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RE: Skool me on cell phone boosters and install tips, please

Thanks I'm familiar with bit error rate on cell tech. I will get the weboost omni. Past experience screwing around with yagi ornotger more directional antennae are more work than I need. Usually if there's no signal at all, I'm in some sort of hole or there's a mountain blocking the last known tower. I'll likely move on. Biggest headache I run into is the site has 1 bar intermittent. Someone uses more data, I get knocked off. If I put in flight mode, I can reaffilliate. For how long? Who knows. I'm guessing from some antennae I see at some of these sites someone is hogging what little signal there is. Booster will give me a fighting chance as questions are now best install techniques. Thanks Cb
cbigham 08/29/21 08:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Skool me on cell phone boosters and install tips, please

Do you have a pic or tip on how you swap out the antennas? I'd like to mount mine on the driver's side ladder and route cable I think down flue for fridge. What yagi is it and how do you rotate? Most convenient the weboost or does the yagi need come up frequently? Thanks
cbigham 08/27/21 03:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Skool me on cell phone boosters and install tips, please

Thanks for the replies, I get how the booster works. I'm also looking for info on how you installed the booster inside the rv, and routed the outside antenna wire into the rv? I have solar panels on my class C, maybe route down thru refridge flume on top? Glue the coax cable down to the roof using a wad of dicor? Sounds like omnidirectional we boost least hassle. Perhaps I can rig it for when I absolutely need a yagi I can screw that in instead? For the poster about campgrounds.. we rarely if ever stay in established campgrounds. Usually boondock, occasionally remote established BLM or. National Forestcampgrounds. We're a riding, hiking or kayak crew. Not too urbane. Thanks
cbigham 08/27/21 02:43pm Technology Corner
Skool me on cell phone boosters and install tips, please

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30274801
cbigham 08/26/21 06:07pm Tech Issues
Skool me on cell phone boosters and install tips, please

Hi, Got a thor class c 23u...doing more online work, and many areas have low or overly crowded cell resources for Verizon. Occasionally, I get knocked off, can go airplane mode, get back on..then off..etc I've seen the all cell on amazon for 479.99. That could do the job as we may change carriers. Any tips on install? Thanks Chuck
cbigham 08/26/21 06:07pm Technology Corner
RE: Opinions on diesel vs. gasoline

Had a super c funmover 39c with c7 engine. Loud doghouse but not too bad. That was an 04 and when diesels started turning less reliable. Had a heui pump main shaft cavitate and send metal shards into injectors. 6200 bill, warranty. Apparently things haven't gotten much better, camp buddy told me last week his common rail Dodge Cummins did something similar. He was out of warranty. Purely anecdotal, most of the vehicles I see broke on interstates these days are large trucks and a good number of diesels. Considering the numbers of cars out there, I find that interesting. I wouldn't buy a new diesel unless I had to. Gotta call a guy with a PhD to fix anything out of the ordinary. Not every station has diesel. Not every dealership or common repair shop can fix your brand of diesel. Almost every town with a dealer has a Ford shop. I also don't miss needing a truck stop to fill up both side tanks. I get 8,9 mpg on the '17 v10 towing a jeep. Good enough. Small enough to get into campgrounds I want.
cbigham 08/11/21 10:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: We've had 8 years and 68,000 trouble free miles...

Nice ..also a 23u. We bought it to put on the Alaska ferry and fit into smaller campsites than we made into with the 40 ft diesel. I didn't want slides. We have different configurations for what we are doing with the 23u. Just me meeting the boys for some dirt bike, dual sport or other? Rack on back for bike. Gone. Dirt roads not too bad no worries. Family, tow jeep, hang bike off it. The 23u seems tough enough, bought I'm 17, has 39k on it now.
cbigham 08/03/21 10:20pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dingy towing

Got a 23u thor chateau, e450 2017. Just got back recently towing a jeep unlimited Rubicon, 300 lbs motorcycle and rack on back. Cargo bay filled. .. Idaho, Wyoming, NV, CA deserts 110+ heat. Jeep has brake system. This trip like many before it, You'll be fine.??????
cbigham 07/29/21 08:11am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Considering move from class A to C

Not going to wade into the chevy vs ford debate, but we did downsize from a 40 ft diesel funmover. The 23u Chateau we bought is fantastic for getting into smaller campgrounds. It's easier to get gas, maneuver in tight highways. We tow a 4 door wrangler for longer trips, hang a motorcycle off the back when wanted. I would suggest (works for me as I get older) you get one with at least 2 different places to sit. Sitting at a dinette gets old, I shift to the barrel chair, you may have a couch..etc. 2 places to sit. Its very versatile, lots of storage and if a guest comes we dont want sleeping outside, there's that bunk. Any ford place will handle repairs. Handling issues were easily solved by a few hundred dollars worth of suspension upgrades.
cbigham 07/05/21 09:01am Class C Motorhomes
Anyone with info on Newmar 3927?

Hey all, I'm possibly interested in this new toy hauler style motorhome front diesel. Noise doesn't bother me, I previously owned a funmover 39c toyhauler front engined c7. A little concerned about carrying capacity and no knowledge of newmar quality. I found a spec sticker online, shows with the 8k generator, beds in back, full fuel no water, propane carrying capacity is 2800 lbs. Full propane and water is 729 lbs. That brings us to 2171 lbs for cargo and people. 2 bikes 260 lbs 500exc and 468 lbs 790r is 728 lbs 3 bodies , driver, wife, kid 450 lbs Gear, cloths books, ect for each. 240 lbs Cookware, misc tools, inflatable kayak. 250 lbs Food. 150 lbs Handy in head math. 1518 lbs Real tight at remaining 653 lbs Kids bike option. 196 lbs So now. 457 lbs Tow a Jeep Rubicon mostly stock. 5500 lbs. This newmar seems as capable as the old enduramax and 5500 based chevy duramax products of the 2000's. My F750 funmover 39c had another 2500 lbs on the carry capacity. That older unit with a c7 cat also had 860 ft lbs torque. . and it still never met a hill it liked ?? Also carried a rzr. Miss it now that I'm retired so the newmar got me curious. Not sure the newmar is there yet. The engine has 700 ft lbs torque, so more a revver. (Why? 6.7L cummins get over 1000 ft/lbs in other apps) I suppose I could forego the bunk beds in back, maybe the 3rd AC and save 3, 400 lbs. I do like the layout and more home style comfort. The funmover always had something broke. Lift mechanism, generator belt, engine issues (heui pump, compressor, etc) Slide mechanism.. If the newmar is better quality it may be a good fit. Thanks for any help,
cbigham 05/13/21 01:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV towing on 5 through San Francisco

I did that 2 summers ago, pulling a 4 door jeep rubicon with a 25 ft thor motorhome. About same length, headed North across Golden Gate. It wasn't too bad. . Bumpy roads, make sure you watch your lanes carefully and are in the right lane. Traffic at wrong times a hassle. Doable.
cbigham 05/13/21 01:16pm Roads and Routes
RE: Where's a few of your favorite destinations to go?

Kanab Utah if you like ATV/UTV riding. Stunning views and endless trails. Hanksville Utah is a close 2nd. It's been years since our Utah trip at the time we had ATVs and recall many of the trails were strictly limited to 50" or less, has that changed much? We've been debating of getting a UTV but unsure how many of the trails would be closed off currently. Any thougths? Many Utah trails have 50 inch posts. We used to run our first generation rzr thru all that we could. There's still dirt roads out there, jeep trails you can put a new generation utv on. Colorado and Wyoming also have some nice trails. I'm a dirt biker so we usually select stuff more intimate with the land. Good luck
cbigham 05/12/21 09:23am Toy Haulers
RE: Where's a few of your favorite destinations to go? I'd say Colorado. Moab is nice, CA has some long desert rides, but here you get single track, mountain passes, great street rides, interesting towns.
cbigham 05/12/21 09:19am Toy Haulers
RE: CA Redwoods Area for a 42' FW

You might try elk country rv park and resort south of Orick. Full hook ups and also have a well shaded large tree area. I've also enjoyed when I had my 40 ft diesel motorhome. Last trip there in April I also had good luck at the county "Big Lagoons" campground. North of Trinidad. I had a site right at shore. There are 3 electric only sites there. I'd scout it first on a day trip. If you get a site, great! In my years, never had success in state parks. It's ok tho, all worked out.
cbigham 05/12/21 08:55am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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