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RE: When to change oil

I have a saying. Sometimes it’s best to pizz with the pecker ya Gotz. You must get it on your pants often .
cummins2014 06/12/21 09:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: When to change oil

This thread gets funnier by the day! They haven't even got into the debate about socket size for the front fuel filter here yet , whether you should go 28MM or 1*1/8" :B 1-1/8" is way too loose, let the debate start here. :p OK will bite.....NOT HARDLY. 1-1/8" = 28.575mm I have removed three filter caps that were from the factory that were "Gorilla Tight" with a 1-1/8" six pt socket and many changes after that with ZERO damage to the cap. Ron ,you didn't disappoint ,you bit . :B
cummins2014 06/12/21 02:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Stuck Caliper Piston

Clamping the edge for sure can cause the piston to bind. And I’ve pushed in more pistons then I can count , and that was a first pushing on the edge and binding . I’ll for sure never give one a chance again .
cummins2014 06/12/21 01:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: When to change oil

This thread gets funnier by the day! They haven't even got into the debate about socket size for the front fuel filter here yet , whether you should go 28MM or 1*1/8" :B 1-1/8" is way too loose, let the debate start here. :p Yup, but some insist its good enough .
cummins2014 06/12/21 08:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: When to change oil

This thread gets funnier by the day! You think its funny here ,you should hear 12V ,and the boys over on turbo diesel forum. They haven't even got into the debate about socket size for the front fuel filter here yet , whether you should go 28MM or 1*1/8" :B . But the oil filter from the top or bottom is still the most highly contested debate, Oh ,and Amsoil !!!!!!!
cummins2014 06/12/21 07:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Slow leak

I had one that turned out to be a cracked rim. I had same cracked rim only could see with tire off Thank goodness it was just a small fixable leak .
cummins2014 06/10/21 08:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: GRRR Ford Dealer - 2022 SD

Could be worse, you could be waiting and wondering about a Chevy. :R Could be worse than that. He could have bought a ram. Haven't bought anything yet :) Whoever did this never expected this customer would have access to the order and change records. Now, the tough part is going to getting this straightened out, and possibly even determining who was responsible.
cummins2014 06/09/21 11:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Plastic Dust Caps

My dad did a disk conversion. He could have used grease but went gear lube instead as that’s what the caps are intended for. What does it take to go oil bath , I would think a different rear seal for one ?? Is the bearings ,and all that the same ??
cummins2014 06/09/21 11:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Stuck Caliper Piston

All's good , more operator error then anything. I usually use some adjustable welders clamps or just a C-clamp. Putting pressure just on one side of the piston, has always worked, not this time . Well google is a wonderful thing , placed a piece of 1/4" plate across the piston .and put on the c-clamp in the center, and it went right in like it should, no froze piston after all. Learned something today. Although I did the axle behind like I usually do without a problem.
cummins2014 06/09/21 11:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Stuck Caliper Piston

Just replace the caliper. A sticking caliper will make the pads drag, causing over heated brakes. Or, loosen the bleeder screw while pushing the piston in. Thanks. I'll see if the bleeder screw will let it go, that was my next move, but thought there might be other ideas , but leaning toward a new caliper.
cummins2014 06/08/21 08:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Plastic Dust Caps

Take a look here: dust caps I gave a few opinions on that link. Those caps are a little over the top on price for a dust cap, I'll stick with the plastic . I see the need for the clear plastic , just don't get why they still use them on my type of disc brake conversion .
cummins2014 06/08/21 08:03pm Fifth-Wheels
Stuck Caliper Piston

Well here goes again , a leaking tire on the fifth wheel got all this started, while the tire was off thought I would pull the hub to see what size grease seals I would need to pack the bearings. What I discovered was a broken plastic dust cap, and worn out disc brakes. Bought the four new grease seals ,and 2 new sets of disc brake pads. All went well on the first one ,packed the bearings ,changed the pads ,I put a clamp on the caliper piston to push it back to give me enough room to get the caliper back on , no problems . Proceded on the second one, got to the part where I clamp the piston back for more clearance, and it will absolutely not move, even put a cheater on the clamp no go. Never had a caliper piston before that couldn't be pushed back in . Anyone have any suggestions how to get that piston to release ??
cummins2014 06/08/21 07:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Plastic Dust Caps

There was a series of those caps being defective. I had all four of mine break and MORryde sent me clear replacements. Haven't had a broken one since. Thanks.They are nearly 5 years old , I ordered what I’m hoping is the right ones , they are a dexter part , the thread diameter matches the Kodiak brand I have . They were on Amazon and came in a pair . They have free return , so I can send them back . Redline also has one that matches mine . All the dimensions on that one matched mine . Dexter just gave thread dia , but came as a pair and a little less expensive. Kind of silly they even put those type caps on .
cummins2014 06/08/21 10:01am Fifth-Wheels
Plastic Dust Caps

Well not a fan of these plastic Kodiak dust caps. Not having oil bath bearings, but disc brakes a metal dust cap would be nice. My issue is I had a slow leak in a tire, took it off to be repaired. Thought while I had that tire off I would remove the caliper, and hub, and check what size grease seals I have, and get a set ordered for the future when I do the bearings . Anyway when I screwed off that cap, part of the threads were broke off ,and still in the hub. I don't know if when I took off the tire if I hit the edge of the cap or not, but I can see I have to be careful taking the tires off with those plastic caps. I am wondering if they have a screw on metal cap, I certainly don't need to see anything ,not having oil bath bearings . I got a couple replacements coming ,but something better would be nice.
cummins2014 06/08/21 07:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: "Waxing" a fifth wheel camper

I wanted to follow up here. I'm the OP. We finally got our camper done with the Wash WaxAll and we are super pleased. SOOOOOO much easier than what we were doing before. No more climbing up and down ladders a million times. We'll see how it holds up, but application and initial results are great! Thanks all for the advice. Yup, works well, no spending a week for me waxing a fifth wheel, got a lot of others things I would rather do.:) I found the same thing when I waxed my rig this year; same result in a fraction of the time. :C Did our car yesterday, took less time then washing ,and drying it. Truck next in the next few days , got a trip next week.
cummins2014 06/08/21 07:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slow leak

I have been very fortunate with tires. Has one Sailun a victim of a road hazard that ruined the tire ,and this slow leak . I have no idea what would have caused such a small hole. I mean to run over something, and put that small, and that slow of leak. At the rate it was leaking 25 psi in six weeks , it would of taken 6 months to go flat at that rate. The tires are just over a year old , they sat all winter without any air loss, took this trip this spring, and developed the leak in the one tire, its sure possible it could of been a defect . Anything is possible . Other then the one Sailun ,never had a flat tire out on the highway , its always been caught either seeing a tire low sitting in the garage ,or like this Sailun slow leak seen on my TPMS when I checked them.
cummins2014 06/08/21 07:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Batteries not holding charge ???

I have 2 year old deep cycle Interstate batteries, usually they hold a charge for about 2 months but recently its much shorter than before. Is there a way to check the RV charging system? When I plug into power everything lights up normal. I check the water in the often. I plug into power about every 2 months. Last set of the same brand of batteries lasted 4 or 5 years. I called Costco where I bought them and they said warranty was only for 1 year. Thanks for any help. My last set of batteries in my previous fifth wheel were over 10 years old ,and still going strong when I sold it .. They were Kirklands from Costco. I leave my fifth wheel plugged in 24/7. Thats something I recommend if possible.
cummins2014 06/07/21 09:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slow leak

did the soaping just around the valve stem Make sure you have checked the Schrader valve as well. Once we aired up a truck tire just a few pounds and the next morning the tire was flat. Some debris from inside the tire contaminated the valve and allowed it to leak. Tires sometimes have paper stickers inside of them that deteriorate and float around the inside. Good luck and make sure to come back and tell us the outcome. After all that ,it was just a small pin hole in the tread , I was surprised watching the bubbles, that it only lost 25 psi in six weeks . I would of thought it would have gone flat. Anyway its repaired ,and back on the fifth wheel . Not crazy about patched tires ,but they are nearly new , the shop said there should be no worries about being patched .
cummins2014 06/07/21 08:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slow leak

I'd have the tire down at my local tire shop getting it fixed. I will first thing in the morning ,tire is off. I wasn't planing on going anywhere until I did.
cummins2014 06/06/21 02:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Continental Trailer Tires

Maybe, but it looks like their price is right up there with the GY G114s And at this point another offshore unproven RV tire. The Sailun S637 in either the 16" G rated or the 17.5 H rated still remain the best there is in a RV tire . Price point ,and dependability. I won't experiment with any other tire truck or trailer, it will be Sailun at this point . I don't FB but a friend does and says the Continental is the tire of choice in the DRV world and has been trouble free. The Conti's are more expensive then the G114's. Knowing what I know , and in the market for H rated tires it would be Sailun . I’ve had Continental tires , and have nothing good to say about them . I’ll take your word for the Continental trailer tires , but Sailun would be still be my choice long before I’d recommend a Continental .
cummins2014 06/06/21 10:34am Fifth-Wheels
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