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RE: Factory Floor Repair at Keystone

Sorry for my rash statement, but your supposed to have plywood over the foam insulation.
covered wagon 12/16/20 06:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Quiet heater that doesn’t drain batteries ?

One diode on the fan power wire made mine quiet enough to sleep. It slowed it down just enough to stop the rumbling that it used to give off when running full rpm. The factory tech told me that I could do this w/o creating any problems prior to adding the diode. The diode will reduce the voltage somewhere around a half of a volt. Even batteries are running low it still functions fine, but you need to call a company tech to be sure it's okay to do this modification.
covered wagon 12/04/20 09:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Dump Station Observations

Just put in your own at home even if you have to hire labor to get it dug underground. It may take time getting it done, but in the long run will save you a lot of time and be much more sanitary.
covered wagon 12/01/20 06:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Escape Hatch Condensation

I wish they made a small build in unit dehumidifier. One that self drains so you don't have to empty the tray all the time. Now this idea has gone on for a long time really, but no one builds one for RV's unless I missed it. Just did a search for '12 volt dehumidifiers' and a few came up.... not too expensive, they also help clean the air of mold and bacteria laden moisture. Seems like a good product to look into.
covered wagon 11/21/20 11:22am Truck Campers
RE: Are there any threads here that........

I find it best to block those posters and customize the forum to suit my vast knowledge.
covered wagon 11/20/20 08:55am Truck Campers
RE: Escape Hatch Condensation

I used the foam padding that comes in a roll for under your sleeping bag when your sleeping on the ground. Easy to cut and flexible, you can cut it a bit large and stuff it tight. This has helped a lot. I lined the underside of the hatch cover as well using contact cement. Remember to cut a bit larger for snug fit. If you don't do a good job remember the hungry Grit Dog will bite you right where it counts.
covered wagon 11/18/20 07:57am Truck Campers
RE: 2 Years Without Changing Oil?

I went several years before changing my genset oil because I only put 10 or 12 hrs a year on it. The dipstick was always clean and the level was good. When I did change it there was a lot of white creamy sludge in the bottom that did not show up on the dip stick. So condensation is a real problem especially over the winter, and even though I ran the genset before I drained the oil it did not burn off all that sludge. I don't know what an oil analyses would cost but I am sure it is more than my oil change and filter. I am sure there are a lot of variables as to were you live how long the engine sits between use etc, but I think a yearly oil change or every 12,000 miles is good advice. That's what I saw too on an Onan that the Lady neglected to have changed for 2 1/2 years. I would pull the dip stick and be clear and nice. After you warmed it up for the oil change it was black and not nice oil. All she said was well... ''I never hardly ever used the generator''. So why do I need to have it changed? I showed her the oil taken out in a clear pan and the bottom was starting to settle and looking milky. Not pretty.
covered wagon 11/18/20 06:58am Tech Issues
RE: Peel and Sick Vinyl Plank.

I've installed lots of LVT and LVP. The best stuff is the more flexible with a stronger click together lock. Some I have had to glue the edge pieces only to get the field tiles or planks to stay together because the clicking or locking edges were not made very well. Try to get the stuff that has a tendency to relax and conform to any imperfections as this stuff tends to be flexible or vinyl like. The stuff that has a more rigid surface can warp in the sun. I wouldn't glue the whole floor. Makes it harder to replace. just glue the edge pieces. To avoid glue we have even pin nailed the edges and smaller pieces. We try to nail with the pin nails (one inch long) where the baseboard will hide the nail. Harder surfaces can shatter or blow the surface when nailed.
covered wagon 11/16/20 06:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Lance siding... is this factory?

The screws probably are not stainless so the caulking applied to the threads loses its seal from the rust. That's if caulking was applied to the threads as should be done in weather conditions.
covered wagon 11/14/20 01:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Road with uneven surfaces.......

Excellent advice here everyone. I really appreciate it. I have an 02 Ram 2500 with 105 K miles because it's only used for the truck camper. I like the truck because it the last year you can go without smog check and I also like the mechanical injectors. I think Supersprings are the way to go. Getting the springs to do their job sooner will allow lowering the airbag pressures thereby eliminating some of the bounce. Next is to get the front tires down around 55/65 psi like said above. It was wonderful, even though fighting 'tilt steer' to go on a second unhurried trip before the snow flies in the California mountains. We had a really great time. I had to go on Highway 80 for about 25 miles. Wow what a nice surprise from memory, as the last time I was there with my beloved Grampa driving his Cadillac 47 yrs earlier. It was very nostalgic. The snow showed up at our favorite camps in northern Cali just a few days after we got home in Oregon.
covered wagon 11/12/20 11:22pm Truck Campers
RE: NL Skylight lug broke off

A general view that I have is some of the problems run into while owning an rv is that you have to be very creative in order to properly solve some problems. I too have a NL camper and find that with enough thought and planning you can usually have a good solution come on sudden or take some time for it to dawn on you. In my case I wait awhile since I never want the easy way or first thought to influence my decision, shall I say, I always strive for the better way. Often easy to tell the best solution as it is usually the most difficult as well. I rebuilt my hatch cover from stainless steel with a commercial hinge, resupported the cab over from sag, reinforced the basement sides, upgraded the water fill port and the city water port. I have installed a marine 4 stage charger and battery switch with accurate gauge. Installed a bilge blower to help air out the belly of the camper after much use with intake and exhaust venting. Needless to say I went overboard as an owner for 17 years now. My hope is that I can instill some ambition to figuring a solution. Perhaps you will even get something on the market that will make you money and help others as well. I got into fixing everything on mine because like many folks I don't have 49 K laying around to go buying another one. I need my money to enjoy it and go places. I just got back from a trip and want to go again ASAP.
covered wagon 11/08/20 08:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Road with uneven surfaces.......

Those tires can be inflated anywhere from about 65 psi to 80 psi. What psi do they have now? Have you experimented with changing tire pressure yet? I've got the rears at 80 psi and the fronts at 70. It steers well, very straight when the surface is flat and not tilted. Are there any good solutions to getting the overload springs back in action? Since putting on the airbags the rear is so well supported, but is not allowing use of the overload springs. I am aware of using bump stops or supersprings on the overloads..... just wondering if anyone has a recommendation for either since one or the other might be a better option based on someone's experience.
covered wagon 11/08/20 08:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Road with uneven surfaces.......

Thank you Old Biscuit, that's what I'm talking about. I call it 'tilt steer'. When my tires were new I kept increasing the pressure in the front tires that's my mistake and took two 1400 mile trips before things settled down. Perhaps another contributing cause is my Air Bags, which have separated air fills, are holding the suspension too high off the overload springs. In fact the overloads never touch the bump stops at all. I need to figure something there to help with this. Thank you all for the help too it's great.
covered wagon 11/08/20 03:56pm Truck Campers
Road with uneven surfaces.......

My SRW Ram 2500 just got new M&S E rated Michelins. Wow, How they wandered until they got broken in. As long as the road is graded even with a newer surface its a butter cake to steer, but when you get to old surfaces that tilt side to side you really have to compensate the wheel. I suppose you could call it tilt steer. I hate it the first couple hours on a new trip. After that I'm sort of automated about handling it and becomes a simple difference between loaded and unloaded. Any you guys with Duals experience some degree of a top heavy feel while on older surfaces? BTW, my camper weights around 3,000-3400 depending on the trip.
covered wagon 11/08/20 08:05am Truck Campers
RE: Are other drivers killing your RV experience?

I fill up with fuel the same place our local police fill up and they are saying the same thing about people the way things are changing. While camping a great area last week, it was great meeting some new friends. Want to dwell on the fact that most RV people are really good folks.
covered wagon 10/22/20 09:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Are other drivers killing your RV experience?

While its not a big issue i think speed differential in norther Michigan is kind of annoying. I like to Cruise at 70 with the camper hooked up. Its comfortable to me, trucks stable, transmission isn't always shifting up and down. Its a good speed and i can keep'er moving. Michigan last year or so raised the speed limit to 75 in some parts. 65 on state highways as well. It gave everyone a green light to go 85/90. While its great with a snowmobile trailer or even no load. you can really fly. Not so great cruising at 70 with a trailer. Your going to fast for semi's and to slow for the left lane. when you come up on slower traffic you get stuck with a line of 30' cars cruising past you in the left lane at 85/90 for a few miles. makes it aggravating to try and pass slower traffic quickly. Not a big deal breaker but annoying some times. usually on long trips. Out my way they raised the speed limit for the big rigs, so now everyone is running even faster to pass at an effective rate. Part of the problem as a result we see a lot more excessive speeders running the 80- 90 like you say. It makes for some very horrific crashes at those speeds.
covered wagon 10/20/20 09:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Are other drivers killing your RV experience?

I want to thank you all for the great comments here as it has given me a different perspective. I think also having gone thru a lawsuit where a person tried suing me for an undisclosed amount over some actions I took to get him off my property, It caused a lot of distrust with many things in my everyday life around me. As it was I tried to help a guy, but turned out he was only interested in getting a free ride and setting me up to sue me. Pretty evil person in the end trying to provoke me at times. Imagine that going on your own personal property for 3 mos. My Lawyer was Brilliant. Anyhow finally getting an RV trip after all that going on put me in unsure waters for a time, This discussion helps me realize the need to get back in touch with my old self. I think I will and thank you all.
covered wagon 10/19/20 09:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Are other drivers killing your RV experience?

Why even RV if it gives you that experience every time you hit the road?I allow people to complain instead of trying to judge or 'fix' them. That just makes them feel worse. Thank you for that.... It doesn't really bug me that much. I do think people should think of others a bit more. I try anyway.
covered wagon 10/18/20 02:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Are other drivers killing your RV experience?

I think there are less considerate drivers these days. But killing your RV experience? Really? I guess if I got in a wreck, then yes. But like the guy who had his rig totaled, it would only kill it long enough to buy a new one. I drive at the pace I feel comfortable with, and generally in the first lane. Usually not a huge deal that would ruin my experience. Mike What prompted me to bring this up is I just got in from a 1300 mile trip, 80% on byways and backroads. Most are very nice, even had a big rig stop to see if I was alright while I made a phone call, but on two occasions people came up behind at a high rate of speed tailgated and when I couldn't pull off they passed in a double yellow zone even though they could not see who was coming. Very alarming! Another occasion on a double laned passing lane going up a grade they refused to go around even though no one else around....and tailgated me. I kept slowing down to make it better for them to pass, but refused until I got to the campground to turn . It was very weird having a driver refuse to do what was right and good to do. I don't understand what the problem was. When I got to a very nice town with a Safeway on main street in a 25 zone I sat in amazement in the parking lot and watched trucks and cars go by just speeding like there's no tomorrow. They were all on my rear while I thought I should do the 25 MPH because of all the crosswalks, homes and businesses. I'm sorry this stuff affects me the way it does.... I won't be giving up RVing anytime soon.
covered wagon 10/18/20 01:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Are other drivers killing your RV experience?

Yes! We actually cancelled our trip from PA to Myrtle Beach SC because at 65 years old driving around the Baltimore and Washington outer loops scares me stiff. I know what its like just driving my 8,000 dually, they play with me like I'm a toy. Don't they respect size and mass? Pulling a 41' fifth wheel with a dually 4x4 8' bed is Xanax time, I can't stop this train on a dime! I try to maintain safe following distance to give me some room to stop......forget it. Three cars cut in front of me. I guess if I leave at midnight is best, shouldn't be too crazy at 2-4 am? I hear you loud and clear. I'm 69 and my neck gets painfully tense from the risk takers around me. Now it's my leg starting in on the tension. I finally slowed to a comforting speed and not let anyone push me into the fast pace. We have lots of deer with turns hills and bends that make it unsafe going fast and at some of the high speed limits the state posted up in some areas. I do what is safe on back roads and byways. The freeway I go with the trucks as that seems to work. There are a lot of speeders these days, but adding to the problem are the ones that know what is right and good driving habits yet refuse to practice it. That seems odd to me.
covered wagon 10/16/20 08:07pm General RVing Issues
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