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RE: Flexible Solar panel performance

Most installs I did were on fiberglass tops and soft covers like biminis. There were always issues with dirt getting under them and discoloring the fabric and abrading the fiberglass. They will need to be removable to clean under them. Not an issue and 10 knots, but could be at 65 MPH. I can imagine a lot of movement at those speeds.Chuck
chuckbear 04/22/19 01:16pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Flexible Solar panel performance

Scratches develope from dirt, weather, leaves, tree branches, scrub brushes and just about anything else. They also degrade from UV and will eventually look like they are fogged over. Chuck
chuckbear 04/22/19 08:32am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Flexible Solar panel performance

I installed and used flexible panels in the marine industry for decades. They do not have the same output as solid panels and scratch easily so the output is degraded even more. They also don't have the same longevity. I stopped installing them. Chuck
chuckbear 04/22/19 07:53am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Thinking about changing from DirecTV to Dish

The reason this has NOT changed is that you can not legally (based on FCC regs) have DNS service in a fixed location like your stick and brick. DTV is updating their information to only allow legal DNS service to mobile customers. They have been negligent in keeping this information current. Chuck
chuckbear 04/20/19 08:07am Technology Corner
RE: Bra for toad

We used one on our Chevy HHR for years. Did a 12,000 mile trip around the country towing the car. We had no issues with the paint but we did keep a good coat of wax on the front end of the car. It did save the car from rock dings, which showed up when we did not use it. It finally just wore out and we plan to get another one soon. Chuck
chuckbear 02/12/19 07:10am Dinghy Towing
RE: Direct TV Genie System

Umm, Why not take it out to the RV, hook it up and see if it works??? Chuck
chuckbear 02/09/19 10:19am Technology Corner
RE: Ground-Neutral bond

One question. In installing the AIMS inverter with the built-in bypass, it shows bonding the inverter case to the RV frame. Is this really necessary? Chuck
chuckbear 02/05/19 09:28am Tech Issues
RE: Chevy Sonic RS, yes or no?

Y-Guy, You are correct. It is the Cobalt that has the same chassis. My mistake. Chuck
chuckbear 02/03/19 08:08pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Chevy Sonic RS, yes or no?

I believe our 2010 HHR is the same chassis as the sonic and automatic. We have towed it for about 15,000 miles with no issues. Just flip the switch that is attached to the fuse panel, put the key in the on position, pump the brake pedal to release the pressure, put the transmission in neutral and go on our way. We love the car. Chuck
chuckbear 02/03/19 08:48am Dinghy Towing
RE: Switched to Dish - Now What?

Now what? YOu can expect the same programs, the same re-runs, the same stuff, the same commercials, and commercials, and commercials, and commercials that you can get free on over-the-air free television. Then you can expect your rates to increase, increase, and increase some more. You have a bleak future. Not at all helpful and has NOTHING to do with any of the OP's questions. So why do you need to post this? Chuck
chuckbear 02/01/19 09:39am Technology Corner
RE: Goodby Google Chrome (a rant)

Using the latest version of Chrome now and have been using it on two computers plus my smartphone for years. I never have any issues or problems other than occasionally needing to disable the pop-up blocker on a few sites. Chuck
chuckbear 01/30/19 09:07am Technology Corner
RE: Removing Luan

Go over it. Forget about trying to remove it. Chuck
chuckbear 01/27/19 09:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: "driving" in the left lane. YES it's illegal.

We have lived in Florida for almost 30 years and have NEVER seen any law enforcement officer pull over someone in the left lane for being in the left lane. Most times, if the police car is in the left lane everyone slows down and backs up that lane because they are afraid to pass the police car. Then you have both lanes slowed down. Chuck
chuckbear 01/25/19 07:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Verizon and Robocall Annoyances

I use Truecaller, which has the largest database of spammers. I got the paid version. Well worth it, and it also blocks spam sms, text, all of them. Money well spent to avoid all the aggravation. I am also using Truecaller and find it does a great job of blocking annoying callers. IF I don't recognize a number, I don't answer. Check the number later and block it. Truecaller will either automatically block it or tell me it's a spammer and let me block it. It also allows you to report spam number so they can add them to their database. Chuck
chuckbear 01/15/19 09:12am Technology Corner
RE: Belle Parc in Brooksville Fl

Spent the last year there. Great park, friendly staff, some sites are very tight and close together and some are not. But be aware, whoever installed the pads had very little knowledge of RV's. The entrance pads can be on such an angle that the back of the RV will drag on the concrete before you are actually onto the parking pad. We have seen some class A's and travel trailers hang up trying to get in. They are always full for the season so you might not have the choice of another site. We loved the park, our site was not so bad. But we did have to enter and leave the site on a certain angle. They have added light posts to each site that will not allow us to do that anymore. Glad we now have our own property to park our rig. Chuck
chuckbear 01/13/19 08:01am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: I 10 Louisiana

The worst road we have driven on in the entire U.S. Next time we will do whatever is necessary to avoid I-10 in Louisiana. Chuck
chuckbear 01/02/19 07:45am Roads and Routes
RE: Clearance Lights Leaking -Thank you For the Tip.

Stop using caulk. I sealed all of mine with a good quality butyl take and trimmed off the excess. Can't see it and no leaks in over 2 years. Chuck
chuckbear 12/15/18 08:36am Class C Motorhomes
RE: app for dish sat finder

I also use the dishformyrv app when setting up the Tailgater or tripod mount manual antenna. Might want to mention it appears to be only for iPhones. Chuck
chuckbear 12/03/18 06:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1990 bounder turning gene on and off i hear buzz sound

My generator makes a "buzzing sound when turning it off every time. My tech tells me this is common and nothing to worry about. I recently found a "buzzing" sound at the circuit breaker panel that I traced to a faulty transfer switch relay. It is sticking. I plan to replace it immediately. It only happens on the generator. Chuck
chuckbear 11/11/18 07:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mobley problems

It is my understanding the Mobley only uses the ground and + pins and has no way to know it it is in motion. But, AT&T knows what towers the Mobley pings off of and will know if it is using the same tower all the time. ChuckI didn't notice anything in the terms of service that said I also had to move my Mobley around town :B. I can just imagine some manager at AT&T sitting at their desk thinking "I'll get one of our software guys to write me a report that tracks Mobleys to see how long they stay on and if they move." Actually no, I can't imagine that happening at all. I could imagine someone running a report to select all accounts where the device in use does not meet a class of devices listed for that service, if such a list of classes/devices actually exists. But then they would have to have legal render an opinion, decide on a response, and follow through. Seems like a pretty expensive undertaking if you ask me and might be risky because it would just anger people like me who pay them for satellite, 2 cell phones and a Mobley. Dave The service is called "Car Connect" for a reason and is designed to be used in a vehicles OBD port, not plugged into a power adapter and used as your home internet service. If you think they don't know many folks are doing this, you are kidding yourself. I doubt AT&T will need any legal advice if it feels the Mobley is permanently stationary and not used in a vehicle. No one suspected AT&T would decide to eliminate the extended timeout or a pin lock with a software update but they did. They can do what they want when they want. Someone said they could not tell if the unit is mobile. That isn't a fact, they can. At any time they could decide that if a Mobley is used in the same location as a certain tower too long, it isn't mobile. BTW, they don't need to write software, they know what towers the Mobley has used any time they want that information. They can change or rewrite TOS at any given time or interpret the agreements we have in lots of different ways. No one knows for sure, but the recent software update was totally unneeded for the Mobley to operate. That leads us to believe they may have other motives and it is POSSIBLE there is more to come from AT&T to make sure the device and the service plan is used as it was intended. If you think for a moment they care if it affects whether anyone cancels phone service or satellite service, well you haven't been paying attention to what most of the providers are doing lately. Chuck
chuckbear 11/06/18 11:00am Technology Corner
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