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RE: Transmission is Toast

And just to confirm, CW did not install any sort of battery charge wire from the motorhome? When you placed in Neutral before the last tow, did you wait for the "Transmission Ready" message before disconnecting power?
carringb 09/16/19 11:13am Dinghy Towing
RE: 5.9 Cummins Diesel Towing capacity

x3 on the torque converter lockup. But also what kind of transmission cooler was added? Most of the budget aftermarket coolers are tube-and-fin. These usually cool worse than the stock cooler. You need a good size plate-style cooler to make an improvement. The tube-and-fin style cooler can even restrict fluid-flow enough to be detrimental. And what kind of condition is the radiator in? If it's original, it probably has a decent scale buildup especially if tap water was used to fill it. Replacements are cheap if it hasn't been done yet.
carringb 09/16/19 07:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: How long is too long to be extended

It probably has some sort of warning about using your own hitch shank. It probably could be done, if you calculate out the larger moment from extended the ball distance. But why not just use an adjustable shank-mount designed for this purpose? They even have a torsion-cushion version: Standard: Torsion:
carringb 09/15/19 06:15pm Towing
RE: Would appreciate the groups thoughts on tandem axle issue

There's a good chance it was overloaded during factory delivery, by a truck with the hitch too high. Once the limits of the spring equalizers are reached, the rear axle quickly becomes overloaded. Same with the tires. The proper fix is a new axle and rear tires.
carringb 09/13/19 07:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Chevy, Ford... going into electric trucks.

It's a great, albeit complicated, solution. Personally it's the complication that turns me off. Left to my own devices, I'd go pure electric. But the gas backup has definite advantages and with two driving teens in the house I no longer have the luxury of having a dedicated commute car. Whatever I drive has to be shared with folks who just want to get in and go without thinking about batteries. Ford's hybrid RWD platform seems to be the best for simplicity. It's an series-parrallel (or split-power) hybrid, without a planetary-CVT blending sources. This means you can still drive in case of an EV fault, and there's no additional concerns over transmission robustness since the 10 speed is unmodified. 600 ft.-lbs of torque, if they keep close to the Lincoln Aviator numbers, and enough EV range for most commuting. width=800
carringb 09/13/19 10:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 Ram 2500- Airbag Question

I can't emphasize enough to stay away from LS!!! Sorry you had a bad experience (I'm guessing). All the stores are run independently. Most of the them do good work. Though I agree not all. I found a good one, and have stopped buying tires and shocks anywhere else. I had them replace my coil-airbags as well, since I didn't have the time. The price may not be the cheapest on that kind of work, but the warranty is better than anywhere else. To the OP - the coil airbags work fine for lighter load-leveling. On my front end, they're good for about 1,500 pounds. Might be a little more on your truck since the coils have a slightly larger internal diameter. But if you're looking for thousands of pounds of load-leveling, outboard airbags would do better (at the expense of restricting suspension travel in most installs. I'm not familiar with the specs on your coil suspension setup).
carringb 09/12/19 11:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: DIY project for Generator rack

Sounds like I need to put the generator on the front rack where the battery goes. The generator alone would add about 110# to the tongue wt. How would that affect towing? I don't want to have to move the generator in and out of the trailer or tow vehicle when on a trip for obvious reasons. Yeah, this is the only place I'd mount it on a short trailer. More tongue weight generally makes the trailer itself more stable, as long as the truck can take it. Etrailer has some over-the-tank generator racks which might be a good, easy solution. How big is your trailer frame? Does the A-frame go through or under the front header, or is it welded to the face of the header? Some smaller trailers have marginal A-frame construction to start with, so you might need to reinforce that before adding the genny.
carringb 09/09/19 07:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Need TOAD advice ........................

The Ford Hybrids (Fusion & C-Max) are very reliable, and popular for flat towing. Both are available as plug-in hybrids, which doesn't add any price premium used, but does eat up cargo space. I think a plug-in would be nice as a toad, since you can quietly glide through campgrounds on all-electric.
carringb 09/06/19 02:03pm Dinghy Towing
RE: 12 VDC Power at Rear Connector

The center pin is the trailer backup light circtuit. You want the top-right pin. Ford used to ship trucks and vans with the relay for the pin un-installed, but I think RV's typically come with it installed. Wouldn't hurt to check if it's missing power. And yes, it's Key-switched.
carringb 09/06/19 12:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ecoboost vs. V8 - Can you explain?

It would be interesting to know where that blue chart above came from. Is it a Raptor truck? Are they running high octane fuel? The Raptor at the time the 6.2L was available, only had the 6.2L. The H.O. 3.5L didn't come out until after the 6.2L was dropped. The regular output EcoBoost probably won't show a meaningful difference on a dyno. The 91 octane recommendation helps mostly with fuel consumption when towing, and can reduce throttle lag from timing adjustments, but that doesn't happen unless the engine is already very hot. The high-output 3.5L would benefit, but it makes ~500 ft-lbs. of twist.
carringb 09/05/19 07:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Does this qualify as "sway"?

U-haul tandem axle trailer have surge brakes. Hard braking with this setup can easily lockup the trailer tires, and recovering from that is very unintuitive, because you have to "pull away" from the trailer to make them release at that point. The return spring in the coupler don't have enough push to do anything once the brakes are locked up. And when the driver felt the trailer push, they likely jammed the TV brakes harder.
carringb 09/05/19 07:25am Towing
RE: Safe to tow ? Mercedes GLS with a 4500 lb travel trailer

If you want to tow that much trailer AND carry 6 people in luxury, the Navigator is by far the best option IMO. The interior is at least as good as the MLS finally, but will manage a heavy trailer far better. width=800 Full size vans are great, but the Express and NV are riding on ancient chassis at the point. Only the Transit has any semblance of a modern driving experience, but a relatively low GCWR. I don't think any of them would meet the OP's tastes, if they were considering a GLS.
carringb 09/05/19 07:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Ecoboost vs. V8 - Can you explain?

Do remember when the EcoBoost came out 10 years ago (yup! 10 years now...) and this forums was predicting mass doom and gloom? If you believed everything you read on, the highways would be littered by F150s needing turbos and timing chains or burning holes through their blocks. Oh and we'd all be stuck behind lines of cars while some idiot in their V6 grocery getter can't climb hill....
carringb 08/28/19 08:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sway problems

Wow, this one is all over the place. Do not drop your truck's tire pressure to 55, especially on the rear axle. That is dangerous. It sounds to me like you simply don't have enough tongue weight. Load it heavier. The sway will go away with enough tongue weight. Trying to look for other solutions might work, but adding tongue weight is sure to work. No. It's not dangerous. Too much tire pressure causes instability. That is why every tire manufacturer, including Toyo who makes the OPs tires, publishes load inflation tables. His current tires are nearly 20% wider than stock, so the factory tire pressure are completely irrelevant. He has 15% tongue weight now, so that is not his problem.
carringb 08/27/19 08:51am Towing
RE: Sway problems

Also - I just re-read the numbers in the original post. It looks like you're fully restoring front axle height. On heavy pickups, this can leave the rear axle too light. Might want to take a out a washer or two, to slightly reduce how much weight is being moved to the front axle.
carringb 08/27/19 07:52am Towing
RE: Sway problems

Good luck! PS - might want to drop the steer tires to 45 psi, again based on the load table for those tires.
carringb 08/27/19 07:49am Towing
RE: Sway problems

What tire pressure are you running on the truck. Since you're running a considerably wider tire than stock, you should be running a lower PSI in order to maintain uniform tread contact. Especially if those are M/T tires, because if you run max PSI, they'll be riding on the center tread blocks only, which have zero lateral stability. They are AT 12 ply 80 lb but have them at 70? Still very much too high. Your tires area rated at 3,630 lbs each at 70 psi. Best thing is to weight your front and rear truck axles when loaded. For now, let's assume you have the WD adjusted per Ford's spec, where half the front-end-lift is restored when you have the bars hooked. This will put about 2,000 pounds on you rear axle, in addition to your 3,750 empty rear axle weight. This will put your loaded weight about 5,800 pounds. The Toyo load chart for your tires indicate they can carry 2,910 lbs each @ 50 psi. Running at ideal pressure give you the best road traction. Sometimes it works well to add another 5 psi for a high center of gravity, but that's not the case with a bumper pull trailer. Here is the Toyo inflation chart. Your tires are at the top of page 7: That adjusted PSI will trip your TPMS light. Some dealer will adjust it, some won't. Most folks just spend the $20 for a lap-top interface, and make the change in ForScan. But for a new truck under warranty, I'd try to get the dealer to do it first. As for the trailer, low psi will also make it unstable as the sidewall flexes. But I think think 50 psi is low enough on its own to cause all your issues. But it could very well be part of the problem, along with your over-inflated truck tires.
carringb 08/27/19 07:36am Towing
RE: Sway problems

What tire pressure are you running on the truck. Since you're running a considerably wider tire than stock, you should be running a lower PSI in order to maintain uniform tread contact. Especially if those are M/T tires, because if you run max PSI, they'll be riding on the center tread blocks only, which have zero lateral stability.
carringb 08/27/19 07:16am Towing
RE: Sway problems

Have you measured actual tongue weight when loaded? I might simply be unloaded too much once you load the toys in the back.
carringb 08/27/19 05:58am Towing
RE: 2021 F150 rumors

Correct link (op's link had some extra stuff in it): This generally follows Ford's trend up slightly downsizing each engine option while increasing output at the same time (V6 3.7L --> 3.5L --> 3.3L for example).
carringb 08/26/19 08:01am Tow Vehicles
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