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RE: hitch questions

Here is a possible low cost solution. Install rails and use your Patriot hitch. Buy a BedRug bed mat for around $200 and cut out openings for the rails. The mat is thick and will raise your bed to about the top of the rails. Things like lumber and large items slide right over the rails when pushed in. You get the added advantage of having a soft floor to crawl around on. I would also get the additional tailgate mat; a soft seat when you need one. This is not a good solution if you want a clean bed to haul gravel, bark, or other loose items that need to be shoveled out. I have rails and a BedRug in my truck and I love it. It is 18 years old and still looks great, however I run a tonneau cover and my truck is pretty much a dedicated tow rig. When I need gravel, I have it delivered.. Thats a nice solution ,never been a fan of using the bed for hauling things like gravel ,sand etc . I don't believe I have ever used the bed for such a purpose . I have always had a utility trailer or access to one . I have the adapter that fits the puck system , and either a conventional hitch ,and now the steel Andersen which fit the standard bed rail system or the adapter . At the time 2014 there were no hitches that fit the puck system directly , so like the OP wanting to use my existing hitch the adapter was actually the only choice , or bedrails which wouldn't have made sense having the puck system . Having had standard bed rails , or the adapter in the bed of my truck I have no problem with either . If I was wanting to use the hitch the OP has I'd go bedrails . In all the years I have had either the adapter or bedrails they have never been an issue . .
cummins2014 09/20/23 08:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Carbon ceramic pads question

Make sure it has AMZ/OIL in it top to bottom. Where's that API label 12V? Yeah... Another long story! Not worth the cost. How about my friends 13 RAM went 23 0r 24k and Blackstone said to go 1 or 2 k longer next time. He is at 28k now and I will show report when I get it if anyone is interested. Not interested in the report ,but do have to wonder what is the point of pushing oil to that many miles , even going thru the hassle of getting an oil sample , getting it sent in , waiting for results etc etc .I know this subject has been beat to death , but it escapes me what is the reasoning. Only thing I could possibly think of is the health of the motor thru testing , IF something is suspected . Why not just 15K like Ram recommends , or reasonable amount of time like I do ? I am a low mileage guy oil change ,once a year now, along with fuel filters etc . As far as how far someone can go with any good quality oil ,it would probably match whatever AMZ/OIL will go .
cummins2014 09/12/23 08:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: wiggle room on price

Price shop. In 2007 when we were wanting to buy a 5er, we found the floorplan we wanted at one dealer. But the under carriage had a lot of rust. His price was about $45,000. Forgot now how much below The supposed MSRP that was. But when pointing out the rust he dropped the price to about $41,000 and said he would sandblast the undercarriage and repaint it. I was leery of that and told him I would have to think on it. More shopping and I found the exact same 5er at a different dealer. He said his price was $43,000 +/-. I said I had looked at the same 5er at a different dealer and his price was $41,000. New dealer said in that case his price is $39,000. Just shows how much they play with numbers. He also threw in some extras and we bought it. I suspect it was a 2008 Montana ? :) I too bought a new Montana at the same time ,the fall of 2007. I traveled from Utah to Indiana , I ordered a 2008 3400 RL from a dealer south of Elkhart , with several upgrades including the Onan 5500 . It cost me 43,700 . My local dealer would not even come close after giving him a chance , even within a couple thousand considering I had to travel to get it in Indiana . I too shopped all over the US before buying .
cummins2014 09/12/23 08:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Battery Size (replacing)

Thanks for all the info. I do not know a lot about the different types of batteries. I think Gritdog may be right about cooking off my battery because this is now my third battery in 6 years. I have heard about AGM and then the one called LiFEPO4 but know nothing about them. I will look into them. I have heard a lot about using 6 volt batteries so I will explore that route too. Keep the info coming. I appreciate it. A pair of 6 volts or a LiFEPO4 are great choices both a bit spendy . The 6 volts would require no change to your charging system , the LiFEPO4 ( Lithium ) would require you changing your charging system on the trailer . IMO a decent size 27 AGM would serve you well, and require no maintenance . Not fond of batteries needing to have water added , just one more thing to worry about that is not necessary . I run two 6 volts ,and they have held up well, although my next will be a single size 27 AGM maintenance free ,which my 6 volt are not . If you go 6 volt ,go maintenance free . As mentioned no dry camping ,a single size 27 is ideal for your use , and yes go AGM ,just for the added longevity of AGM .
cummins2014 08/30/23 02:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to search for tires?

At the risk of seeming to agree with the NMed, I have purchased many new trailers of all types, 4 being RVs, and none of them came OEM with tires/wheels balanced. If I did replace tires (rarely), before buying another new trailer, I did not have them balanced. My reason...same thought as JIMNLiN back on page two. I see friends posting here, that are somewhat adamant about balancing trailer wheels. That's OK, I'm not saying you shouldn't! However, for those willing to look back at Jim's reply on page 2 of this thread, I agree with him, concerning actual need. I am anal about vehicle tire, and especially high performance motorcycle tires being balanced. Jerry Jerry , here is how I look at it . I am at the tire shop , I don't take the RV to them just the tires , and wheels to be replaced .Why not just balance them when they mount them ? It's sure not going to hurt anything . They charge for mounting ,and balancing , not sure it's going to be any cheaper just for mounting .
cummins2014 08/26/23 07:59am General RVing Issues
RE: How to search for tires?

Did the OP ever respond after the 1st post? Couldn't entirely blame him if he didn't. FWIW, having driven trailers of one sort or the other since '74....I don't balance the tires on the boat trailer (2 trips per year) or the sno-go trailer (dozens of trips but less than 50 miles each trip), but on the "utility" flatbed (w 16" rims), tires get checked for unusual wear at least once a year and are balanced if any issues show up...without unusual wear, they're balanced every 2 years or so. FWIW, what the shop says does or doesn't need to be done is just one data point: if my experience or the experience of others whom I trust indicates otherwise, that indication often turns out to be an alternate data point to which I'll give more weight. I’ve always balanced my travel or fifth wheel trailers , but never my utility trailers , nor have I had any issues not balancing them . They’ve never gotten a great amount of miles, the tires usually age out before anything , although my little 10’ flatbed to haul my inflatable pontoon boat gets a fair amount of mileage behind the fifth wheel, and back and forth to the lakes .
cummins2014 08/23/23 05:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2024 Chevy HD DRW and SRW Fuel Economy Test

This BS of fill til it clicks and wait then same is a joke. It takes a bit but you can fill to the top if you want. I think this method is legit as long as you do it the same way every time. Haven't you noticed different flows if someone else is filling on your island while you are also? So you mean to tell me that another pump on the same island pumping fuel at two different locations is why these two Duramax trucks yielded impressive fuel economy results? WOW, put words into my mouth!!! I never said a word about the results just the method of fueling. Remember reading and comprehension go together. :B I gave you an example with a question of why it can't be accurate but you chose not to address my statement/question. But yet your trying to disqualify these fuel economy tests from two different sources. So based on the fueling error you're claiming how much did it affect the reported fuel economy results? IMO the error is in the noise. Lot's of noise. Bottom line, fill to the top each time and it is exact. Lol. You’re a carpenter, right? What you’re proposing is that, say, cutting 2x4 walers for concrete forms, it’s important to cut them to a light or strong 1/16” like if you were casing a window or cutting crown molding. A little too OCD for the importance of the results. Not to mention that who cares if something gets 17.2 or 17.6 mpg there are greater environmental factors contributing to the mileage than + or - a half gallon or even a gallon of fuel in a 35-50galllon tank. Have to agree , it's a bit OCD , when I used to run a bigger tire I even allowed for that 1/10 or whatever of a mile lost when calculating miles per gal. Then I woke up . :B
cummins2014 08/15/23 08:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2024 Chevy HD DRW and SRW Fuel Economy Test

I’m still waiting to hear how to keep my shoes dry and not stinky like diesel when “topping off” a vehicle with a capless fuel filler. I guess maybe you could block the fuel island for an extra 5 min tinkling in the last gallon or 2 and only get a small drip spilled on the concrete? Moreso, I’m just glad there’s enough meaningful things in my life to do, to not obsess about the theoretical accuracy of my, or anyone else’s, fuel mileage to the 1/10th of 1 mpg…. Although to be fair some folks can’t comprehend the order of magnitude, or lack thereof, of things they obsess over. Or maybe more accurately, publish those obsessions… I messed a little with my old 7.3 , I could usually get at least 2-3 gals in after the click . I don’t mess with this Ram at all , it clicks I’m done . I could care less what more I could get in there . My mileage is what it is , and seems pretty consistent. Yes I prefer not to smell diesel on my shoes the rest of the trip . :B
cummins2014 08/13/23 06:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 F350 6.7 HO Towing 10k lb Review

^You mean if the thermostat is closed, it bypasses the cooler, resulting in very little cooling? That is correct. So yes it has everything to do with cooling. Closed/bypass = no cooling. Open to the trans cooler = normal cooling. Fwiw the OE part does a GREAT job at warming the transmission quickly. Not long after the engine is up to full operating temp from a cold start, the trans fluid is holding right at 170 ish. With no bypass and full cooling flow all the time, you can drive an hour and the trans hasn’t even come close to 170. Just drove to work in the Ram today. An hour later, trans was at 135deg. What I have heard is the trans fluid bypass delete does nothing for better cooing ,just insures the fluid is flowing ,and just takes longer to reach whatever the trans runs at ,in my case 172 . If the trans is going to run 180-190 towing heavy in hot weather that delete will not help .
cummins2014 08/10/23 08:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 F350 6.7 HO Towing 10k lb Review

At cummins2014, I hadn’t either, but I’m not a gauge watcher. I’d rather be jammin tunes, on the phone and/or sippin a couple road sodas on my long time coming well earned infrequent vacations. But that thermostat/cooler bypass thingy as I understand it either works great or it doesn’t work at all. If I towed more or worked my personal truck harder I woulda replaced it 3 years ago when I bought the truck. (I also didn’t realize how stupid simple it was to remove and replace. I did it along with a trans service but by itself, it’s a 0 beer job (can’t drink laying on your back with trans juice dripping all over lol), so call it a 30 minute job including refilling a few lost units of trans blood). What I understand about the bypass is that it does nothing for cooling , just insures the fluid is flowing .
cummins2014 08/09/23 07:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 F350 6.7 HO Towing 10k lb Review

My 68RFE regularly saw temps above 200*. 220* was pretty common for me. Must be that Amsoil fluid that keeps yours so cool. I saw 203 once on my truck with the 68RFE , nothing for me to worry about .
cummins2014 08/08/23 07:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 F350 6.7 HO Towing 10k lb Review

RAM having adjustable spots is a waste of money as I set mine once to the furthest out position and never adjusted again. My big concern for the FORD is the HOT transmission temps. I never see over about 172 pulling in near 100 degrees on long 6% grades. Most of the time I run 165-167. Shows how dumb it is to do a leveling kit on a tow vehicle. No denying it it has a ton of power! I don't doubt the Aisin will do that if you say so ,the 68RFE will not running those long grades. I will see nearly 200 with my 68RFE , solo it runs a pretty consistent 172 , towing in hot weather it's a consistent 185-190 . My 68RFE in my HO DRW never saw 200 unless it was stop and go. For sure it did not run as cool as my AISIN does. Maybe the Ford at those temps gets better mileage??? The nearly 200 is stop , and go city , should of said that , long grades as said will run 185-190. in 100 degrees or more . If on the flats towing my fifth wheel 15,500 GVWR , I will run pretty steady at 180 -185 in 100 degrees . I don't see much flat towing where I go , Utah , Idaho ,and Montana, pretty much always climbing a hill somewhere . Not concerned at all at the temperatures the trucks runs . I will see 215-219 on the motor climbing the grades ,not concerned with that either . The bypass on the transmission was mentioned by Grit ,I haven't had an issue with that YET .
cummins2014 08/08/23 07:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 F350 6.7 HO Towing 10k lb Review

RAM having adjustable spots is a waste of money as I set mine once to the furthest out position and never adjusted again. My big concern for the FORD is the HOT transmission temps. I never see over about 172 pulling in near 100 degrees on long 6% grades. Most of the time I run 165-167. Shows how dumb it is to do a leveling kit on a tow vehicle. No denying it it has a ton of power! I don't doubt the Aisin will do that if you say so ,the 68RFE will not running those long grades. I will see nearly 200 with my 68RFE , solo it runs a pretty consistent 172 , towing in hot weather it's a consistent 185-190 .
cummins2014 08/07/23 08:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help with Refrigerator Decision

Go residential and you will never go back! I would agree ,although never had to replace an RV fridge .
cummins2014 08/07/23 07:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Dometic VS Norcold dc refrigerators

I have had both , couldn't tell you which is better . I'd spend less ,and go with Dometic ,knowing what I know about them ,never a real problem with either .
cummins2014 08/07/23 07:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Selling an RV/payment

As stated above, whole bunch of "experts" commenting on something they know nothing about. Cash is king and have you not heard of the under ground economy the government is trying to do away with that robs them of taxes and fees. You can use most of the methods mentioned above but cash is good everywhere and when its Sunday, the banks are closed, and a buyer is standing there with cash. I'll take the cash. Someone above said the title had to be notorized, maybe in NC but most states have done away with that nonsense. Don't make it complicated! Been working in the banking industry for over 30 years, most of which spent in anti money laundering, sanctions and data governance and oversight. But yeah, I guess you're the expert. With your esteemed, and I’m sure exciting, career in banking, can you be more specific as to what ferndale said that is incorrect? All bs aside, it sounds like you’re countering his assertion that cash is good and able to be spent and/or exchanged for goods and services. Or was it the underground economy thing? Not familiar with that term but it’s hard to doubt that the tax collectors and their agencies are in favor of un-taxed cash transactions. Heck, in WA, by law, individuals are to report virtually any purchase of anything but consumables and pay a use tax…literally a used couch off of Craigslist is required to be reported with the purchase price and applicable use tax paid to the State. They are able to somewhat control this with items that require state title or registration. Personal vehicles owned for a period before moving to the state are exempted, but everything else, unless you cheat the system gets taxed up to the full amount minus proof of tax paid elsewhere. IE one legally purchases a used (boat rv etc) prior to moving to WA (any time no staturte of limitations) in their home state that may not tax used and or private party purchases. Then move to WA and the state taxes you 9-10% based on FMV just for the privilege of using it in WA. Of course they and other agencies are doing what they can to curtail in-traceable transactions. Just like the state collecting double, triple, etc tax on used vehicles. If it changes hands privately it’s taxable even when sales or use tax was paid in full already when it was new? Thank god there are enough people here who understand the rip-off and are willing to be your “family member” when selling you something, for tax purposes. (The loophole until big brother changes it…) Yup cash is king, convince me otherwise. Yup ,many times have had a person ask me to write the bill of sale for way less than paid to beat some of the taxes on a vehicle . Of course anything else other than a registered vehicle , boat etc . should also have the sales tax paid ,but I know of no one that does that on a private party transaction .
cummins2014 07/31/23 08:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Need advice if safe for my pickup to pull a heavy 5th wheel

It is not pulling the thing, it is the stopping the thing. Sooner, rather than later, there will be that split second situation when you will wish that you had a whole lot more truck. Some car will brake suddenly infront of you. You will go into an exit too fast. 16,000lbs of trailer will want to overtake a way too small truck. It won't be pretty. It's apparent you have not seen how disc brakes work compared to drum , the last thing I worry about is getting stopped , unbelievable the difference .
cummins2014 07/29/23 07:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: B&W Companion hitch removal

Been removing mine at least once a year often more for the last 13 years heavier now than but still doable. Yup ,did the same thing for years ,until I went with the Andersen ,best move ever . I always needed my heavy monster of a slider hitch out of my truck to transport my inflatable pontoon boat here in Montana to fish the lakes . Now no need to remove anything from the truck ,built a 10' flatbed trailer to tow behind the fifth wheel ,with the boat put together inflated ,and ready to go , than towed behind the truck here to hit the lakes , that was the best move. A lot easier to load ,and unload the boat . No lifting at all now . I back up to the water slide the boat in ,when loading II stand on the trailer sits very low , rope attached to the front D-ring pull onto the trailer that is carpeted with indoor ,outdoor carpet ,slides on like on wheels .
cummins2014 07/28/23 09:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: B&W Companion hitch removal

I still like having a daughter that married a great guy who also happens to be a bit of a gym rat. :-) Lyle Yes ,let the gym rats do it ,until they can't . :)
cummins2014 07/28/23 09:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: B&W Companion hitch removal

Yup, you are a Manly Man until you are not . :) Lifting hitches will get you injured quicker than you would like . Thats why lifting devices were invented . :B I'm certainly done doing any of that stupid lifting , and I did plenty being a steel worker for 42 years . Just lucky ,and knowing how to lift I got away with it .
cummins2014 07/27/23 10:10am Fifth-Wheels
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