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RE: New Travel Trailer

HELP My daughter and S I Law recently retired and are looking at new TTs. They found a 2022 29 ft, 2 BR, 7,000 pounds, fully loaded. Forest River brand. He has a diesel short bed. half ton. The price is just over $45K. WOW !! They put a deposit on it and then called me. I have towed thousands of miles, 5th w, TT, Pop Up, you name it in the last 62 yrs. I think it's too much money for the TT, not enough truck to tow it or breaks to stop it. Tell me what you think and I will forward the comments to them. I know what you will say I think Help me out. Also, he has never towed anything other than her Toyota on a trailer from New York to Calf and little cargo trailers I would have them consider where and when they're going to camp before buying. IOW try pretend booking some campsites for a trip and see what's available. The idea that there's ton of places to camp at the most desirable times to go is wrong. The eyeopening may allow them to have a little more patience w the TT purchase or perhaps even reconsider the type of RV or even whether it's worth buying one to begin with.
cptqueeg 07/06/22 06:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Fuel cost in your area

80 gallons diesel last fill up, $495.20 My last house on the east coast had a 1000 gallon heating oil tank!!! It wasn't uncommon to put 6-700 gallons in it during Dec, Jan, Feb..... OMG!
cptqueeg 06/30/22 02:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Empty parks with no open sites.

A CG has a duty to hold a pre-paid reservation for some amount of time which is up for discussion. And it is different if it's prepaid. The issue of empty spots partly stems from the policy of allowing booking of sites that aren't available by booking days ahead of the desired period so days that aren't available to all now can be booked. has a 10 day waiting period after which reservations can be modified to release those nights, but some people don't and that leads to many unused sites.
cptqueeg 06/23/22 02:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Yellowstone Procedure to enter park 6/22

They are opening the majority of the park faster than anyone predicted. I think the other part of the park will not be opened till next year. I got berated on another thread for suggesting that they will pull out the stops to get the crown jewel of the NP system back open fast. Of course, they were always talking about the south loop opening in a week or two as there was minimal impact. On the north loop, it was just a question of what they could open and when. I'm betting they have road & bridge projects going before the snow falls and by mid summer 2023, the main roads will be open. Some of the secondary and spur roads will likely stretch out longer. They used your post to express their negative "feelings" towards the fed gov, and in particular the NPS with no real knowledge of the situation.
cptqueeg 06/22/22 11:39am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Moving from 5th Wheel to Sprinter based Class C

Have you considered a smaller 5th wheel or bumper pull and keeping your truck? I think this gets to the point of...why are you switching? If we know why, we can provide better feedback. Yes, correct. I could have blurted out my opinion, based on my use and my experiences and preferences, but I want to actually be helpful to the OP.
cptqueeg 06/14/22 08:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Yellowstone roads closed!

Looks like the north loop might be closed a long time, between roads washed out and bridges destroyed it could be several years to reopen. Oh wow, guess we shouldn't count on our October reservations there.
cptqueeg 06/13/22 06:09pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Moving from 5th Wheel to Sprinter based Class C

Have you considered a smaller 5th wheel or bumper pull and keeping your truck?
cptqueeg 06/13/22 05:26pm Class C Motorhomes
Yellowstone roads closed!

Got notice this morning that we should not show up for camping this Wednesday 6/15. Rain on snow event caused roads to blow out.
cptqueeg 06/13/22 05:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

well...... 8 pages of normal RV.Net truck capability arguments and the original OP ( rarin'2go ) was a 1 and done poster on THIS thread..... I will say that is is/was interesting reading all the response.. what did I learn?? Grit know a TON about trucks and thier capibilities, as do a lot of others.. Cummins HATES IPA and a Toyota can tow a space shuttle ! Add Grit LIKES IPA to your list of takeaways! Not the trying to be cool with your hipster buds, stifle the bitter beer face like. I just like 'em! High octane beer! What's not to like?? IPA's are so 2018. The hipsters have moved on! (NTIGAF)
cptqueeg 06/13/22 05:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What's up with CGs?

I'll be going early and late in the seasons or dispersed to avoid cretins like Qamper. It's pretty much a free for all at peak periods. It's not just city folks or the young that causes the problems by any means.
cptqueeg 06/03/22 12:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: What's up with CGs?

Pallets of all origins move freely move through North America w/out any body giving it a second thought. Yes and no. Yes, once manufactured into pallets they move freely. No, the USDA (and countries that have adopted ISPM 15) does look at where the wood came from used to make the pallets. USDA: ISPM 15-Compliant Wood Packing Material Got it. There are rules, but IRL those rules are not enforced in interstate or international trade in N America.
cptqueeg 06/02/22 08:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Decreasing supply of Diesel Fuel and DEF Fluid

It's the **** globalists,, read it earlier in the thread LOL. "LOL", in other words you've got nothing. Now please see yourself out. Thank you, good day.
cptqueeg 05/30/22 12:47pm Coast to Coast
RE: Decreasing supply of Diesel Fuel and DEF Fluid

All the theories in this thread and not one mention of where the ASLEF, UTU, BLET, and a few others are mixed into the recipe? Not one thing happens without them having a say. Well now that you you've mentioned it please fill us in. I'm especially interested in how a British union plays into this mess.
cptqueeg 05/30/22 11:40am Coast to Coast
RE: Decreasing supply of Diesel Fuel and DEF Fluid

Then the Jimmy Haslam testimony to the surface transportation board meeting (that's not Congress). This is the same leadership of the same company that paid an 85 million dollar fine and an even larger settlement to customers it defrauded on fuel pricing 5 or more years ago? Okay...... So Pilot is or was run/owned by crooks, they're just a customer of UP. While I may be happy that Pilot is getting the shaft from UP, I feel for Pilot's customers that are going to suffer. Here is another article which mentions approximately 30 shippers involved so it's a LOT more than just Pilot affected. U.S. fertilizer manufacturer CF Industries (CFI) is advising customers it serves, via Union Pacific rail lines, that railroad-mandated shipping reductions will result in nitrogen fertilizer shipment delays during spring planting season. Union Pacific informed CFI, without advance notice, that it was mandating approximately 30 shippers, including CFI, to reduce the volume of private cars on its railroad effective immediately. CFI was told to reduce its shipments by nearly 20%. Non-compliance, according to CFI, will result in the embargo of its facilities by Union Pacific. That means CFI will be unable to accept new rail sales involving Union Pacific customers for the foreseeable future. CFI ships to customers via Union Pacific rail lines primarily from its Donaldsonville Complex in Louisiana and its Port Neal Complex in Iowa to serve key agricultural areas such as Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and California.Union Pacific informed CFI, without advance notice, that it was mandating approximately 30 shippers, including CFI, to reduce the volume of private cars on its railroad effective immediately. CFI was told to reduce its shipments by nearly 20%. Michigan Farm News article
cptqueeg 05/30/22 11:29am Coast to Coast
RE: Florida State Parks Early Reservation

I'm just starting to use campgrounds the last couple years and my experience already is pushing me to go when no one else wants to go. I'm spending the peak seasons at home and leaving the crowded campgrounds to others.
cptqueeg 05/30/22 07:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Decreasing supply of Diesel Fuel and DEF Fluid

It's queeg, but any way. It's about 30 different industries that have been asked to curtail shipments so it's not just DEF and diesel that's affected. The railroads cut their workers(see article) and went to this system called "Precision Railroading" and it's just a total cluster.
cptqueeg 05/30/22 07:36am Coast to Coast
RE: Decreasing supply of Diesel Fuel and DEF Fluid

The real whole story behind this is in a thread on and it connections to the Biden administration. Real long story. Dragraceresults got the scoop before the WSJ, Financial Times, The Economist, etc, etc... "Blackrock is the majority shareholder of Union Pacific railroad" "Definition of majority 1a: a number or percentage equaling more than half of a total" A simple google can verify that is not true. Throw some BS around and see what sticks. "It appears Blackrock is spearheading the dismantling of the US system on behalf of the Globalists. And the first domino they are pushing over is the energy sector. They are using DEF to get the party started. This is one sector of the biggest downfalls in political repercussions this country has ever faced… haha the author(air quotes) pulled this out of his azz. do you actually believe it? or are you predisposed to that view point anyway so you don't really question it?
cptqueeg 05/29/22 09:08pm Coast to Coast
RE: Decreasing supply of Diesel Fuel and DEF Fluid

Read the entire article "These cuts in the workforce, and now the scrambling to hire people amid “labor shortages,” is contributing to issues in meeting heavy transportation demand: Union Pacific temporarily suspended traffic from Los Angeles into Chicago, and BNSF has started to meter traffic into Chicago, to allow them to catch up unloading the trains that are stuck in their Chicago railyards. The resulting pot-banging by frustrated shippers has gotten the attention of the STB. “The railroads cannot strip down to bare-bones operations,” STB chairman Martin Oberman told the Wall Street Journal. “It’d be like a professional football team only having one quarterback.” The American Chemistry Council – which represents companies in the chemical industry, such as BASF, Chemours (the DuPont spinoff), Chevron Phillips Chemical, DuPont, ExxonMobil Chemical, etc. – lamented in a letter to the STB, cited by the WSJ, that railcars were waiting at railyards for over a week and travel times for some routes more than doubled. Some factories were running out of materials because shipments had gotten hung up and were approaching the point where they’d have to close, and other factories have cut production. The railroads “clearly weren’t as prepared as they should have been for the increase in traffic,” Jeff Sloan, senior director of regulatory and technical affairs at the Council, told the WSJ. The deteriorating service shows that the railroads cut too deep before the pandemic and were unable to catch up, he said."
cptqueeg 05/29/22 04:54pm Coast to Coast
RE: Decreasing supply of Diesel Fuel and DEF Fluid

Who told the RR to ship less diesel? Most fuel is pipeline. Then trucked from distribution terminal. The Union Pacific RR (UNP) requested that Pilot reduce their shipments of fuel and DEF and UP has requested reduced shipments from other industries as well, fertilizer for one. When rail traffic gets so heavy their minimal staffing levels and lack of "power", what we call locomotives, means there is no way to move the volume of freight that otherwise could be moved. With today's labor situation and being VERY fussy w whom they hire it's tough to respond to what probably is unprecedented demand. A few years ago they had so much power available and less demand so they mothballed hundreds perhaps more locomotives. I'm not sure if, or how quickly they could put them back into service of if there are enough crews to operate them if they were available.
cptqueeg 05/29/22 03:03pm Coast to Coast
RE: Decreasing supply of Diesel Fuel and DEF Fluid

Deregulation of the railroads This is 3rd leg of transportation deregulation, airlines, and motor carriers(trucks) are the other 2. I shipped fresh produce by rail for 30 years and the railroads do what's best for their shareholders, customers and employees be damned. I had a customer say many times that in a time of war the railroads wouldn't go out of their way to help the US. The rr will fix this when they get good and ready. And to some degree shippers that were truck dependent have hopped on rail to minimize their reliance on trucks. (Nobody wants to be a trucker cause the industry deregulated and made the trucking business miserable.)
cptqueeg 05/29/22 01:16pm Coast to Coast
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