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RE: What does having an appointment mean?

I only go to a mom/pop rv shop in ohio for me its close ,BUT when they set a appointment thats the day it gets serviced. great sales and service at camper care in north east ohio. p.s. I.m just a happy customer.have nothing to do with the shop. theres a CW close but thats ok ,I,ll drive by. I go to similar one. Blanchard’s in Baton Rouge. They work on it the day of the appt and if I ask them to check something they will or they will tell me it’s ahead of schedule or not something to worry about or etc. They're very honest and capable. Sure is nice isn’t it!
campigloo 03/28/20 12:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: How are your solar panels mounted?

I mounted mine using the supplied Z brackets on a crowned roof. I couldn’t find well nuts and didn’t really like the looks of them anyway. I used the crimp style hollow wall anchors and lots of Dicor. That was 3 years ago and probably 35,000 miles and they’re still rock solid.
campigloo 03/27/20 01:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: New rv's

Gray seems to be the in color. I rent apts and it’s amazing how popular gray is. I can hardly rent anything that doesn’t have gray plank flooring. If I have one with gray and one with brown natural the gray always goes first. Yea, I'm a landlord and grey seems to be the current fad color. I expect it to run it's course soon I hope. When I first spotted grey housing in my neighborhood I thought it was just primer. I said to my wife "When in the h_ll are they gonna paint that house"? Until I realized it was painted. Ugg, so ugly. Even burnt orange from the eighties would be better.Grey with burnt orange trim? Maybe we could remove all coverings and just go with bare concrete!
campigloo 03/24/20 08:14am General RVing Issues
RE: New rv's

Gray seems to be the in color. I rent apts and it’s amazing how popular gray is. I can hardly rent anything that doesn’t have gray plank flooring. If I have one with gray and one with brown natural the gray always goes first.
campigloo 03/23/20 01:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help choosing something like Cougar

If you’re going only to rv parks most anything with the amenities to want will do fine. If you’re going to do any dry camping, especially more than just a weekend, fluid capacities can be important. Also consider ground clearance. Watch out for the tires on these things too. Makers sometimes put insufficient tires on them. Happy trails!
campigloo 03/22/20 03:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Xchocks question

You can easily drive away with X Chocks in place. Not so easy with regular chocks. Don't ask how I know. B.O. Do they crush like the adjustable ones do? Don’t ask.
campigloo 03/22/20 03:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Grocery store

Bahahaha!!! My sides hurt! Thanks!
campigloo 03/20/20 04:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ventura RV Park in Ventura CA

The attorney general might be very interested in your story. Might be worth a phone call!
campigloo 03/20/20 04:18pm RV Lifestyle
RE: RV Parks to be used to Quaratine people

So far as availability of rv’s goes thousands were manufactured in a few weeks after Katrina. If covid19 is an instant death like so many believe why didn’t ALL of the people on the cruise ships not die? Isn’t it strange that many actually recovered or didn’t get sick at all? This is way overblown.
campigloo 03/20/20 04:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Diesel Brothers

The last several posts, to me, have cemented the thought that the government said its good so therefore it is. Looking back over the years, it seems life was so much easier when government wasn’t AS big and intrusive as it is now. Government in Los Angeles is telling people they can’t even go out in their yard. Yeah boy, more government is the key.
campigloo 03/20/20 03:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Insanity in the grocery stores...

Most stores in this area haven’t allowed the return of generators after hurricanes for several years. It’s VERY CLEARLY stated before it’s bought. I think stores should be able to at least limit the returns to a few rolls and ONLY with a receipt in hand.
campigloo 03/19/20 04:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Don't come to NH either!

Would it be if you or your family are one of the dead? In 2018 33,654 people died in car accidents in the US. We should not drive. Ridiculous you say? But what if YOUR family were one of the dead? Take precautions, abide by the rules, live your life. It was a very close aunt and uncle in 1977. It was an awful thing but we got through it. Cold as it may seem, nobody in the family quit driving.
campigloo 03/19/20 03:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Germs, viruses and fuel pump handles and doors

I grab the pump handle bare handed then pick my nose after I lick the melted ice cream off my hand from the cone that I bought at the gas station deli.
campigloo 03/17/20 06:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Don't come to NH either!

United States, 350 MILLION people. 150 deaths. Come on y’all. Isn’t this maybe a tat overblown?
campigloo 03/17/20 05:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Torn Wiper Seals

I’ve never fooled with them but I have viewed some pretty good you tube vids on the subject. Good luck!
campigloo 03/17/20 03:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Diesel Brothers

My 12 ram is deleted because I got tired of going to the shop every 2 months to get the egr cleaned. It’s chipped just enough to keep the computer from throwing a code. I’ve never seen black smoke from my tailpipe. I know some gets out but I’m sure it’s nominal. For those proclaiming my vehicle should be stolen by the government and I should also fined, I think you should do your part and quit towing trailers or using truck campers or driving motor homes because even you are contributing to the very thing you’re complaining about. Sorry to wizz on your oatmeal. If you need to take the truck in that often there is something wrong with the truck, or more likely because the shop didn't fix, you are not using it like it was designed. You think you need this big engine to do what you do, fine. But if you do, you should be the one to pay the cost, not the rest of the world. As to the thought I should stop towing; I tow, but I bought what I need to tow, and do it with a box stock vehicle. Somebody driving a 30 YO Toyota back and forth to their job. If LEO thinks to much smoke, that poor mother has to fix or replace. You know not of what you speaketh. I tow a 36’ tt that weighs in about 10k. I tow it from Florida to the upper northwest for several months a year, plus one trip to Alaska and one coming up. Regular trips are made to see kids in Florida and Ohio. I don’t think I have too much truck. I took the truck to the dealer and two other reputable shops near home and a dealer in Columbus, OH. Same results from each. Maybe I could run it by your house to have a proper cleaning done? You might want to tow with a glorified golf cart I but choose a capable vehicle for the load. As far as your holier than thou comment, you’re the one with the 30 year old truck that pollutes way more than my engine even comes close to.
campigloo 03/17/20 03:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: People suck

Take a tip from the family hound. The carpet stores will still be open!
campigloo 03/15/20 01:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: Water system for boondocking

I have a rv on demand pump mounted in an outdoor storage bin near the fill tube. I wired it direct to a battery through a little turn switch. The hose to the rv is about three feet and the one to the container is about 12’. I back the truck up, put the jug on the tailgate and pump away. Works great!
campigloo 03/15/20 01:14pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Hand-powered chainsaw -- for emergency use

Sounds interesting but all I get from the link is gmail wanting me to sign in.
campigloo 03/15/20 01:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fishing

Grand Isle in Louisiana and the area of the Rigolets is getting good and will get better as the water warms a little. Brown shrimp will be running soon so it will steadily pick up. Speckled trout, redfish, flounder, Spanish mackerel and crabs. Yummmmm!
campigloo 03/15/20 12:51pm General RVing Issues
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