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RE: Broken key, locked out of TT, no spare :(

Glad that is settled. I have always had two door models for convenience and safety, this lock issue is just one more reason to have more than one access. Trouble is, the industry is dropping the extra door for cost reasons. Yes, our next one I'd like to have two doors - safety being one reason.
crazyro 11/17/19 06:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Broken key, locked out of TT, no spare :(

Crisis averted. Since the lock seems to have failed, since we only had one key anyway, I saved money on a locksmith, drilled out hole, ordered new latch and we're back in business and now have 4 keys total. Thank you all for your suggestions!
crazyro 11/16/19 04:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Broken key, locked out of TT, no spare :(

A few years ago it was revealed that a large number of the most commonly used door locks on RVs were defective, in that sometimes the lock would freeze up if the key was removed after locking if the key was not in the vertical position, but in the horizontal position. When this happened, the door could not be opened from either inside or outside, and the only solution was to drill out the lock and replace the entire mechanism. You don't say what year your rig is, but if it is more than 3 or 4 years old, you may have one of those defective locks. She's 13 years old, so a very good possibility. I had to scramble and quickly set her up, lock her up and fly overseas so there's no telling what I did in that process. When I came back, no go...
crazyro 11/14/19 05:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Broken key, locked out of TT, no spare :(

If I understand this correctly, you have key broken off in the lock itself. Usually the solution is for a locksmith to use a special broken key tool that serves as the head of the key. However, if the lock itself is damaged internally so that it just can't turn at all, they may have to drill the lock, saw the lock or something else that can bypass what is physically preventing the lock from turning. I would not beat myself up too much over not having a spare as with a key broken off in the lock, not sure what a spare would have accomplished anyways. Not sure if one of those electric keypad locks would have made any difference anyways as it sounds like some physical obstruction in the mechanism. Good luck and let us know how it turned out. Fortunately, the broken key part I was able to get out. Unfortunately, it seems something broke inside the mechanism. It would not turn at all, no matter what we did. So it may have to be drilled out.
crazyro 11/13/19 02:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Broken key, locked out of TT, no spare :(

Call an automotive locksmith and he will get in real quick. That may be the direction we'll be going. And I guess I'll need to order a whole new lock and keys and replace it.
crazyro 11/12/19 04:07pm Travel Trailers
Broken key, locked out of TT, no spare :(

Just returned from a trip and my wife said she couldn't get the TT unlocked. I tried it and sure enough, the deadbolt was stuck. I tried to turn the key (didn't even use that much force) and the darn key broke. Sadly, the previous owners didn't give us a spare and of course, of all the times I swore I'd get a copy made, I never did. All windows are tightly shut. No, I can't get inside the bed via storage. I *may* be able to get a kid to squeeze through rear storage but not sure I can make it happen. Any ideas? Bust a window and replace later? :( Even so, can it be unlocked from inside? Locksmith? Much appreciated.
crazyro 11/12/19 03:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tow/Haul off or on(ram)

If towing, tow haul mode on. If not towing, TH mode off. It doesn't matter if hills, flat, rain, shine. Shifting patterns are different in TH mode (longer time between shifts, higher RPMs, etc.). It's why it's there. Use it...
crazyro 08/21/19 09:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Ram 1500 3.0L ECO DIESEL upgrades

I'll just leave this right here. Link won't work for me.
crazyro 06/11/19 06:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Late-model 1/2 Ton and 30+ feet - Real world experiences...

I pull with an older truck (so there goes one of the three requirements), but do pull a 32 footer. Loaded I'm at less than 6,000 (so there goes that). But yes, 1/2 trucks can do a great job especially some of the newer ones with higher numbers when it comes to towing capacity. But, as you probably already know, getting to the limit of a truck's capabilities can spell trouble. In terms of power, since you mentioned it, our truck performs as expected, even on grades we've experienced in the Carolinas.
crazyro 05/17/19 11:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Storing Your RV

We have been storing our current camper in two different facilities. I have personally been very pleased with both. The first one was a dirt/grass parking area (with a slight incline). The good: large spots. I would say they were around 20-25' wide and a good 50' long. Also, very inexpensive. The bad: It was about 25 minutes away (just far enough to be annoying at times) and insurance rates were actually higher in that city. The current setup is nicer. Sites are paved, but they are rather tight. 10x40. Doable but tight. Oddly enough I actually like it during storms as the wind is buffeted on either side of my camper. Insurance rates lower since it's in the same city we live in. Much closer at around 7 minutes away - much easier to check on things. Both facilities had security cameras though I like the current one better as they have huge screens at the main office as you go in so you can see the traffic within the gates. Price-wise, they are a little higher but worth it for me. My requirements for storage: 1. Price 2. Security I hope this helps.
crazyro 05/17/19 11:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Sorta 'Survey' - IKEA RV Stuff

I love their cinnamon buns, mmm... :) They don't seem to make it out to the TT in time tho. :( Hahaha
crazyro 05/17/19 11:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas pumps and Flying J

Flying J and Pilot pumps are "backwards." You must swipe payment card FIRST, and then it will ask you for a rewards or club card. I got aggravated the first time until I realized this. I love our discount!
crazyro 04/24/19 08:13am Good Sam Club
RE: Best way to run fridge while not level

Ours is mounted on side wall, curbside (passenger side). In our case I'm assuming it's better to be off side to side than forward/aft (camper-wise).
crazyro 04/24/19 07:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Best way to run fridge while not level

Check your fridge make/model and look up the manual online or contact the manufacturer for max. out of level degrees. Don't know what fridge you have but our Norcold is designed to operate up to 6 degrees out of level front to back and 3 degrees side to side. Older fridges can't be out of level as much. For a fridge oriented against a side wall, 6 degrees is quite a bit and an 8' wide TT one side would be 10" lower on one side. A 30' long trailer with fridge in same orientation would be 18" lower at one end. An out of level trailer can be a challenge to sleep in! This seems to be the major consensus out there. Front to back leveling is more important than side-to-side (speaking TT here and not the fridge unit). My thought was in heavy rain, would I be better off with a little lean side to side or front to back to drain off the water better. I guess I'll do half to one degree at most side to side.
crazyro 04/23/19 11:28am Travel Trailers
Best way to run fridge while not level

Had a weird thought this morning... I know TT needs to be level in order for fridge to work properly. However, if that's not an option, I wonder if it's better if TT was unlevel side to side or front to back for ammonia to be "happier" in the pipes. Anyone care to take a stab at guessing or does anyone know? :) (Mods, tried to move to Tech where it may be a better fit; please feel free to do so)
crazyro 04/23/19 08:22am Travel Trailers
RE: What's your stick(est) wicket?

Are you the wife? lol Rare gem indeed! Haha. I'll never tell. ;-) But yes, refreshing to see.
crazyro 04/12/19 11:24am General RVing Issues
RE: What's your stick(est) wicket?

Notice I say We. There are many great sites we would never get into without the help of my excellent DW spotter. No dancing around. No prancing. No shouting. She has radio in hand & I trust her without question. I cannot LOVE this enough!!!
crazyro 04/12/19 06:55am General RVing Issues
RE: 6 passenger pickup

Our '06 RAM (1500 Mega Cab) is a 6 seater. Middle front seat is usually taken up by our 11 year old (when we all go). Rear seating area is huge and our teenagers (18 and 16) and little girl (8) have more than enough room to sit and stretch.
crazyro 04/08/19 09:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Weight of trailer and my tow vehicle

Ha, my trailer has a dry weight of around #3500 and a GVWR of #5000 and I tow it with an F150 that has a tow rating of just a tad over #11,000... I'm comfortable with that because I know it weighs every bit of that #5000 because I know I pack too much and will take any trailer I have to it's GVWR.. Give me a #7500 GVWR TT... I'll load it to that amount. Easy! I'm just a weekend camper too, so those that don't load anything in their trailers, more power to ya! I used to tent camp and always wanted more stuff when "camping" so got a trailer.. Loaded up all the stuff I want to take and there you go! This is just me of course and I camp the way I want to camp and other's camp the way they want to camp.. How do you want to camp? That's the question. Bet that #4300 dry weight trailer has around a #6000 GVWR on it.. Good luck! Mitch I will second Mitch. My truck is rated at 7,000 lbs towing and payload capacity of 1,900 or so. I took months to find a trailer rated at less than 5,000 lbs dry to ensure I didn't get close to max. Add in six of us (rarely but it happens) and the truck is still happy. But personally I would never exceed limits. Could truck do it? Sure. Would she be happy? Not for long.
crazyro 03/19/19 09:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Logo Help

I'd love to help. Just let me know.
crazyro 03/14/19 09:28am General RVing Issues
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