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Turning your truck like a skid steer

Seen the new Denali will a new feature available hurricane turn that allows you to turn the vehicle in it's own length. It locks the wheels on one side and applies power to the other side.
colliehauler 01/21/20 07:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cruise testing, I would be uncomfortable

The customer has become the beta tester. It's a rush to bring the product to market before the competition.
colliehauler 01/21/20 07:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cruise testing, I would be uncomfortable

The new cruise being tested will not have a steering wheel or pedals for the gas and brake. I just don't think I would be comfortable in such a vehicle. For me it would be the lack of being in control. Did you teach your kids to drive? How was that experience?No kids to teach. I did take my niece out driving when she got her learners permit several decades ago. She did very well.
colliehauler 01/21/20 03:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cruise testing, I would be uncomfortable

For me it would be the lack of being in control. Does that make you a control freak? :BYou betcha.
colliehauler 01/21/20 12:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cruise testing, I would be uncomfortable

When/if this technology hits tow vehicles how would you hitch up a trailer or 5er? What would happen if trailer sway occurred? A tire blow out or mechanical failure? I might not even being towing anymore by the time this technology makes it into heavy duty trucks. Just thought of something, no more speeding since you can't control the accelerator. Absolutely no reason to be in the cab of the truck you could go to bed in the RV and wake up at your destination (hopefully).
colliehauler 01/21/20 12:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need Help with Utility Trailer Decision

Just went through this a couple of months ago. I wanted a enclosed trailer but did not want to spend the money, not only for the trailer but taxes and license. I bought a treated wood floor trailer for a couple of reasons. In KS a trailer under 2k does not need to be tagged, plan on hauling a couple of 500 pound maxi-scooters. On sale from Tractor Supply. I made a few modifications. I added a couple of bike hold down wheel chocks. I purchased a tongue mounted box from Harbor Freight for tie downs and wheel chocks ect. I purchased a led light kit to replace the incandescent ones. I upgraded the tires and wheels (It came with very cheap Carlisle tires). As for wood vs steel trailer floor which is best I don't know.
colliehauler 01/21/20 12:36pm General RVing Issues
Cruise testing, I would be uncomfortable

The new cruise being tested will not have a steering wheel or pedals for the gas and brake. I just don't think I would be comfortable in such a vehicle. For me it would be the lack of being in control.
colliehauler 01/21/20 11:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone use rv share?

No, I know what others have rented out that didn't go well. Let me ask do you have the skills to repair any damage yourself or take it to a repair service? If something is damaged you might be waiting for repairs unable to rent it or use it while being repaired. A dealer has a repair staff to maintain and repair rentals.
colliehauler 01/21/20 06:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone use rv share?

Welcome to the forum.
colliehauler 01/20/20 05:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Camping Lights

In all fairness,, I try not to disturb others. I do light and decorate my camp site, But always on the Awning or "Curb" side. Thats the "Action" area! I expect the same from you! I understand that the "street" side or non awning side is my neighbors side, My lights should be blocked for the most part to them. Same as the neighbor on my awning side, yeah it will reflect off or your street side,but that's what window shades or blinds are for,Right? I have not come across a neighbor with an awning side on the opposite of that. And most 99% of the places we stay at,, the fire ring side is the awning side! I tell the kids that the "Off Side" is not a play side and to stay in the "action area" or ride your bikes out front and obey the same rules as you would at home! Now kids will be kids, they get loud as they play and I try to control that! TRESPASSING is forbidden and respect for ALL neighbors is a must. With that being said,,,my kids are now in their early Thirties and the youngest is 27. NEVER have I had an issue with MY kids, Matter of fact I have had people walking thru the camp and comment how well behaved my kids were, Also had a neighbor a few trailers down come by and ask me what I was smoking? I could tell he was concerned that it was wafting his way. So I showed him the Pork shoulder and I apologized, Asked him If he would like a sample,, He walked away with three pulled pork sammies home brewed bbq sauce and slaw for his wife and brother! Next day I moved the smoker to the front of the trailer to help move the smoke.. That only drew more folks wanting to know what was cooking! The dear wife (party planner) threw an impromptu "Pot Luck" get together that evening! Met some really really nice folks and ate some great food! had many comments on how "FUN" our campsite was! So it surprises me to hear of Crampers that have an issue with that! Not that I don't care, but isn't camping supposed to be a pleasant FUN experience? I treat is as an extension (in a different spot) of our back yard! Hell you ought to hear my back yard when the kids were younger and had all their friends over swimming in the pool,,BBQ,Smoker going, a couple of tables of food and snacks! Dogs running around swimming with the kids! Now we have the kids over, but it's much more subdued. The now older couple across the street have said a few times that she misses the sounds of the kids having so much fun! Why shouldn't that be the way at a camp site? And some (now a days) multi color led decoration lights going? Where are you Crampers camping? Sounds like a very nice,dark,cold Cemetery! good luck with that! I can tell you that we have some very fond fun memories of camping with the kids and we miss that. You all must sit around an reminisce about all the Horrible cramping trips you have been on,, were the good ones the ones that NO One else was there?? Cause thats fun and all, but I work with the public and enjoy people, Crampers or not,,thats why we go!I would enjoy camping next to you, especially if you were smoking a Brisket LOL. I guess I have not had many bad camping trips, life is what you make it.
colliehauler 01/20/20 04:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camping Lights

We stayed at a campground a few years ago and had three travel trailers around us and all three had their trailer lights on and flashing 24/7. Want to talk about annoying.I could see that being very annoying.
colliehauler 01/20/20 01:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: asking for suggestions/opinions

It's your money spend it the way you see fit. Personally to me floor plan is more important then 5er or TT.
colliehauler 01/20/20 01:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: BMW vs KTM vs Triumph vs Honda Adventure motorcycle

Going thru mid-life crisis and thinking about getting a motorcycle. Rode years back but have had a itch for a while and it's becoming inflamed and red and REALLY itchy. Too old for a crotch rocket, not interested in a cruiser style bike. Seems that the adventure bike style seems to suit my fancy because we camp a lot in the mountains so I could do some trail riding/exploring. The remaining time would be driven around town. The BMW R1200GS seems to be the standard in which everyone compares to. The Triumph Tiger appears to be real similar in style, where as the KTM 1290 and the Honda Afrika Twin seem to be more of a dirt bike style DNA that has been modified/equipped to be more of an adventure bike that can handle the road miles better than just a dual-sport bike. Looking to get used cause don't want to end up with a 20K toy in the garage cause I don't get the time to ride. Have seen several BMW on the used market and a few of the others. Just wanted to see if any RV'ers also ride similar bikes and might be willing to chime in their thoughts/opinions. ThanksUnless you plan on sticking to mountain roads or fire trails a large heavy bike is not pleasant to ride on tight trails. I have rode trails in Colorado for years on a variety of bikes. Nimble and light are your friend. I would concentrate on what type of riding I planned on doing before bike selection. I have two BWW F-650 adventure bikes and a Kawasaki 650 Versys. I would not want to take those bikes on tight trails because of the weight. Sold my kawasaki KLR and Honda XR's because of a change in riding.
colliehauler 01/20/20 08:51am Around the Campfire
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

We lost Gary one year ago today.:(Still remember the first OF rally in Branson where I met Gary and Gary changed his handle to Dash on the dash. A lot of water under the bridge since then. Gary loved his Greyhounds and GSD
colliehauler 01/20/20 08:22am RV Pet Stop
RE: Camping Lights

What made builders think that those bright LED light strips on the front of trailers was a good idea? What purpose are they? JMO, but they are highly annoying. I am with the minimalist crowd. A red rope light runs from the outlet by the steps & finishes wrapped around the 5er's pinbox. No excuse for walking into it. As for the rest of outside lighting usually the only thing used is an old fashioned kerosene type lantern on the table or hanging somewhere. Amazing how well you can see once eyes adapt to available light. Then there is light spillage from the camper lit up like Vegas nearby.The led lights on the front usually light up the brand name of the RV for advertising.
colliehauler 01/20/20 08:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping in Minnesota

Like others have said by August and September the mosquitoes usually aren't very bad. Spring is usually when they are prolific. And as others have said how wet a year plays a role as well. I spend a lot of time a year around Northern MN. The mosquitoes come out in full force around dusk.
colliehauler 01/20/20 07:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Full Hook-ups or no?

Depends on how long I plan on being there. I do prefer electric for even short stops if the weather is hot. I have boondocked for a week in mild weather without hookups. Just depends on the situation. Sometimes I use the RV as a motel and other times a vacation home.
colliehauler 01/19/20 08:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Seasonal site N Florida or S Georgia

Looked at some RV parks in Valdosta GA and Lake Park GA. Noticed the sites were very close together. River RV park seemed the nicest, Oak RV park did not look as if it had a level site and they assigned you a site. Eagle in Lake park had some larger sites in the long term area. Most had very little room between the sites. Very few had a concrete patio and if they did it was postage stamp size. I stayed in a motel this trip since I had a short amount of time and a very long drive. Overall kind of disappointed on what's available. Last time I took the RV and stayed at Top Sail by Destin but was hoping to be close to Valdosta.
colliehauler 12/23/19 07:12am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Typical problem we all see in RV parks.

I get up early so usually up drinking coffee when most people are leaving.
colliehauler 12/20/19 06:32pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Pickup driver caught after cops find him hauling 53? trailer

I seen something similar between Winnipeg and the border. A 1 ton Dodge hauling grain in a similar fashion.
colliehauler 12/20/19 01:43pm Fifth-Wheels
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