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RE: Ford vs Chevy vs Ram HD DRW Drag Race

3...2...1... Let's Go! Enjoy Link BTW... Since TFL has their Ram truck hopefully we can see an Ike pull I normally don't watch these videos you post , or comment ,but I did this one. This was by far the stupidest one I could imagine , really three grown men drag racing these dually's , which is the last thing they were ever built for . It would of made a little more sense if they had some weight hooked up to them ,but even then so what . I normally don't partake in your endless Sailun tires and fifth wheel hitch arguments. Well you are paying attention . :) But as said what actually was the point of this video . I'll bet my Cummins will out run my neighbors old 7.3 power stroke ,so what .
cummins2014 07/09/23 08:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires- Tires - Tires

I am due to replace my tires after this season.... They are dated 3018.. I am running the G114's also and plan to just order them again as I have had no issues to date. Unless someone van give me a great argument to go Sailun The great argument , a better tire , less expensive, and rare that you read a failure . Saliun has a much better track record than Goodyear by far .
cummins2014 07/08/23 09:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires- Tires - Tires

IMO Goodyear had to step up , they were tearing up too many RV’s . ?? No doubt I’m sure some Sailuns have come apart , but it’s rare . I’ve never worried about tire damage or any other damage for that matter , that’s what I pay the insurance company all that money to cover that stuff.
cummins2014 07/08/23 05:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford vs Chevy vs Ram HD DRW Drag Race

3...2...1... Let's Go! Enjoy Link BTW... Since TFL has their Ram truck hopefully we can see an Ike pull I normally don't watch these videos you post , or comment ,but I did this one. This was by far the stupidest one I could imagine , really three grown men drag racing these dually's , which is the last thing they were ever built for . It would of made a little more sense if they had some weight hooked up to them ,but even then so what .
cummins2014 07/08/23 08:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires- Tires - Tires

Lot of tire companies have jumped on the G, and H rated RV tires in recent years , and as said IMO the Sailun are the best .
cummins2014 07/08/23 08:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires- Tires - Tires

It’s that time again to start doing homework on tires… running 215/75/17.5 and here is what I’ve found- In terms of cost- Cheapest- Saliun Middle- Cooper Work Series RHT Top- GoodYear G114 Need to save some cash, anyone running the Cooper Work series? I have a friend that purchases a new Grand Design and paid for the Cooper upgrade. That is what he is running but only has 1.5 years of limited use on them. My RV scales in at 16,750# IMO the best of the 3 are the Sailun , don't be fooled by the price . The last one I would buy is the Goodyear . I'd go Cooper before the Goodyear ,although Cooper is owned by Goodyear . I have run two sets of Sailun , and will continue to do so .
cummins2014 07/08/23 08:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires- Tires - Tires

Sailun Sailun Sailun
cummins2014 07/08/23 08:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2024 Chevy 3500 verses 2023 F350

Probably not towing the weight some are , my fifth wheel is only 15,500 GVWR , around 14,500 loaded these days . But the Cummins gets the job done nicely up ,and down the grades here in the mountain west . An EB is nice to have for a 14000 lb trailer but not absolutely necessary for most highway grades. I remember descending a very long 8% grade with 14000 lbs in tow in the days before the factory EBs were available. My 03 Duramax at that time held the trailer back with zero brake applications at 5000 rpm in 1st gear. I used a 2011 Powerstroke on that same hill pulling the same 14000 lb trailer. The 2011 Powerstroke had a poor EB but it was good enough to comfortably descend the mountain in 2 nd gear at about 3500 rpm without any brake applications. I have towed those same grades with the same weight with a 99 Superduty 7.3 Powerstroke with no EB, and no it was not a pleasant experience, going up or down . There is one coming down into Virgina City , MT that 14K or 20K is sure nice to have a decent EB . You don't see many runaway ramps , that hill has one , its not for the faint of heart towing heavy ,and just a two lane road . Sure I got by without EB as many did in years past, but I was careful , low speeds ,and gears . Those days are gone now , I let that Ram do it's thing . Wow 5000 RPM with a diesel , I'm sure that 6.7 Cummins would have pistons thru the block at that RPM . :B
cummins2014 07/05/23 08:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2024 Chevy 3500 verses 2023 F350

On this particular test they choose to utilize cruise control which I recall the GM's did really good in this mode in years past. Knowing how the exhaust brake and how cruise works kinda matters. I know with any truck I've ever had, stepping on the brake pedal cancels cruise.... With my Ford if I set cruise and let it apply the brakes automatically I can count brake applications by watching when the trailer brakes are applied automatically as they did in this video. As soon as I brake manually (say to slow for a sharp curve or because I find the set speed to be a little fast) cruise is cancelled and has to be reset. If I set the exhaust brake to automatic and let it do its thing the computer will exercise enough back pressure to hold the truck back to the speed it was going when the brake pedal or accelerator pedal was last released. If maximum exhaust braking is not enough to maintain the desired speed the wheel brakes (truck and trailer) are used to slow the combination down a little anytime the engine reaches redline. If while set to "auto" I find 4th gear is too fast for the exhaust brake to maintain speed down the grade I simply step on the brake pedal until the truck drops to third gear. When I take my foot off the brake it will try yo maintain that new set point and if 3rd gear is still too fast I can step on the brake again and slow to second gear. "Auto" exhaust brake is perfect for grade braking (better than cruise). If the exhaust brake is set to "on" the exhaust brake constantly tries to slow the unit even once it slows below my desired speed. "On" should be used for slowing down rather than for trying to maintain a desired speed on a downhill grade. Wow, that's a lot of shifting ,braking etc . I have yet to come off a grade , regardless of how steep ,and need to apply the brakes on my 2014 Cummins 6.7 3500 . Only thing I have to do it is realize that my cruise will gain 5 mph , and then settle's in , and maintains that speed . I come off one in Idaho that's pretty long ,and steep . I like it at 55 , set the cruise for 50 . Probably not towing the weight some are , my fifth wheel is only 15,500 GVWR , around 14,500 loaded these days . But the Cummins gets the job done nicely up ,and down the grades here in the mountain west .
cummins2014 07/04/23 12:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: B&W Companion hitch removal

Hey Lyle, how can you possibly be working on that fancy new truck? What needs doing, maybe wash/wax. Trailer for sure, been working on mine since the day I brought it home new. Most recent, reseal entry door glass. :) Hope you and family are enjoying the whole rig! Jerry Thanks, Jerry. Actually, we raised the pinbox 2 holes to it's highest holes. Then we lowered the Companion 1 hole. Went from 1.4 degrees nose high to 1.0, according to the leveling panel. About 4" difference in 17' from just behind the JT mounts back to behind the rear Jack's. Gives me about 6.75" of bed clearance. The other thing we did was to install an extra step on my Glowsteps. I will be updating my original review of them in the next couple days. Lyle I hope your review of those glow steps are better than mine. I dislike them , my wife literally hates them . Discussed our option’s with glow step , after the discussion we determined a longer adjustment leg might help, with the measurements given an extra step would not benefit us . The longer legs did very little, just don’t like them . The only thing good I can say is they are solid. I’ve nearly worn them out adjusting them .
cummins2014 07/03/23 05:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Using the "Quote" feature

Yes !!!
cummins2014 06/29/23 07:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Using the "Quote" feature

Bucky , IMO the censorship is killing this forum , I agree with Jerry to back off on it a bit .
cummins2014 06/27/23 07:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Using the "Quote" feature

Nit-picky? Yes, to an extreme. It is no big deal to scroll past the huge repeated quote boxes but to delete them hurts the forum more than helps the forum. I say that being one who does edit quotes to only the pertinent parts. I’ve always wondered why it’s just the fifth wheel section that you can’t quote someone , it may occur on other sections , just never noticed. I agree scrolling thru isn’t a big deal I thought . Oh well !!! I have to agree a bit nit picky for a forum .
cummins2014 06/26/23 04:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Using the "Quote" feature

Bucky, I was going to say this thread has drawn more attention than most . It's not the forum it once was .
cummins2014 06/26/23 07:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 30 Amp VS 50 Amp

For 30 amp service, use the rule of three, as in 3 is too much. AirCon, water heater, microwave. Use only two at a time. Often the three might play well together, but when you throw on another heating element of any kind (toaster, coffee maker, electric skillet) or the DC converter, it’ll often trip a breaker. Thats a great rule of thumb . Anyone doing otherwise , usually will not get away with it . As said 22 years same park ,same 30 amp service with four different RV's ,and its always been the same . run two ,can't run three usually .
cummins2014 06/21/23 08:43am General RVing Issues
RE: 30 Amp VS 50 Amp

All I can say is they were all turned to electricity. Whether they were all running, I never paid much attention to. But I don't go turn one off before turning another on, and I can't recall any issues. Believe what you want. While I can't dispute your experience. It is not the norm. Typically you cannot just let those items run together without tripping a breaker on a 30 amp circuit. Been going to the same state park for 25 years. The spots I like are 30amp. 5 different trailers, though only the last 3 had an electric water heater. Sounds normal enough to me. Now throw in a hair dryer.....different outcome. Having read this thread , we too stay at that same park here in Montana every summer for the past 22 years . Although it never gets hot enough to run both air conditioners , we run one on occasion with the 30 amps . We never experience a tripped breaker only if like some say , air conditioner can be running , and water heater on electric we are okay ,but anything else like a microwave , hair blower etc will trip it . It's been pretty simple either shut off the switch for the water heater or air conditioner , and then we can do about anything we need . Not a big deal for us .
cummins2014 06/21/23 08:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Choosing a new house battery

It's going to get tested today , the weather here in Montana has finally shaped up enough to get fishing . I have always run AGM batteries with my inflatable one man pontoon boat , they have always performed well, but a 27 AGM is not that portable at nearly 70 lbs . I am anxious to see what the time it takes to recharge these Lithium , AGM was not bad , supposedly the Lithium charges up much faster .
cummins2014 06/21/23 08:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Choosing a new house battery

We are upgrading to a Lithium battery and a charger/converter that will accommodate same. We are getting a 12 V 100 ah+ battery. My only problem is that it appears they all might be made in the same Chinese factory, but have different names. So, I have to look closely. I can not afford those made in U.S.A. as they are out of my reach. I hope to get either 1 or 2 100 ah and put them in parallel. If anyone has purchased a Li LiFePO4 battery in the last year and likes it, please let me know the brand and if you have it the warranty contact information. By the way, the battery I have now is a Diehard Gel, deep cycle.Just curious why you would ask a reasonable question, get several good answers, and ignore them. To repeat: if you're plugged into shore power all the time, basically it doesn't matter much what kind of battery you have. You can spend $400-$600, at least for 200 ah lithium batteries, or you can spend about $100 for a Wally World special. Both will work fine when you're plugged in to shore power. The only difference is you'll be about $500 poorer if you go with the lithium. :) If it's truly just the battery , then I would disagree ,when the time comes, and I only need one battery it would definitely be lithium , not the $100 Wally special , although I do have two of their Everstarts in my truck ,and have been great now for about three years. My point is that lithium is going to last thru three or four of those cheap ones , if anything not having to mess with a battery , especially if it's not maintenance free. Just went to a 100 amp lithium for my electric trolling motor , the weight alone is worth it to me , but that's a different issue .
cummins2014 06/20/23 08:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Furrion appliances

Camped next to a new Imagine trailer made by Grand Design has the Furrion appliances , he's had nothing but problems ,his 12 volt fridge needs to be replaced ,won't run . Had an RV tech working on it yesterday ,did get the furnace running ,but the fridge is shot . Had some other electronic problems ,I believe the inverter replaced ,it went bad .
cummins2014 06/18/23 02:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: CARFAX Urgent Recall info.

Both Camping World and Carfax are successful thriving businesses that has provided me and many others with valuable services and products for decades. I was also member of GS and enjoyed their many benefits. They are still in business while others have fallen to the wayside. Too bad. In 2003 I bought a late model R Vision Trail Cruiser TT from Camping world at a good price and with no serious issues for over 15 years. Their service, attitude and price was great. I sold the TT for a good price to Burning Man dealer in Nevada. Adios amigo old paint. Carfax has also been accurate and valuable for me for 4 trucks over the years and at no cost to me. If you have negative opinions about these fine companies then that is _____ hombres. Fortunate son here. As Grit said , this thread of yours has accomplished nothing other than stirring the pot ,or added anything of value .
cummins2014 06/17/23 08:21am Tow Vehicles
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