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RE: 2018 Expedition - Rear spring upgrade

Why do you want to bring the rear end up to the unloaded height? Springs are supposed to to compress with load. Kinda how they work. Follow the owners manual. You setup the WD bars based on partial front-axle ride-height restoration. If they are filling all the seats and towing that 28' trailer, they might be overloading the rear tires... Adding ride-height won't fix that. Does her Expedition have the Max Trailer tow package? This comes with better shocks. It won't change the ride-height but it'll feel more controlled with a heavy load. That all said... SuperSprings makes a coil Sumo-spring for the Expedition.
carringb 07/03/21 10:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: expedition or tahoe for 33' TT

What’s the trailer loaded weight? Length alone doesn’t mean much. Chances are neither have anywhere near enough payload for that large of a trailer plus passengers. But some long TTs are surprisingly light. Real issue is tongue weight eating into payload.
carringb 06/22/21 10:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone using a Curt Echo brake controller?

I didn't like that there was no emergency brake lever. They've now addressed this, and offer a wireless emergency brake button (it is an option however... not standard). I personally prefer a lever, but having the button should still work for controlling sway if something happens like a blow-out.
carringb 06/19/21 05:45am Towing
RE: 1 month old TT totaled?

My understanding is there shouldn't be too much to the damage to the bottom frame and wheel? Plus TT doesn't have all these power chain like TV, so safty wise should I worry about too much? Other than that I can live with scrtches and potential junk it in two years or three if the buy back price is <5k. No, stick it fork in it. It's done. Rollover recoveries of TTs are nearly impossible to do without causing additional damage. The walls simply bolt to the end of each frame outrigger, probably 24 or 36 on center. And probably only a 3/8" bolt. Your trailer appears to have wood framing under the skin? If this is the case, or even with most light-gauge aluminum framing, the bolts just pull through. Even just partial separation will mean the frame isn't true anymore, and things will come apart more in the future. About the only thing you can do with the chassis is pull the body, part out the appliances, and turn it into a flatbed. FWIW - My own trailer rolled after the A-frame broke (after I hit a guardrail), and one entire side separated from the chassis. It was a Weekend warrior so it was also wood framing under the composite skin, but it was bolted far better than any TT since it was a toy hauler. I also ran ran wreckers in Corvallis to pay for grad-school. Not a single RV rollover we ever did had a salvageable body. I take one old TT and turn it into a nice rafting trailer! The good news is Oregon insurance requirements are very favorable to the policy holder. Your policy will cover your trailer's full like-replacement model. And 1-year old TTs are worth just as much as new ones at the moment. The upgraded policy pays full MSRP for a new-equivalent model for the first 5 years if you have a total loss. But you should be able to effectively replace yours with little out of pocket. If you can't find an equivalent replacement for their settlement value, don't take it. They'll have to make good. Last note on insurance... on the recovery side... I never really had any customers that had to fight with Geico. I can't say the same about other carriers.
carringb 05/29/21 07:15am Travel Trailers
RE: 7 pin traditional versus SAE

Sounds like it has a 7-pin round pin connector and this is the adapter you need. They don't really work though, since the pinouts are different, not just the shapes. Of course... the trailer in question may not have been wired to SAE spec to start with so maybe it would work... I've built my own previously, to tow RV combinations with a heavy wrecker (which had the SAE 7-way and pinouts). I used a waterproof splice box to house a house a "separate to combination" turn signal brake light adapter, then had to run through a Tekonsha wireless brake controller since the SAE pinouts don't include a brake controller circuit.
carringb 05/22/21 04:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 7 pin traditional versus SAE

Sounds like it's time to put a regular 7-pin RV plug on that trailer. The 7-pin SAE plug is typically on commercial plugs. Note that the SAE version doesn't have all the same pins, besides the pins being round. Brake and turn circuits are separate (not a big deal... just reuse the brake light circuit as the trailer brake circuit, run the turn signals as combination stop/tail lights swapping to red lenses if it already doesn't have them), there's no backup-light circuit, and there's 2 running light circuits one for tail-lights one for clearance lights.
carringb 05/22/21 04:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rubber bumper suspension stops

They basically act as overload springs, but without the spring slap or excess rebound. They can be fully engaged.
carringb 05/13/21 06:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Foam Core Floor Repair. Epoxy?

I’ve done epoxy injection on many composite structures, and it works regardless of core. Most 5-min epoxies are compatible with polystyrene, and it makes a good filler when added to resins. I wouldn’t go any shorter than 5-min set because it’ll probably start to set before it’s all injected.
carringb 05/10/21 01:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: F150 w EcoBoost 2.7

OP - Are you running premium fuel? It's recommended for towing, as it will use extra fuel to prevent detonation. Otherwise, the best thing is to slow down. Single digits should be expected towing with any gas motor, especially if you're trying to drive with regular car traffic.
carringb 05/02/21 09:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Real life Hybrid towing experiences

Yes, but there's no pedestal when boondocking, so....... So then you just drive. Even plug-in hybrids don’t require plugging in. It simply provides all electric range and also increases overall fuel economy.
carringb 04/27/21 10:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Real life Hybrid towing experiences

Some hybrids can be charged. The Lincoln Aviator Hybrid is a plug-in hybrid. It makes 494 hp and 630 ft-lbs of torque. Plugging it in give you 21 miles all-electric range. It can simply be plugged in to a campground pedestal. And it still tows 5,600 pounds.
carringb 04/27/21 07:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: can a ford ranger tow trailer on steep mtns rds?

If you don't mind pedestrians passing you it should be just fine. Thats a lot of weight. So apparently 270 horsepower is insufficient??? That’s more than the original v10 made. OP- the same motor has been in the Explorer for some time, and I’ve never heard a single power complaint.
carringb 04/20/21 04:44pm Towing
RE: Real life Hybrid towing experiences

i would shy away from any hybrid with a CVT for towing purposes. If its rated for towing and you stay within that rating, towing with it is fine. But also consider the ratings aren’t apples to apples. The Highlander Hybrid is not SAE J2807 certified and the owners manual states that towing in weather above 85F may cause overheating.
carringb 04/14/21 04:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Real life Hybrid towing experiences

Powerboost is a thing?... I assumed you'd renamed Ecoboost. PowerBoost is the name of Ford's EcoBoost Hybrid powertrain. FTL truck has been doing some good reviews on it.
carringb 04/14/21 06:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Real life Hybrid towing experiences

Hybrid Explorers can be bought reasonably equipped under $40k. A Powerboost F150 is close to $60k with little room room for discounts at the money. I don’t consider that “almost the same”.
carringb 04/13/21 09:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Real life Hybrid towing experiences

The Explorer is a far superior towing platform. My sister-in-law has the Highlander Hybrid. When they need to tow their Toy Hauler in the snow, my sister's Explorer Sport gets used (primary TV is a 2WD Chevy Express). The difference is tow ratings pretty much shows that. The hitch receiver on the Highlander won't have enough carrying capacity for most camper trailers, with its 350# tongue-weight limit. That said... if you aren't doing lots of in-town driving, the Explorer 2.3L EcoBoost gets good highway fuel-economy, and still is rated for towing 5,300 pounds. The main reason the Explorer is a better platform is it's architecture. It's RWD layout get send 100% torque to either front or rear axle. The Highlander uses an electric motor for it's rear axle, and that only produces 80 ft-lbs of toque. And there's no transmission on it, so there's no further gear reduction. It basically adds about as much torque as a large man pushing. The hybrid systems work completely differently too. The Highlander uses the planetary CVT to blend power sources, where the Explorer basically adds electric-assist to the torque-coneverter, and uses same 10-speed transmission as the F150.
carringb 04/13/21 06:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Running Lights Stay ON

Is it ALL running lights? If yes, check for a stray wire strand in the 7-way connector. If it’s only the rears, they probably got hooked up to the battery charge circuit.
carringb 04/12/21 08:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Uneven Dually tire wear

Thank you. I guess the possibilities are endless. I’m just glad no one is mentioning mechanical issues It's VERY unlikely, with the a full-float axle is constructed. I have seen a one bent axle tube, after then truck struck a barrier with the rear wheels on the passenger side. This causes the PAIR to become toe-out from the other side, and that wears the inner tires.
carringb 04/12/21 12:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Uneven Dually tire wear

I wear outside rear tires faster too, so they get rotated amongst the rear axle. I think it’s from driving on highways with ruts from cars with studded tires. The inner wheels ride over the ruts. Outsides take all the load. As mentioned a over.... age on yours might a favor too.... the outside left tires might have more sun damage.... or maybe it was manufactured a little sooner than the rest meaning it’s a little older.
carringb 04/11/21 07:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sports chassis and similar units becoming obsolete?

F-series MDT 7.3 is production constrained right now. Order bank for 2021 is closed. That’s why you don’t see more.
carringb 04/09/21 07:29pm Tow Vehicles
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