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RE: Replacing Ford drivers seat........

RockAuto has new foam, but not new covers. Good wrecking yard seats are VERY hard to find. I've been looking for years now, and I never get to a good set quick enough. Sheel-Mann would be my dream seat, but that's not really in the budget at the moment. I'll probably do new foam and an aftermarket cover. Maybe add some heat. I actually like the factory seats far more than any of the RV style seats.
carringb 02/28/21 09:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Equilizer vs. Blue ox SwayPro?

The Blue Ox will ride better because of its tapered bars. And it doesn’t make noise. But it won’t control sway any better. If you’re really 8,500 loaded you probably need more to tongue weight.
carringb 02/25/21 02:10pm Towing
RE: Grand design and towing with a Ford Expidition

As for the hitch, I'd try it without the Hensley first. You probably don't need it. Grand Designs don't seem to generate many towing complaints, and the Expedition is stable as well. are you saying NO WDH at all? Because the weight carrying tongue weight cap for the Expe will be 500lbs. He is going to be over that a good long ways. Sorry, no I did not mean to imply no WD. Only that a Hensley might be overkill compared to a traditional WD hitch.
carringb 02/24/21 11:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Grand design and towing with a Ford Expidition

Weight-wise, you'll be generally in good shape. I do like the long wheelbase of the Max, but even the regular version tows well. As mentioned, you could have payload challenges if you need to carry a full passenger load while towing. As for the hitch, I'd try it without the Hensley first. You probably don't need it. Grand Designs don't seem to generate many towing complaints, and the Expedition is stable as well.
carringb 02/24/21 06:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Grey water pipes snake around above floor - can I reroute?

I agree, it was done for freeze protection. If you can avoid freezes, or mitigate it some other way, go ahead and re-route. Sloping isn't a big deal for short runs, as long as the pipe is supported so it isn't solely bearing liquid weight.
carringb 02/20/21 10:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 6 liter V8 Chevy Vortec question

My sister bought that same coach but on the Ford chassis, because they offer it on the E450. So it effectively doubles the carrying capacity vs the Chevy 3500. At the time none were built on the Chevy 4500.
carringb 02/08/21 02:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Check Engine Light...Going on 5 years & 20,000 miles...

It’s not likely the MAF is the culprit in this case. A dirty MAF will cause a lean condition all the time, to the point it will cause pining, before it ever causes cold-start symptoms. Vacuum leak is very likely. I even had the PCV valve pop out of the valve cover once, when I let it go about 100k too long and it plugged.
carringb 01/27/21 07:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Quality Decline since Covid

Besides the rush to crank more out, more of the MFGs are using lots of temp labor and new-hires, to replace the workers out because of Covid, or who can't work because of at-risk family. Automakers have reported the same issues. Parts suppliers too, combined with some imported components becoming unavailable, causing parts makers to have to substitute components.
carringb 01/17/21 06:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Chevy Spark

The Spark is a fun little car at low speeds, but ultimately it's cramped and under-powered, especially in the torque department (94 ft-lbs at 4400 RPM). You might find it dangerously underpowered at high-elevations. Is new a requirement? Have you ever seen a Ford C-Max? It's one of my favorite toads. Crossover-ish seating position, 40+ MPG, good handling, reasonable power, and with the Energi model; 15 miles of all-electric range. Towing it 4-down is simple. No special programming or wiring needed (other than rear lights). It even has double tail-light lenses, so one can be converted to dedicated tow-vehicle-powered lights without diodes. Getting one coming off a 2-year lease will cost less than a new Spark.
carringb 01/01/21 01:06pm Dinghy Towing
RE: GVWR (lbs/kgs) 14500

A GVWR of 14,500 pounds would indicate the Ford chassis, which has a GCWR of 22,000 pounds.
carringb 12/31/20 05:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Conflicting information tow dolly

Most new cars lack a steering wheel lock. They went away with the advent of keyless ignitions. I towed my Fiesta thousands of miles and never had the wheels move relative to the turntable. I also ran wreckers for a few years during grad-school, and you normally only secure the steering when towing a vehicle backwards. And we did use a seatbelt or strap. The steering locks can't be counted on to resist steering forces. Although there shouldn't be any on a tow dolly. I don't see how strapping the steering will prevent the fenders from kissing. That's just a simple function of how huge modern cars have gotten. That was why I ended selling my dolly. If I ever dolly again, I'll go with the Acme dolly.
carringb 12/31/20 08:20am Dinghy Towing
RE: Conflicting information tow dolly

I used to tow my Fiesta on a older Stehl dolly. You just pull it on a strap it down. There's no need to disconnect the battery. That's only for 4-down towing. Likewise, nothing to worry about with the steering either. The fenders can kiss the doors on really tight turns, so to be careful there. It was actually the lights on mine that would kiss, so you might be able to swap for a lower profile light and gain a little more clearance.
carringb 12/29/20 08:15am Dinghy Towing
RE: Confirmed 2021 RAM Cummins no CP4.2

Well it looks like only Ford is sticking with the CP4.2 - but no worries Ford stands behind their customers when the pump fails - right? LOL! At least they've gotten the full repair cost down to only around $8k!
carringb 12/23/20 08:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Slide out awning

I put toppers on all 4 of my slides because of both debris and snow. Wet leafs in the PNW get all over bare slides, and require sweeping them off each use. They simply fall off the topper when the slide room is retracted. Same with snow. First ski trip out, I ended up with water everywhere from snow coming in the slides. For modest snow, it just sheds off the toppers when I bring it in. I've only had to broom them off twice ever, both times were because feet of snow fell.
carringb 12/22/20 12:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: New version of Ford's 9.75" axle?

Looks like the variant they’ve been using on the Transit.
carringb 12/15/20 11:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: Life expectancy of a small C class.... Ex Rental

Not using tow haul is hard on the brakes, and it can affect performance a bit. It’s not really detrimental to the transmission however. The 5R and 6R110 adjust line pressures based on shift speed and slip anyways. So... it’ll compensate for the weight being moved. That’s why rental and fleet trucks can feel too snappy when you first hop in. Also Intermotive used to make a module to make Tow-haul the default. At some point Ford made that a settings option. At least as far back as 2015. U-haul also has tow-haul set as default.
carringb 12/15/20 10:53am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Life expectancy of a small C class.... Ex Rental

If its a 2017 chassis, it should have the V10. That was a gap year where the V10 only was offered. But it may have been built on a 2016 chassis, which should have the 5.4L. Starting in 2018 the 6.2L V8 became the base engine. Anyways, I wouldn't hesitate to buy one, provided the coach is in good condition. Those miles are nothing for the chassis. The 19G especially seems well-liked by people who buy them. FWIW - I bought my van from Enterprise with 105,500 miles and I have 495,000 now.
carringb 12/14/20 11:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best and worst routes across the Mountains ?

Any of the Interstates will be fine. You'll have some steep grade on I-5, and more on I-84. All doable, just keep right and turn on the 4-way flashers if you're going slower than the prevailing traffic. It helps faster traffic realize how slow you are, and gives them time to get over. Do be careful with GPS re-reroutes, especially in Oregon and Washington. If a freeway closes for any reason, GPS apps will sometimes re-route you to a Forest Service road, and even if it's open, it might not be remotely suitable for a motorhome. Be aware that some US-routes are far worse for larger vehicles than some State Routes. For example, US-20 eastbound out of the Willamette Valley will take you up 25 miles of narrow road with curves as slow as 15 MPH, and a good long 7% grade, all with a single passing lane, 2 slow vehicle turnouts, and 2 more very short stretches of 2 lane marked for passing. OR-22, about 25 miles north, it far more gradual, with more passing areas, and decent shoulders.
carringb 12/13/20 09:14am Roads and Routes
RE: Worth the effort?

Don't forget the front spacers, new front wheels, and a bed. Might be cheaper to keep looking for a real dually. Front end doesn’t need to change. I originally swapped my front end over to dually rotors and wheels, but the 235 tires were too skinny for my liking for some of the places I go. I switched to 265 tires but they’re a little too wide for 6.5” dually wheels, and I didn’t like the sidewall flex while cornering hard. So ended up going back to SRW rotors so I could run 8” wheels. Hard cornering was much better after that. I carry an adapter to use the dually spare up front. The rear fenders probably will cost more than axle swap or adapter kit, but dually beds are easier to find used because so many duallies get flat-bed conversions. And there’s options for bolt-on fenders too.
carringb 12/12/20 10:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Worth the effort?

There’s 2 ways to covert. Buy the Arrowcraft kit and use the existing axle, but it might not have much reserve capacity left. It’s nearly as easy to just swap in a dually axle. FWIW - I originally converted my can with the Arrowcraft kit. No issues with that kit, but my axle was a Dana 70 and was was still pushing a it 7,800# rating. One trip i spilt my diff carrier in half once when I jumped the van going a wee bit too fast, with a trailer in tow on a hitch extension. Then another trip I sheared the pinion gear, sending my driveline across the highway, when I did a 3rd to 1st WOT downshift with torque management turned off, when I went to pass a Honda Civic on a steep uphill while towing the travel trailer. So now I have a dually Dana 80 axle. If I break this one, I’ll try the Dana S110 next, since my rear axle weight does top 13,000 pounds at times
carringb 12/11/20 08:02pm Tow Vehicles
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