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RE: It's time for a replacement truck

Pass on the 5.7 Hemi. It’s a rare find in a 3500 but it was also poorly matched with the transmission. I had that combo in a 2500 Ram and it struggled to accelerate or pull hills out of 2nd gear with my sub 8k trailer.
camp-n-family 03/28/20 05:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The perfect RV campground

Trees, space, and privacy.
camp-n-family 03/28/20 07:48am Family Camping
RE: Adjust WDH?

If the bars aren’t parallel then they probably aren’t sitting flush on the L brackets. I’d look there first. If they are flat on the brackets I’d leave it alone, if not, make the adjustment.
camp-n-family 03/24/20 04:49pm Towing
RE: trailer lift kit

I think you should be much more concerned that the manufacturer's claims of "1/2 ton tow-able" are nonsense and that you likely lack sufficient payload to pull any 5th wheel that big with your truck, especially if it has a 4 door cab, 4wd, and you plan on having passengers in the cab with. He’s not towing it with a half ton, just looking at “ half ton towable” models. OP has a Ram 2500 which is plenty of truck.
camp-n-family 03/22/20 04:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help choosing something like Cougar

With an 8500lbs tow rating I’m going to assume that you have a 1/2 ton truck? The Cougar you list is way too much trailer. At 7400lbs dry weight you will be well over 8500lbs loaded to start. Keep in mind the tow rating of newer vehicles is calculated assuming 150lbs each for a driver and 1 passenger. Any other weight added to the vehicle reduces your rating pound for pound. The tow rating is not the only number you need to be concerned about. You also need to consider the vehicle payload and axle ratings. The payload must be enough to support the trailer tongue weight and weight of all passengers and stuff in the vehicle. Trailers should have at least 12% of the loaded weight on the tongue to be stable for towing. That’s at least 1k right there. I suggest you do more research and as a newbie learn about towing, ratings, wd hitches etc before jumping in to anything. This forum is a good starting place. You’ll probably find yourself limited to trailers under 6k dry weight. Don’t forget that your kids aren’t going to get any smaller. To give you an idea, we have a similar sized trailer that weights 1k less (empty)than what you are looking at. Lightly loaded we were 7600lbs which is just about the empty weight of that Cougar. We towed it the first year with a 1/2 ton truck. It pulled it ok, plenty of power, but we were always 400lbs+ over payload, right at the rear axle rating and hitch rating. We added airbags and load range E tires to help and used a $3k Hensley hitch. Not the most enjoyable experience. We now use a 3/4 ton diesel Ram in complete comfort. Consider the length as well. At 34’ you will be limited in site selection and won’t be able to fit in a lot of places. Gas stations etc can be a challenge too. That is a long trailer for a newbie with little or no tow experience. If I were to buy again I would keep it under 28’.
camp-n-family 03/22/20 07:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing 4.6k w/ Nissan Titan vs Dodge Durango

First off, you are not towing 4.6k. If that is the dry brochure weight you will be closer to 6k lightly loaded with a tongue weight north of 700lbs. I doubt the Durango has the payload for 6 passengers and the tongue weight. The tongue weight will probably exceed the receiver rating too. The Titan will do a better job but either way you’ll need to take 2 vehicles with 6 people.
camp-n-family 03/17/20 12:49pm Towing
RE: Sam

Love big dogs too but the shortened life span hurts :(
camp-n-family 03/08/20 09:14am RV Pet Stop
RE: Newbie here with a towing question

I think you’ll find that trailer pushing the limits of your truck. Keep in mind that the listed “dry” weights can be a little misleading. They don’t included options, battery,propane etc. Once the trailer is delivered it will likely be several hundred pounds heavier. Always check the yellow door sticker on the trailer to see it’s actual delivered weight. One potential issue I can see off the bat is the hitch weight. Most vehicle manufacturers rate the receiver at 10% of the tow rating which could limit you to 660lbs. That trailer shows a dry hitch weight of 610lbs which will be well over 700lbs once loaded. Even if you were able to pack it with only 500lbs of stuff I would guess that the trailer would be 6k plus. You may want to carry water in the tanks too. A properly loaded trailer would have a tongue weight in the 12% loaded weight range which would put you at 720lbs+. You are correct that the tow rating is reduced by weight added to the truck. Newer vehicles calculate tow ratings allowing 150lbs for a driver and passenger. Any weight in the truck above that would reduce your rating pound for pound. You also need to look at the trucks payload. (Check door sticker) The payload needs to be sufficient to carry all weight added to truck and the hitch weight. If you’re concerned about these numbers already and are limiting yourself on what to pack then it’s usually not a good match. Personally I would be looking at something that would max out at 5k loaded.
camp-n-family 02/24/20 07:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Hitch set up

Load it up first and then see. Dealer may have done it on purpose as the trailer is empty and your tongue weight will increase as you load it. You’re likely going to have to re adjust it again anyways. Should be slightly nose down.
camp-n-family 02/23/20 07:54am Towing
RE: Best weight distribution hitch?

With enough truck to properly haul your TT around, particularly at highway speeds, any of the WD hitches with integrated sway control should suffice. Those with less than ideal towing combos, whether it is due to not enough truck or poorly designed trailers, usually resort to Hensley or Propride hitches to achieve a sense of towing comfort while underway. On the other hand, just because you have more than enough truck does not indicate you can forego a WD/SC hitch altogether, seen too many 350/3500 trucks crawling along the highway and still see their 30' TTs excessively swaying although they are towing well below posted speed limit. Properly set-up, TTs can be towed without noticeable sway, even when passing semi-trucks. Yep. If a person needs a super hitch to tow with. they have more problems than sway control can fix I agree that a “super hitch” is not a bandaid to fix a poor setup but for some of us its not a matter of “need” but more of a want. If you’ve ever tried one you will want it even if you don’t need it.
camp-n-family 02/16/20 06:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Best weight distribution hitch?

You asked for the best....Hensley or Propride hands down. Nothing else compares. Before that I used an Equil-I-zer. It did a good job too but it’s no Hensley.
camp-n-family 02/07/20 04:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Covering your travel trailer

Did it for the 1st time last winter. Never again. Did more damage than good and the cover (Adco) shredded within the first 2 months. It was a tight fit and strapped well but still rubbed the front cap and several other areas dull.
camp-n-family 02/07/20 04:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Will my truck tow safely in the Smokys?

Thanks everyone, I was expecting it was going to come up short. What about a 5.7 crew cab tundra with 9800 lbs towing capacity? Will it handle the grades going up and down with no trouble with the same 5000lb TT? No white knuckles? A Tundra will pull that weight up and down those hills without breaking a sweat. I’ve done bigger with more weight with ease. Great engine and standard 4.30 gears are good for pulling hills.
camp-n-family 02/02/20 09:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: cruiser MPG 2550RB

Just a thought on that layout if you like to watch the tv at all. That layout doesn’t have any comfortable positions to see it from. The sofa would be most comfortable but it’s at a 90 degree angle. Booth dinette seats aren’t usually comfortable and are also at an angle.
camp-n-family 01/30/20 08:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Just 13 threads

Typical for this time of year when many of us have to hibernate. Post count will pick up again in the spring.
camp-n-family 01/28/20 12:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Check Me....I am OK with this set-up

This ^^^ Looks is just surface or a facade A 16 lb sledge looks like an 8 lb sledge...a 12 oz hammer looks like a 16 oz hammer, but there is a huge difference Ditto 2 tires from same OEM, same model, same tread, same size...but one is a passenger class and other higher class LT. Very different...costs more, weighs more, better construction, etc I don’t buy the heavier is better hype at all. Only way to know is to compare them side by side. Lighter doesn’t always mean less or weaker. I have a friend with the exact same layout tt as mine from another manufacturer. We compared them. To start, his is 1100lbs heavier from the factory. My lighter tt has heavier rated axles and higher load rated tires. Mine has heavier duty slide gear. Mine has a bigger a/c. Mine has aluminum framing everywhere vs his wood framing. I have solid wood cabinet doors where his are heavy laminated MDF. We both agreed that the quality and fit and finish of mine was better and it’s been aging better too.
camp-n-family 01/25/20 07:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New to Towing what is safe to tow with 2012 Tahoe

Your weights seem reasonable. To be near your listed weights but still have room for a family of 6 I would recommend looking at hybrid trailers. Short tow length, lighter weight but opens up to a much larger space. Personally something like a Rockwood Roo 183 would be on my list with a young large family. Like this.
camp-n-family 01/24/20 10:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Check Me....I am OK with this set-up

You’ll be fine with that combo. Are you stuck on the Jayco brand? Only reason I ask is that trailer is really heavy for what it is. I have the exact same layout in our Keystone Premier 31bhpr but it is WAY lighter. Our UVW is only 6400lbs. Loaded for 2 weeks of camping we come in under the empty weight of that Jayco at 7800lbs and 950 on the tongue. There are a lot of manufacturers with the same floor plan and similar or better quality at much lighter weight. Not against Jayco by any means, just wouldn’t want to haul around an extra 1500lbs for nothing.
camp-n-family 01/21/20 08:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Phoenix to Toronto, May 2020

Port Huron is the easiest crossing. The 402 is an easy drive with mostly light traffic. From there the 401 eastbound is usually ok with slow downs at hwy7 at Kitchener and then traffic get congested approaching Milton. The QEW route from Niagara to Toronto can be a traffic nightmare more often than not, especially through Hamilton and Burlington.
camp-n-family 01/16/20 08:46pm Roads and Routes
RE: rough country Lift good or bad?

I have a 2.5” level on mine. I like the look when not towing and it was needed to fit 35s without rubbing in the front. That being said they are not ideal for towing for many reasons. Without the factory rake my truck looks tail low when hooked up. You will have a higher centre of gravity and if you use larger tires the higher sidewall will flex more and feel squirmy. You will need a large drop draw bar (mine is 6”) and you can forget about towing a fifth wheel level without significant mods to the trailer.
camp-n-family 01/16/20 08:23am Tow Vehicles
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