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RE: Ford V10 vs Pending V8

The cab appears unchanged other than the instrument cluster and steering wheel, which will be common with the F-series. This allows for adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, auto emergency braking etc. The 6-speed transmission is being retained for the motorhome chassis (E-series and F53 stripped chassis). I suspect this is due to a combination of: 1) The tallest ratios of the 10 speed being unusable in a motorhome, and 2) the lowest ratios making too much torque for the existing drivetrain, which is unchanged. It will gain hill-start assist and "neutral idle" to reduce fuel consumption in town. It will have an optional dual alternator, with 397 amps available, so with modern lithium battery packages, you may be able to skip on a gen-set. width=600
carringb 01/20/20 10:25am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford V10 vs Pending V8

The 2021 E-series was scheduled to start shipping this week. I have no idea if that's full production volume, or if they'll do a slow ramp up (likely). So it'll probably a month or 2 before we start seeing finished units. Side note... The power gains are quite a bit more than the numbers alone suggest, because the V10 was rated under the old chassis certification, but now must be certified under the a dyno certification which produces lower numbers.
carringb 01/20/20 06:36am Class C Motorhomes
RE: F450 vs F350 SRW payload

I'll say tires 100% have a substantial factor of safety built into their published load ratings. You can buy the SAE standard if you really want, but essentially boils down to: Tires are tested at their rated load, and not higher, for 1 hour at their rated speed, in a room heated to 100F. There is no additional safety factor required for validation. The safety factor is essentially up to the automakers, by specifying a tire load and/or speed rating that is higher than needed for the specified use. A tire manufacture may perform a Step Up Test beyond the target certification but this is not required, nor am I aware of it even being common. I supposed that some tires may be validated at a speeds and loads lower than ultimate failure, but this would place them in a sales disadvantage since tires will be selected by standardized ratings. If you really think tire makers are over-designing tires, I suggest this read:
carringb 01/04/20 01:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F450 vs F350 SRW payload

"I don't agree with the idea that overloading tires means imminent tire failure at high temperature and speed as I've found there to be a pretty large safety factor incorporated into tire ratings. " Tire rating really don't have any safety factor designed in . But it's important to remember that heat is a function of Loading AND Speed. Most of us are not running at full loads anywhere near max speed ratings (which are validated for 30 minutes). On that note... Ford worked with Continental originally to produce a 19.5" tire with a a higher speed rating, specifically for the F450, and now other tire makers are matching that. The original F450 was governed at 75 MPH due to the tires, which caused some buyers to "downgrade".
carringb 01/04/20 08:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: F450 vs F350 SRW payload

With the deeper 4.30 gears in the F450 it'll probably burn a little more fuel solo on the highway, but be the same when loaded. Under very heavy loading the 450 will probably use less fuel.
carringb 12/31/19 03:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Black Ice Detectors

Also if you all of sudden don't hear road spray coming from your tires, and the road still looks wet... Ease off and slow down gently...
carringb 12/31/19 03:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: F450 vs F350 SRW payload

Here is the specs for the 2020 super duty pick ups link. What specs in particular are you seeing that suggest the F450 is more capable? I see the 4.30 axle does give it the highest tow rating but I don't think there are any RV'ers who need a higher tow rating than what an F350 offers. I'll post this link again... These are the Full 2019 SuperDuty Specifications. If you take the time to read them, you'll see the F450 has an entirely different front axle, heavier rear axle internals, and bigger braking system all around. When Ford switched to the aluminum body, the frame did become common with the F450 once again, but it's all around stiffer than the previous generation. Plus the wide-track front axle and 19.5" wheels. Also, one more bonus with the F450... You can get a eLocker with 4.30 gears, but not with 4.10 gears as that ratio only gets LS as an opion. So if you must have an eLocker, on the F350 you are limited to 3.55 gears which is good for 36k combined vs 41k+ for the F450/4.30 gears. These are relatively small differences, but enough to matter for some folks, and it's nice to have the option. It may not be for you. That's fine. Don't buy one then.
carringb 12/29/19 12:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F450 vs F350 SRW payload

^^^ Are you thinking that F450 buyers don't register their trucks to haul above 14k lbs? Who's buying these trucks and what for? I'm sure if commercial buyers are hauling above 14k they're registering their trucks to haul above 14k Correct. By and far, most states don't require weighed-registration for personal/RV use, but some do mandate that above 14k. Commercial users aren't generally buying pickups anyways. They are buying cab-chassis trucks. I linked the detailed specs a while back (page 2?) and you can clearly see the F450 is quite a bit more capable, despite its 14k GVWR.
carringb 12/29/19 11:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: F450 vs F350 SRW payload

Edit: and why is the gvwr limit for both 3500 series and 4500 series set a 14000 lbs? Simply because of the registration and insurance headaches would impact sales. I'm sure they've considered it, done their sales-projections both ways, and determined the 14k GVWR version would sell more. As for selling a sub 14k "option" on an otherwise heavier rated truck.. It becomes a little more difficult across this weight-class break, because then they'd have to certify it as a complete vehicle in both weight classes. Doing this at the class 2/3 break is easier because they are already compliant at both classes. But above 14k GVWR, you have two headaches: 1) Greenhouse-gas-limits compliance rather than CAFE and 2) Dyno certification for the motor, which results in a lower advertised numbers even though the output is actually the same. But the lower advertised numbers are sure to confuse some buyers and point them towards the "higher power" class 3 variant, resulting even even more lost sales.
carringb 12/29/19 10:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Better/safer to have only one w/d bar? Or none?

I'd leave one one. The forces of a single bar are still mostly inline with the trailer, and your hitch system sees far more eccentric loading during normal turns with both bars hooked up. One bar gives you half WD so it still aids with traction on your steer tires. I agree with Ben on the bunjee. Had to do that on my Hensley once. Worked fine.
carringb 12/29/19 09:47am Towing
RE: F450 vs F350 SRW payload

Ford doesn't build their F450, stick a 14000 lb GVWR door post sticker on it and publish all their advertising literature as though it has a GVWR of 14000 lbs but secretly expect all their buyers to know that if they want the true capacity of the F450 they have to go on the truck forums to find out what it is. Except that's exactly what they do. Same with the 10K versions of the E and F350's. Full axles and suspension specs are readily available so buyers can make their own informed decision how to use the truck for their own needs. Both the 10k F350 and 14k F450 have even been stated by Ford to be GVWR-limited for registration and/or insurance purposes. 2019 F-SuperDuty Full Specifications
carringb 12/27/19 02:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing in slick conditions

With my prior Weekend Warrior, I'd dial down the brakes a couple volts, otherwise they could lock up. Current trailer has 50% less braking, and even under hard braking in the snow, it won't lockup the trailer tires even without chains. The brake controller experiences less deceleration anyways on snow, so it it'll already be sending out less power. Also be careful engine braking on slippery roads. You effectively has less tires slowing you down, but if you start to lose traction, you have to add throttle to recover and that's not very intuitive.
carringb 12/23/19 09:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing in slick conditions

I used to tow over Santiam Pass twice a weekend (commuting home when I was building one of the Facebook buildings). Santiam Pass is well maintained. So is the 126. Highway 20 is not. It's the lowest priority, so if there's an incident on 22, they'll defer snow clearing on 20. If there's an incident on 126, I'd recommend going all the way north to 22 rather than taking the 20 "shortcut", especially if you haven't towed over it in good weather. It's steeper, and has nearly 20 miles of slow speed corners. They do patrol Santiam pass for chains violations, so if the signs are up, definitely chain up. It's unfortunately a necessity, because of the number of out-of-state truckers who ignore the signs.
carringb 12/22/19 01:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ford E450 vs E350 under a Class C

The E350 has the same chassis as the 14,050 GVWR E450 (which would be the outgoing 6.2L engine option). The 14,500 version does have a heavier frame. And a larger rear axle. If you regularly run at over 20,000 combined, you will want the E450 and it's heavier rear axle. But other than that, it really is just a difference in spring rates.
carringb 12/20/19 09:34am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Models with Adaptive Cruise Control

2019 Transit chassis, 2020 Sprinter chassis, and 2021 E-series chassis all have it optional. On all of these, it is part of a package with auto emergency braking and lane-keep-assist but you can turn off the other assists if you don't want to use them.
carringb 12/17/19 02:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator in Class C Rental

1 GPH is likely the full-load rating. It'll be closer to 1/3rd of that at partial load, such as charging the battery bank. Also, the V10 burns 0.6 GPH at idle, so that's an option for charging batteries too. And if it has a basic converter, the alternator will charge the battery bank faster anyways. And it makes far less noise.
carringb 12/17/19 11:21am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Entrance Door Strut mount torn out. 2020 JayCo GrayHawk

Do you have a pic of what is left? If there is enough material leftover, maybe a helicoil would work. If not, something like a "Nut-sert" might work better. Yes, this is a common problem, and this is why many towables went away from struts and started installing friction hinges. But the struts are necessary still when the door needs to be restrained from opening 180 degrees.
carringb 12/14/19 05:07pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: The case of the disappearing gas leak

One more thought.... What about the generator fuel line? This line is protected by a solenoid, so it won't pump fuel all the time. Only when the generator is on (even just the ignition, it doesn't have to be started).
carringb 12/09/19 11:36am Class C Motorhomes
RE: The case of the disappearing gas leak

I wondered about that, Carringb, but I filled the tank the end of Sept. and it was leaking in early November. And I lost a lot of gas; wouldn't that have only burned a gallon or two? The evap purge cycle doesn't occur all the time. I'm not sure when it calls for it, but it's definitely periodic. But no, I would not expect it to result in a massive fuel loss. Keep in mind a very small amount of leaking can cause a big puddle. The reason I gravitate towards this theory is the intermittent nature. The rest of the lines are all under high pressure, so a leak is VERY noticeable. The only other thing that crosses my mind is a cracked filler hose, over the tank. But that *should* leak near the tank, unless it dripped onto the frame rail, and migrated away on the frame.
carringb 12/09/19 11:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: The case of the disappearing gas leak

Did you recently tip off the tank? Due to the intermittent nature, I'd suspect the tank got over-filed and some liquid got sucked into the evap system, which has a vacuum line returning to the motor to burn the vapors. This system is not tightly sealed.
carringb 12/09/19 06:29am Class C Motorhomes
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