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RE: Trail Lite 7212 Underbelly access

I’m not familiar with your model but on mine and many in the industry it’s a corrugated plastic called cloroplast. (Not sure on the spelling) It’s sealed using expanding foam and held up with sheet metal screws and fender washers. Pretty easy to deal with but it’s also pretty bulky. Just remove the screws and work it loose. Hope this helps
campigloo 09/22/20 01:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: solar charger

If I’m reading this right you will have it basically in storage. I have my original house battery disconnected from the coach. All I use it for is the tongue jack. I use a $15 solar charger from Academy and it keeps it nicely topped off. If you’re just looking for a maintainer to supply the phantom loads on your trailer, a little plastic 50 watt or so plastic panel will probably work. The beauty of these is they’re cheap, no mounting required, no fancy controllers and will keep your battery charged. Im holding on for the you’re an idiot posts!
campigloo 09/19/20 07:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Valley weight distribution hitch?

That type hitch is just fine. If you’re worried about quality, which is legit, see what the Eaz-Lift would cost. If you don’t have a whole lot of tongue weight go for the Valley.
campigloo 09/15/20 10:08am Towing
RE: Great Smoky Mountains Bear FoundScavenging On Human Remains

When I was a kid we were camped in our little trailer in the Tetons. Down the way a family was grilling steaks. Yogi strolled up following his nose. He was just a small black, but these yahoos grabbed the streaks and WENT IN THE TENT! And just like sky guy said, one swipe and he was in. It sure didn’t take them long to get out though! And Yogi enjoyed his steak in the tent.
campigloo 09/14/20 01:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Flying Floating Flooring

I think what he’s talking about is resilient tile. Super easy to install and looks good. Cut it with a utility knife. You don’t need expansion joints and water doesn’t phase it. You would still want to make accommodations for the slide rollers.
campigloo 09/14/20 01:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Flying Floating Flooring

If the weight of the rollers is a concern could you put a strip of flat aluminum there and paint to match the wood? It might not look TOO bad.
campigloo 09/13/20 04:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: first time out

NEVER, ever, leave the city water on if you are not physically AT the camper and not asleep. If you ever have a plumbing leak, or leave the tap running unknowingly, you may end up with a massive flood that will total out the rv. Best bet is to always fill the fresh tank and close off the city water. Use fresh tank and it's pump when you need water. Turn the fresh pump off when you leave your campsite. Fresh tank can only run for so long and hopefully would run out before any tanks filled up with a running tap. ...dont ask me how I know. No need to ask here! One summer at the fishin hole we came back and the birds and squirrels had found a great water park!!
campigloo 09/13/20 03:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Food for thought

Is Mac and cheese a hamburger with cheese on it ? Guy Whatever it is Mac is still overrated! Isn't MAC referring to macaroni .....noddles and cheese Nothing to do with cheese burger That’s what I thought. Either macaroni or a Big Mac McDonald’s “hamburger”. Either way they’re both overrated.
campigloo 09/12/20 09:12am Around the Campfire
RE: Considering a '17 3500 Ram

My 12 model Laramie has them. Yours probably does too.
campigloo 09/12/20 09:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: I'm installing rigid insulation on the underbody.....

When I got my panels they recommended well nuts. I couldn’t find any locally. I used hollow wall anchors and they’ve worked good. The sheeting on mine is 3/8 chip board. Call the manufacturer and they will probably tell you what’s up there. Three years and ~40k miles and there still very solid.
campigloo 09/12/20 08:57am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 50 amp surge protector

Ask the tech if he is a Master Electrician. A surge usually hits and burns out electronics and never starts any fires or melts anything. It is a very fast jolt of very high electricity. I agree, the "tech" has no clue. The "surge" word is used excessively, just like the word "short", to describe so many electrical problems. Ok ok. Everything is perfect. No damage done to anything. It’s strictly my imagination.
campigloo 09/12/20 08:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Food for thought

Is Mac and cheese a hamburger with cheese on it ? Guy Whatever it is Mac is still overrated!
campigloo 09/11/20 03:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: 50 amp surge protector

I had a Progressive on mine. A surge hit it and fortunately we were in the trailer and were able to save it when we smelled the burning wires. The Progressive didn’t stop squat. You smelled burning wire because of loose connections. No surge protector of any brand will protect from loose connections. It was a pwm30 and there were no loose connections. The burnt wires were attached to the lugs on the device. The tech confirmed from the pics that it was a surge.
campigloo 09/11/20 02:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Total outdoor flame device ban Oregon SP

Man I feel sorry for all of y’all in that area. Hurricanes are bad enough but they blow through in a few hours. I pray y’all can stay safe and your property is spared.
campigloo 09/10/20 03:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tips for people with back pain

I’ve had back pain from light arthritis. I make frequent stops and move around, get the blood flowing. A friend of mine was almost killed in a wreck in the early 80’s. He has been on opioids for years. His back x-rays look like a hardware store. About three years ago he tried CBD drops too. Now instead of a pain killer three times a day it’s cbd twice a day. If he really over does it he’ll take a half pain pill, but it takes a lot of strain to require it.
campigloo 09/10/20 03:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Child/baby seat confusion

I’m too old to know anything about car seats but I hope y’all have a super great trip! Thanks for visiting our country!!!
campigloo 09/10/20 03:31pm Beginning RVing
RE: 50 amp surge protector

I had a Progressive on mine. A surge hit it and fortunately we were in the trailer and were able to save it when we smelled the burning wires. The Progressive didn’t stop squat.
campigloo 09/10/20 03:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: My luck ran out,, Hail Storm.

Weather can definitely be scary. Your trailer doesn’t have dents, it has battle scars. It a source of pride! Happy travels!! What a great idea. If someone points out the dents I'll just say they are battle scars ! Of course he next thing they will say is "what was it in a battle with?" I guess I'll have to say the weather. Or how about a battle with a angry cloud ? Or pissed off ice ? Any other ideas for a answer to what the battle was with ? A tree landed on mine back in May. A biiggg one. I tell people it was assaulted by a sweet gum tree
campigloo 09/10/20 03:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: banks

Insted of robbing anymore banks I am thinkin that I might start raisin boneless chickens , every body is selling them so there must be a demand . How do dem chickens get around in the pen , do they just roll to the food bowl or do ya have to carry them ? Maybe I will maybe start growing formica as I have a small back yard , I guess ya only need a 4 foot by 8 foot yard . I need to make a little more money as my wife is takin my beer money away . I raised naugas for a while. It went pretty well for a while until the Chinese got wind of it and raised their own.
campigloo 09/09/20 01:40pm Around the Campfire
RE: First quickie mods to my new to me Redhawk 22J

It’s fun doing projects like that in a new unit! Duct tape is always on board ours, right next to the wire coat hangers! Hope you enjoy your rig!
campigloo 09/09/20 01:04pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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