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RE: RV Ovens

We use ours a lot, it runs hot so we set it ~25 degrees lower than home. Having a pizza stone on the bottom helps distribute the heat, definitely needed in a small RV oven. Ours stays in there all the time when travelling, no issues. For pastry type stuff, using an 'air bake' dual walled aluminum cookie sheet helps keep the bottoms from burning before the tops cook. These are the things that work for me anyway...
camperdave 08/06/19 12:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Inverter Use

I did it on accident last week in fact! I normally have the fridge unplugged from the 120 outlet so it can't happen, but a series of events occurred that had me driving down the road for a few hours with the fridge accidentally running off the 300w inverter. No problems, but I prefer to run on propane. Seems to cool better on propane too.
camperdave 08/06/19 09:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Miles per day.

I'm still in the working class (4896 days to go, but who's counting...), so 10-12 hour driving days start and end the annual big trip. If you want to show the kids the country, you gotta cross it! But my preference would be 300 or so miles. Leave around 9a, arrive by 4p, stop and see things along the way. That's how the middle days of the big vacation are, and most local weekend trips.
camperdave 08/06/19 08:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: new thermostat install problem

low fan wire capped off, runs fine. Project done. for the record, @Joe417 nailed it right away. Thanks all for the help, it caught me off guard that the wiring is opposite for Dometic and Coleman. Thought it was going to be a 5 minute project!
camperdave 08/05/19 11:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Bicycle Safety

I have a two fold plan. 1. Keep the good bikes at home. Anyone who knows what they are looking at will move right on by my old junkers and take the sweet ride next door. 2. Lock them up. Keep the honest folks honest. I just use a cable lock around something permanent. But if I were in a theft heavy environment like it seems you are, I'd go with a heavy duty chain and good padlock in addition to the cable lock. Make the thief move on to an easier target.
camperdave 08/05/19 03:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Break Out Another Thousand....

Since we are off topic, if your Sea Ray has either a 5.0 or the 350 MAG, there were certain years known to have problems with the exhaust manifolds. My Crownline with a 350 MAG was plagued with the issue - would blow through a gasket every 100 hours. I was told that the Sierra replacement was of a higher quality (hard to believe). I sold that boat, new boat does not have the same issue. It's a 1987 OMC 4.3 Cobra! The exhaust manifolds are NLA (no longer avaliable), thus the high cost of replacement as I had to buy a whole adapter kit to the new style manifolds. Fun stuff owning a 30+ year old boat with an obsolete drive. :B
camperdave 08/05/19 02:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Water Filters

It's no secret that dogs will drink out of a pond or toilet or wherever. But will they drink out of those places if there's clean water right next to them? That's the question. I'm guessing that dogs will always choose the clean water. Whether it's from a Berkey or any other water filter system before they drink toilet or pond water. My dog would most definitely drink from the green pond instead of the fresh clean filtered water. She's not a dumb dog, but always without fail prefers the worst available water option around her. Strange... I'm among those here that don't filter my RV water at all, but use bottled water for drinking and cooking. The RV tank water is for showering and cleaning. Oh, and the dog bowl.
camperdave 08/05/19 02:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: New member with used class c

Went from a small 5th wheel to a used 30 ft. C 7 years ago. We still like the 16 year old C with 2 slides very much. I like the backing in, the generator and more. I first worried about a drop in MPG from the truck to the MH but the Ford Focus we tow more than makes up for it. We've put a lot of money into it but there is no cheap RVing. wait... Jayco-noslide has 2 slides? I feel so deceived. :B to the OP, no advice here on snowbirding. Maybe in 15 years! Welcome, and have fun.
camperdave 08/05/19 02:18pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Break Out Another Thousand....

Truck has been fine lately, but in keeping with the B.O.A.T. theme I did just spend $1000 to replace the exhaust manifolds on the Sea Ray (parts only, labor myself. Expensive little suckers!).
camperdave 08/05/19 02:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Stranded/broke down

I broke down in Calgary once. Was stuck there in a crappy motel for 5 days waiting on parts for my motorcycle. That was over 20 years ago, and I still get chills when I think of Calgary. I'm sure it's a nice city, but i'll always hate it lol. My issue was a carb float that decided to not float anymore (so it was dumping gas out the overflow non-stop). Probably not your issue though... My guess is bad gas, but it will be diagnosed as a fuel pump, so you'll never know which it really was. :h
camperdave 08/05/19 10:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Handling/steering.

I'm heading in on Wednesday for an alignment on my 2004 E450 chassis (29 foot with no slides). I don't currently have any handling complaints, but it pulls to the right so I'm going to have it checked out before a big trip next week. I'm not optimistic about getting them to set it to 5 degrees caster, but will ask. I had a difficult time finding someone local that would even do an alignment on a motorhome, no one seems to want to touch it. The shop doing the work does fleet maintenance for larger trucks, I'm hopeful they will know what they are doing. We'll see...
camperdave 08/05/19 09:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: new thermostat install problem

ok, thanks for all the help! switching the blue and red worked. I still have both fan wires tied together, the more I look into this I think different brands are different in their wiring (Dometic vs Coleman). Since I needed the +12v wire to Rc, I believe I have a Coleman AC unit. But I don't know for sure which brand AC I have, it's ducted with an unmarked exterior cover, I'll drop the inside cover later and check for a label up there. Once I know that, I think that will determine whether I should have the two fan speeds tied together, or just the high connected. But assuming it's Coleman, I think I should in fact remove the low speed wire. In the meantime, it's working. My 5 minute project ended up taking a few hours and it was 90 degrees in there by the time I got it working! :S
camperdave 08/05/19 08:36am Tech Issues
new thermostat install problem

I'm replacing the original RVP analog thermostat with a Honeywell. The old system had 6 wires which I believe to be as follows: Red (+12v) Blue (-12v) Yellow (cooling) White (heat) Green (high fan) Grey (low fan) Based on some interneting, I thought I had it figured out. Capped the 12v+, Yellow to Y, White to W, Green/Grey combined to G, and Blue to R/Rc. It did not work... Thermostat is calling for cooling, but AC is not coming on. Any help? :) original thermostat: New Honeywell:
camperdave 08/04/19 05:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Step one. Bought the van.

Great to hear from you! You gonna move the pop-top over to the new van?
camperdave 04/27/19 12:41pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Motorcycle trailer for Class C

I use hitch carriers too, one on front and one on back when needed. My bikes are fairly lightweight dualsports. I also have a cheapo leaf sprung 4x8 Harbor Freight folding trailer. I use it for lots of stuff, and it would do fine behind the motorhome with a bike or two on it. Yes it bounces a bit, but no big deal. If you've got the cash and want to really do it right, Kendon makes the best riding motorcycle trailers out there. Personally I avoid towing if I can for speed limit reasons, but no doubt a trailer is easier to load a motorcycle onto than a hitch carrier. On the rear, I use this carrier with my 350 pound bike: SMC-600R On the front I use this one with a 250 pound bike (I much prefer the above carrier, but already own this one so I use it when I'm bringing 2 bikes): MCC-500
camperdave 02/26/19 12:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can't bring TT home because of neighbors parking in street?

I had a similar problem at my previous house. Except for the HOA part, we didn't have one. My solution was twofold. generally I could manage a modified 3 point (30 point?) turn using the driveways at the end of the cul-de-sac. You mention they are empty, so that seems like it could be an option. Pull in their driveway then back out the other way. Other option I did a few times was just back it in the whole way. I knew I could do it since I had to back it out more than once when there was no way to turn around lol. I would NOT call the HOA. Glass houses and all that stuff, burning bridges with neighbors is generally not a good idea if it can be at all avoided.
camperdave 02/26/19 12:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: "Acme" Tow Dolly with hydraulic disc brakes

I was looking into dollies a while back. What I mainly don't like about the ACME is it has removable ramps. Perhaps not a huge deal, but I like the simplicity of a tilt bed better, where you don't have to crawl under the car to get/install the ramps. Other than that, I love the simplicity and all welded design. I have never used one though. Only dolly I've used is a U-haul so my thoughts are those of research, not usage.
camperdave 02/26/19 08:27am Dinghy Towing
RE: Small inverter for TV

I have a Go Power 300w PSW inverter. I really wanted a Morningstar Sure Sign 300 because it has no fan, but the cost difference was just too much for me. But I've found that the fan doesn't come on in normal power usage so I can leave it on all night to charge phones and stuff in silence. Yes, direct 12v may save a quarter amp. I've got plenty of amps and like the simplicity of plugging things in like at home (as the electron manager of my family, I like to keep it simple). My criteria was good reviews, cost, and heavy weight. Roughly in that order.
camperdave 02/25/19 11:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Removable shore power cord inlet

I did that when I had my TT. Originally the cord got stuffed into a hold and was stored under the couch, making it a detachable cord gave me enough space to build a nice drawer under the couch instead. Inside storage was much in need on that TT, and I towed with a full size van so tow vehicle space for the cord was plentiful. One of the best mods I did. Bonus was when in non-air conditioning usage, I could use a simple adapter to extension cord and not have to lug the heavy shore cable out.
camperdave 02/25/19 11:08pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Battery in key fob ?

Why would she want to get in without a driver? What's the advantage in that? I mean you can come up with reasons why it's you think it's handy, but really they're just excuses for added/needless complexity. And they'll bite you in the butt if something goes "Oops". KISS. And what happens when you lose that fob? I can get a spare key cut for a couple bucks. What's a spare fob cost? Bet you love your roll up windows too. :B I'm with you, but it's a lost cause. Simplicity is a thing of the past, now it's all gadgets all the time. I'm keeping my daily driver 20 year old Nissan Frontier till it dies (which it probably never will). Roll up windows, manual locks, no ABS, no backup camera, and a $5 ignition key. Biggest issue I have with the touch door entry and keyless start (wife's car) is that I keep getting out of the car to get the mail while I have the FOB in my pocket (car still on). It embarrassingly honks at me...
camperdave 02/25/19 01:02pm Tow Vehicles
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