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RE: Directv

What changes is you got suckered i to a GenieII. With that setup your not allowed to have any other receivers on your account. And NO you cannot take the GenieII with you when you want to travel. Now if you had a GenieI you could take it with you. No extra accounts needed. Now because of all the issues with Direct and their total lack of customer care it may be time to switch. Wrong and wrong. I have Genie at home and also have two other DVR's, one standard receiver and one wireless Genie client. I take the Genie and one DVR with me in the motorhome and sometimes an extra receiver, depending on how long I will be gone and the weather conditions (outside viewing). Sometimes I leave one of the DVR's in the motorhome while it is in storage. Storage has power hookup. I keep the rooftop dish up there, just to keep it from having to be reset and sometimes I watch, when I'm working on the inside. Your correct Mikestock there are several ways to do it if your tech savvy and want to take the time and spend the money. I read a post on the other rv site and they told how they were doing it. I'm satisfied with what I got and not interested in working on it to get more stations. I want to know what do you save by suspending service on your stand along per month when they only charge you $7 per month for service.
charwan 01/14/19 07:36am Technology Corner
RE: Directv

My take on Genie 2. It has issues last I checked. But I'm sure they will get resolved. It's designed more furniture like. Must be vertical for cooling so I suspect it would overheat in a cabinet unless there is a lot of ventilation. It requires power and coax. It may not be the most desirable receiver for a RV considering space, cooling and power. Anyone have better input on the Genie 2? I've had my Genie 2 for 18 months now and are very happy with the service. I read that they had problems with the recording part and it was mentioned about loosing recordings which I had noticed. You go thru the list and go back to something and it's gone. Now my Genie is sitting in a cabinet like the other TV stuff and no heat problem and it's laying flat not on it's side.
charwan 01/08/19 02:52pm Technology Corner
RE: Directv

The reason they are going to the Genie 11 they don't have to install cable any more not that people are stealing their service.They still have to install coax from the dish to the Genie including Genies prior to Genie 2. They also have to install coax to any Genie Clients that are not wireless. Genies reduce potential stealing since the Genie Clients must be connected to the Genie either wireless or by coax. No longer can a receiver be a a friends house with his own dish. I didn't mean to imply that someone didn't have to put ant. on roof and wire to the genie 11 wireless. Once they get that done the other are wireless and don't need no cable it works off your ADSL. I also stated they would not "Give or let" us use a stand along with the wireless system. There's no reason they could not turn the H24 on in my camper but they would not.
charwan 01/08/19 02:38pm Technology Corner

this replacement manual says what to do on the last page Guide to Coleman Thermostats Many thanks for the info "shastagary" that is just what I though and I printed the info now to install. I may have the tools for removing them pins and want have to cut and soldier. You would have though that the selling dealer would have put that info in with the new thermostat. charwan
charwan 12/13/18 04:48pm Tech Issues

They all are Coleman Mach heating and air. What I meant was the new one came with a 4 wire connector and the one I took out is 3 wire. I can guess why because it's for a low and high speed and I only have high.
charwan 12/13/18 03:43pm Tech Issues

I went and ordered a new thermostat for my Winne 04 with a heat pump. In looking it up I had a 6535b335 and the company where I ordered it from said a 6535 3442 would replace it. However the power connecter is a 4 wire instead of a 3. Have any of you had this replacement before and what did you do. The first thermostat that came in it was #6635 356 and I replaced that one with 6535b335 and now it's gone bad.
charwan 12/13/18 03:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Directv

Good clarification. Can't see how 2 accounts could be considered sharing. I'm telling you the truth. The tech drove up in his DTV van got my son's new H24 out and went and installed it in my MH. I ash him if he wanted to hook it up to my sat and he said he would use his. Drug a dish out and set it on the ground and put it together on a stand. I know this was a waste of time but he's the boss. Came up right away and he put his equipment back in the truck. By the way he was an ATT tech. I ask. I also told you the same tech came out on a Sunday two weeks ago and took out the new Genie II out that he had installed 3 weeks before and installed his old Genie I. It also seems they don't send equipment boxes out any more. You take your old equipment to UPS and they box it for you and send it back. Same tech he works this area. The reason they are going to the Genie 11 they don't have to install cable any more not that people are stealing their service.
charwan 10/16/18 09:14pm Technology Corner
RE: Ford V-10 Techs Needed, Diagnos My Erratic Coolant Temp

Way2roll First let me say nice rig. Hunting an over heating problem is one of the worst problems to have. I went thru it last summer and I have a post on it. I did all that has been sugested here and still no fix. Only thing left was a radiator at $700. I pulled the radiator and the vains were coated over with a fine like hair from the road or if you have ever bush hoged a pasture and looked at the frt. of your radiator. This was in between the radiator and cooling coils. How it got thru the trans and ac coils I don't know. No one suggested this. How to see this problem I don't know. If you have a camera on a cable you might. I do know it want wash out easy. My problem started just like you said pulling up Monteagel Mt. Mine also had less then a 100,000 on it. I did all this work myself but it still cost me a small fortune. Good luck
charwan 10/16/18 05:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: balky 7 pin

Replace both ends, it's an easy fix. Ditto. Replace both before you tear something else up. They are no trouble replacing. Do them one at a time and match the wires back.
charwan 10/16/18 04:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV Refrigerator?

I turn mine on 24hrs before a trip and off when I return, whipe out with soap an water, leave doors open. DITTO.
charwan 10/16/18 04:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Winegard RoadTrip Mission - Trav'ler Upgrade - AC Revolution

When I remove my old sat "It was 12 yrs old and quit working" I just removed all the old wires thru the roof and pulled the new wires that came with the new T4 back thru and silicone everything. They had 1 inch screws with my unit and I just put it back were the I removed the old one. The new sat will come with instructions. I had to silicone all the old holes and drill new ones because it use different pads. You'll have no problems. Mine has a fiberglass roof and I predrilled thee screws.
charwan 10/16/18 03:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Another F53 Cruise Control Post - Help!!

The stop light switch has 12 volts on it. When it's closed it supplies 12 volts to the turn signal switch and goes from there to the rear brake lights and too the CC. So when it's closed it puts 12 volts to the CC and makes it cut off. Check it with a 12 volt tester. I do believe you have a vacuum pump because the V10 can't provide vacuum to work any thing. AC for instance. Its usually over on the left inner fender. As someone suggested check to see if the CC has vacuum.
charwan 10/16/18 03:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Directv

When I installed my Genie I I knew my son would be moving into my basement while he repaired his home so I ask the tech if he could bring his Genie I over and use my antenna and he said no because they work off RF on the cable. When my son came over he brought his equipment and I told him it wouldn't work. He argued but gave in and we went out to the MH and took his receiver out of my MH and reprogramed it to work on the 3 LNB dish I had. Now I could have gotten another Mini "I only had two" but he was still paying for all his equipment.
charwan 10/16/18 03:00pm Technology Corner
RE: Directv

There is a lot that DTV does not share but I'd guess that not allowing additional receivers on a Genie 2 account it technically valid. The Genie 2 supports 7 video streams and 2 can be 4K. That is a lot of bandwidth on the coax and probably 19 channel slots (7 for each 4K). Having another receiver on the coax/WiFi might just be incompatible or just not reliable. Clearly another receiver in the RV with it's own dish does not interfere with the Genie 2. However you are now and always have been in violation of DTV policy which prohibits sharing on one account. DTV has no way to know if you are using both the Genie 2 and RV receiver at the same time but they can disable other receivers on the Genie 2 account. So take the Genie 2 and client(s) with you in the RV. charwan - Did you realize that using a receiver in your RV on your sons account was in violation of DTV policy? Scenario: DTV installed the Genie 2 and clients. There were no other receivers connected. Hence cancel all of the unused receivers. A DTV tech came to my house and installed my son's H24 receiver in my MH. If it had been wrong or he was not supoosed to, don't you think he would have said something or refused to have done it. So I am now sharing my son's account. We both have DTV Genie I and would cost for the receiver would be the same on my account or his so we or I'm not cheating anyone. "THEY INSTALLED HIS H24 RECEIVER IN MY MH FOR ME". Now what's wrong with that.
charwan 10/16/18 02:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Has anyone changed their own brakes?

The split pin just take a blunt punch and drive them out. Now they have little places on their sides to hold them in so just take the punch and start one side out and then do the other and then drive them out.. They will go back in with a hammer on the end. This will do no damage to them.
charwan 10/16/18 09:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Directv

. And Bill, you say not a big deal then you go on to explain the solution is exactly what Directv says I can't do and several other people confirm that. Directv is saying I can't have another receiver that doesn't hook to the Genie. And I want HD channels. That's the main reason I got the Winegard Traveler dish. msmith119 It doesn't make sense what they say "DRTV". Mine worked for several weeks after my son installed the his new system "So it can work with the latest systems" it just quit when they cut his old receivers off. Someone in the "ivory tower" decided not to let you use the two systems together. Now there is someone on here that tells he has some inside info to the fact that Directv won't cut 101 and 119 off. I read the article and it says they won't. You can go read for yourself. MOHO
charwan 10/15/18 11:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Directv

That happened to me several weeks ago. My son moved back into his home after making some repairs. Call the tech to put the receives back in and he talked him into installing the newest system in. The WIFI. Cut my receiver off in my MH after several weeks. Called to get put back they said no even though it had been working for weeks. He had to call them back out and they took the new system out and installed his old system and turned my H24 back on.
charwan 10/15/18 10:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Help parking

WE are a TEAM She guides...I park If anything happens it's our fault Escort us to the site if need be then act as an extra set of 'eyes' if site is that ackward...but do so quietly Well said Old-Biscuit. 3 were just asking for trouble.
charwan 10/15/18 09:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: question about power steps

I guess I'm a little dense but how would the steps work if you disconnected the ground? I thought the same thing when I read that. Wondered if and one else would catch it. I don't thank he meant it that way.
charwan 10/15/18 09:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford V-10 Techs Needed, Diagnos My Erratic Coolant Temp

I didn't know you were ever supposed to use overdrive when climbing, and have always heard that keeping your rpm's down also will help keep the engine and transmission cooler. I think you will kill your engine/transmission if you keep pushing it that hard when you climb. Why do you think they always say - sit back in your seat, relax and enjoy the climb. Well let's see if he has sense to just slow down to 4000 and pull the hill or start spending money as others have suggested. I still say he's killing his MH as you and I have suggested. Just because they tell you the V10 will do 4500 doesn't mean it will do it forever.
charwan 10/15/18 09:29pm Class A Motorhomes
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