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RE: Stop using AIOW please!
d3500ram 12/19/21 09:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Pensacola area... stuff to do?

OP here with a follow-up... Thanks for all the recommendations. The trip at the end of October was not as long as initially thought. I did rent a Road Glide for 4 days and made the most of it putting on almost 1,000 miles. One day consisted of a tour through the rural ranch and farming areas of the NW panhandle of Florida into Alabama with a group of about 25 bikes. Amazingly beautiful areas that I would not think of when I think of "Florida." Another day I went to the USS Alabama. Great museum for history buffs! My only regret about that visit was not allowing enough time to really take it all in. Next time I visit I will allow at least 6 hours there... only "skimmed" it in 2 hours which was a decent overview, but not enough to delve into the details. Other days were tooling around with family who also ride, riding along close to the shores of the two states... and eating dome decent seafood. This was the first time visiting the Pepsicola area and look forward to returning again sometime.
d3500ram 12/18/21 12:10pm Roads and Routes
RE: Song Post - Part Three

Any Time at All- The Beatles.
d3500ram 12/14/21 03:12pm Around the Campfire
RE: North Star 650

I am trying to recall the situation of the underbed storage on my previous NorthStar pop-ups... but I would look very closely before removing any components that make up the storage area under the mattress... that is, it might be part of the cross-structural wood that spans from side-to-side. It could be possible that the storage area is a result of the "beams" that allow for an upper "flat surface" on which to place a mattress. The flat sheathing below alone may not have enough integrity to support any load should those cross member be deleted. I am not saying that the proposed solution will not work, but after inspection reveals the possibility then it still might be prudent to call the Factory to get their take on the revision.
d3500ram 12/10/21 08:57am Truck Campers
RE: A new adventure for me.

Traction-wise, you may not need 4WD. When I had mine, I only needed 4 when in really nasty stuff. Having the front drive wheel does help sometime with steering, but if you keep a safe pace you will be OK. I would recommend to account for more distance between you and the vehicle in front because stopping will be perhaps the biggest concern (difference) when driving in snow. Allow for more travel time so you do not need to feel rushed. Be safe and enjoy the journey.
d3500ram 12/09/21 08:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Renting My Truck Camper

... ~snip~ and i would feel more comfortable renting the camper off the truck on my own land ...~snip~ Not to hijack the main topic, but I recently asked about renting out only a parking spot on my land. Seemed simple, but the more I thought about it I decided against it. The potential liability for me was not worth it. That topic is HERE if interested in reading.
d3500ram 12/02/21 11:49am Truck Campers
Feel Good Story of the Day...

Couple recreates wedding 77 years later after original wedding didn't have photos... LINK TO STORY HERE A couple who was married in 1944, but wasn’t able to have their ceremony photographed, recently recreated their wedding 77 years later. Royce and Frankie King were married on Sept. 16, 1944, right before Royce went to fight in World War II. Because it was a rushed wedding, the ceremony wasn’t photographed, according to SWNS. The couple, from Oelwein, Iowa, made up for that fact in September of this year, with the help of hospice workers from St. Croix Hospice. According to SWNS, Royce, now 98, and Frankie, now 97, met when they were teenagers and started dating a few years later. By 1944, they got engaged and decided to get married shortly after, before Royce’s deployment to the war with the U.S. Army Air Corps. On such short notice, Frankie wasn’t able to get a wedding dress. Instead, she wore a white dress she already had, while Royce wore his military uniform. After the war, Frankie and Royce settled in Oelwein, Iowa, and had their two children, Jim, 71, and Sue Bilodeau, 68. The couple still lives in the house where they raised their children, Bilodeau told SWNS. "They were and are wonderful parents," she said. "It was a very happy family life." Earlier this year, the couple started receiving care from St. Croix Hospice. According to Bilodeau, one of the staff found out it was Royce and Frankie’s anniversary and asked to see their wedding photos. When the couple explained that they didn’t have any wedding photos, the St. Croix carers decided to rectify the situation. The staff got flowers, a photographer and even bought a proper wedding dress from the 1940s for Frankie to wear, according to SWNS. Meanwhile, Royce wore his military uniform, just like at their original wedding. A St. Croix staff member even played music from the ‘40s while Frankie walked down the aisle in the couple’s backyard. Bilodeau, who attended the recreated wedding, said it was "the most magical moment." "They are just in love as the day they met," she said. "Dad was very proud to put on his uniform for mom and mom loved being pampered." "They were just beaming at each other the whole time," she added. "It's wonderful for them to finally have wedding photos, after all this time."
d3500ram 12/02/21 08:27am Around the Campfire
Personal self recording camera?

Any recommendations on personal cameras that one can attach to themselves similar to those that police officers wear? Comments on outlets where to purchase?
d3500ram 11/27/21 11:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Renting out a parking spot on my property...?

So I spoke with my insurance agent this morning, one reason that I still have a local bricks and sticks agent is to discuss minor questions such as this. As a result of the conversation I decided, from a liability standpoint, it is not worth the risk for me. The part of my property that I would allow access is not a defined vehicular spot; it is not a driveway or similar, it is just a part of field/ lawn/ grassy spot. There are vole holes and ant hills around. While the ants are dormant, the potential to twist an ankle in one of the hills or holes is quite possible. The potential to make a few hundred bucks is not worth any potential claim against my homeowners policy. If it were some sort of "defined" spot for which a vehicle could be parked then I would entertain the thought more. Thanks for comments.
d3500ram 11/24/21 10:16am Around the Campfire
RE: Renting out a parking spot on my property...?

It is zoned R-2, unincorporated county, no HOA or any other private AHJ. Not worried about neighbors making an issue... heck, my next door neighbor keeps plows and excavators in his driveway because of not being within a municipal entity. But, good advice to check my homeowners insurance.
d3500ram 11/23/21 05:55pm Around the Campfire
Renting out a parking spot on my property...?

So a person is posting an ad on CL looking for a parking space for the winter. I have room, but am seeking opinions and thoughts. I am in unincorporated county and have room. I asked colleagues in my office and we discussed possible negatives. From the ad: Hi I am looking for a place to park my Sprinter Van over the winter (not living in it). The van is 19.5' bumper to bumper Looking around {the} County please let me know if you have something available and we can discuss pricing. I am trying to anticipate any problem or issues. "What if he gets stuck?" It is a fairly level area with a slight slant. I have no issues with my truck, but I am not familiar with the capabilities of a 2WD sprinter. If 4WD it should not be an issue. "What about snow plows pushing snow into the access point" It would be up to the owner to be responsible for his needs. I would do minimal clearing to the road but nothing around his vehicle. "What about damage sustained to his vehicle?" It would be on his dime... just like any other parking lot. One comment was "what if he squats and refuses to leave?" Good question, but it is in a field north of my house on a county road. If that were the case, I would have my excavator pull it out on to the road and then it would be between the sheriff and the owner. What say you?
d3500ram 11/23/21 04:53pm Around the Campfire
RE: Laptop battery stored in a cold car...?

Just to clarify... ...yes, I was concerned about battery in cold temperatures while leaving it in the car for a few days. I do not anticipate those temps being sub-zero but there is a chance of it dipping below freezing (32 degrees.) I do not need nor want to take either the computer nor the battery with me on the plane, hence my asking for opinions. Methinks it prudent to remove the battery and stash it and the laptop out of sight before arriving at the parking lot. The computer and battery will have a couple of hours to acclimate upon return before needing to turn it back on. Based on the great comments and discussion, I am not going to worry about leaving the components for a few days in the conditions described.
d3500ram 10/26/21 07:54am Technology Corner
RE: Coleman Triton stove sucks! Replacement?

Yep, more BTU's packed in liquid over the propane counterparts.
d3500ram 10/25/21 12:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Coleman Triton stove sucks! Replacement?

Ditto to comments about the olde tyme white gas Coleman stoves. My 30 year old one works like a champ. I bought a propane adapter for it, but it produces less heat than the fuel counterpart so i never really use it, but have it just in case. My brother has a white gas version stove that he bought in the late 60's and it works as it did on day one. It looks well worn from use but performs like new. Same holds true for the Coleman lanterns. Only thing needed on those is replacement mantles ever couple of years. Don't know about the quality of the current Coleman white gas stoves, but if they are available then my opinion is to go with tried-and-true stuff with a track record. On Edit: I see they still make WHITE GAS STOVES, but I see they are SIGNIFICANTLY higher in price!!:E I think I paid about $30 for mine back in the day.
d3500ram 10/25/21 11:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Laptop battery stored in a cold car...?

I'm not sure if they are doing it lately but lots of destinations require you to turn on a battery may be an issue going thru security as there is nothing to turn on. He is leaving the laptop in the car. It won't be going through security. Correct. I am not taking the laptop with me, but Valhalla's comment is good advice if one were to take a device where screening might be necessary.
d3500ram 10/25/21 10:03am Technology Corner
RE: Laptop battery stored in a cold car...?

Hide the laptop before you get to the airport. No need to have someone observe you parking and then hiding something then leaving.... Good Comment! Will do. Will also take battery out of the compartment as well before hiding.
d3500ram 10/24/21 02:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Laptop battery stored in a cold car...?

Thanks, Bill. Do you think it would be prudent to perhaps remove it from the laptop... or per your comment, it should still be OK it it remains in place?
d3500ram 10/24/21 01:43pm Technology Corner
Laptop battery stored in a cold car...?

I need to make an upcoming trip where I will be parking my car at the Denver airport for about 5 day. I will have my laptop with me but won't be taking it on the plane. I would like to leave it stored in the car for that time. Denver could get into the 20's this time of year at night... don't anticipating it getting too much colder. Days are nice= 50's. Should the battery be OK? When I return, I will NOT be plugin in and using the computer right away... it will be a couple of hours that the temperature can acclimate back to normal before use. I really do not have the option of not facing this situation. I am in Denver for work and then hopping a plane and do not need nor want to take it with.
d3500ram 10/24/21 01:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Opinion on knock-off batteries for laptop...?

OP here, six month update: So far so good on the knock-off battery. I am see no ill effects of using it.
d3500ram 10/24/21 01:29pm Technology Corner
RE: One more advantage of extended cabover on a regular cab PU

Do you remember Sleepy’s thread about designing a perforated air dam installed under the overhead- it eliminated the top of the doors wind noise and added a couple m’spg and kept the bugs off the front of the camper behind the cab. I remember that one, unfortunately the image are no longer linked: Sleepy's Air Dam
d3500ram 10/21/21 02:38pm Truck Campers
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