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RE: Truck GVWR wrong weight listed on registration

(my understanding is that if I'm ever in a wreck and weight is incorrectly stated, insurance company could deny claims) Rather than assume and ask people not affiliated with you or your insurance, I would ask your insurance company. That said, I think that you've been given poor advice. The registration weight is a tax you pay to the state to drive down the road. Your insurance would start having potential problems if you are grossly overloaded, but even then I doubt they deny claims. Drunk drivers are covered in wrecks, why wouldn't you be covered? Can't argue with that... Well, this will be rectified next week at the DMV and I will be able to sleep better knowing I'm all good.
crazyro 06/05/20 01:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck GVWR wrong weight listed on registration

Lots of great info guys. Much appreciated. I think I'll just pay the extra $20 and call it done. If nothing else, for my personal peace of mind...
crazyro 06/04/20 08:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck GVWR wrong weight listed on registration

This makes perfect sense - thank you for the responses. It hit me today why it's listed at 8,000. I transferred the tag from the old Mega Cab (GVWR of about 8,500, listed at 8,000). I guess I can leave it alone and maybe change it next year when it comes up for renewal? Or I may be thinking too hard. We do plan on getting a golf cart to carry in bed of truck and pull our camper (5,000 lb or so) so with the truck weighing at around 7,000, I'll definitely exceed the GVWR listed. At the end of the day I know it won't really matter. Peace of mind? Just keep trucking? What say you? What would you do? :D
crazyro 06/03/20 07:49pm Tow Vehicles
Truck GVWR wrong weight listed on registration

I'm in SC so that may make a difference... Purchased new to us TV, and noticed on the registration paperwork that GVWR is listed as 8,000 lbs. I wonder if dealership had it listed as such for lower fees? However, door sticker lists it at 10,000 (almost 3,000 payload capacity on this 2500). I have an appointment with the DMV and would like to update it (my understanding is that if I'm ever in a wreck and weight is incorrectly stated, insurance company could deny claims) but wondered if you guys have ever had to deal with this. I'm assuming they'll fix and I'll pay the difference but wonder how this may have happened. TIA.
crazyro 06/03/20 01:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New tow vehicle - Heavy Duty - WDH or not?

I am looking at getting this shank which should provide me with the drop I need. (I hope) Our TT weighs only about 5,000 so I don't think the truck will care much.
crazyro 05/06/20 06:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New tow vehicle - Heavy Duty - WDH or not?

I'd still use some more blocking and get that TT hooked up to the new truck. So you can truely see (& measure if desired) the end result, how much the truck drops & how much angle/rear clearance on the TT. I'm just the kind of person that likes to know as much as possible using real life data ;) If things end up usable, throw one of those automatic dropping jack extensions on. I was trying to do that but unfortunately the TT is already almost bottomed out in this position/spot at the storage facility. I could potentially get another block under there but not sure. Maybe I'll take the 3 ton jack and play with it. :D
crazyro 05/06/20 09:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: New tow vehicle - Heavy Duty - WDH or not?

For " Stealth Camping " I assume ! Nice truck. I can barely see it against the trees :W Ha. No way to do stupid stuff and try to hide anymore. :D
crazyro 05/06/20 08:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: New tow vehicle - Heavy Duty - WDH or not?

Well, current hitch is a no-go. Went to storage facility to test. Jack is maxxed out on height. Even if I were to jack the whole trailer up onto ball, back end of TT would be almost touching the ground. Time for a taller shank (2.5" receiver) or ditch WDH and go adjustable hitch ball and call it done...
crazyro 05/05/20 07:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New tow vehicle - Heavy Duty - WDH or not?

Thank you guys for your thoughts. So, no reducer included (didn't find one; truck is 3 years old so previous owner probably has it somewhere in his garage hehe). I don't have an adjustable ball mount but if I end up with no WDH, I'll get one and hook up and go. I've pulled our old TT with the Mega Cab we owned with no WDH, comfortably, no issues, no sway. I've pulled our current TT with no bars when bringing and taking it from/to storage. I'm comfortable doing so - some folks just mentioned using a WDH w/ sway bar as a peace of mind issue. I went ahead and got a sleeve and will go to storage tonight and see how far off I am with the current hitch.
crazyro 05/05/20 11:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: New tow vehicle - Heavy Duty - WDH or not?

Thank you guys for your replies so far. I have been leaning towards keeping it (as you said, if nothing else, for peace of mind). Trailer is a 32 footer, about 5,000 dry. Weight won't be an issue. Tires are load range E. Yes, I'm thinking the drop will need to be increased so have been looking at replacing current shank.
crazyro 05/04/20 06:58pm Tow Vehicles
New tow vehicle - Heavy Duty - WDH or not?

Hi folks. After enjoying our Mega Cab for a while, we have upgraded to my dream truck - a RAM 2500 w/ the 6.4 HEMI, crew cab, long bed. I'm new to the "true" 2500 world (our MC was rated as a 1/2 ton though it looked like a 3/4) and am seeing conflicting info - do I need a WDH or not? Also, help me here. If I do keep my WDH, would a reducer work fine or should I get a 2.5" shank? (new to us truck came with a class V hitch setup) I may end up needing a taller shank as this truck is lifted a little. Much appreciated. Here's our Lima:
crazyro 05/04/20 03:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Broken key, locked out of TT, no spare :(

Glad that is settled. I have always had two door models for convenience and safety, this lock issue is just one more reason to have more than one access. Trouble is, the industry is dropping the extra door for cost reasons. Yes, our next one I'd like to have two doors - safety being one reason.
crazyro 11/17/19 06:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Broken key, locked out of TT, no spare :(

Crisis averted. Since the lock seems to have failed, since we only had one key anyway, I saved money on a locksmith, drilled out hole, ordered new latch and we're back in business and now have 4 keys total. Thank you all for your suggestions!
crazyro 11/16/19 04:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Broken key, locked out of TT, no spare :(

A few years ago it was revealed that a large number of the most commonly used door locks on RVs were defective, in that sometimes the lock would freeze up if the key was removed after locking if the key was not in the vertical position, but in the horizontal position. When this happened, the door could not be opened from either inside or outside, and the only solution was to drill out the lock and replace the entire mechanism. You don't say what year your rig is, but if it is more than 3 or 4 years old, you may have one of those defective locks. She's 13 years old, so a very good possibility. I had to scramble and quickly set her up, lock her up and fly overseas so there's no telling what I did in that process. When I came back, no go...
crazyro 11/14/19 05:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Broken key, locked out of TT, no spare :(

If I understand this correctly, you have key broken off in the lock itself. Usually the solution is for a locksmith to use a special broken key tool that serves as the head of the key. However, if the lock itself is damaged internally so that it just can't turn at all, they may have to drill the lock, saw the lock or something else that can bypass what is physically preventing the lock from turning. I would not beat myself up too much over not having a spare as with a key broken off in the lock, not sure what a spare would have accomplished anyways. Not sure if one of those electric keypad locks would have made any difference anyways as it sounds like some physical obstruction in the mechanism. Good luck and let us know how it turned out. Fortunately, the broken key part I was able to get out. Unfortunately, it seems something broke inside the mechanism. It would not turn at all, no matter what we did. So it may have to be drilled out.
crazyro 11/13/19 02:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Broken key, locked out of TT, no spare :(

Call an automotive locksmith and he will get in real quick. That may be the direction we'll be going. And I guess I'll need to order a whole new lock and keys and replace it.
crazyro 11/12/19 04:07pm Travel Trailers
Broken key, locked out of TT, no spare :(

Just returned from a trip and my wife said she couldn't get the TT unlocked. I tried it and sure enough, the deadbolt was stuck. I tried to turn the key (didn't even use that much force) and the darn key broke. Sadly, the previous owners didn't give us a spare and of course, of all the times I swore I'd get a copy made, I never did. All windows are tightly shut. No, I can't get inside the bed via storage. I *may* be able to get a kid to squeeze through rear storage but not sure I can make it happen. Any ideas? Bust a window and replace later? :( Even so, can it be unlocked from inside? Locksmith? Much appreciated.
crazyro 11/12/19 03:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tow/Haul off or on(ram)

If towing, tow haul mode on. If not towing, TH mode off. It doesn't matter if hills, flat, rain, shine. Shifting patterns are different in TH mode (longer time between shifts, higher RPMs, etc.). It's why it's there. Use it...
crazyro 08/21/19 09:06am Tow Vehicles
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