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RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

One more question on my 28A - I am trying to load up a scooter (350LB) on the hitch - while RV data indicates much higher towing capacity, the hitch showed two different numbers (see pictures below). First the data from Ford - Max GWVR for E450 is 22,000 LB As per labels on 28A - GWVR for unloaded 28A is 14,500 LB Max Cargo Capacity - 3,127LB Lets say liquids are 342LB (as per label) and passengers and other being 1000LB - that leaves almost 1800LB tongue weight remaining (not to mention additional (3000LB+ remaining to get to E450 stated GWVR of 22,000LB). And then the following: First I noticed the stock hitch provided by Cruise America was rated only 200LB tongue weight (see picture below) (Sorry - can't attach picture - will add picture later). However, this picture seems like a sticker stuck by Cruise America on top of official sticker underneath. So I peeled it off and found a 500LB/5000LB hitch manufacturer sticker (see picture below) (Sorry - can't attach picture - will add later). Has anyone else noticed this? Which number should I go by? What is the weight others have towed with stock Cruise America hitch? Just remember how far back you scooter will be from the axle and the lever effect it has increasing the axle weight. You should have no problem as long as you load properly and get weight foreward - we always carried heavy stuff under the table, front bench seats etc and my tools under the front seats etc. No problems with our scooter of 300 lb with out 27G although if left on for overnight stops I did put a 4 x 4 piece of wood extra support under the scooter rack. Weight of 2 people sleeping in the rear at night is extra.
cencerrita 05/21/21 11:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Whelp I may be joining your ranks, if all goes well I will be looking over a Thor Majestic 23A from Cruise America. I am a first timer and am new to owning an RV. These rental models really appealed to us with their simplicity. I felt like it would be a good fit for us with our limited RV'ing knowledge. I did RV as a kid with my parents but now its time for me to do the same with our children. I gotta say thank you guys for all the good information in here. I've been reading over all the posts in here to help calm my nerves. Man buying an RV feels alot like sipping from a fire hose. So much information and opinions. Its hard to weed through it all. Wish me luck, any last minute advice before I hopefully pull the trigger? Yes there is lots of good info here in the forum and many other articles and books around. Just jump in and enjoy. The one good thing we did was to decide to spend out the extra on all the things we wanted for our fit out and comfort at day one. Never regretted buying solar panels and fitting for boondocking in fabulous places. OPaid for themselves with all the money we saved on camp site fees. Great comfortable camp chairs even if they cost more etc! We lived in Spain when we brought our Rv and made it our American home for up to 3 months at a time just flying with walk on bags :) Have a look at the photos on our web site for all the places we went for inspiration.
cencerrita 02/25/21 10:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

*** Power Surge Protection *** I hear a lot of people who encourage buying/using a surge protector when plugged in at campgrounds. Cost ~$200. I suspect that most people do NOT have/use surge protectors, but that is just based on my observations. What I hardly ever hear is people talking about damage to their electrical system due to an electrical surge. So it makes me wonder if it is really a big issue or not. Specifically, as it pertains to Cruise America former rental units....I wonder something... Cruise America sends out 1000s and 1000s of renters every year and NOT ONE of them has a surge protector! Why not? Is it because in reality they aren't needed? Do you think Cruise America has their RVs built with some sort of built-in surge protection?? Do GFCI circuits protect against surges?? Just want to hear the thoughts of other CA formal rental owners... Is there a single Former Rental unit Owner out there who, without using a surge protector, has had a power surge that damaged their RV's electrical system/components? Honestly, I don't even mind buying one and using one for myself. BUT, I often times let others (family/etc) use my Majestics and I know they will either forget to use it, or lose it, etc. Thoughts? -Chris Surge protection is fine BUT you are not protected from "brown outs" which is low voltage. The damage done by undervoltage can be considerable. I brought and fitted a Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C (or EMS-HW50C for 50 A supplies) Not cheap but peace of mind should say the fridge get fried or anything else. I fitted it in our Rv between the shore supply and main panel and this also proteceted me against a generator fault. Surge Protection: 3-Mode / 1,790J / 44,000A. Ratings: 30A / 120V / 3,600W. Includes 14' Data Cable Open Ground, Open Neutral and Reverse Polarity detection and protection, Over/Under voltage Protection, Accidental 240V Protection and A/C Frequency Protection Miswired pedestal indication and surge failure indicator; Time Delay (136 seconds) Remote Scrolling Digital Display scrolls continuously through the power source information One time it picked up that the campsite socket did not have correct earth protection, which the owner then called in an electrician to fix. If you can wire a plug then you can fit this yourself. Just cut the main supply cable going into the main panel and insert this unit :)
cencerrita 02/22/21 11:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Vehicle: (2015) 2017 Majestic 19G Problem: The coach battery only powers the 120v outlets when the RV is connected to shore power or when/if the generator is running. Question: Does anyone know what would have to be done to have it so that I can utilize the coach's battery without being plugged in or having the generator running? If someone has a wiring diagram for this model, that would be great. I am looking into adding a secondary battery bank; however, based on our power requirements I think I could get away with just tapping into the coach's battery for outlet power and recharging the battery when in motion (or using the generator). I do not need constant power from the coach battery, but I would like to tap into it without having to dump $500-750 in battery gear (or running the generator). Hi Finding it frustrating that I can not post a small size photo from my computer:( 1.Ok the cheapeast and easiet way is to buy an inverter. We brought a full sine wave 1000w inverter which was bigger than the power we intended to want, so as not to overload. 2. Fitted just above the main battery locker and used 2 cables the same size as the main battery cables to join battery to invertor. This required 2 drill holes in the floor. 3.Hole cut out in the panel next to the invertor for direct access to 110V and 12V oulet socket on inverter. The inverter had 2 x 110V socket. 4. As required we plugged into these outlets, including a short extension lead sometimes. 5. This means the system is totally seperate from your house 110V sockets and you never have to worry about the 2 systems shorting out. We ran no problem from this using laptop, fans, keybpoard, charging phones etc whilst boondocking. Even at Lake Mead for 14 days in 100F in the summer. USB sockets 1.Buy ones with 2.1A and 1A outlet on them (Amazon/ebay). make sure they have a mounting back plate as wellUSB socket 2. Remove a 12v light and pull through existing 12v light cable. 3.Join cables to this and then to the usb outlets you fit, having fed the cables back up the light hole to your USB outlet position. 4. Refit light. 5. Suggest also fitting on/off switch next to usb if they have a blue power LED light with them. This stops the glow at night and the small power consumption when in storage. you will find lots of info in the Owners Essential RV Handbook on Amazon
cencerrita 02/14/21 08:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Hi Gang, I'm up in Pismo with my 2009 28A for a couple days. Went to turn on the heater tonight and will not turn on. I think I hear a "click" but the blower doesn't kick on. My propane indicator says 2/3 full and the stove burners work fine. Any troubleshooting suggestions? I just saw your post,as you know I don't have the same RV but I would first check and see if your batteries are up and they have a good connection to the furnace,the blower runs on 12 volt. My next suggestion would be to post this in the Tech Section and ask there,include your make and model of the furnace,I am sure someone will come along with some help. Good Luck and I hope the rest of the trip will go well. Definitly check battery power. I know in the past if overnight whilst boondocking and the power dropped before the sun came up (11.7V) the fridge used to click and then not start.
cencerrita 12/23/20 07:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Anyone know where is the fresh water drain plug on Majestic 28A? Under the bed. Lift the mattress, unscrew the wooden top and the fresh water and drain are right there. Thanks - I suspect the fresh water tank is there (but then I wonder where is the fuel tank? Fuel inlet is right below bedroom window). BTW - I found fresh water drains right next to gray/black water drains. One is for cold water and other is for heater. The quarter turn stop valves are there but the pipes further to center of RV and water drains from there. If the fresh water drains you have found are small diameter then it is only for the pipework and not the tank. Also when built a standard length with presssure end fittings seems to get used for the water pipes after the pump and consequently they will not drain down fully due to uphill sections:( I always used a air compressor to clear the lines via the shrader valve connection. Amazing the amount of water you get out. Water drain down and winterize
cencerrita 12/02/20 06:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Help! Onan 4K generator refuses to start and stay on

Time to clean the carb..... Carb is only 2yrs old. Do you mean removing and cleaning?? Old gas gums up carburetors. It's the largest issue with small motors, including older motorcycles. Onan say you can not strip and clean their carbs - wrong! They are quite simple and compared to about $400 for new one worth doing! There are photos of doing this in the book, Owners Essential RV Handbook Unfortunatly I do not have any on this computer from when I did mine having forgotten the previous trip to drain my carb or run the fuel through with the fuel treatment I had added to the tank before storing. Previously having done this I stored for up to 6 months no problem compared to Onan saying you should "exercise" your onan every month to stop the problem.
cencerrita 11/20/20 10:11am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

When you purchase a motor home from CA do they take care of obtaining Registration and payment of Sales Tax? Do they also try to load up your purchase with other incidentals like Dealer Prep, etc., etc? Also, are you able to negotiate the final price before signing or is the price pretty well fixed? Buying and collecting in Mesa there was no problem with them registering in Florida where we wanted it to be. All taxes etc done in the paperwork and they even allowed us to send parcels direct to them so we were kitted out fully on collection to go off for several months. Worth noting is that Florida allows non residents to register with a Goodsam mail address forwarding and all tax renewals easily on line and no other vehicle checks required annualy.
cencerrita 11/19/20 09:20am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

You have to buy GS road assistance seoarately, we found that Coach Net is the best. On this small rig we are going with our Geico towing but for a bigger rig, evem though all insurers use the same pool of tow providors, Coach Net is picky. The reason we had Goodsam was the unlimited breakdown towing distance that many have a restriction on. I see Coach Net do as well but look expensive. Hope you never need one :)
cencerrita 11/18/20 10:18am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Earlier this year (pre-Covid) I purchased two Cruise America refurbished Majestic 28a Class C RVs. I was pleased with the experience. Prior to purchasing, I completed a very thorough inspection and came up with a list of items I wanted them to fix. They fixed most of the items which was nice. I cleaned them up (they were already in good shape) and then did the following... - Added wireless backup camera - Added 3 USB charging ports (over couch, over dinette, over rear bed) - Added a 2nd battery (in 2nd from rear on driver's side small bay) - Added a TV/DVD player - Added a Aili battery monitor - Will be adding solar soon... I let family and friends use them (...that's the exact reason I got them, so no "warnings" needed). I specifically wanted some "simple" RVs that are relatively idiot proof. That's what attracted me to the Cruise America models. After about 9 months of use I have been quite pleased. They have each been out about 15 times. I've taken them a few times each myself. I've towed my boat a couple times without any issues. There have been some issues that I would put in the "regular" RV owner catagory. I changed all the tires on one of the units just because I want to make sure they are in great shape and they were starting to look questionable. One of them did require a steering gear box to be replaced (~$800). But in general, I would say things have been holding up pretty good so far. One thing I'm wondering about....The exterior siding and decals. One of the nice things about the Cruise America refurbished units is that they repaint, reseal, and put on all new decals, so basically they look almost brand new on the outside. I'm wondering about the quality of their work and whether or not it is done as cheaply as possible and after just a few years I'll start to see the deterioration. I have already noticed a few things like the black trim around the windows seems to be chipping off a bit in some places. For those of you who have had their Cruise America units for 3 years or more, can you comment on how the exteriors have held up? Decals still good? Thanks! I have found this thread (and the forums in general) to be invaluable! -Chris Hi After 4 years the paint job and decals were still good :) The only problem i found was in a couple of places the end of a decal was lifting about 1/4 inch and i just neatly cut it off - this was near the beginning so adhesion was never good on the ends. Black around the windows was also not a problem. The refurbishment was done in Mesa. The only external items i did not like were the original items from Ford! Front bumper looking through the gap to the engine compartment rust on the inside which i cleaned and coated and stayed black afterwards. Various other areas of the Ford chassis you could see from "outside" i also treated and then went underneath and anywhere I spotted rust i used cans of rustoleum spray and it has stayed good :) Plenty of room to crawl underneath and do these jobs.
cencerrita 11/16/20 07:36am Class C Motorhomes
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