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RE: Lance roof noise?

I kind of enjoy the sound, but to each his own. What scares me are tree limbs. I try not to park under trees, especially if there’s a storm on the way. I had one about 3” in diameter hit the roof and thought the Russians were making a bombing run.
campigloo 08/22/19 05:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Couple new to RV travel Trailer's looking for advice

If you’ve never done this type “camping” rent one first. See if you thought it was what you expect. Then buy your first one used, floor plans can easily fool you. Also for his height look for one with the rounded roof. The bed, it may be hard to find one long enough in that size unit. If length is available you probably can have one made. Have fun!!!!
campigloo 08/17/19 01:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: This is why we can't have nice things.

As distasteful as it is, I encourage all of you reasonable people to help by picking up after these idiots. It won’t solve the problem but maybe it would at least delay action. I also really, really wish the park service would quit advertising. They run commercials then gripe because parks are overcrowded.
campigloo 08/05/19 03:25pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Dumb mistake

Just the first of many to come brother. I’ve been doing this for decades and still pull bonehead stunts. All you can do is admit it and move on. Happy travels!
campigloo 08/05/19 02:58pm Beginning RVing
RE: F150 drive modes

I don’t know your truck specifically but usually tow/haul is made to save your transmission and to not lug your motor down. Tow without it in tow/haul you might want to put all that fuel savings in the piggy bank so you can replace your tranny that prematurely failed. I don’t mean to sound petty but it’s probably not worth the tiny amounts of money you’ll save in fuel. Happy travels!
campigloo 08/01/19 11:02pm Towing
RE: Reference post: Love my combo for towing

Nickthehunter you hurt my feelings. Now I might have to go to my safe space and pet my puppy. Happy travels!
campigloo 07/26/19 02:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: no sway weight distribution hitches

Glad you found something that works! Hitches make a big difference. Unfortunately, you still have the problem, it’s just masked.
campigloo 07/26/19 02:34pm Towing
RE: Turnouts

Common sense prevails: Forcing others to go slow because you don't think they should drive that fast or because you don't think you should have to move over is impeding traffic. Not being able to safely pull over and driving slowly due to the vehicle size, capabilities, etc., is not impeding traffic. It also works for the left lane on the interstate, towing or not. If you’re sightseeing and relaxing pull over and practice that. Let others pass.
campigloo 07/26/19 02:31pm Towing
RE: Only hot water side works

I know you’ll find this hard to believe because I did too. I had a similar problem. Hot water flowed but not cold. I took the toilet supply apart and there was white plastic grains that looked like coarse sand; same stuff in the kitchen. I was told to wash the inside of the water heater. Huh? I replaced the anode rod while I was at it. I had to rinse it several times. It may not be your problem and it doesn’t make a bit of sense I know, but it worked.
campigloo 07/26/19 02:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Spare Tire Rack Failure - Third trip out with new RV.

Unfortunately that is pretty common. Mine was a bolt on on the bumper. It too almost fell off. The metal the bumper is made of basically ripped. Like you I caught just before it fell completely off. It’s been the same practice for years. I guess there will have to be a fatality and a huge law suit before the manufacturers put a strong enough bumper on them to handle the load. I put a frame mount bal on mine and it’s great.
campigloo 07/06/19 10:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: I-70 west

We took 70 in the first part of May. It about beat us death. You might be better taking I-10 than that thing.
campigloo 07/01/19 03:06pm Roads and Routes
RE: Feds open 1.4 million acres to hunters and fishermen

So Mr. Dewey, how do you get around?
campigloo 07/01/19 03:03pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Bucking with Anderson Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

I know mine is a TT but the problem was the same. I’m not familiar with the Mor-Ride so it may be the same. But anyway, I put a Gen-Y on my hitch. It’s like night and day difference and they do make one for a 5er . It didn’t eliminate the bucking but it sure helped! The drawback, it’s HEAVVVVVY.
campigloo 07/01/19 02:36pm Towing
RE: Portable Satellite

I have a tailgater and have run 135’, with connectors at 50’ and one at 35’. It worked fine for me. The tech at tailgater told me they say 50’ because they have to be able to guarantee a HD signal. If SD is ok for you use it.
campigloo 06/30/19 05:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Season's over

Sorry about this wonderful season coming to an end. The many good travel years are something to treasure. When my mother’s dimension got really bad those memories help him get through it in a big way. Remember also, just go with whatever she says. Right or wrong it really doesn’t matter. Best wishes my friend.
campigloo 06/30/19 04:53pm RV Lifestyle
RE: towing capcity and payload capacity.

With either truck keep in mind when you’re not loaded you really do need 80psi in the rears. Inflate to 45-50 and a lot of the buckboard ride will disappear.
campigloo 06/30/19 04:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How do you begin to plan for extended road trips?

Plan? We don’t plan much. After the kid stops the plan pretty much ends. We’re retired. The race is over. We pack clothes for cool and hot weather. Do the maintenance on the vehicles and go. We remain VERY flexible. We require no outside utilities. We have never camped at a Walmart and most of our rent is free or under $10.00. We travel between 50 and 200 miles a day. Get a place we like, stay a few days, don’t like it leave the next morning. If you prefer paved pads and manicured lawns by all means make reservations. At least for us, the fewer amenities, the fewer campers and that means more space Above all, you’re retired! Take full advantage. Take your sweet time and have fun!
campigloo 06/20/19 04:36pm Beginning RVing
RE: Towing on Colorado hwy 149

Greetings from BR! I haven’t crossed that one but reading about it it looks pretty challenging. If you’re even somewhat experienced it will help a lot. I think the main thing is your tow vehicle. If your real close to the limits of your truck I won’t advise it. If you have a rig in good repair that is up to the load I don’t think you’ll have any problem. Just take lots of slow and easy. Have a wonderful trip! That part of the country is amazing. GEAUX TIGAS!!!!
campigloo 06/18/19 03:58pm Roads and Routes
RE: Fridge on propane while driving

Things burn. Whenever you have millions of anything a few of them will burn. I travel with mine on, even when fueling. I always thought the reason in tunnels and on ferries is your trapped; so just for extra precaution turn the valve off. Would they let you go through the tunnel with your generator running with a few gallons reserve in your (or my) cheap plastic gerri can, er small bomb? Maybe but I hope not.
campigloo 06/18/19 03:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: Tongue Wt and Wt Distribution Question

If it’s porpoising try better shocks. It helped my truck that’s just like yours (even the colors are the same). It drivers better loaded and unloaded. The improved shocks also helped limit body roll when unloaded and cornering.
campigloo 06/16/19 08:53am Towing
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