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RE: Tracking US travelers

noteven, as said by Winston Churchill, while trying to convince America to help Britain out in World War II before the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.
charlestonsouthern 08/09/20 12:57pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Latest travel warning

Moisheh, I checked the corresponding Canadian Advisories, and Canada's Advisories don't seem to be as "dire." However, they are originally dated back in July, and this one from US is dated this month, August.
charlestonsouthern 08/08/20 12:57pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Tracking US travelers

Steve, thank you for being so nice, but I know and you know that nationally the US has been a disaster, no plan at all; there has been disjointed efforts by various states to come up with plans; some states are even banding together to form their own confederacy to devise plans; there is no other way at present; states haven't done that since 1861, but this time there is a very good reason for it.
charlestonsouthern 08/06/20 08:31pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Firearms to Alaska

hpdrver, I'm scratching my head a little over your comment. Am I correct in saying that "you check your gun on the US side of the border before entering Mexico, right? So why would you not do the same thing in the US before crossing into Canada? Therefore, why would across the border or on the border in Canada, say a business, need to be there to check your gun?
charlestonsouthern 08/05/20 11:52pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tracking US travelers

JaxDad, "I guess there wasn't much good on TV ...". Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I have to get my mind out of the gutter! Ohhhh, the miracle of birth! Ok. Seriously, India (or even Mexico, for that matter) -- 1.353 billion -- Do you really believe the stats. coming out of India? Even the expats who live there don't believe them. The hordes of so many people living there get Covid, never see a doctor or hospital, simply die where they live, and subsequently are buried with no diagnosis. My Grandfather died in the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918; never got a chance to know him; he was a farmer in very rural Georgia and neither was diagnosed by a doctor (while he was alive) nor visited a hospital. Communication was so slow back then, and thus, it was weeks later when the family suspected what he died of. You and I today have great communications and stats. institutions to rely on in our countries (with us, it's the CDC in Georgia and Johns Hopkins in Maryland) which we fight to have politics free.
charlestonsouthern 08/05/20 09:25pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Covid 19 warning

Tequila, I've had a flu shot every year for a very long time; but as I have gotten older, my doctor has prescribed a stronger flu shot covering more than one strain of the flu virus. Just started asking him questions about what he was giving me last year. Ha!
charlestonsouthern 08/04/20 10:01pm Snowbirds
RE: Covid 19 warning

Philh, "...if one gets a flu shot, they are 35% more likely to catch a Coronavirus." Now, I've spoken with my family doctor and my pharmacist with that same question, and they said no. In fact, they said that by decreasing the odds of getting the flu by taking the shot (my shot is a multi-strain flu shot), it may also help in not contracting Covid. The reason: The multi-strain shot has a SARS-related component in it. Of course, you can't be allergic to eggs. My appointment for the shot is set up for September.
charlestonsouthern 08/04/20 09:28pm Snowbirds
RE: Tracking US travelers

Full time, Couldn't agree with you more, especially your last paragraph (love the scratching your head cartoon!). We'll get through this, and things will start changing in January. Can't tell you why because that would be discussing national politics. Take care.
charlestonsouthern 08/02/20 10:04pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tracking US travelers

Full time, not only that, there are US airlines with American crews flying into Canadian cities, albeit a limited number of cities in Canada just like the US. The only difference is that those Canadian and US airlines will only be carrying Canadian-approved passengers. However, the point here is not the nationality of the passengers; it is the deal made between airlines and nations to keep all those airlines flying; they really are losing money, but are happy to stay afloat in this bad environment. It's better than going "belly up," and these airlines are of national importance to each respective nation. If each nation floated their debt or gave them a bailout, you and I as taxpayers would pay for it. Everything is not black and white, but instead shades of grey. You are the first person I now know who has brought up this subject, and I bet you had to do some digging in the news media to find out.
charlestonsouthern 08/02/20 07:12pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Reminder About the Rules

PackerBacker, thank you. Maybe we will see you in Myrtle Beach for Canadian Days in 2022; of course, the Chamber of Commerce cancelled it for 2021. When I was there recently delivering food staples to Myrtle Beach's food bank (there is a lot of unemployment here now), the place is mostly deserted, and there are a few RV people from Quebec hanging on who came up from Mexico. I called them over to the food bank for some staples like bread, cheese, beans, and canned vegetables as the grocery stores' shelves are not full because the locals are buying up staple goods in preparation for a small hurricane coming up the east coast. Take care. Dee
charlestonsouthern 08/02/20 12:51pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tracking US travelers

Gary, thanks for your help, but I found the name, backpacker.
charlestonsouthern 08/01/20 04:53pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tracking US travelers

Does anyone know who Is the moderator on this particular board? Thank you in advance for the information.
charlestonsouthern 08/01/20 03:59pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tracking US travelers

garyhaupt, you have to remember that we are dealing with a population of approximately 328 million people. Canada is only dealing with approximately 38 million people. With new leadership, we can lick this thing regardless of the size of the population. But it will require isolation by shutting down completely two borders.
charlestonsouthern 07/31/20 08:21pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tracking US travelers

EEWally, that statement makes no sense at all; if we get a true vaccine, our friends to the North will also get it; there are solid reasons for each country to totally isolate from each other. What we don't need is the paranoia and vandalism of cars with strange license plates and vigilante harrassment of people who they know nothing about. Instead, contact your local constable or police.
charlestonsouthern 07/31/20 07:55pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Fort McAllister

Pine Barren, I see you live in northwest Florida; then, you should have no problem with the mosquitos and gnats; you know the drill--plenty of repellant and a net attached to your hat to pull down over your face. They are not there all day, just in the early morning and the late afternoon. If you are a history buff, you will be in the right place.
charlestonsouthern 07/29/20 02:45pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ignore the rules...get the fines.

StirCrazy, I'll give you some key words so that you may do your own work; that was the same criteria I had for my students -- Pacific-Northwest American-Canadian Border Dispute Boundary Bay strait of Georgia 49th Parallel Bending of the 49th Parallel Particular years of dispute discussion 1792, 1846, 1858, 1973, 1987 etc. This is just one primary dispute; there are other smaller ones. Do you keep your old unbridged Canadian history book around the house? These national waters disputes are nothing new--they happen with most all countries except island countries.
charlestonsouthern 07/24/20 11:00pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Ignore the rules...get the fines.

Noteven, agree that the article was vague and your question was a valid one. Your question also leads to the point that the national boundaries in that area (to include some of the islands) have been in dispute for years; it has been a long, long time since my college years, but I think since before Canada was its own country. Since both the US and Canada have agreed to disagree on certain boundaries (rather than shoot at each other), the RCMP gave them (probably commercial vessels making money) low fines and said "just go away." Believe me, those passengers on those vessels were not poor people, and those fines were a drop in the bucket. And seizing assets would be something they would turn over to someone they knew in the State Department. Yes, I wish the article had much more detail.
charlestonsouthern 07/23/20 11:31pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Border closure extended

Boon Docker, "Why don't you tell us us how you really feel about Canadians." I think Canadians (particularly the ones that I know well) are the most unselfish people in the world, and there are so many examples of that unselfishness. Two, in particular, work tirelessly for children in Mexico during the Christmas season to make sure these children are not left out during the joy of the holiday and I feel lazy by simply writing a small check; another in BC helps a small Mexican child born without a limb by collecting and using her own money to pay expenses for this child and her mother to travel to Los Angeles as the child grows to have surgeries to facilitate the attachment of an artificial limb; another great Canadian worked with unions and political parties to help middle class Canadians earn a living wage; I cried when he told me his wife of approximately 40 years (and many years of RVing with her) had passed away and sent him his favorite scotch (via another Canadian) so that he could make toasts to her many times until he got stinking drunk. Internationally, (with no government rules which mandated it had to be done), Government Canadians risked their lives to participate in getting some of the US Embassy employees out of Tehran and hiding them in the home of the Canadian Ambassador during the Iranian revolt, no one knew this for years and, therefore, early on, Canadians did not get credit for it when it happened. I could keep going, but I think you now know why I love Canadians! Just be kind to your friends and IF YOU HAVE TO, just send them packing. I felt that I didn't have to; they were good guests; the rest was between God and their conscience.
charlestonsouthern 06/21/20 08:40pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Border closure extended

Garyhaupt and Boon Docker, a very good article; maybe I should ask our editor here at the "News and Courier" (and even he could ask the "New York Times") to get permission to publish that article in our respective newspapers and ask our public when reading the article to read it replacing the word "Americans" with "Canadians." After delivering staple goods at the Food Bank in Myrtle Beach, the Canadian (and others) I spoke with at the gas station said they were shopping for food and beer so that they could have a supply and separate themselves from the dense population; they even were wearing masks. All I could say was, "Welcome to South Carolina." Maybe I was wrong; Should I have called the SC State Troopers immediately and have them questioned as to when they left Mexico and why they lied to US border patrol about going home (that was the reason the US exempted Canadians from the list of foreign nationals not allowed to cross the US/Mexico border? Should I have called the US Wildlife Service so that they could be detained in their rented houseboat on the Santee River? Since they are Canadians, they certainly should have known the rules for Americans in Canada. So why not for them? Instead of thinking that they were good guests (masks and all that), should I have thought that for some reason they thought they were "entitled" to be here? It did cross my mind that while so many Canadians in their country were limiting their travel and being patriotic, why weren't they also doing it? Ummmm, You've given me new "food for thought." The hell with hospitality, never thought of it that way. Thanks!
charlestonsouthern 06/21/20 05:41pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Border closure extended

Bob806, when Trudeau called Canada's citizens home, I think, back in March, so many of them (including some of my good friends) immediately packed up here in the US and Mexico and headed home to Canada just under Trudeau's first 14-day quarantine. About the same time, the US closed the borders into the US from Mexico for non-essential foreign nationals except for Canadians and asked the question, "Are you on your way home?" Of course, they said yes, but it seems that so many did not go home as per Canadians on Facebook and their forums and as per a 100-mile trip I recently made up to the Myrtle Beach, SC area. There were Quebec license plates all over the place; had a friendly conversation with one full-time RVer, and he decided to store his RV in North Myrtle Beach and rent a houseboat and float up and down the Santee River for a while. My point is if you had joined the Canadians on their way north before the Canadian lockdown, you could have enjoyed boondocking around Canada (and possibly with your Parks Canada card; I enjoy using mine). Kind of wished I had done that this year; I can tell the Canadians who came up from Mexico are really enjoying themselves and have packed in cases of beer for their rented houseboat.
charlestonsouthern 06/20/20 06:59am RVing in Canada and Alaska
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