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RE: Totaled vehicles...sometimes surprising.

We had a car totalled after what I thought was light damage. I dunno, at the time it was a good deal for us. I'd never personally buy a salvage title car, just out of fear that it was a flood victim. Not only that, isn't it an issue to get insurance on a salvage title car? I've never looked into it but that's what I've been told.
camperdave 08/09/20 02:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What do you shut off when leaving for a trip

Years ago after a trip our water heater failed. I figure it was not a coincidence that it failed right after I shut it down for a trip, so I no longer do that... My main water line shut off is under the house (or at the curb stop, but we're not supposed to mess with that) so I'm not shutting that off. I set the thermostat to 55 heat, 85 cool and call it good. I'm on a big hill, even if I had a water break it would run down the hill to the storm drain below. And now that we have AMI water meters, any day I use 3x our normal usage I'll get an automated email from the water district so I could have someone run over and check it out for me.
camperdave 08/07/20 01:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: awning fabric - install upside down possible?

I don't know about all awnings, but it wouldn't work on mine due to the way the holder rod (for lack of a better term) is sewn in on the roller side of the awning.
camperdave 08/07/20 11:59am Tech Issues
RE: Itasca Ellipse 42QD

For the inside dually, you need a long air chuck if there's no extender. Use a marker or something to mark on the wheel which hole the inner valve stem is so you don't have to search for it each time... I use something like this: well never mind the picture, apparently you can't attach images... just google dually air chuck.
camperdave 08/07/20 08:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford Transit vs. Dodge Ram Van?

They are both going to be plenty reliable. the big obvious differentiator is front wheel drive vs rear. Advantages can go either way depending on how you use the vehicle.
camperdave 08/06/20 12:12pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: After 25 years the water heater - UPDATE page 5

a lot of us are still working wonky with the Covid stuff. We're all feeling done with it, but the reality is there's still a lot of us working from home and doing things we don't normally do and picking up tasks outside of our normal job. Mistakes happen, especially now. But good customer service is always appreciated especially after a mistake. OP, you will love the electronic ignition. flick a switch, hello hot water.
camperdave 08/06/20 12:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Battery question

In my case the engine does technically charge the house battery, but not significantly. I run the generator while driving if it really needs a charge.
camperdave 08/04/20 12:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is there a brass replacement for the Camco drain valve?

What drain valve is exposed to UV? Certainly not the water heater. The low point drains? Cant see any issue with replacing low point drain caps with metal. Are you possibly talking about the black/grey tank dump valves?
camperdave 08/04/20 12:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Washing RV while traveling

It has never occurred to me to wash the rig when on a trip. But I know our city has a self serve coin operated car wash, I'm sure many others do too. Be a lot less than $40! google your destination city and car wash, see what's there.
camperdave 08/04/20 12:26pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Tow Bar Age

If everyone just bought used and rebuilt, they would not sell many new towbars! Come on, support the economy. Throw away good stuff and buy new stuff.
camperdave 08/04/20 08:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking to Purchase Lightweight Bunkhouse Model

I had a Trail Lite Bantam 17' hybrid for a few years that was towed with a minivan sometimes. It only had 25 fresh, 25 grey, 8 black (yes, 8!). But we could easily camp for a week in it. Just depends on your definitions of camping, and what you require. The Bantam was nice because it had the fold down bunk ends that make it feel much larger, we were able to easily sleep 4, and 6 with kids sharing. As to quality, I think KZ is probably as good as any manufacturer. You will quickly learn how to fix all manner of RV related things lol.
camperdave 08/03/20 02:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thinking of New Aluminum Sided Travel Trailer

I had a 98 Fleetwood Terry aluminum sided trailer from 2004-2017. In that time, I never did anything more than wash it, no wax or anything, and the aluminum looked as good the day I sold it as when I bought it. I did recoat the roof once, and the vinyl decals were looking faded, but the paint still looked good. Never noticed any galvanic corrosion. My current RV, a 2004 Fleetwood motorhome with fiberglass sides, looks crappy by comparison. All sun faded and old looking. Requires much more upkeep to keep the fiberglass looking good than the aluminum does, imo.
camperdave 08/03/20 02:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Charging an Electric Vehicle

I leased a Chevy Spark EV for 3 years (14-17) and it was awesome for local stuff. I have an in-town commute (well, had. I now commute downstairs with the Covid stuff going on) and 120v charging was all I ever needed with it. The Spark was a little light on range (~80 miles) but they can be picked up cheap off-lease these days. VERY quick, water cooled battery, fun car. I now daily a Fusion plug in hybrid (just through circumstance, I'd rather have a full EV) that only starts the gas engine when it needs to for 'reasons'. It's got plenty of range for around town in electric only at around 15 miles or so). Again, only ever plugged into 120v.
camperdave 08/03/20 02:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Howdy Everybody

Best tip would be make sure your Air Conditioner is in good working order!
camperdave 08/03/20 12:52pm Beginning RVing
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

I like to let this thread grow for a few months before I catch up on it, gives more of a sense of progress and accomplishment that way. And seeing as I have an extremely important work project today, I of course just caught up on the last 50 pages lol. Looks great (well, except for maybe the wallpaper, but to each his own?), keep on keeping on! I have a boat in my garage that started as a weekend repair about 10 months ago. I might be finished in time for next summer, I do understand project creep and figuring out stuff as you go...
camperdave 08/03/20 12:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Steering stabilizer

Like Drew, my stabilizer was blown when I bought mine (at only 30k miles, btw). I replaced it with a Roadmaster Reflex (coilover type) and it helped, but I have no way of knowing how much of that help was due to the old one being shot, vs the return to center spring. Either way, it did help a little with highway manners, but putting in a new OEM may have been the same. My alignment is just under 5 degrees caster, the best they could do without replacing parts. It handles well, and I probably won't do any further modifications other than shocks soon (I'm sure they are shot too, but not visibly leaking). Tire pressure definitely makes a difference. Don't use the sidewall pressure, with the ease of finding CAT weight stations, there's really no excuse to not know your axle weights these days. Once you have your axle weights, look up the tire pressure chart for your tires and set the pressures accordingly. It really does make a difference in ride/handling. I personally ended up using 65 psi front, 70 psi rear.
camperdave 08/03/20 09:36am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Low Voltage on One 50A Leg

so as a 30a RVer, sounds like it may be worth carrying two 50a - 30a adapters, one for each line. Pick the one with the higher voltage. Anyone do that instead of plugging into the 30a receptacle?
camperdave 07/31/20 03:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Minimum gate opening width needed for TT parking........

My old house was 12', and it felt tight! I suppose 9.5' is doable, but there's not much wiggle room. Use a spotter or three at first, then mark with paint where the tires need to be at various points for future reference.
camperdave 07/30/20 04:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: More water needed....

I like the jugs on a front mounted cargo carrier. Simple and easy. And as long as you are out in the boonies and have bio-shampoo, an outdoor shower takes care of the grey water issue.
camperdave 07/30/20 03:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Leaving dog at campsite

Campground doesn't know I have an autoformer in my storage compartment either, and they don't need to. Just like my unattended dog. I once drank a beer out of a coffee mug in a dry campground too, so yeah I'm a bit of a rebel. :B
camperdave 07/30/20 03:49pm Beginning RVing
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