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RE: "Waxing" a fifth wheel camper

cummins2014: I am laughing, but I say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Totally understand a quick/easy product may not be as good, but hey it works for us. My husband is also 73 and ENOUGH of climbing around on ladders not to mention dragging an extension cord with a buffer, etc. No salt water/air where we travel/live. We've done stuff the hard way long enough. Our camper is no longer new anyway so we'll just do something easy and will be certainly better than doing nothing to protect our camper. We're with you!!! Going to give the Wash Wax All a shot. You keep fishing and we'll keep hiking/biking and less time buffing things. Many Thanks to everyone for suggestions and advice. Your welcome , I have no doubt there is better products, as said I have used them. But I am done with all that wax on wax off stuff . Give it a try .
cummins2014 03/08/21 05:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: "Waxing" a fifth wheel camper

Everyone wants easy. Years of saltwater kept boats & now RV have taught me that easy & durable should not be used in the same sentence. Lots of products remove grime & light chalking to produce a wonderful satisfying shine. Many of them are combination cleaner waxes. Typically they look good for a month or so & then the sun gets to the surface again & it needs redoing. For durability you can't beat a product that is formulated to be a one purpose durable protectant. This is not easy. It is a three step process of wash, cleaner wax to get stains & chalking off, then protectant wax/sealer for a long lasting shine. My preference is to do this process once a year except for the front cap, which takes a beating from acidic bugs hitting it at highway speeds. It gets a twice a year treatment. I don't deal with salt water ,nor salt air, and I know the results of the product being mentioned . I know the results you are talking about, do you really know the results of what we have mentioned . Of course its not going to last as long as some of these other waxes. I don't care , it works for me . At 73 ,yes I want it a bit easier I'm done with the wax on wax off . As said if someone wants to do it that way, I repeat have a good time . Just gives me extra time on the water fishing :B No one is forcing anyone to use a certain product, I have used many many over the years with good results. A question was asked ,and given, and many use the product we have mentioned , works for many of us.
cummins2014 03/08/21 08:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: "Waxing" a fifth wheel camper

I have went to Wash Wax All , spray on wipe dry ,couldn't be easier , thats all I use now on the fifth wheel ,and our car ,and truck. Got away from Rejek, and all the rest. I get it from Amazon. X2... Won't go back to the "old way".. I ordered this product recently as well as a result of a thread on here and WOW! I haven't had a chance to use it on my fiver yet, but I used it on my truck and was absolutely amazed at how well it worked. I will definitely be trying it on my fiver when I get it out of storage this spring. I like the results on my fifth wheel also .
cummins2014 03/07/21 08:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: "Waxing" a fifth wheel camper

I have went to Wash Wax All , spray on wipe dry ,couldn't be easier , thats all I use now on the fifth wheel ,and our car ,and truck. Got away from Rejek, and all the rest. I get it from Amazon. X2... Won't go back to the "old way".. Same here , got better things to do with those hours it used to take. :)
cummins2014 03/07/21 08:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: "Waxing" a fifth wheel camper

Well I am old fashion, hand polished and waxed our 32’ 5er, took about a week to get it all done. Turtle wax polish and Meguairs cleaner wax. Wax on wax off, strong arms. Well ,as a good friend said to me about something I was doing " HAVE A GOOD TIME " Same to you, those days of wax on wax off are done for me :B Guessing it takes me 20-30 minutes to do my truck, less on the car, 1-1/2- 2 hours on the fifth wheel . Just guessing again I could do all three from the sound of how long it takes you to your front cap on your fifth wheel :)
cummins2014 03/07/21 08:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: "Waxing" a fifth wheel camper

I have went to Wash Wax All , spray on wipe dry ,couldn't be easier , thats all I use now on the fifth wheel ,and our car ,and truck. Got away from Rejek, and all the rest. I get it from Amazon. X2^^ Rob cummins2014 and Second Chance: THX for advice. Do you think we will have to do anything special to the camper being that we've previously used the Rejex before using the Wash Wax All? Just wash it? We usually use car wash liquid on it not just dish soap. Camper has been outside for about a year and then under a shed for about 6 months since last using Rejex on it. I wouldn't do anything but use it, thats all I have done.
cummins2014 03/07/21 08:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: "Waxing" a fifth wheel camper

I have went to Wash Wax All , spray on wipe dry ,couldn't be easier , thats all I use now on the fifth wheel ,and our car ,and truck. Got away from Rejek, and all the rest. I get it from Amazon.
cummins2014 03/07/21 08:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Recommendations Needed!

Most water filtration systems remove chlorine. That is not a good idea in my opinion, at least for an RV water system and when obtaining water from different sources. I feel safer with chlorine in the system and then using a water purification pitcher for drinking water. We do know that legionella, pseudomonas and a variety of other nasties are frequently found in RV water systems. Chlorine helps keep the nasties at bay. I agree. In my case, with a whole house filter system, the chlorinated water goes directly into my fresh tank, but from there is pumped to the filter system before going anywhere else in the coach. My city water hookup is the same, going from the city connection, directly to the filter system. I like the idea of my fresh tank stored water being chlorinated. We drink filtered water from faucet, but still use a Britta pitcher in the fridge to have cold water. Jerry And to think we used to drink out of a garden hose :B
cummins2014 03/04/21 08:34am General RVing Issues
RE: 2021 Super Duty Camera system

There's also a aftermarket TPMS out there now that runs on your smart phone ,good option other then having to have that extra monitor in the cab. Not many of us now days that don't have there phone on in the truck laying there .
cummins2014 03/01/21 10:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2021 Super Duty Camera system

On my previous truck if I wanted a rear view display while traveling down the highway I had to move the gear shift lever into reverse while I selected the camera that I wanted. The 2021 will allow me to select the bed camera while moving forward. I am considering purchasing the AUX camera to mount on the back of my trailer. Will the new Ford camera system allow me to select AUX and continuously display this camera view on the sync screen? Do you know how the TPMS works for your fifth wheel ,I hear thats also an option ,along with a camera. That seems like a nice option, would eliminate having a aftermarket TPMS for the fifth wheel, plus not having to have the extra monitor in the cab.
cummins2014 03/01/21 09:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Buying RV from a far away dealer

Utah to Indiana ,1600 miles one way, for my last Montana fifth wheel . Had a couple warranty things done on it here in Utah, at the local Montana dealers ,no issues.
cummins2014 02/26/21 12:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2022 Ford Super Duty interior?

Why not buy a new 2021 Super Duty and then replace it when the 2023's come out? Ah Sure, You payin? What a dumb comment... How do YOU know anyones financial situation? I don't know his financial situation. I simply asked a question. I guess it depends on how well you do on your buying and selling but in my case the longer I keep a truck the more it costs me to own. Want to compare money spent for nearly 23 years on two trucks that I have owned . 16 years with a new 1999 Superduty 350, nearly 7 years with a 2014 Ram 3500 . Lets see what we come up with , want to bet who has spent the most. :) On edit , I am willing to bet I spent less on those two trucks ,then you have spent on just the one ,and if not mistaken you got a new 2021 or one coming ??
cummins2014 02/26/21 09:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2022 Ford Super Duty interior?

Why not buy a new 2021 Super Duty and then replace it when the 2023's come out? Because most people don’t subscribe to your “ it’s cheaper in the long run to buy a new truck every couple years” plan. I think this idea may work for the perpetual truck payment people. After making payments for a couple years, start over, new truck, same payment?? Not sure though...never had a truck payment, or full coverage insurance on any of my 10 new truck purchases. For me, money saved on interest/insurance, like getting one truck free! :) Like mentioned, many would not subscribe to my method, or thought! What would I do in an accident, my truck totaled, just liability ins? Luckily never happened, but answer "just eat it, replace". Jerry Well , while you mentioned it, whats the biggest hit on insurance is it not,liability ???. So I assume ,then no collision ,and comprehensive ??
cummins2014 02/26/21 09:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Raising our 5er

2" nose high on a 39' 5th wheel should not be an issue Yes it is good to tow level but at 2" nose high are you experiencing any towing issues? Chucking, abnormal rear trailer tire wear etc???? I agree ,last two fifth wheel have rode a couple inches high, not a problem for me, nor have I had any issues .
cummins2014 02/26/21 08:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Good Year buying out Cooper tires

Oh dear. Hope cooper quality does not suffer. Marty Hopefully they won't use the same mold as the G614's :B
cummins2014 02/25/21 08:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Andersen Hitch

If you can align ball and hitch on your TT, should not be hard to align with the Andersen. You do need to raise the FW a bit higher than with a standard hitch. Jerry Hell, I got a back up camera not a problem hooking up my ATV trailer , and I can see the ball on the Andersen , neither is an issue . Back in the day before cameras, it still never seemed an issue hitching up bumper pulls .
cummins2014 02/21/21 08:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen Hitch

We will be getting a fifth wheel soon and I plan on getting an Andersen hitch. One of the disadvantages I see regularly, and in this thread, is having to align the red hitch pin adaptor directly over the ball on the Andersen. I currently have a TT and have to do basically the same thing with aligning the ball on the truck under the coupler on the tongue . I don’t understand what the difference is and why some indicate this is a difficult thing to do. Can someone shed some light for me please? It’s a perceived issue , mostly by those that have never had one . The new Andersen’s have that red line up cone , and no need to be dead on . I have the older Andersen that didn’t come with the cone . I have no problem getting lined up side to side , no different then lining up the kingpin .I can see the ball from the cab, on occasion I may have to get back in the truck to move further back or pull forward a bit .
cummins2014 02/21/21 05:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen Hitch

I had long beds early on.. started camping and went to short beds.. Probably early to mid 80's ish.. the last 3 RV's were fivers, all before were TT's. always had the SB till March of 2020.... That's when I went to the dark side with the LB AND the B&W.... After 1 partial season of towing, I can honestly say that I LOVE that combo.... As said many times "HAD" the long beds, glad you enjoy yours :B
cummins2014 02/19/21 03:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen Hitch

The woes of short bed trucking. Yet we still prefer the short bed , go figure :B
cummins2014 02/19/21 11:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing Limits of 7.3 Powerstroke

Your upgrades .... exhaust brake, turbo, additional power and transmission, plus the fact that you've got a dually should allow you to very easily handle a 13k 5ver. I would consider a 13k 5ver a light trailer. If you have a gear that will put your engine at an rpm where it makes 400 HP @ 55 mph you will be able to maintain that 55 mph up a 7% grade towing 13k lbs. I agree ,but if you have dealt much towing fairly heavy with a 7.3 the ETG's are the limiting factor. I dealt with it nearly the whole time I owned that truck ,nearly 16 years . A stock 7.3 just doesn't have it for a heavier fifth wheel , unless you do some mods. I did a few ,and it did help, but the ETG's were the limiting factor, as said it had it there ,but the ETG's would climb up over 1200 degrees ,and I had to get out of the throttle. Back when the 7.3 was very popular ,and new, ETG's were always a subject on the forums . Water injection, bigger intercoolers etc to deal with it. I know very little about the 7.3 diesel and you're absolutely right that EGTs are often the limiting factor pulling grades. Even though the OP has upgraded his turbo, he may or may not be gaining a whole lot as far a EGTs are concerned, because he is also adding fuel .... he's going to need to be watching his pyrometer. I would think 1200* is a very safe level to run the EGT to, so ong as it is being measured pre turbo. I ran my Duramax to 1400 at times and as far as I know it never hurt anything. I would let it run up over 1200, If I remember 1280 was the magic number. No idea what the EGT's will run with the OP's 7.3 , but suspect before he reaches that threshold he can run a bit harder then I was able to. As said the throttle was there ,but the temperatures wouldn't let me . Those days are over, I don't miss that part . Now its just let the truck pull the grade with a bit more ease. IMO a much more enjoyable drive, then having to watch gauges on transmission , ETG's etc. Pushing a truck that didn't really have it in it .
cummins2014 02/18/21 09:40am Fifth-Wheels
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