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RE: Coal-Rolling Teen Pickup Truck Driver Hits Six Cyclists

scooby, I don't know about Texas, but in SC in a civil wrongful death suit, the judge will first order the parties to go to mediation to attempt to work out a settlement; if the settlement does not occur, then the judge allows the parties to go to trial. In my husband's family, a death occurred in a boating accident, a 19 year old beautiful girl by the name of Mallory Beach; she was found dead five days later floating near Broad River Landing after the boat she was in hit a bridge piling in Archer's Creek and was driven by a very intoxicated 19 year old, Paul Murdaugh. Her mother (a very strong and determined woman), Renee Beach, lodged a wrongful death suit against Paul's father, Alex Murdaugh, Paul's older brother, Buster Murdaugh, Jr. (for giving Paul his I.D. For buying the alcohol), and against Parkers liquor store which sold Paul the alcohol. Renee's attorney asked Alex Murdaugh for his financial records during mediation; he would not comply; the insurance company which insured the boat would not honor the claim (do not know why) and, therefore, Paul's father's assets were in play. Since mediation has stalled, the parties will be going to trial. Since the first and only mediation meeting, Paul Murdaugh (the intoxicated 19 year old driving the boat) never went to criminal trial because he was murdered in June 2021 along with his mother. Renee Beach just recently petitioned the court to freeze all of Paul's father's assets to prevent him from liquidating said assets. If you wish to read about this further, Google "Mallory Beach Boating Accident SC".
charlestonsouthern 10/24/21 03:17pm Around the Campfire

Wanderer -- If you are a US citizen (with a US Passport), you will get across that border, warts and all. The one and only time in history I remember a US citizen was exiled from his country was in early 1800s, and his name was Aaron Burr who shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel (father of our US banking system). In addition, even if you are not a US citizen, the Mexico Foreign Minister to the US has indicated that Mexico will open up communications with WHO in order to attempt to get the vaccines Mexico has been using on the WHO list. Since you live in Mexico, only you can say what the likelihood is of follow-through on that. For you personally, you have been receiving treatment in the US for your condition. Google "United States Embassy and Consulates in Mexico Fact Sheet". On that Sheet, you will notice that you can traverse the US border in order to receive medical treatment; it is an exception to other border rules. Just show a confirmed appointment (say by e-mail) with medical staff on US side of the border. You've ALWAYS been able to do that, even before these last border rule changes. This is an important exception for non-US citizens.
charlestonsouthern 10/22/21 01:18pm Around the Campfire
RE: Plans for winter camping?

memtb, thank you for the information. We were at a big RV show in Myrtle Beach a couple of weekends ago, and they had a large number of new Teton fifth wheels there. They were simply beautiful.
charlestonsouthern 10/20/21 11:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: In a quandary

My answer is no. The UNvaccinated are the ones who should be answering this question. For a while at least, we now have the world of the vaccinated and the world of the unvaccinated. If I now were a parent of an under age 12 child and no vaccine available to innoculate that child, I would protect the child by keeping her or him home. As far as the adults are concerned, they choose which "world" they want to live in unless they are naturally immune deficient. It's just that simple.
charlestonsouthern 10/18/21 01:43pm Around the Campfire

Wanderer, you are working so hard to get this all accomplished, and you and your family should have much to be thankful for during the December holidays. God Bless you!
charlestonsouthern 10/16/21 11:16am Around the Campfire

Well, Wanderer, a heck of a lot of new information has been developed and studied since the early days of the pandemic. In fact, under pressure from Congress, the CDC is currently reviewing the data regarding mixing vaccines because four million Canadians took a mix of vaccines, just like you did. It needs to be approved either by the FDA or WHO before November 8 in order to cross the US border. I haven't read any recent objections about it. I think it's more about indecision than absolute prohibition. The Canadian Health Minister approved mixed vaccines for use on Canadians. Are you using the second Moderna dose as your booster?
charlestonsouthern 10/15/21 09:37pm Around the Campfire

Mexicowanderer -- I'm curious as to why you chose Sinovac as your first vaccine dose; have heard very little about it; could it also be used as a booster after taking other vaccines?
charlestonsouthern 10/15/21 03:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: US Reopening Canadian Border

Number 6). US Congress Representatives are making a push to the CDC to quickly clarify whether or not "mixed" two-dose vaccines given to foreign nationals will be acceptable vaccines to facilitate crossing the US border. 4,000,000 Canadians have taken the mixed doses. 7) well, we probably all know by now the border opens up on November 8.
charlestonsouthern 10/15/21 09:39am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Plans for winter camping?

memtb -- How do you prep your RV for that kind of camping and temperatures?
charlestonsouthern 10/14/21 09:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: US Reopening Canadian Border

Crowe, Absolutely, you said it a better and clearer way.
charlestonsouthern 10/14/21 11:04am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: US Reopening Canadian Border

JaxDad -- yes, you say the particulars of these border openings so much better than I do. There is a "US Embassy and Consulates in Canada Fact Sheet" (use those words on Google) which will appear on the internet from the State Department to indicate what we have discussed. I am computer challenged at managing links. However, this news is so new that the Dept of State may not, as yet, amended the Fact Sheet. As more details become available from reliable sources, would you help add those to the list? By the way, the answer is "FDA or WHO."
charlestonsouthern 10/14/21 10:59am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: US Reopening Canadian Border

Crowe, since you announced this happy event, I've been attempting to parse out the details of the US border opening. 1) The exact date in November we do not know, 2) It now provides that all "essential" travelers have to be double vaccinated, commercial truck drivers, etc, 3) There will be no 72-hour PCR testing required, 4) Of course, all "non-essential".travelers must be double vaccinated, 5) Acceptable double vaccinations will only be those approved by the FDA and WHO.
charlestonsouthern 10/13/21 06:13pm RVing in Canada and Alaska

Herewegojoe, As per The NY Times, NO TESTING requirements. Just proof you have been double vaccinated. A whole new world is opening up for the vaccinated!!
charlestonsouthern 10/13/21 04:23pm Snowbirds
RE: US Reopening Canadian Border

Just heard the good news a few minutes ago on CNN news; A certain day in November will be D-day. The only reservations the US government has are some US states, for example the Dakotas, bumped up against the Canadian border which have been very uncooperative in taking the vaccines; illogical for those states to do that as they lose a lot of Canadian business while ports of entries near those locations "may" stay closed. Canucks, come on down! Myrtle Beach, SC was hopping this past weekend--the big RV Show, Antique Car Show, the Flying Fish Restaurant and Bar at Barefoot Landing was packed, and the Alabama Theater with country music flowing out of the doors. Maybe Myrtle Beach will start up the Canadian Days Parade again soon.
charlestonsouthern 10/13/21 02:47pm RVing in Canada and Alaska

Have vaccinations been approved by the FDA for ages 5 through 11 yet? I believe CNN reported last night that Pfizer has recommended 1/3 of the adult one-shot dosage to be given to ages 5-11 group but given in two shots.
charlestonsouthern 10/08/21 09:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Chains in BC

Moisheh -- Granted, I don't personally know the terrain you will have to cross to get to the other side of those mountains. But it sounds like at present that you don't have any "Mother Nature" problems. Can't you drive that territory now (immediately if not sooner -- ha!) with your rig before the weather closes in and store the rig (or leave it with someone you know) on the other side of the mountains until if perchance the border opens up. Of course, that still doesn't handle the problem of your traversing the mountains again from home in snow in a standard vehicle with chains to meet up with your rig if the border surprisingly opens up.
charlestonsouthern 10/06/21 08:28pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: where to stop for the night

Proud Canuck -- I have never camped in Canada, so forgive me if you think this is a weird question. Are there any provinces in Canada which would allow a person towing or driving an RV long distances to just pull into a rest area, truck stop, visitor's center, forest service road, etc to overnight rather than drive tired on the road without sleep? We have even asked managers' at Wal-Marts here in the US because it was late and given permission to overnight in their parking lot rather than risk an accident on the road. I have a few Canadian friends, and they are the type who would be compassionate and even allow me to overnight in their driveway if it were necessary.
charlestonsouthern 10/04/21 07:56pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Coal-Rolling Teen Pickup Truck Driver Hits Six Cyclists

81 Van, What age can you get a driver's license in Texas, for goodness sake? I thought 16 year old kids were still on Learner's Permits where you had to have a mature adult with a license in the vehicle with the kid. This kid will not pay; it will be his parents who will pay up and appear in juvenile court and family court. They probably have "deep pockets" if they can afford to give him an F-350 to drive. But they will learn, if you don't keep a leash on your underage kids, they will make you a "poor" family. Oh! I forgot, this is Texas!
charlestonsouthern 09/29/21 08:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Will Fed shutdown bar access to Nat Forests? Nat Parks?

One blogger I know who is a full-time RVer was staying a lengthy period of time on a camping site on a lake managed by the Corps of Engineers (COE) during the shutdown of campgrounds in 2020 because of the high infection rate of Covid at that time. The Corps did not make them leave when the Corps was asked if they could stay, and they were even allowed to extend their reservation. Full-timers had a bad time during that period because they live on the road, have no "sticks and bricks" home to go to, and the campgrounds were shutting down during that high infectious period.
charlestonsouthern 09/25/21 12:42pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Will Fed shutdown bar access to Nat Forests? Nat Parks?

Hey, we are all simple people and just want a great wooded site to go camping; anything else is like trying to change the weather. I have my fingers crossed.
charlestonsouthern 09/24/21 05:24pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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