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RE: Need Solar Guru Help!

Yep I believe I’m right, yet you dismiss how BB had pre-programmed my Victron, though I hadn’t requested it (great customer service!!)…I only took my limited time to write to help lead you outta an apparent chosen state of purgatory… My solution is Victron’s solution and is your EASY solution… 3 tons Well you were wrong and it is now all fixed! Happy trails :)
campermama 04/13/23 05:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Need Solar Guru Help!

Trust that whatever they suggest in writing (?? - link doesn’t work) is entirely superfluous to me, as I don’t lend it any more credibility than that which Victron recommends, and as I stated (consider re-reading?…), BB had opened the box and pre-programmed the charge controller for the LiFePo4 algorithm - per Victron’s manual and handed it to me…This was a physical ‘in store’ transaction, and I’ve had a grand total of ZERO issues, so do whatever you like, but it’ll never work properly until you realize that Victron knows their product and they state that the rotary selector needs to be on #7… BTW, there’s nothing special about BB’s or anyone else’s lithium LFP chemistry (Lithium is what it is, period…), the primary difference is in cell grade quality, cell type ( pouch, prismatic, or cylindrical…), warranty (you get what your willing to pay $$ for…), and assemblage technique, while BMS’s all do about the same thing (i.e. catastrophe avoidance)…Trust, that there’s no ‘magic secret sauce’ involved… 3 tons Wow! Everybody has their own opinion! And apparently your is the right one (so you believe). I am in contact with both Victron and BB so we'll see what they say. Meanwhile...I was just basically looking for maybe ideas what could be the problem, I'm not an expert at this but I do feel I have a good understanding of this stuff, pretty good for being female and fixing all my own stuff.
campermama 04/13/23 11:00am Tech Issues
RE: Need Solar Guru Help!

Well I find that rather odd since I live near by and was at BattkeBorn when they handed me my victron charge controller and they’d advance pre-programmed it for exactly what the Victron user manual called for, and mine works perfectly - it must depend on which day of the week you speak to the BB fella’s - I donno?… 3 tons Here it is... =
campermama 04/12/23 10:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Need Solar Guru Help!

Don't have a clamp on meter, mppt programmed to BB recommendationsThat's too bad. It's very hard to properly troubleshoot a system like yours without a DC clamp-on ammeter. Good luck. Sorry I don't have the right tools for you to help me. I will purchase one when I am somewhere where I can get one. I'm currently on the road. Thanks anyway.
campermama 04/12/23 06:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Need Solar Guru Help!

Just looking for any ideas you guys may have as to what could possibly cause my issue.
campermama 04/12/23 06:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Need Solar Guru Help!

Don't have a clamp on meter, mppt programmed to BB recommendations
campermama 04/12/23 05:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Need Solar Guru Help!

Make sure the rotary selector switch on your charge controller set to position #7… 3 tons Not using rotary switch, the setting are not what BB recommends so using user settings
campermama 04/12/23 04:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Need Solar Guru Help!

That's what i am looking at at night, a shunt monitor. I don't need/want to calculate SOC based on V. I'm just looking at what the monitor is telling me and trying to figure out why it's reading 13.2v instead of 13.3 or 13.4 after charging all day.
campermama 04/12/23 04:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Need Solar Guru Help!

I have a renogy monitor - yes it shows - amps
campermama 04/12/23 04:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Need Solar Guru Help!

I have 3 go power panels in parallel, batteries are connected as you stated above.
campermama 04/12/23 03:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Need Solar Guru Help!

Meanwhile, mppt just went to float 13.6v, monitor says 13.4v and ~+4.5 amps, it will stay like this all day, I'm at a loss.
campermama 04/12/23 03:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Need Solar Guru Help!

Many 12v lifepo4 voltage/SOC charts show 13.20v (resting voltage) as equivalent to 70% SOC. The key here is "resting voltage". Ok so the 13.2 is not really "resting", then would the actual "resting" voltage show a higher voltage or less?
campermama 04/12/23 01:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Need Solar Guru Help!

13.3 to 13.4 is 100%, so I guess 13.2 could be 70%, but that does surprise me. Yup, can't figure out why it's that low!
campermama 04/12/23 01:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Need Solar Guru Help!

The 1.8 amps sounds more like the 120v side. 13.2 is more than 70% on any chart I've seen. I did not know any Li battery needed absorption. Can you please post a chart that shows 13.2v is not 70% for Lithium batteries? If it's not 70% what is it? See my post above this one, I found/fixed an issue that should fix the amps issue.
campermama 04/12/23 11:44am Tech Issues
RE: Need Solar Guru Help!

So there was one connection wrong that was affecting the amps reading....the Neg of the inverter was not on the shunt! I have now switched them. Now it's just the charge issue, I think.
campermama 04/12/23 11:41am Tech Issues
Need Solar Guru Help!

This is my system... 570w solar panels (parallel) ?2 100ah BB lithium (parallel) (12v) Victron smartsar 100/50 controller Renogy battery monitor Renogy 2000w inverter Victron goes through bulk mode until it reaches absorption V, then goes to absorption mode for 1 hr (recommended by BB), (highest V I have seen on the monitor during absorption mode is 13.5, while mppt reads 14.4)then it goes to float (mppt reads 13.6v, monitor reads 13.4v), the amps never go down to 0, it sticks around at 2-4 amps. So to me it seems batteries are never "fully" charged? V always drops to 13.2(something) v when it gets dark. According to charts I have seen that is only 70%! ALSO, discharging amps at night seem really low....TV, inverter on, led lights on, it shows - 1.8 amps, how can that be? Here is a "drawing" of my set up.... My 12v System
campermama 04/12/23 10:14am Tech Issues
New Orleans

I am thinking about hanging out near New Orleans from June to mid August. Has anybody done this? Is the weather unbearable? Also, where did you stay? Thanks!!!
campermama 01/30/23 08:55am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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