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RE: Bought a second truck.

@spectra, back to your initial post in this thread, why are you glad it's not a highboy? Lack of education on my part, it is a highboy. :S That's the nickname they picked up over the years. In one brochure just one time in maybe 1975(?) Ford referred to them as a "high lift" truck and by then they were already being called highboys. I think that name was around in the late 60's early seventies . We always called them highboys .
cummins2014 09/26/22 08:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Alcohol Detection Systems in All New Vehicles

At this point, cell phone use while driving is a bigger danger than drinking and driving! Well the technology to make cell phone use in vehicles has been around for at least ten years. That is Bluetooth connection to the audio system. It totally amazes me that the number of people with newer cars that are driving around with phone to their ear, when they could make a call or send a text with pushing one button on the steering wheel. You see these people all the time ,they don't let go of that cell phone ,its in their hand all the time .
cummins2014 09/24/22 07:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best Hitch

cummins2014 said: "Jerry ,not sure I want to answer that" Thanks for the honest reply, and a good description of how you hookup! I have seen the Andersens already hooked/unhooked, but never watched the actual process. I can understand now, how a newer Andersen owner could drop on his bed, but a get out and look should solve that. I know you know, that I was not baiting a trap, to cause any retaliation. We are mostly all friends, so all is good! :) Jerry No worries . I gave you a scenario how an Andersen owner COULD sit his fifth wheel on the bedrails of his truck, but I can't imagine someone going that far ,at some point standing right there lowering the fifth wheel you are watching as the adapter ,and ball come together same as a bumper pull. IMO there is no way you could drop one on the bed . The whole thing with the Andersen is you have to be lined up with the ball ,and adapter. Big reason Andersen came out later on with that line up cone that attaches to the adapter . When I hook up if I am off more than an inch or so it won't go down on the ball, if I had that cone its a bit more forgiving . Like backing into a conventional hitch you have the V shaped opening , so within reason you can be of a bit side to side .
cummins2014 09/17/22 08:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Hitch

It is my understanding that it is NOT needed IF you have certain hitches AND if a visual check is done. It is the decision of the hitch owner to decide to use his God given mind to decide for him self if they should or should not do a pull test. That my friends is my stance on doing a pull test!!! I think that is a whole lot better than coming out with its not needed . IMO that's any hitch.
cummins2014 09/17/22 07:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Hitch

It is my understanding that it is NOT needed IF you have certain hitches AND if a visual check is done. When you say certain hitches, yes, some are safer than others. The operator's understanding of their hitch, and ability to operate it correctly is still a factor. It appears you have a quality hitch, but I've never used your model. I've a serious question for cummins2014, a forum friend, that I know uses an Andersen hitch. Do you need to do a pull test, with this ball type hitch, and different style coupler attached to king pin? Jerry Jerry ,not sure I want to answer that , I may have 12V come after me on that . :B But no there is no pull test on the Andersen ,nor has there ever been a discussion regarding the Andersen ,and a pull test that I know of . Although there has been plenty of other discussions regarding the Andersen . The one big thing is locking the adapter to the ball. I would not like find out if it could bounce off the ball. I have read where its been discovered being unlocked after travel, without issue. I kinda get a feeling where this is leading , but its entirely different process hitching up an Andersen . Yes , it's all visual . It's lined up , and lowered on the ball, until the landing gear is raised off the ground . In my case with the six point leveling system they are raised all the way up . Then the handle is pushed in ,and locked . At that point it's hitched . Let me point out ,because I have the feeling when you asked about a pull test ,and the possibly I am assuming you are thinking missing the ball entirely . Yes you could very well miss the ball, it would be tough on the newer Andersen's that have that red alignment cone. mine does not . In either case if you missed the ball ,you would be setting your fifth wheel on the bed rails of your truck, not a lot to stop it at that point . At some point in that process you would certainly know you are not on the ball. :)
cummins2014 09/16/22 12:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Hitch

It is my understanding that it is NOT needed IF you have certain hitches AND if a visual check is done. Your comment right there " It is my understanding " that IMHO is what gets people in trouble. So what hitches don't you need to do a pull test ,and which ones do you need to do a pull test ??? It's obvious from the B&W owners you do not need a pull test ,what other ones ??? My Reese Elite has that big thick jaw that wraps around the pin , very obvious when it's wrapped around the pin ,is that another one okay for no pull test ??? My previous Reese hitch was a dual jaw that wrapped around the pin , it was obvious when it was closed , then we got the slide bar, although never owned one ,it would IMO be obvious if it was closed behind the pin. Are those ones the certain hitches that a visual is all that is needed ??? The list goes on ,just have decide which one needs the pull test ,and which ones don't it appears .
cummins2014 09/16/22 11:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Hitch

Look at the B&W it simply can't drop the 5er if the pin box and hitch are touching each other and the jaws are closed and the handle is locked. With the thick jaws it makes it easy to see of you are high hitched unlike others with thin jaws. No need for a pull test as if you do what I just mentioned that is a visual test and good enough IMHO. Sorry ,misquoted you .No need for a pull test , instead of not necessary to do a pull test.
cummins2014 09/01/22 08:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailersavor vs Anderson Ultimate

I'm neither for nor against the Anderson, but my curiosity was peeked with the many comments on it so I googled "Anderson hitch fifth wheel failures" - here is what came up: Article on worst hitch Anderson hitch failures Anderson hitch problems Anderson Hitch Failure Hitch Review Chevy forum on hitch failures GrandRV Hitch Failure post *Note - I have not read any of these. There very well may be positive comments embedded in the articles. Again, I'm not looking to bash any hitch, just was curious on what is reported out there. And the broken record continues ,yet no one adds that they redesigned that hitch , now go find find a failure on the redesign . If you do read what you posted here , it does show the redesigned hitch in one of those links .
cummins2014 08/30/22 08:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailersavor vs Anderson Ultimate

Michelle.S said: "I've said it numerous times: Why do people buy the biggest/heaviest Fifth Wheel they can, then look for the Lightest Weight Hitch they can find." From your other thread. Trailersavor Jerry ,I didn't buy the biggest ,and the heaviest fifth wheel ,but probably around the average for most fifth wheels at 15,500 GVWR . But I did buy one of the heaviest manual sliding fifth wheel hitches . I soon found out from my travels things that I wanted to do required a change , a lighter hitch that I could take out comfortably ,so I went with the Andersen to enable me to remove it ,and transport my inflatable pontoon boat in the bed of the truck to the lakes to fish . Since then I found I wanted other changes that required not needing the Andersen . I got tired of disassembling my inflatable pontoon boat ,and assembling wherever I was . Plus the room it took up in the storage compartments . So I went to a small single axle trailer towed behind the fifth wheel to transport the pontoon boat . Works great its also nice to slide the boat ,on ,and off the trailer when using it . A couple points in all this ,many do think they have to have the heaviest fifth wheel hitch they can get ,and bash anything other than that . My manual sliding heavy ,IMO dinosaur of a hitch sits in my garage on a rolling cart so I can move it around collecting dust . At first it was the Andersen when I needed it ,and the dinosaur when I didn't , I soon abandoned that . Now it's only the Andersen , the much better hitch all the way around IMO. I did put the dinosaur on a classified one time practically giving it away, and not one call . My second point is I would recommend the Andersen to anyone that's thinking of buying one .
cummins2014 08/30/22 07:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailersavor vs Anderson Ultimate

As said I have seen the same picture over ,and over ,and over on here by the same member for whatever reason . I have heard of two ,and that's been several years now with the Andersen . Since they have redesigned nothing that I have read or seen . Like you thousands of miles without issue . One mentioned over shooting the ball ,and smashing a tailgate , we can bring up many scenarios where we can mess something up with any hitch .
cummins2014 08/30/22 07:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Hitch

Of course they ALL recommend a pull test. A pull test is no divergent than a visual test, it's a test! My wife double checks me every time as she fully understands how the hitch works. Kinda like "did you put the butt plug in the boat" as she asks me every time before a launch. I really don't care if people do a pull test or not. I think people should do what they feel comfortable with. Lot's of damage can be done not doing a pull test correctly. On the same note ,no pull test as we ALL know can do a lot of damage . I agree do what you feel comfortable , but to say it's not necessary is misleading , and just needs to left out of the thread .
cummins2014 08/28/22 08:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Hitch

best hitch ? This is why its not a good idea to ask which hitch or any product is best on this forum. Some B&W owners like to bash the brand another has mentioned even though the B&W owner never owned the hitch. I'm not a Andersen user but thousands of satisfied users out here with no problems. As another poster mentioned we have several good RV type 5th wheel hitches to choose from. B&W is just one of them. There is no best 5th wheel hitch brand/type/style other than the one we own. Would you use an Andersen to haul a HEAVY RV??? I'm not a hitch brand fan or hitch brand basher but as long as the heavy rv didn't exceed any hitch brands we have recommended weight specs would be fine with me. However if the RV trailer was over 16k-18k gross I would choose a air ride hitch. Some thing the OP may want to look into if he's going to a heavy rv trailer. I agree , and the air ride hitch may be needed for the weight you mentioned for the sake of the ride . For me if that hitch meets the weight , then I would buy it . What I wouldn't do say is tow 18K with an 18K hitch , I would prefer a 20K hitch. I went to a 15,500 GVWR fifth wheel, had a 16K hitch. didn't feel comfortable with it . Bought a new 18K . I tow with an Andersen 20K rating ,would have no problem with 18K.
cummins2014 08/27/22 01:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Hitch

Look at the B&W it simply can't drop the 5er if the pin box and hitch are touching each other and the jaws are closed and the handle is locked. With the thick jaws it makes it easy to see of you are high hitched unlike others with thin jaws. No need for a pull test as if you do what I just mentioned that is a visual test and good enough IMHO. I think that is the disservice that leads to these dropped fifth wheels , it takes once ,and IMO you are not excempt to this either. I towed several years with the Reese hitch, the one they call the Elite now. One piece 1" thick one piece wrap around jaw ,as foolproof as you say the B&W is . And yes for a long time I did a pull test ,but there were times when I got complacent , and skipped the pull test, I just knew everything was done right ,visual was done , and then there is that one time when you just think everything is right , and boom you got a fifth wheel sitting on the bed of your truck . As you know I tow with the Andersen ,you have criticized the ability to lock the Andersen ,but in reality I can just as well forget to even lock the handle . My point as you point out there are steps to follow with the B&W to insure not dropping a fifth wheel , yup all you got to do is those steps , just DON"T forget one . IMO skipping a pull test is a recipe for disaster . I may be mistaken , but doesn't B&W recommend a pull test ?
cummins2014 08/27/22 01:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: B&W fail or Operator Error?

I have an Andersen, and I suspect over a rough road, it could jump the ball if not locked. Not likely with 3000+ pounds on the pin, but I've been on some roads where I've thought "hope I locked that hitch". Anything's possible, and eventually there will be that one... Mike I am sure there will be , or already has been . Just like there are probably B&W hitches that have broke or failed , just because we haven't heard of one doesn't mean it hasn't happened . I believe I did read of one Andersen owner discovering he had failed to lock it when he got to his destination . I have to believe its been done more then once , but yes there will be that one .
cummins2014 08/27/22 07:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Hitch

Okay, show the pictures of a failed B&W hitch. The only one I know about was involved in a roll-over accident. I've never heard of one failing when just doing hard braking or maneuvering. How many times have they redesigned the Andersen hitch? Seems like letting your customers be your beta testers is kind of a bad idea. :) It's been redesigned just the one time as far as I know. Yes they had a couple of them bend, but the fifth wheel remained attached , I know the one referenced there was no damage to truck, or fifth wheel . There are thousands of those Andersen hitches out there ,and more ,and more are going to them. Do we know for sure in the other thread where he dropped the fifth wheel with a B&W that is was not a mechanical failure ??? I believe you B&W owners believe thy cannot fail ,but being in an industry where I seen all kinds of mechanical failures with machinery I know anything can break or fail .
cummins2014 08/27/22 07:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: B&W fail or Operator Error?

I dont understand some peoples obsession with not using proper procedures or included safety features. The pin in the handles is there for a reason why not us it? Is it soooo hard to do a pull test? Of course you should pin the B&W handle, or better yet use a padlock, so someone cannot pull the pin! John's buddy...the rig in pictures, stated he did a pull test. The pull test failed to save him from this disaster! On hitch pictured, a visual test would have alerted him, that something is not right. Handle not closed properly? A gap between hitch head and pinbox? Jaws not full wrapped around pin? East to SEE, if you understand how this hitch works. Some folks are more mechanically minded than others, but knowing and understanding how YOUR hitch works, no matter the brand, adds much to the safe hookup of any hitch. Jerry IMO there has been so much hype about NOT being able drop a fifth wheel with a B&W , its done a disservice to some . Here is a good example ,they all can drop a fifth wheel , except a Andersen . Yes I have read where they have not locked the hitch ,but have yet to read where one has jumped the ball .
cummins2014 08/27/22 07:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Hitch

Andersen - many advantages - light weight, easy to hook at odd angles and uneven ground. YEP, How do other "traditional" 5th wheel hitches fare after an accident like the one that caused the Anderson hitch to buckle like in the pic. I'm sure those Anderson hitches don't just buckle for no reason.This wasn't an accident, this was the result of heavy, perhaps panic, braking. There have been a couple, but haven't heard of any recently. And most likely you won't . They redesigned the hitch after a couple of these that bent . What has failed to be mentioned was that nothing was damaged ,and the fifth wheel remained attached . If its a fifth wheel hitch ,its had a failed or broke at some point . The B&W is not exempt .
cummins2014 08/26/22 07:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford 6.7 with spun connecting rod bearing

So Flowerjokes are still finicky about oil? Nothing new. U could run a Cummins on some goose grease and French fry oil and the only downside is getting hungry when you’re pulling grades and it smells like a fried turkey! Lol Run the wrong oil in a 19+ and you may have a cummapart. :E NUMBER: 09-011-20 GROUP: 09 - Engine DATE: July 24, 2020 This bulletin is supplied as technical information only and is not an authorization for repair. • 2019 model year, and newer vehicles, it is recommended to use 10W-30 engine oil such as Mopar, Shell Rotella and Shell Rimula that meets FCA Material Standard MS-10902, and the API CK-4 engine oil category is required. Products meeting Cummins CES 20081 may also be used. NOTE: Always refer to service information and/or owner’s manual for exact engine oil recommendations. CAUTION! 15W-40 grade oil CAN NOT be used in any 2019 model year or newer 6.7L equipped vehicles due to the new designed valve train of this engine. If this oil is used, it will cause deposits to form in the Hydraulic Valve Lash Adjusters leading to undesirable noise, and/or engine damage. May want to pass on the Goose greese going forwards that may cause deposits in the valve lash adjusters. :W So it has hydraulic lifters...big deal. Don't have experience with these newer engines, but some notice that was published 2 years ago hasn't made it into the owners manuals? Diesel Supplement recommends 10-30 or 5-40 SYN. CK4 or Cummins CES20081 spec. And says nothing with respect to NOT using the age old standard 15W40. Synthetic is not even required or reccomended except for extreme low ambient temps, in fact it says change syn the same as dino oil. And virtually every CK4 compatible oil is also CES 20081 as well. It would take alot more ton convince me that 15W40 is in anyway harmful to those engines or has the propensity to stick or collapse a lifter. (Like our old SRT that "required" 0W40 synthetic. And the new one for that fact. Old one had 150k on it when we sold it to the next owner and still ran perfectly, didn't use excessive oil, felt like it had all it's horseys still....after a steady diet of 100k miles of Delo and Valvoline blue 15-40 or whatever else was on super sale) That said, even the latest Cummins still way less finicky on oil weight/quality/service life than any Flowerjoke since the early HEUI injection pumps through present day. Put some 15W40 in a 19+ cummins and see how it sounds! Or get on TDR , and do some reading .
cummins2014 08/19/22 10:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th Wheel Hitch Buyer's Guide

As part of your research you will need to look at several different factors. One being the newer trucks with fifth-wheel/kingpin prep/puck system. Another being older and newer trucks without the factory prep as these will affect mounting options. And then you have the short bed trucks that will mostly need a slider of some type. Especially the Rams with less than 6 foot beds that really should have auto-sliding hitches. Thats sure a fallacy about the Ram needing a slider, and no the Ram 2500, 3500 are not less than 6 foot ,they are 6-4 . I have towed several years now without needing a slider with my Ram ,early on I had a manual slider that never got used . Now with the Andersen ,a fixed hitch , I definitely don't need a slider . With the rounded corners of these new fifth wheels, and extended pin boxes , the days of sliders are pretty much gone .
cummins2014 07/31/22 08:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel Hitch Buyer's Guide

I have a B&W Companion slider with a short bed F-350 I have never needed the slider yet, I can turn pretty sharp before getting close to the cab. I do slide it back to hitch up, it gives me more room between the tailgate and the front of the fifth wheel. NICE! PullRite is a quality product. The owner and B&W's owner are good friends. That is why you have not seen B&W make an auto slide hitch. PullRite does have hitching issues from an angle. Someone please correct me if that is wrong? You are not wrong, plus the fact they are a monster to deal with . Big reason my friend ,and many are ditching these dinosaur hitches ,and going Andersen . I'm seeing more ,and more Andersen hitches as time goes on . My son has in recent months bought a new 2022 Ford 350, and fifth wheel ,he too went with Andersen , he's into a few thousand miles now ,and it's been flawless , as many other Andersen owners are finding out . I found out several years ago now ,and wouldn't have anyother hitch, been thru those heavy noisy hitches , no more .
cummins2014 07/31/22 08:23am Fifth-Wheels
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