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RE: Tearing down an RV safely

The main energy source remaining is gravity. Pay attention to that and all should be well. That is the biggest one that worries me. My hope is to be able to direct those forces in a controlled manner. A hard hat might be your friend. Not a bump cap, a real hard hat with an internal shock absorbing suspension.
coolmom42 01/25/21 10:16pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RV cover vs shed?

I'm still stewing around about a good parking spot for my class C. There is no off-site storage I would trust within a reasonable distance of my home. The city will not allow me to add an additional driveway entrance, which was one option. I would have liked to add a gravel pad and shed at the lower end of my property, but am concerned about getting stuck in mud, without a driveway. So that option is out. Another option is to extend my concrete parking area beside the house. However, I am somewhat concerned about the aesthetics of a tall class C shed next to a one-story ranch house. If necessary, I'll do that, but still have some reservations. Is it feasible for one person to put a cover on a Class C, with no assistance? I'm pretty strong generally so that is not the issue. But somehow I'm thinking this is not a one-person job. I really want to get my RV covered when not in use, in some way. We get a LOT of rain sometimes in my part of TN, plus some ice/snow.
coolmom42 01/25/21 10:13pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: US Hwy 412 across Arkansas & Oklahoma

Planning a trip to to southern CO & northern NM this year and am looking for an alternate route to I40 or I70. Thinking about taking US 412 from Hayti MO across Arkansas and Oklahoma to Guymon OK. Will be driving a Class C with a Jeep toad. We like to take our time and enjoy small towns. Last trip we took US 60 and US 50. What kind of road is it? Any campgrounds or stops you would recommend? Planning on staying at Corral Drive-In RV park in guymon. You are not alone in having issues with the highway signage in Tulsa. It's not clear at all. We missed a turn even with a Garmin GPS.
coolmom42 01/07/21 08:31am Roads and Routes
RE: Durability of Command strip hooks and hangers?

Sounds like a much better solution than what the twits that owned our Tango did before we bought it. They ran long screws right through the wall, protruding outside, to hang an ugly decoration that weighed maybe 12 ounces..... That is exactly what I do NOT want to do.
coolmom42 01/01/21 12:22pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Durability of Command strip hooks and hangers?

I'm thinking that the weight limits on the Command Strips are for an item hanging on a wall that doesn't bounce up and down on the open road which adds an inertia load. Definitely. I will use much more heavy duty strips and more of them than the specs would require.
coolmom42 01/01/21 12:21pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Durability of Command strip hooks and hangers?

Many of that type of adhesive is activated by pressure. So make sure to press really hard. Also many dont like being applied to cold surface temps. If applying in the winter it helps to clean the surface with alcohol and then warm it up with a blow dryer or heat gun. YES! I used them to hang some large pictures (canvas wraps) in my office at work. The directions say to apply pressure for 1 minute, and preclean the surface with rubbing alcohol. Warming it makes sense, too.
coolmom42 01/01/21 12:12pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Durability of Command strip hooks and hangers?

When the strings broke on one my Day & Night shades I replaced them with curtains from IKEA and used a curtain wire also from IKEA to hang them. width=480 width=240 width=480 I did not know these existed. That is a great option.
coolmom42 01/01/21 12:09pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Small Class C on Truck Chassis?

If I had pots of money, a Tiger on a crew cab chassis would be my choice of RV. The crew cab could convert to an extra bed in the back seat as needed.
coolmom42 01/01/21 12:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Durability of Command strip hooks and hangers?

We used 3M Command Strips to hang all our pictures in living area/hallway and some towel hooks in bathroom Some pictures were Small .... 8x11 Some pictures were LARGE .... 20x24 Hung them back in 2007 prior to hitting the road FT Traveled all over the USA...Hot Summers/Cold Winters --- rough roads Nothing fell down/Command Strips stayed STUCK until WE decided to take down No Damage Key....CLEAN BOTH SURFACES with Alcohol and let it air dry then apply Great! Thanks for the info. I am going to get some of the large decorative hooks and hang some lightweight curtain rods. I'd rather make a few curtains than deal with those stupid shades that don't work. Also the bathroom is badly in need of some storage and hooks!
coolmom42 12/30/20 10:36pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Durability of Command strip hooks and hangers?

I am considering using Command strips to hang some lightweight items in the motor home. How do they hold up in summer heat (in Tennessee), in a closed up RV? This is assuming the surface prep and installation of the Command strips are done correctly. I've used adhesive Velcro (just the sticky Velcro, not Command strips) and it comes loose in the heat.
coolmom42 12/30/20 09:46pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Living in a Trailer

The very first thing I recommend is that you do not make this decision until 1 year has passed. Give yourself some time. Absolutely, this. If you want to get a trailer to travel to visit family, more power to you. Unless you have a large/high upkeep/high tax/high mortgage payment house, you will not find that living in a RV is a huge savings. If you want to downsize, look into a condo or small house to use as a home base, and a RV for travel. That's a good first step. Then if you REALLY want to downsize more, it's time to consider full time RV living.
coolmom42 12/30/20 09:30pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Amazon to close down Kindle lending library January 2021

You can get free Kindle books, for up to 21 day loan periods, through any public library. Bigger libraries generally have faster access to titles that are wait-listed.Since the delivery of public library books is done via Amazon I wonder if they will be impacted. Dave No. It's a totally different program.
coolmom42 12/28/20 10:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Amazon to close down Kindle lending library January 2021

That sucks. I bought my wife a kindle for Christmas. There is no shortage of free/inexpensive reading material, even without this program.
coolmom42 12/27/20 09:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Amazon to close down Kindle lending library January 2021

You can get free Kindle books, for up to 21 day loan periods, through any public library. Bigger libraries generally have faster access to titles that are wait-listed. Just discovered this this year. One of services our library uses takes you to Amazon and you get the Kindle version. Our library also does music and movie borrowing. Nice thing is, you never run out of something to read if you have internet access. If you are going without it for a few days, you can download several books at a time to stock up!
coolmom42 12/27/20 08:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Class C RV Bomb I'm wondering what happened to his dogs. Maybe they had all died? Apparently he had multiple small dogs, and built a ramp up the back of the house so they wouldn't have to go up and down the stairs. My thinking is that he gave the homes away because he was planning to do this.
coolmom42 12/27/20 08:33pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Amazon to close down Kindle lending library January 2021

You can get free Kindle books, for up to 21 day loan periods, through any public library. Bigger libraries generally have faster access to titles that are wait-listed.
coolmom42 12/26/20 11:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Class C RV Bomb

Right now there is a police presence at a home in Antioch, a neighborhood in Nashville. The home owner is identified as a 63 yr old man with explosives experience and electrical knowledge. The RV is not visible in the photos of the home. It is visible in some Google images from 2019, and is definitely identical to the bomb carrier. This is a good picture of the RV and a link to updates on the story. I'm guessing that the make and model were identified and the police found a match in motor vehicle registrations, and the owner has some things that match up as a possible suspect. The most concerning thing at the moment is that ALL services related to ATT in central TN, southern KY, and northern AL are out. This means phones, both cell and landlines, internet, credit card and ATM processing. 911 services are out for about 25 counties. Luckily all the counties have a battery of cell phones available, that apparently run off Verizon towers and do not use ATT services. They also have some sat phones. All law enforcement in the area is manning their facilities 24/7, even in small towns, until communications are back up. This building is not labelled as an ATT facility. It's a plain building with nothing on the front except a street number, a garage door, and a man door. So someone researched the location and it doesn't seem to be just a random building hit.
coolmom42 12/26/20 02:53pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Starting engine with dead key fob

I've had a car with "keyless starting" for several years, but only today did I learn a way to start the engine when the key-fob battery goes dead. This is for a Chrysler 300, but it may apply to other makes. The following is from the owner's manual. NOTE: In case the ignition switch does not change with the push of a button, the RKE transmitter (Key Fob) may have a low or dead battery. In this situation a back up method can be used to operate the ignition switch. Put the nose side (side opposite of the emergency key) of the Key Fob against the ENGINE START/STOP button and push to operate the ignition switch. Maybe most people already know this, but there may be someone out there who is as ignorant as I am. I made a point of looking that up in the owner's manual when I got my first vehicle like that (a Toyota Sienna.) Seems to be either that method, or a hidden spot to push, like in the Ford mentioned above.
coolmom42 12/26/20 02:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Questions About People's Knowledge Of Various Issues

1. Mini(Older class c) that have a front overhead window are more prone to front overhead cab leaks 2. Class A's are much easier to drive and manuever. I base this on 41 years as a RV Tech that has driven BOTH thousands of miles. 3. But, Class C's have MORE bed space than most Class A's. Most Class A's are designed for 2 people. Especially in the size range you are looking at 4. YOU NEED TO RENT THE TYPE RV YOU ARE WANTING TO PURCHASE. It will cost a LOT of money to purchase and then find out after a few months that the Floorplan does not suit your needs. Renting for a month or so at a time allows you to determine the Floorplan that will suit your needs. Until you actually live and use, you will not be sure of the floorplan that will suit your needs. 5. I base my comments on the 41 years as a RV Tech and working for the same Dealer that sells both new and used and have seen the hits some customers take when they buy without knowing positively if the Floorplan will work for them. Some are well off and will absorb the 10's of thousands of dollars the hit takes when they trade and get the floorplan they want. New or used, you will take a large hit. Doug This is very good advice.
coolmom42 12/26/20 02:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is there something I am missing ?

Well, we tried to stay with facts. What facts are those . . . The facts that masks work . . . Depends on what Doctor you talk to. Mine says they don't and people are actually get sick from breathing their own germs back in and out. If masks work why are people still getting sick?? No thanks to the mask You need another doctor.
coolmom42 12/26/20 02:35pm General RVing Issues
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