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RE: Speaking of large batch cooking-freezing leftovers?

Crowe, I agree, it is a good topic. What did the Mod edit you on?
d3500ram 01/26/21 03:27pm Around the Campfire
RE: Speaking of large batch cooking-freezing leftovers?

Different strokes I guess. I do not need any frills (hence lower price.) Only had to replace the gasket seals and food Saver sent them to me at no cost. perhaps a higher model might allow for repeated sealing. I know my low end mentions to allow for unit to cool.
d3500ram 01/26/21 11:46am Around the Campfire
RE: Speaking of large batch cooking-freezing leftovers?

My needs are simple. My $50 model sucks just as good as the glamorous high priced models. I only need it to accommodate my needs about once a week and I have used her for about 4 years now.
d3500ram 01/26/21 10:56am Around the Campfire
RE: tire rim weight rating

I tried going to the dealer for the wheel info back in the day when I was analyzing my set-up... they told me they had no data or ratings on the wheels. Dealers either did not have or did not want to disclose the ratings. Maybe it is different now, but I was very frustrated. Don't know why it is so secretive... my guess is that lawyers have something to do with it. If wheels were to fail for whatever reason, dealers and mfgr's can use it as an out.
d3500ram 01/25/21 07:57pm Truck Campers
RE: tire rim weight rating

No apologies necessary... I leaned something. I was not aware of those meanings and terms. Member "enblethen" would not have replied had you not posted your data... so it's all good. Thanks :)
d3500ram 01/25/21 05:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Speaking of large batch cooking-freezing leftovers?

Ditto on the vacuum freezing. I do this with almost everything that can be frozen with the exception of homemade soup. Liquids do not take to vacuum too well. I use regular freezer bags for soup and just purge as much of the air out.
d3500ram 01/25/21 04:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: tire rim weight rating

Maybe they quit doing it but as I mentioned,mine was on the factory window sticker..example... (6) 6.0K 8-hole wheels ~snip~ I am not sure how to interpret that data. That is, not sure what "6.0K" means. It seems qty=6 so assuming it is a dually truck, but cannot imaging each one has a 6K (pounds???) rating. That seems very high for each wheel. Consequently, If the total rating is 6K in that each one is only rated for 1,000 pounds then that seems awfully low.
d3500ram 01/25/21 04:12pm Truck Campers
RE: tire rim weight rating

Not all rims have weight rating on them as was done some years ago. It can be tricky to ascertain this data. My factory rims had no such numbers, inside or out. When I was going through all the arithmetic on my last set-up, the one thing on which I was fairly certain: The wheels at a minimum were able to handle at least the weight of the stock tires from the factory that were wrapped around the wheels. Sounds simplistic, but I imagine the lawyers for the truck manufacturers would not allow for a higher tire rating to be installed on a wheel that would not be able to at least handle that. This does not mean that in the real world that the wheels are not capable of more loading, its just that the truck maker will not stipulate it. FWIW- when I calc'd my set-up, I was over the wheels (per the above assumptions) by 75# per wheel but well under axle and tire ratings since I upgraded the tires. I was comfortable with that weight on any known wheel rating since these were steel wheels.
d3500ram 01/25/21 10:36am Truck Campers
RE: Unnecessary Warnings Shown on Products

My favorite absurdity is the warning on the sunscreens that go into the front windshield of an automobile: "Do not drive with sunshade in place."
d3500ram 01/20/21 05:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: S&S camper lacks grey tank

I looked at an S&S some years ago and recall the single tank as described by OP. This along with the asking price was a reason that I passed on it.
d3500ram 01/18/21 08:51am Truck Campers
RE: TCs and Covid Vaccinations

.... - no one will ever force you to get vaccinated. I would not bank on that statement. We are in a brave new world of constraints on freedom. Wanna travel? Show us proof of vaccination. Wanna go to school? Show us proof of vaccination. Wanna shop in our store? Show us proof of vaccination. Wanna be a part of society? Show us your papers.
d3500ram 01/15/21 09:27pm Truck Campers
RE: TCs and Covid Vaccinations

Thanks for the respectful dialog given differing views. I thought this thread would be deleted after the first post. TC'ers are a different breed and I truly believe that I could have a beer with each and every one of you around a campfire and have a good conversation despite opposing view points. Kudos, fellow campers.
d3500ram 01/15/21 01:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Skylight/roof repair

Yes, needed to sidestep once up on the roof... it was the only place on the back of the TC that they could place it due to the floor plan layout, not too bad once one gets used to it. I did use Etrna bond for the actual roof repair. I needed to peel it back about 10 inches to expose and work the roof framing and then laid it back down with the EB on top and all around. I did not want to EB over the new skylight flange since the first attempt (on the old bubble did not stick.) Also- did not want anything over the new, except for Dicor, so that if the skylight ever needed future replacement then it would be easier to only remove sealant for any new bubble install. BTW- there is a strip of butyl between the new EB on top of the roof and under the skylight flange with the sealant over it all including new SS fasteners.
d3500ram 01/12/21 12:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Skylight/roof repair

Sorry to go slightly off topic, but if the skylight itself has a small crack, what product would work on that? I would use a good caulk or sealnat. I used Quad Max on my camper: When I did maintenance one time before my skylight overhaul repair, I tried Eterna-Bond on the flat flanges where it meets the roof. I did not have good luck with that method. I thoroughly cleaned the surface as that is very important, but it did not stick which prompted me to completely remove the EB (not fun on the portion of the roof where it DID adhere. I have read where others have used EB on the skylight with better results than me. I guess you could try it on a sample area otherwise another method might need to be used.
d3500ram 01/11/21 12:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Skylight/roof repair

If you had a leak at one time (even if it is sealed now with whatever method) you still may have a ticking time bomb. What I mean is that depending on how much moisture got in, there could be potential for damage. When I had my campers, I would perform religious maintenance on them. Even with that regiment schedule, there was an instance where water got in near my skylight... I think it might have been from the adjacent vent. in addition to removing and resealing with self leveling roof sealant made for RV's I ended up replacing the vent and skylight as there was more deterioration than I could have imagined (and all this even with pretty strict inspection and upkeep... the potential is there.) I also had to perform minor repair of the roof frame as well. I guess what I am saying is even though there is no leak at this time, keep an eye on possible future compromised roof structure. Before: After:
d3500ram 01/11/21 11:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Streets of Dreams

My guess is that the OP is referring to another ML Production.
d3500ram 12/31/20 06:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: Replacing ceiling in Lance shower?

D3500ram, It looks ok the last 2 photos like the tape is under the skylight with caulking along the edge? Is that correct? Yes, The first two images is the original skylight bubble where I tried to EternaBond(EB) over the flange edge. The EB did not take to it too well over it but stuck to the roof just fine. I prepped and cleaned everything (and I mean EVERYTHING!!!) but don't know why it didn't adhere to the dome. In order to do it right, I ended up replacing the bubble. To do this I removed the old dome to discover a slight leak had gotten in and started to deteriorate the roof frame. Ended up stripping part of the roof membrane back towards the front at the vent... I think the water came in via the vent. Then manually stripped the EB that remained on the roof (no easy task) and started fresh. In my opinion, one should NOT install EB over the bubble flanges in case it needs to be replaced at a later date. I lapped in the proper direction strips of EB to cover up where I peeled back the roof membrane then installed the new skylight with butyl tape. When it was all snugged up I then used self-leveling sealant (forget whether it was GeoCel or Dicor) over the dome at the edges and over each fastener. Part of this repair also included inspecting, prepping and resealing the vents, antenna mount as well as the rear trim atop the roof.
d3500ram 12/31/20 05:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Replacing ceiling in Lance shower?

.... 1) caulking needs to be checked and replaced FREQUENTLY in hostile climates like southeast Texas. ... So true. Inspection and maintenance is key to keeping a camper in good condition. ... 2) spray on “Flex Seal” is ok for emergency repairs, but after just a couple of months becomes brittle, cracks, and peels off. It’s useless for long term!... I cannot disagree. ... 3) using butyl tape AND lap sealant AND eternabond is the way to go!... Yep. As well as removing old and installing new properly the first time. Had to redo a fix when I did not install Eterna Bond the first time. Toup to remove where it adhered. But finally did the job correctly with a new bubble skylight: Before: After: ... For the ceiling I’m currently eyeballing this: CLICKY Seems like it might be better for a shower where humidity and moisture are a constant potentl threat to simple luan. I would not use luan. If you use FRP, consider cutting it on a table saw with correct blade to minimize a rough edge... you'll want a smooth as possible edge to install a clean caulk bead.
d3500ram 12/31/20 02:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Replacing ceiling in Lance shower?

I have not done that actual repair of replacing the ceiling, but did replace the skylight on my last camper. Not thinking such a repair would be too difficult... -remove trim from skylight and vent, -cut to fit the new ceiling, -install with a good construction adhesive. All this assuming the leak is fixed and there is sufficient substrate to which to install new finish. If it were me, I would use FRP and re-seal the entire shower with caulk.
d3500ram 12/31/20 11:35am Truck Campers
RE: Reminiscing Part 3, old cell phones

Frank Cannon: Watching that show in the 70's wondering how'd they do that in the car??? Still, it's gotta be better than the original Smart fone:
d3500ram 12/23/20 11:31am Around the Campfire
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