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RE: Need Suspension Mods

Camper_Jeff thanks for the feedback and video link. I'm hoping the Supersprings will accomplish the same. rv8pilot, if you mean my rig, no, it's an 8' bed.
cheftim 10/12/20 06:21am Truck Campers
RE: Need Suspension Mods

FWIW, I removed the camper the other day and hit the dump scale again. Full tank of gas and my fat ass and nothing else: 7350 lbs. Cat scale had be at 12500 lbs with wife and dog and provisions. 12500 - 7350 = 5150 Minus ~400 lbs for wife, dog, and provisions says the 2017 AF 990 with one tank of propane, 3 empty liquid tanks, and provisions was around 4700 lbs. Pretty close to the AF stated wet-rate and what Geo*Boy sees with his rig.
cheftim 10/01/20 12:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Need Suspension Mods

Well, Hit a Cat scale last Friday. Front: 4680 Rear: 7820 Total: 12500 Had one of the propane tanks empty on the ride up. Drained all water and waste water before we left. Me the wife and the dog. Fridge full, Q grill in back hold, 3 chairs on back ladder, some tools in the small passenger side compartment, nothing much in the basement. We carry the usual dinnerware, glasses, etc. Clothes for the weekend. Nothing in the back seat of truck but the 80 lb mutt. Might be the camper was an inch shy of hitting the bump stops against the bed front but can't see that having any real impact. Had the bags set at 35 psi for the ride up and it seems to be the sweet spot for that load. Minimal sway for the load. I've decided that I'm just not an air bag fan though. Would rather have spring steel under me. I'm also not comfy with the overload I'm currently carrying and feel obligated to rectify that for our own safety and others. I'll bump the wheels and tires up so they're at least at 4500 per. Going to add the SuperSprings. Looking at their ordering page, they show capacities as such: 3500 PSP-7 (included) 1750 Half Kit 1900 Probably being dense here, but that 3500 lb capacity for the set?
cheftim 09/28/20 03:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Need Suspension Mods

Thanks all. TriBeard, heading to a Cat scale on Friday. I'll report. billtex, -->Not sure The advantage of adding SS’s to a 1 ton. Why not take full advantage of the OE spring pack? Can you help me out with what you mean there? Are you suggesting adding leaves to the current pack?
cheftim 09/21/20 05:22am Truck Campers
RE: Need Suspension Mods

Thanks for all of the feedback from you all. I'll be ready for new tires in the spring so I'll be upgrading both the wheels and tires to be better suited to the weight I'm carrying. Decision now is stay with 18" or go with 19.5". Haven't found a compelling reason for either one yet. I'll also be adding a Superspring. Looks like I'll have to get rid of the air bags altogether as it looks like they can't coexist. Heading up to one of my kid's house next week and will use the camper for social distancing. There's a Cat scale nearby and will jump on with all tanks empty for another reading.
cheftim 09/20/20 02:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Need Suspension Mods

Buzzcut1, Yeah, tires are rated at 3415 each so that will need to be upgraded. Thanks for that feedback. Anyone have E or F tire suggestions that are decent on the highway and are around 4k load range? I'm leaning towards Supersprings as well.
cheftim 09/17/20 05:56am Truck Campers
RE: Need Suspension Mods

Buzzcut1, Hit the local dump scale today. Mind you, they use the scale to charge contractors for dumping. Front: 4440 Rear: 7540 Total: 12000 Curb weight of the exact truck on nada guides says curb weight is 6600. Not sure how accurate that is but even if it was 7k, that'd mean the camper was nearly 5k. I'm 275lbs and there's a 1/4 tank gas in the truck. Got about 10 gallons water in the camper tank and about 20 in black, grey negligible. Wife just cleaned out the fridge and cabinets so no serious additional weight in the camper other than some dishes and clothes and a Q grill. Scale set up isn't optimal for weighing axles one at a time. There's a downramp 2 feet from the end of scale so I had the front wheels off the scale by only a foot so the front axle wouldn't be down the ramp. Thinking that inflated the rear axle weight.
cheftim 09/16/20 01:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Need Suspension Mods

Thanks dwrat. If I add Supersprings, do I go back to the original overload bumps or are the TL uppers okay? With that said, do the TL uppers interact with the Superspring?
cheftim 09/16/20 08:40am Truck Campers
RE: Need Suspension Mods

dwrat, What kind of set up do you have? Is it similar to mine? thedavidzoo, Thanks for the info.
cheftim 09/16/20 05:14am Truck Campers
RE: Need Suspension Mods

ranhalgo, thanks for the comparison. I had air bags on my last setup and never loved them. I'm trying like you to do things one at a time. At this point I'm trying to decide between the lower Stableloads, Helliwig Big Wig rear stabilizer, and Supersprings. billtex, other than yours being a CC and mine a SuperCab, we're pretty close in set up and weight. Other than the lower Stableloads, what other mods have you added?
cheftim 09/15/20 07:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Need Suspension Mods

Thanks for the follow-up sbryan. jimh425, rear shocks are cranked all the way up, front on 6. 80 lbs rear tires 70 lbs front. Geo*Boy, thanks for the feedback. The truck has the 11300 rating and the load sticker shows 4331. I usually travel with empty grey and black and 20 gal of water. Towpro, I have upper overloads and Torklift uppers. I never have enough air in the bags to take the Torklift off the upper overloads as it's obviously way to wobbly side to side. I usually try to have enough air in to bring it back up an inch or so. Buzzcut1, no CAT scales near me. Camper's on the truck. I'll see if the town dump will let me on their scales and report back on the axle weights tomorrow. Thanks all.
cheftim 09/15/20 07:05pm Truck Campers
Need Suspension Mods

I've got the rig in my sig: 2017 F350 with and Arctic Fox 990. It's me the wife and the dog. Don't haul much liquid. Figure I'm around the 4000 lb mark. I've put in the Rancho adjustables front and back, Firestone Air bags, and the larger bump stops that engage the overload spring earlier. Not loving the air bags on this rig. I've tried anywhere from 10 to 60 lbs. At 10-20 lbs, I hear something banging when I hit a bridge expansion or frost heave in the road, like something's bottoming out. Above 20-25, I lose the banging but it's way too bouncy side to side. I'm thinking maybe a Big Wig might help out on the side to side but I feel the issue is probably the air bags and something like helper springs are the most appropriate solution. Hoping to get some feedback from folks that have the same truck and similar weight camper to get a more solid ride that isn't compromised when camper is off.
cheftim 09/15/20 05:05pm Truck Campers
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