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RE: Height of class C?

I personally measured my Forester on the E450 chassis at 11-4 to the top of the AC. Thank you!
coolmom42 03/06/21 04:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What the heck? I thought motorhomes lost value fast!!

People are asking for the loan payoff. Asking price is not the same as selling price. Anyone can ask whatever they want, whether or not they get it is a different story. Check NADA pricing. That's much more realistic. Allowances can be made up or down for condition, upgrades, new tires, etc.
coolmom42 03/06/21 04:04pm Class A Motorhomes
Height of class C?

The specs I've found online for my motorhome show it with a height of 10'10". Does this include the height of the roof AC unit? Coachmen Freelander 21QB 4500 Chevy specs
coolmom42 03/04/21 07:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Internet speed

The only question would be bits or bytes? Small "b" so it's bits. The days of 1200 baud modems are long gone outside a few specialty uses. No one is advertising consumer internet services based on those units. So while technically different, other than to be contrary, there is no confusion. You are incorrect. b=bit B=byte bits and bytes
coolmom42 02/27/21 10:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Deleting Book from Cloud

Where did she download it from, and what does that site say about it being stored in the cloud? I download from Amazon (Kindle format) all the time and the books are not stored in the cloud. If she has an automatic backup, it MIGHT be keeping a copy in the cloud even if she deletes it from the phone. You will have to delve into the mysteries of Iphone syncing to figure that one out. Ebooks are NOT big files, and she would need THOUSANDS of them to consume any significant space in cloud storage. Not something you need to worry about, really.
coolmom42 02/27/21 10:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Tennessee state parks

Been there. They pay people to put a paper tag on your number post that has your reservation dates so you just need to show up. No check in. This. Whether or not the host or a ranger stop by is highly variable.
coolmom42 02/27/21 10:45pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New Cell Phone..had to ask?

I bought new Pixel 5s for my bride and myself. They're cheaper than the new phones from the competition, perform very well, excellent photos, big storage, and the battery charge lasts twice as long as anything else I've ever tried. Nothing against older phones, except that stuff does actually eventually wear out, and more importantly those models stop being supported and so fall behind on security updates. I have a Pixel 3 and will upgrade to whatever the current version is, when this one bites the dust. Super simple operation, no bloat-ware, no apps from Samsung that you can't get rid of. If you are looking for a deal, go on and get a good used one. S7s are closing on obsolete and will probably have other problems than battery before long. I wouldn't spend $$ on one. If not buying off Swappa, look at the "contract" price from your carrier. That is quite a bit less than buying one outright. I have no desire to switch carriers, so don't care if there is a contract or not.
coolmom42 02/21/21 11:28pm Technology Corner
RE: Cell Boosting Kits Sold on Ebay

Don't waste your money on the knock-offs. Either get the WeBoost or don't bother. Voice of experience. I have one for my house (acquired after putting on a metal roof) and one for my car. Haven't needed one yet for the RV but probably will get one in the future. They work great.
coolmom42 02/21/21 11:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Using RV generator as backup for house?

So the gas burns outdoors and is pumped in with the freon or a fluid? Sounds like a heat pump to me even if it uses heated air rather than the bitter cold outside air to move the heat. I am sure the multi-speed blower and maybe multi-speed compressor make it very efficient. One's I heard about have a plenum from the unit to the house to move hot/cold air for heating or cooling. Unlike an outside AC unit that has the freon lines going to the inside furnace and plenum. think of it as a typical furnace mounted outside the house. Some are roof mounted. So, no they are NOT a heat pump for heat, just a heat pump for the AC just like any AC unit is. Likely reason they need 240v is for the AC unit, so they run the furnace section off the 240V or may have an internal transformer for the furnace section. This is exactly what it is. It's NOT a heat pump. I've lived in this house 25 year, and this is the 3rd one I've had. (2nd one was 5 yrs old and got fried by lightning last summer.) They are very common in my small town, because 2 of the main subdivisions were built in the 1960s. Lots of growth in this area at the time, and budget houses were a great deal (and still are.) This is a very common style of house in this area. Crawl space, no basement, less than generous closet space, low slope attic, typical ranch style houses. So there is NOWHERE to put a traditional split system furnace/AC unit. I sacrificed a chunk of the bathroom closet to the return air ducting. The houses were originally build either with electric wall heaters, or radiant ceiling heat, and large window air conditioner units.
coolmom42 02/21/21 11:12pm Tech Issues
RE: New Ford 150s Save the Day in Texas

How big are the generators in those? Different sizes?
coolmom42 02/21/21 10:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: A terrible dinette table. Opinions on modification?

Replace that tabletop with one that has hinged sections, that you can fold down when not in use. Add an extendable foldup leg section for use when supporting the bed, or use a sufficiently strong piano-type hinge. You could have a fold-down section on one end, or both. Like this,only proportioned to meet your needs.
coolmom42 02/21/21 10:55pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: CC&R dated 1973 says no RVs, trailers, boats can be stored

My subdivision has subdivision covenants regarding materials of construction, setbacks, outbuildings, mobile homes etc. It does not and has never had a HOA. The covenants were put in place by the subdivision developer and are part of the deed. So the existence of a HOA is not a requirement for restrictions. One of my neighbors wanted to build a smaller house than the restriction (by only a couple of hundred square feet.) They made a petition and got X number of property owners in the subdivision to sign it. I don't know what entity approved the petition, nor what number of % of homeowners had to sign it. They had to have it processed before the building permit. I'm sure laws about this sort of thing are highly variable. My advice is to talk to an attorney, and/or the codes enforcement entity. If you do have such a petition, go around to the people with the stuff in their driveways, and their neighbors, and get it signed first. That neighbor sounds like a PITA and I would not care to live across the street from her.
coolmom42 02/21/21 10:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Using RV generator as backup for house?

Well it's a NO-GO. I had an extended conversation with my HVAC dude. My heat blower requires a 220V input. He said that the variable speed blowers are almost all like that. So not going to happen with the RV generator. My goal is to be able to at a minimum, have heat in the house when electricity goes out. That need can be met with a gas fireplace or heater of some type. Ideally, I would love to be able to power the entire house. That means a whole house generator, supplied off natural gas (which I have.) My natural gas does not freeze up, unlike in TX. So time to get some quotes and info on the options.
coolmom42 02/20/21 07:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Occupied RV Fire

That's sad. And I doubt she has adequate insurance to replace it, even if she could replace it, and now she's homeless. It must have been an older heater. All the space heaters I've seen in several years have a tip over switch that cuts them off when they fall over. That was my first thought ................................ It's very easy to check the cutoff switch, and I always do that fairly often. All you have to do is pick up the heater, or tip it.
coolmom42 02/18/21 02:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Using RV generator as backup for house?

To determine grounded neutral, you need to isolate genset out put, start genset, you should have 120 volt between both neutral and ground. You should have continuity and no voltage between neutral and ground. I am guessing you have a transfer switch in your rig! Yes, in that the generator automatically feeds the power panel without plugging the power cord into the generator. (Although the previous owner told me that was necessary, he was wrong.) I don't think that would have any impact on connecting to the house panel.
coolmom42 02/17/21 01:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Using RV generator as backup for house?

My furnace & blower are outside in what is called a "GasPack" unit. It's the only configuration of central heat/ac that will work in my 1960s ranch style house with crawl space and low attic space. They are pretty common around here.I think that is a heat pump, not a furnace. Yes you need to adjust the power requirements accordingly. It's a gas furnace with electric blower, in a package unit with the AC, which uses the same blower. I am quite familiar with the utilities in my home.
coolmom42 02/17/21 01:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Using RV generator as backup for house?

We usually lose power a couple of times a year (winter, wind, fires, ect.). Our 5500 watt portable provides plenty of power, if used judicially. An extension cord run into the house to a power strip for the TV (on cable, interestingly, cable never goes out when the power does - underground), run the refrigerator about every 4 hours, the chest freezer is good for at least 12, laptops can run with the TV. A wood stove heats at least the living room, and eventually the whole house. HWH and furnace are both 240, neither work on gen power. Heat is my primary concern. I've looked at gas heaters, wood stoves, etc but really don't have a suitable place in the house to put one. All the other stuff is gravy. But nice to have.
coolmom42 02/17/21 01:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Using RV generator as backup for house?

Be aware many RV generators do not provide 240 volts, so you won't be able to run any appliances that call for it, such as most deep well water pumps, etc. Since the OP specifically covered the water supply as being city water, not an issue. To the OP: You are golden with what you want to do. Just a question of how much prep work you want to put in from minimal and run extension cords to a built in system with automatic transfer switch feeding a subpanel for the items you want to run off the generator. Since you are asking the question, I'm going to say, get a professional to set it up for you as you likely don't have the knowledge to do it right. I understand the principles. The wiring is probably beyond me. I definitely want a built-in system. If the weather is nasty, I don't want to be dragging extension cords on the ice.
coolmom42 02/17/21 01:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Occupied RV Fire

That's sad. And I doubt she has adequate insurance to replace it, even if she could replace it, and now she's homeless. It must have been an older heater. All the space heaters I've seen in several years have a tip over switch that cuts them off when they fall over.
coolmom42 02/17/21 01:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Using RV generator as backup for house?

3000 watts should run that house fine. Electrician will probably put the critical items on a 120v sub panel in addition to installing a switch and a power inlet to connect power. This is the switch that I had installed in my house for use with my 3K inverter generator. Works great and allows you to watch the wattage being drawn on each leg. I think the link you provided is for a 240V input, there is also a 6 circuit 120V 30A available from the same mfg. That's what I have. If all you want to do is power one or two circuits this is another option. If you go the transfer switch route make sure it is compatible with your generator. unbonded neutral generators (ground neutral not bonded) transfer switch wiring is different than a bonded neutral generator. EZgenerator switch can be configured for both, IIRC the other 6 circuit transfer switch is only configured for use with an unbonded neutral generator. Many if not most portable generators are unbonded neutral. My generator is the 4KW Onan built into a motorhome. How do I determine whether the neutral is bonded or unbonded?
coolmom42 02/17/21 12:29pm Tech Issues
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