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RE: What is this make?

Should have the make on the title.
colliehauler 12/06/19 02:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Warranty work on TT v 5r v MH

I have to agree with the others and say MH because of the complexity of their systems seem to have the most issues. Then followed by the 5th wheel that is decked out with all the bells and whistles. The basic travel trailer might have fit and finish issues but not as many complex systems to go wrong. I would even break it down further into travel trailer's that don't have slideouts are less likely to have problems then those that do. This has been my experience.
colliehauler 12/05/19 07:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Voice Controlled Travel Trailer

Voice controled RV made by Lippert, I think I'll pass. I can see someone saying (I need to take a dump), trailers response (dumping holding tanks now) no Alexa I'm still in the garage.
colliehauler 12/02/19 01:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dealing with pet passing while on the road

Personally I would be more concerned about what would happen to the Collies if something happened to me while on the road. Leave contact info in your wallet/purse/rig. "In case of emergency and I cannot return to my dogs please contact...". We didn't travel that much with our dogs (for various reasons) and we knew the areas we took them to already. I'd suggest if you are going to be in one spot for any length of time you pre-scope for a vet. Hard to do if you are moving from spot to spot but if you are staying for a while you can be a little bit prepared so you aren't scrambling while you are stressed.Where my seasonal is at up North I know the vet and a copy of their medical records is on file. When I travel to Alaska or Florida I might not be in the same area very long. I put off a trip to Alaska until after Mikko passed. I have emergency contact info on my phone but my family is starting to thin out due to age so that may no longer be a option in a few years. If something does happen to me they would go back to Collie rescue automatically.
colliehauler 12/02/19 09:02am RV Pet Stop
RE: Dealing with pet passing while on the road

If I had a Collie pass while on the road I would make arrangements with a local vet for a cremation just like I do at home. Personally I would be more concerned about what would happen to the Collies if something happened to me while on the road.
colliehauler 12/02/19 06:56am RV Pet Stop
RE: Registering 1-ton Truck in KS

Grit Dog What suc's is a state legislature (who also owns a car delership in Wichita) got legislation passed for a tax on used vehicles from private individuals. Because private individuals had a unfair advantage over dealerships. Bet if you did a little checking you would find that law is part of the ALEC agenda. Yes, pro business, anti-people, but can not be blamed on any one businessman...It was reported he introduced the legislation, it took the vote of others to make it law.
colliehauler 12/02/19 06:27am General RVing Issues
RE: RV storage - how much room is needed?

Thanks everybody! Got the picture posted also, finally! Thanks for the link and instructions! I am generally good backing up the trailer, have helped others in the campground on occasion. I just never backed it into a shop, and spending this much money, I want to be sure. If I back it in doing a left turn, I will be pushing the trailer uphill, but that should be fine. What do you guys think would be the longest trailer I could get in there without issues? Also, if I had a total of 50ft (instead of 57), would I still be fine? In that case, I would move the shop a few feet towards the road, giving me more space for firewood storage behind. One more question: what's that powered trailer mover for $1,200? Again, thanks a lot for all the help and feedback.I would not personally care for not enough room to straighten out the trailer and truck before entering the garage. Motorhome would not be a problem. The storage area I put my 5er into has enough room for me to straighten the combo out and back in (12 foot width). If you have a 14'wide door it would not be as difficult.
colliehauler 12/02/19 06:13am General RVing Issues
RE: '83 Toyota pickup start trouble in cold, wet weather

Starting fluid ignites at a much smaller spark. Look for tracking between the primary and secondary terminals on coil and cap. It may look like a pencil mark.A distributor cap would be my guess as well since it starts in dry weather.
colliehauler 12/01/19 07:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What do you do for condensation inside cabinets?

In a small space with high humidity you have a lot of moisture. I agree with others a small dehumidifier would be the best solution. I had the same issue in Northern Florida. The single pane windows were always wet on the inside. I purchased a 30 pint model. At the time I was camping with 4 Collies and myself in the trailer, that puts a lot of moisture into the space.
colliehauler 12/01/19 11:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Thomas Payne Furniture - AVOID IT

Yes, I did mean October 2016 (purchase date) error. No, nothing fishy about my first post. I wanted it to appear in a forum that would be read by a lot of RVers, because it is pitiful how Lippert can get away with selling high-priced junk to RVers who need furniture to fit their spaces.There is another post in travel trilers similar to yours. Thomas Pain is junk RV furniture suggest residential furniture if it will fit through the door.
colliehauler 12/01/19 01:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Martingale Collar Danger

Well it happened to Sawyer 1 year and Sasha 4 months tonight. Sasha's collar was loose enough Sawyer got his bottom two K-9's under the collar and could not get them out. Scared the Collies and me. I would go without collars but if Sasha got out without identification could be bad as well. Vet wanted to wait until being spayed to insert microchip because of size of needle. Both Collies are fine but playtime is over for today.
colliehauler 11/29/19 05:17pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Howling wind

The closest I've been to a blow over was on I-80 in Wyoming. I was in the right lane and a gust of wind hit the rig and I went to the left lane and almost into the center divider. The truck and the trailer went as one unit and I was along for the ride. It made me a firm believer in the Reese duel cam Equalizer hitch. I was in a F-250 with a 22' trailer.
colliehauler 11/28/19 08:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Union Pacific Big Boy

Am I correct that it just finished the route? There doesn't seem to be a website that lists the completed dates and times of the various stops so I'm kind of inferring that it's finished.Union Pacific has a Web site that shows Big Boy is back in Cheyenne Wyoming. It has completed the loop. You can go to the Web site to see where it went.
colliehauler 11/28/19 06:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: is this enough truck to replace my F150 ECO?

I want to know how large those fuel tanks are. I would have to sell my truck just to fill that thing.
colliehauler 11/27/19 05:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Registering 1-ton Truck in KS

Grit Dog What suc's is a state legislature (who also owns a car delership in Wichita) got legislation passed for a tax on used vehicles from private individuals. Because private individuals had a unfair advantage over dealerships. Now when you trade a car in to a dealership they only tax you on the difference giving the dealership a unfair advantage over a private individual. You add in almost 10 percent sales tax and personal property tax on top of a vehicle ( like a platinum Ford F-350) and your talking a heck of a lot of money in taxes. Since I'm retired I might move to South Dakota to establish residents and travel.
colliehauler 11/27/19 11:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Registering 1-ton Truck in KS

Thanks Colliehauler. I stand corrected. Didn't realize there had been a change in the law.I still think we are getting taken advantage of paying a tax on a used vehicle that has already been taxed.
colliehauler 11/27/19 10:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Thomas Payne Furniture - AVOID IT

A friend's family business is building limo's and such. I asked him about 'bonded leather' furniture and he warned me away from anything that wasn't from a solid company with a LOT of experience in vehicle furniture. It seems the stuff intended for a S & B won't stand up to the high temperatures of a sealed up vehicle sitting in the sunshine. Interior temps can rise to more than 40 deg. over outside temps in just an hour on a hot sunny day.The bonded leather in my seasonal has been in extreme cold, down to -45 degrees but no extreme heat. It has had several generation's of Collies using it as a bed and held up very well. No holes, no rips and no delamination. It's very thick compared to the paper thin RV product. I've owned the love seat for ten years now. I do not know how it would handle extreme heat in southern climates.
colliehauler 11/27/19 10:18am General RVing Issues
RE: 2020 1500 Duramax 100 Mile MPG Tow Test

I know time will tell on this engine/transmission combo. But GM did a smart thing by going the inline 6 route. I’m sure it will go over the 150k, just the belt needs replaced... overall I’m watching the market on these 1/2 ton diesel trucks. I’m wondering how strong and long the market will be for these trucks. I see the advantage of owing one one day, when we downsize from the large fifth wheel. Chevy should have put a much large Fuel tank in their truck... good grief the tank is about the size of my 69 C10...I think you are not alone a lot of baby boomers will downsize and won't need a 3/4 or 1 ton. It nice to have to have choices from the big three.
colliehauler 11/27/19 06:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Thomas Payne Furniture - AVOID IT

Just think of how long that FAUX leather would have lasted in you house. You get what you pay for when it comes to ANYTHING RV! From bumper to bumper it all comes down to the $$$. Quality is non existent in the RV world. I wish people would do the research BEFORE they buy not After the problems start.I have purchased several items of bonded leather that has held up great even with Collies using it as a bed. It was Flash Furniture, Diplomat model. A sofa, love seat and chair was around $1400. shipped. The trouble is it does not come apart to get it into a RV. I was luck in having a large door. They sell this as office furniture.
colliehauler 11/27/19 06:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Thomas Payne Furniture - AVOID IT

Geez, and we wonder why forum participation has fallen off. Give it a few more years and it's going to be just a few crotchety old people left doing nothing but throwing out snarky comments. Give people a break here. Who cares if it's a newby posting, I wouldn't want to come back around either given the tone of some of these threads. We tend to bash people when they have a complaint, bash them when they asked a question thats been asked many times and be told to use the search funtion, etc As I said give them a break. :R Dan Thank you, could not have said it better myself.
colliehauler 11/27/19 06:17am General RVing Issues
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