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RE: Portland Oregon Parks question

I been around these areas talked about since 78. Crime wise, traffic wise, nicer area wise, shopping wise and access to great recreation wise Fairview is not bad. Troutdale would be a tiny bit better. All other areas now a days would be wise to avoid for various reasons.
covered wagon 01/22/20 12:48am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Portland Oregon Parks question

covered wagon 01/22/20 12:46am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ideas from those of you who built your own hold downs

With my first truck and TC, the RV dealer installed the Torklift tie down brackets. I replaced that truck last year and did my own install. The rear brackets for my 2018 Ram are pretty simple and anyone with the proper equipment and fabrication skills should be able to come up with a workable solution. The front brackets are way more complicated at least for my 2018 Ram model. It took serious engineering design to build a bracket that fit the tight space. Even with a well designed bracket it took me way over an hour to install it. As I remember it the issue was the placement of a fuel line that made it difficult to design and install a bracket. Due to the complexities, I would guess it would be all but essential to copy the Torklift parts and also to reroute the fuel line (or a brake line, if my memory is incorrect). For that reason I never liked bolting to the side of the frame. Too many things in the way and then having to slide a nut down a wire and try getting it to spin onto the bolt threads. What a pain it was. These days I would think about a belly type bar instead for the front, at least, to go under the frame. I think I would figure out a way to clamp or hook that to the 'C' channel frame rather than drilling holes and damage the frame.
covered wagon 01/19/20 10:53am Truck Campers
RE: Ideas from those of you who built your own hold downs

With a older truck like yours I would look for a use set of tie downs on cragslist or facebook. You could probably find a use set for a few hundred bucks. I have factory tie downs now since 03, but made my own rears with the open sided receiver hitch like OP suggested. It is a better way to go for sure so I gave away the rear Torklift tie downs. The slot next to the hole is where they could not shut off the cutting tool (water jet or Laser cut) to keep them looking good.
covered wagon 01/18/20 10:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

I think one of the biggest reasons for not socializing is politics. These days everyone is offended by everything. There is no more live and let live or agree to disagree. Look at all the protests, about everything, going on. People are so stratifiedbin their beliefs that in many cases they are willing to get physical to defend them. This is not confined to camping or rving. I have this going in daily life. I am not liberal or conservative. I feel that both have good ideas and bad ones. I reserve tje right to be my own person. However this becomes problematic, as a have good friends on both sides and both are so strong in their beliefs that they are willing to fight and dissolve freindships over this ****. I find it extremely hard to engage in any type of conversation that doesn't offend someone about something. I solve this problem by hanging out with the old cowboys. We find disagreements are a reason to pour another one. Have good times.
covered wagon 01/15/20 08:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Camper damage due to being serviced at that dealer

I would say that the frame is bent and it's difficult to trust dealerships from what I've seen in my 68 years. Why didn't they mention they will fix the cabinets? I think because they don't want you to know the real extent of the damage. Sorry that's my thoughts is all.
covered wagon 01/13/20 08:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Deciding on Battery Replacement

If voltage is dropping to where you are not sure if the furnace can go all night.... time for new batteries. The simplest solution always seems to work the best.
covered wagon 01/11/20 07:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Do y'all see the IRONY here?

Trees are the earths filter keeping the air clean. It is said that one acre of trees supports 18 people with enough oxygen. Therefore I want the pollution to be filterable please no nuclear waste, no battery waste, no chemical pollution. Thank you for reading. Please Save and plant trees they help keep it cool for you.
covered wagon 01/10/20 09:21am Around the Campfire
RE: mounting a propane tank to bumper

So the one on the top is for the 4th of july, right? But steer clear by a hundred yards.
covered wagon 01/05/20 01:49pm Truck Campers
RE: mounting a propane tank to bumper

Have the propane guys lift the tanks back up on the drawer for me and then I secure them myself. Then I have everything on 12 volt system so all I need is quiet honda to charge batteries with a 1 1/2 gallon gas can (little gas can) for easy store. If I want full hooks then I will go somewhere with more civilization, but Not near interstates they suck.
covered wagon 01/05/20 01:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Ladder Rack Accessories..

covered wagon 01/04/20 11:41am Truck Campers
RE: Fuel pump problems

The relay will never be in the fuel tank. It is commonly in the PDC, power distribution center and if you hve a similar relay such as the horn relay you can switch them to see if the fuel pump will run again. Be careful though.... some will say 'fuel relay' but is for the injection pump if you have a diesel rig. Best thing is to drop the tank and get rid of the in tank lift pump (not the injection pump) and add you own frame mount lift pump for easy access and changing if needed. In the tank lift pumps are only guaranteeing that the dealer will get your service when it goes out. Pretty much a planned dealer support item.
covered wagon 12/29/19 08:36am Tech Issues
RE: I hope I'm done!!!

In our case of stick bugs and box elder bugs a vacuum would be a band aid approach as we didn't have just a few.... we had millions of them coming in like a blizzard in the fall. It's a literal bug storm, like snow. I finally invested in a bug bazooka fogger that makes a cloud of spray the size of the house. Blasted them 3 times during the bug storm, we finally won the battle. It so wonderful to finally be rid of them for two years now.
covered wagon 12/21/19 08:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Ashby's Law 1956 and solving problems....

Best idea to solve problems come from being parked with your RV in a most beautiful natural environment. Mountains, Trees, Glacier, level ground in the valley below where riding your bicycle or walking presents all the views. A tavern a few steps away helps too, in moderation of course. I have found that anything that changes perspective or bounces around your thoughts can trigger an idea. Talking to my dog on one occasion helped to solve a storage problem I was having in a building.
covered wagon 12/14/19 10:04am Around the Campfire
RE: Truck Camper style Camping outside ScottsDale

Interesting great suggestions. I love getting far enough away to not be connected to much of anything. Especially nice getting away from the phone for awhile. I think we all need that occasionally.
covered wagon 11/29/19 02:06am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper style Camping outside ScottsDale

Coming back from Alaska this summer, we went -Mt Hood Forest -20 to 95 and we run into Hot Springs on this stretch -80 to 306 in NV down to Las Vegas. This is as much "back-roads" as I could find. Beautiful scenery, lot of ghost towns, but also long distances on windy roads. You will also see huge Gold Mine on the route. You can consider Death Valley loop for $30 entrance fee. Than in AZ, about 180 miles past Vegas you will find Burro Campground. Nice place, "in the middle of nowhere" especially when the 120F heat waves are gone for the season. Being that 130 miles from your destination, you could consider it as base? Thanks Kayteg1 that's sounds nice and nice out of the way roads as well. Thinking about going thru Nevada's only national park too. It's way eastern Nevada surrounded by mountains.
covered wagon 11/28/19 05:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper style Camping outside ScottsDale

Thumbs up to all of you. I'm looking up all the places mentioned so far. Next is to find out of the way, beautiful backroads from Oregon heading into Scottsdale.
covered wagon 11/28/19 09:52am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper style Camping outside ScottsDale

Are you looking for a campground, RV park, etc? Or Boondocking? I am in favor of all if nice folks run the place and/or more natural surroundings prevail. I want to avoid the concrete/ asphalt parking lot and overdeveloped areas that are more concerned about image. Thank you so much for the interest in helping. Going to a new area can be difficult, but if I have a good home base it's not so bad. I'm used to very quiet and rural. Don't do well with road noise all night.
covered wagon 11/28/19 09:12am Truck Campers
Truck Camper style Camping outside ScottsDale

Need to get down to Scottsdale this winter and so I'm wondering if anyone familiar can advice me of a good place to stay in a rural setting outside town. I like less commercial, less artificial surroundings with mostly nice, well mannered down to earth folks. Please nothing snobby or run by the gestapo. Thank you in advance so much. I hope this doesn't get moved as I'm a devoted truck camper kind of camping person.
covered wagon 11/28/19 12:59am Truck Campers
RE: The future cost of RV stay

The power grids are already close to maximum use now. Can you imagine what will happen to your home electric bill should most folks be driving an electric rechargable car and truck? Can you imagine the power demands and crowds with every exit having a hotel for sleeping while you recharge?
covered wagon 11/18/19 06:48pm Tow Vehicles
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