience. Being a bunkhouse model I’m going to assume you have several passengers in the truck and will be loading the trailer pretty good. You have plenty of power, just not enough truck.
camp-n-family 02/25/21 07:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ram 2500 only carries 2300 lbs.

I have the same truck. Forget the he payload rating. They are artificially low for licensing purposes only. With the exception of the rear coil springs it is a 3500 truck. As long as you stay under the axle and tire ratings you are fine. The RAWR is 6k. My empty truck is about 2700lbs on the rear, leaving over 3k of axle rating for pin weight. If it sags puts some air bags on it.
camp-n-family 02/25/21 06:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Palomino SS 1251 Pop-Up on 1/2 Ton Pickup

I don’t have experience with that camper but I’m doubtful that it will work with your truck. The manufacturers get away with sales talk like “half ton towable” because they were able to spec 1 truck with the number to do it. In this case it’s likely a bare bones single cab heavy payload truck. This is a rare beast which I suspect you don’t have. The brochure shows a dry weight of 1910lbs and a gvwr of 2627lbs. Not many 1/2 ton trucks have the payload, or more importantly the axle capacity for that much weight. You still have to add passenger weight onto that. What’s the payload sticker on your door say? Better yet, load your truck with fuel and passengers and go to a scale. Weigh each axle and see what capacity you have left for a camper. You’re going to need close to 3000lbs of capacity on the rear axle. I see a rawr of only 3850lbs listed for non heavy duty option f150. Approximately 2400lbs of that is used up with an empty truck leaving only 1450lbs for camper weight.
camp-n-family 02/21/21 05:21am Truck Campers
RE: Oldie but goody???

If you are handy, older RVs are possible. Just don’t expect the older RV to be trouble free or easy to repair. Possible but not easy. Don’t expect a new one to be trouble free either.
camp-n-family 02/20/21 05:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Toyota Sequoia vs Chevy Surburban

The most useless “comparison” I have ever seen considering there is nothing comparable. Even though the Sequoia is a 2021 model it came out in 2007 and other than some cosmetic updates it has not changed since. The 5.7l is bulletproof but has always been thirsty, especially when still mated to a 6 speed and 4.30 gears. Pitting it against a brand new diesel with a 10 speed proves nothing. Not even apples to oranges. Diesel will always get better mileage than gas when towing as will new versus old technology.
camp-n-family 02/18/21 05:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Opinion on Truck Reliability

Yes, my new used chebby looks like a typical chebby???????? Marty Hey you know how to post a pic of said truck? Jerry Look on page 3 and 4 of this post.
camp-n-family 02/18/21 05:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing Capacity Question

It seems very few run up against max tow weight before running out of payload. You are not alone there. BTW, don’t forget to add the weight of a full tank of fuel to the weight of passengers, etc. At 7.2-7.4 lbs per gallon, a 20 gallon tank is going to add around 150 lbs to the mix. Curb weight already accounts for full fluids, including fuel. It does not need to be subtracted from payload.
camp-n-family 02/17/21 07:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Front Cap Cover

What about having it wrapped with a clear wrap like they put on cars for stone chips?
camp-n-family 02/14/21 07:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Opinion on Truck Reliability

Very reliable truck but what is it’s payload capacity? Who ______ing cares??? Not part of the equation nor relevant to the thread..... Lighten up, Francis. Truck payload is always important in discussing towing. Especially for 1/2 tons and diesel powered 3/4 ton trucks. Sadly, with the diesel eating up so much of the GVWR, many 1/2 ton trucks can meet or exceed a diesel powered 3/4 ton’s payload. Except you’re forgetting that 3/4 ton trucks have artificially low GVWRs for licensing purposes only. Nobody looks at payload on these trucks. Stay under axle and tire ratings and you’ll be fine.
camp-n-family 02/07/21 10:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Opinion on Truck Reliability

I have the exact year and model truck you are considering. I was hesitant to buy it after my experience with a 2014 hemi model, which was a nightmare, but the dealer gave me a trade in deal I couldn’t resist. This truck has been much better but not without fault. Repairs and maintenance are very expensive. So far I have had an O2 sensor and the ABS module fail. Both were $1200(CDN) repairs (the first reluctantly covered under warranty). My rear diff has gotten clunky recently as well. Waiting for next service to have it inspected. Every second oil change needs the fuel filters changed at $400. I just rolled over 80k kms on it with 10k of that towing our 8k trailer. Very happy with the tow experience. The truck is a beast and I love the exhaust brake. Fuel mileage is pretty good. Better than my 2 coworkers Ram 1500s. I would check with a dealer for out the door pricing on a new order before buying used. Sticker prices are crazy but the discounts are good. I believe they have employee pricing and free diesel upgrade (in Canada) on now. I was out the door for $21k under the msrp after all the discounts, plus 0% financing, which is why I risked it on another Ram. I knew after 3 years I could sell it used for close to what I paid new if I wasn’t happy.
camp-n-family 02/05/21 06:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 F150 Raptor Reveal

Another video of what our truck “can” do, but shouldn’t, because they’ll deny the warranty claims when owners show up to dealers with bent frames and suspension damage from doing the same things. :S Are those problems Ford has been having with current an previous Raptors?? The new Raptor is almost 300 hp shy of the new Ram off road truck. WHY Ford puts little V-6s in their performance trucks is beyond me. Why not supercharge the 5.0L Coyote engine? Google “raptor bent frame” and read to your hearts content. There is (was?) a weak point at the rear shock mount and bump stop where the frames would buckle. The soft suspension would bottom out and hit the bump stop. There is even one article where a club of 14 owners went off roading and 10 came back with bent frames. Ford denied claims stating “customer abuse” even though their own ads show it being jumped etc.
camp-n-family 02/04/21 01:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 F150 Raptor Reveal

Another video of what our truck “can” do, but shouldn’t, because they’ll deny the warranty claims when owners show up to dealers with bent frames and suspension damage from doing the same things. :S
camp-n-family 02/03/21 05:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Recommendation for Folding Hard Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers aren’t usually a factory order option, they are added by the dealer after. Can you not just get the dealer to order it or do you not want the “GM” one? I have the bak-flip G2. I like that it sits inside the bed rails instead of on top and has 4 panels. Easy to fold up and works with my truck rack. It’s expensive and heavy but pretty solid. I can walk on it easy (210+lbs). Downsides, not waterproof, mine is actually waterlogged, and the rubber lip freezes to my tailgate in winter.
camp-n-family 01/31/21 12:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Keystone Premier Line - thoughts

We have a 2013 Premier 31bhpr. At the time of purchase, we walked through similar floor plans from different manufacturers and found this to be of better build quality than most and it was nearly 1k lighter as well. We’ve been very happy with it. The only issue we’ve encountered in 8 years is the 2 front storage doors have absorbed moisture through the bottom weep holes. The bottom halves have delaminated and gone soft. I can replace them, frame and all, for $150 each. Just having trouble finding replacement decals.
camp-n-family 01/25/21 09:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Restrictions Coming

There are a number of charter companies offering the service of shipping your vehicle across the border to the nearest airport and then flying you across to it. They are busy, doing several flights a day from Toronto and St Catharines to Buffalo, and London to Detroit. I work at an airport and these guys are flying full planes back and forth all day. I have also seen an increase in private jet charters. Couples are grouping together to share the cost. Some are even going just to get the vaccine quicker. Sketchy for sure but the loophole allows it, for now.
camp-n-family 01/24/21 04:19pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: I'm Having a hard time finding the right toy hauler

Hello all, I am new to rv'ing and looking to make my first purchase. I am looking for something I can tow with my 2019 single axle duramax 2500 it has a gvwr of 14,500. I also need a toy hauler that has a 12'x8' garage. The side by side I'm hauling is a 2021 maverick x3 that is 1600 lb. The only thing I've found so far that meets all my needs is a Keystone springdale 32th but it doesnt have the fuel filling station or a dedicated generator port. Anyone know of anything else that would work? It might have a tow rating of 14,500 but the max gvwr for the 2500 is 9500lbs
camp-n-family 01/23/21 11:35am Toy Haulers
RE: 4 down towing vehicles

Most likely too heavy for a Class C, or a gas Class A. What MH do you have? 2003 Itasca Sunova 31 foot gas MH A google search of specifications shows that a 1/2 ton truck will probably exceed your limits. You don’t specify which model (27C or 30B) but both seem to have a hitch receiver rated for 5000lbs max tow and 350lbs tongue weight. An empty truck will weigh more than 5k. The 27C shows a gvwr of 15,000lbs and a gcwr of 19,000. This would leave you a tow max of 4k if you’re anywhere close to being at gvwr. The 30B has a gvwr of 18k and a gcwr of either 21k with the Ford motor or 26k with the GM vortex motor leaving between 3-6,000lbs tow capacity at max weight. A 1/2 ton truck will be close to if not exceed the 6k.
camp-n-family 01/19/21 04:51pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Campgrounds north Grey, Bruce County's Ontario?

Would calendar week, or mid week to mid week, reservations be easier to get, fit the reservation system better? During peak season (June to September) they will be booked full all the time. Shoulder season you should be able to get mid week sites easier. It’s gotten so hard to reserve sites now that the only way is to book a site starting 2 weeks earlier than you need and then cancelling the extra days and pay the penalty.
camp-n-family 01/18/21 08:51pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Campgrounds north Grey, Bruce County's Ontario?

Assuming you can get across the border by then, you can’t really go wrong with any of the provincial parks along Lake Huron and Georgian bay. We have done them all many times. Beautiful beaches along the lakes and lots to do as they are all close to small scenic towns. Craiglieth is a little small and right along the highway and Sauble Falls is split in half by a highway where 1 side is nicer to be on than the other but otherwise not a bad thing to say. It can be difficult to get a site though as they are all popular. The reservation system starts 5 months in advance of the day you want and you have to be quick at 7am to have any chance. Feel free to pm me if you have any questions on any of the parks.
camp-n-family 01/16/21 03:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Newbie trailer owner, question on water pressure pump

You only need it if pumping water from the on-board fresh water tank. If you have the city water connected by hose you don’t use the pump. If you are pumping from the tank you can turn it on and leave it on (when trailer is in use). It has a pressure sensor and will cycle as needed on its own. Just in case you’re not familiar with the sewage side of things......if you have full sewage hookups do not leave the valves open. Keep them closed until tanks are close to full, then drain. Two reasons; you won’t get sewer gas coming back into the trailer, and the tanks need liquid in them to keep the solids soft and moving. No fluid in the tanks and you will get a Pooh and paper pyramid that is hard to flush out. Where yo need to be careful is that your tenants know when and how to empty the tanks. If they overflow you will have a serious and smelly mess inside.
camp-n-family 01/15/21 09:53pm Travel Trailers
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