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RE: Vacuum issues

Ok...I'll check the screen leading to the motor. I've changed the bag regularly.
cannesdo 11/28/21 04:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Vacuum issues

Ok...I'll check the screen leading to the motor. I've changed the bag regularly.
cannesdo 11/28/21 04:57pm Tech Issues
Vacuum issues

My rig is 20 years old. The house vacuum suction pretty much stopped. I've run a snake through the tube and don't feel any blockages. it smells hot even when I disconnect the hose from the box in the basement and pull up the tab so it powers on. Do you suppose the whole vacuum is fried? Even if the there was a blockage, with the hose disconnected the vacuum shouldn't smell hot. Thanks...
cannesdo 11/28/21 01:51pm Tech Issues
Microwave door won't close/latch

My Alpenlite came with a Sharp Carousel Over the Rage Microwave model R-1480. The latch stopped working and the door is hanging open so I figure it's time to just replace the thing since it no longer rotates either. I don't even know how to get it off the wall, much less what to replace it with. I'm looking to buy a house in the next year or so, so I'm not terribly picky and the oven works great now that I have a baking stone in it so I don't see any need to install a convection oven. Has anyone found a good replacement for this microwave? I'd like to stick with black since the range is black. That's pretty much all I care about at this point. Is the goal to just find a microwave with the same dimensions that can be wall-mounted? Any insight would be appreciated....Many thanks... Update: Found a youtube video. The little loop that the spring hooks into breaks on a lot of microwaves. Mine didn't have a loop. Crazy setup...It had some kind of plastic ledge that it hooked onto somehow. So that broke off causing the door not to latch. I ended up putting a bead of hot glue on the back wall of the door and hooking the spring into that. Don't know how long it will last. If it comes loose I'll glue a long piece of wood onto the back wall and hook it into that. Saves me having to take the whole thing down to replace it...Door closed and it fired right back up. Annnnnd, it just gave way. Any ideas how I can secure something to plastic (like a 2"x1/4"x1/8" piece of wood/pastic/metal) with a bond that is strong enough to hold, like...forever?...Silicone?
cannesdo 09/20/21 01:36am Tech Issues
RE: Are they still making this vent cover?

She lost her husband a few years ago and is pushing 80. She's having the roof recoated next month by another neighbor. That will seal it up. My question was... are they still making this cover? Or would another one they are making now with a slightly different design for this vent frame?
cannesdo 07/03/21 09:51pm Travel Trailers
Are they still making this vent cover?

This is my neighbor's vent. The trailer is from the 80's. I'm not finding anything that looks like it to replace it. So what now? :/
cannesdo 07/03/21 07:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Awning replacement fabric adventure...oy

The final result. This is Shade Pro's hunter green for dometic/A&E awnings with a metal guard. Any idea why it's a bit puckered? I haven't put the set screws in back yet. Maybe a tug on each end will resolve that before replacing those.
cannesdo 05/07/21 01:31am Tech Issues
RE: Awning replacement fabric adventure...oy

how much is the material? I have a feeling I will need new material as well. Acrylic will cost you $250-375 for one of their stock colors. But it will last a lot longer.
cannesdo 05/07/21 01:09am Tech Issues
RE: Awning replacement fabric adventure...oy

I had to do more research...hired someone for the 2nd day for $60 for 2 hours. I like learning how to do things. Then I'm all set to do it again or to help someone else to save some money replacing theirs. We got it installed. Discovered that the problem with mine was that there was a tiny (less than 1/8") chip out of the corner of the up/down awning lever. It's been missing since I bought the rig 14 years ago so I never missed it. I was still able to take the awning up and down. There is a tiny tiny piece of metal that that lever catches on (which tore that tiny piece off my level at some point before I bought the rig) that causes it to click. So because that was gone the spring sprang when I lifted it out of the pocket at the top of the arm. So inspect that lever and if it's hard to lift one end out -- check to make sure that lever is in the correct position. Or use a 2nd cotter pin for good measure.
cannesdo 05/04/21 03:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Awning replacement fabric adventure...oy

We need to do our carefree, I have awning patch tape on it now, which is working OK. Any comments on the new shiny plastic fabric vs the traditional fabric? I think it only lasts 4 or so years v. 10-20 for the acrylic.
cannesdo 05/04/21 03:01pm Tech Issues
Awning replacement fabric adventure...oy

Ok, I read up, I watched the videos. I was ready to go. Cotter pin, right end -- annnnnnd....*go*! Yeah... Realized I had a different design so the cotter pin needed to go in sideways -- ok, no problem. Right before starting I realized the youtube video I was watching had a sister video by the same people for manual dometic/AE awnings. Perfect. This one told me to put the pin in the left side of the awning. (I suspect that larger awnings (or is it manual awnings) have two springs. Can anyone confirm that? Ok, yes that's right, they do) Oh...Ok. Got the pin in there just fine. Went to pull up on the ends the roll it down and the spring mechanism -- on the RIGHT -- violently unspools itself. I know...I'm lucky I didn't get hurt. I was holding it by the tube and when I lifted it out it unwound. The video I watched ( said to pin only the left spring, then *roll it down*, then release the tension from the right spring but the right spring unspooled itself the second I lifted the top casting out of the holder. I could have really been hurt. (It's *possible* that I had it set on the "roll down" setting rather than the "roll up" setting.) So I rolled it down, removed it. Cleaned all the parts, put the metal guard on the new awning fabric. But I need to know how many tension turns are needed for an 18' A&E 9000 awning. Found it -- 12 full rotations for the 9000. If anyone needs this rotations for different lengths chart for future reference: page 6 So tomorrow I need to keep the pin in the left spring, rehang it, replace the bracket, replace the tube, replace the rivets, retension the right side with it set in the "roll down" setting (is that what holds the tension tight?) pulling toward me, then roll the awning back up and replace it in it's holder on both ends. Bolt them back in then remove the pin on the left side. Yes? :/ I answered most of my own questions but the links here are really helpful for anyone doing the job in the future...
cannesdo 05/01/21 09:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Need awning input...

Check any anchor points on the trailer carefully before buying anything. That trailer is almost 40 years old. Hopefully this good deed...if you proceed...won't come back to bite you like the carpet. Anchor points -- like studs? That trailer is made better than anything on the road today. The roof hasn't leaked a bit. They made them better back then. As for the was 8 years old and threadbare. The creepy park sex-addict snuck up behind me while I was spraying them down and I was so distracted it rested too long on one spot. I bought her some new higher-quality carpet and told him where to "step" off.
cannesdo 03/31/21 11:18pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Need awning input...

Get yourself some earth anchors, there's various ones out there. I used 4 that holds down a 10 x 10 patio roof, been there for 5 years and has not budged an inch. Here's one. and here's some more. Thanks so much!
cannesdo 03/31/21 11:14pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Need awning input...

Thanks for the input. Yeah, she's not in any way interested in some big project. If this tears out of the trailer it's old anyway, won't be the end of the world. We'll patch it up and start over. I have a friend in the park who is in construction and he'll be able to advise about how to best attach the legs. Good suggestion about the door clearance. It looks like this one can be installed at different angles which is another nice thing about the design....Funny, it didn't occur to me for the longest time that with most of these door awnings (even the cloth RV door awnings) the rain is going to come right off the far side of it. Was very happy to find this one with a gutter.
cannesdo 03/29/21 12:41pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Need awning input...

We're looking at this one now:
cannesdo 03/28/21 07:22pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Need awning input...

My neighbor has a travel trailer from the 80's, is stationary, and wants to create some kind of awning over her door. We are on the Oregon Coast and can get some high winds. She doesn't really want to be opening and closing it all the time. She has a dog and just wants a covered space when he wants to run out. We were thinking maybe a regular house awning that is attached to her trailer and a few straps that run down from the front corners that are anchored into the ground. Thoughts? She had some beautiful carpet on there that I accidently tore through with a pressure washer. That will be replaced soon. We were thinking maybe it could be attached to the top of the steps somehow, with straps to hold it down...or support poles. "border=0" For Full-Size Image. We were thinking maybe just some DIY awning kit similar plus anchoring straps. She's in her late 70's and still working as a housekeeper at a hotel so we're trying to come up with an affordable option. :) "border=0" For Full-Size Image.
cannesdo 03/28/21 06:29pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Inverter -- should I try to repair it?

Should I try selling it for parts? If so, how much? There is very little "value" in broken electronics. Responded to the wrong person.... You did ask that question. I did answer it (your question). I also gave you ideas on how to dispose of it (your broken equipment). I wrote something else, then deleted it. You were never able to view it. I was called away and never posted it.
cannesdo 03/17/21 10:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter -- should I try to repair it?

Should I try selling it for parts? If so, how much? There is very little "value" in broken electronics. Responded to the wrong person....
cannesdo 03/17/21 08:14am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter -- should I try to repair it?

Should I try selling it for parts? If so, how much?
cannesdo 03/16/21 10:13pm Tech Issues
Inverter -- should I try to repair it?

I have a Freedom combi inverter/converter unit. 21 years old. I pushed the wiring too hard with some outdoor greehouse heaters and it fried the connections near it. This time the inverter didn't come back to life. I feel like finding someone who likes to tinker with these things to see if it can be easily fixed. What would you do? I'm on the Oregon Coast. Any suggestions of who I could consult or how I could find someone to look at it? Would it be worth it? We bypassed it today (rv tech) and installed a converter and a plug (for the converter) I'm not traveling now an may never move my rig again so I don't really need it but I'd like to see if I can get some money out of the thing as it's a really nice unit.
cannesdo 03/16/21 09:41pm Tech Issues
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