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RE: 1996 Damon Electric Question?

Like to say Thank You to everyone that took the time to help out on this post!! The fix was the disconnect switch on the dash. after several repeated on and off flips it came on and started working. I was sooooo happy. Think for sure I will be replacing that switch!!! Thanks so much Dad-Dennis
dad4papa2 10/19/21 12:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1996 Damon Electric Question?

Thanks much MT Bob--These are my starting points tomorrow. Hope to find the malfunction in one of these. Thanks much everyone. I will let you all know what I find!!! Dennis
dad4papa2 10/18/21 07:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1996 Damon Electric Question?

Battery disconnect switch is on the dash I believe and I think it is working. I will check it tomorrow! thanks Dennis
dad4papa2 10/18/21 05:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1996 Damon Electric Question?

I don't think I have any type of switch over my door. I will look in my manual and see if I have anything like that. I am not sure how all that works as far as letting the systems know if I'm om shore,generater or batteries. Something surely tells the MH to switch to battery! thanks Dennis I will check on that!
dad4papa2 10/18/21 05:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Let’s hear your best MPG and driving style ?

1996 Damon Intruder with the almighty 460 Engine in it I get 6.1-to 6.5 mpg towing or not towing. this is at an average 65 MPH. Dad
dad4papa2 10/18/21 04:53pm Class A Motorhomes
1996 Damon Electric Question?

I have a 1996 Damon Intruder and for some reason all of a sudden I have no 12volt power to the MH. If I am plugged in to shore power all works great. I fi I start the generator and unplug shore power all works fine. When I unplug shore power and **** off generator I have nothing. The house batteries are good and showing 12.7 volts when everything is off power. Anyone know where to start? I have checked every fuse and wire that I can fin with no bad wires. I have a Model ATS 501 automatic Line generator switch in it and was wondering if this is maybe an area to look at. Thanks for any help you can offer. Dennis-Dad
dad4papa2 10/18/21 04:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Circuit breaker Question?

Well this took a bit longer than I wanted but it started raining and rained for several days. Finally replaced the circuit breaker (it was a 30Amp) and it made no change in the step operation. With tat being said here is something that has me scratching my head. I had unhooked the motor and jumped the motor to reverse it and the steps went up without even a moan. So I took it for a test run yo get it inspected but had hooked the motor back up. The step stayed in the raised position so I could drive it. Two blocks from my shop that inspects it for the Missouri inspection the step activates itself and the steps go down. Now this should never happen with the motor running so now I'm going what the heck. I get out of the MH and the steps stay down no matter what position my switch is in. I start the engine and they stay down. So now I am wondering what told them to go down??? Kind of weird to me!!! Any suggestions??? Thanks much Dennis
dad4papa2 03/22/21 02:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Circuit breaker Question?

I would not use a switch. A momentary double pole double throw to (to reverse polarity) switch would work but rating should be rated a minimum 20 amp, 30-40 amp would be better. Have you checked Ebay for upgrade kit? Or other parts. After replacing circuit breaker, check operation. Another common problem is the TWO ground connections for the step. Checked and cleaned all ground cables and positive cables first thing. Yes found some on ebay and Etrailer has them.about same price and much better priced. Will have to figure out what to do now. Thanks much! Dad
dad4papa2 03/11/21 04:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Circuit breaker Question?

Thanks Doug I talked to these folks this morning. I’m looking at it as a solution! Thanks much. Yes I am changing the circuit breaker anyway. Thanks all for your help. Dad
dad4papa2 03/11/21 04:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Circuit breaker Question?

On a second thought I will call them back and ask about a total used step!!! Thanks I hadn't thought about that. Dad No they have no used steps that will work right now!!! Dang was a good idea though! Thanks Dad
dad4papa2 03/11/21 10:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Circuit breaker Question?

Thanks much. I called Colaws 2 days ago and they are presently sold out of the used ones. The price of the new upgrade was big $. Quick question is can a three way switch mounted just inside the door be wired up to motor to get steps up and down. Not my favorite choice but we use this MH about 3 times a year now and having a hard time justifying $400.00 plus. Just a thought! Dad
dad4papa2 03/11/21 10:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Circuit breaker Question?

Make and model of step? If Kwikee, What color controller box? Yes it is a Kwikee step series 32. Serial number is 120794. Control Unit is 909506000. I am pretty sure it is original from the 1996 manufacturing date of MH. the controller is Black. I talked to the Lippert company yesterday and was informed that that controller was no longer available and it I wanted my step to work as normql that I would need to purchase a kit for $400.00 plus dollars and install it all together. Seems a bit high for a 1996 Mh but I will see. He told me to do a test on the controller and if I didn't pass that test that the controller was bad. Well it didn't pass so I need to look at other options. I'm going to call a used RV place today to see about a used one that might give me a solution. What do you all think is my direction to travel?? I will replace the circuit breaker prior to buying anyting expensive though. Dad
dad4papa2 03/10/21 11:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Circuit breaker Question?

Thanks much that's what I thought. I may have just found my issue with my Electric steps!!!!! thanks so much!! Dad
dad4papa2 03/08/21 02:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What the heck? I thought motorhomes lost value fast!!

Interesting article on our local news last night was about the RV world right now. RV Sales are increasing way above normal. Seems as if people are looking more into RV's than ever before caused what they say by the Covid! They are fearful of staying in Motels and hotels and this is an alternative to keeping safe and still being able to travel. Just an article I heard on TV news and not my opinion but certainly makes since that the prices would increase from heavy demand!! Dad
dad4papa2 03/08/21 01:59pm Class A Motorhomes
Circuit breaker Question?

Being a DIY I am terrible with electric 12v systems. Should this circuit breaker have continuity if it is closed? Does it open and reset if there is a short issue?? can they weld themselves open from a short??? Thanks in advance from Dad
dad4papa2 03/08/21 01:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mirror replacement issue. Need some assistance Please!

Final update on my Mirror issues!! A bit Long but!!! First off I would like to say Thank you from everyone that has commented on my question. I truley appreciate it very Much!! This morning I called Ramco and talked to Tech. Let me tell you that this was probably the best call I have made to anyone anywhere in a long time as far as business are concerned. First off the phone rang once and a lady answered with a pleasant How may I direct your call? I was so shocked not to get that dreaded recording directing me with numbers to my place of need. It was a real live person. Next she one second please. Wow She was so correct!!! Immediatley a gentleman by the name of David answered with his name and how can I help you. So Thanks so much To a professional company for such a pleasant start of my call!!! Next I expalined my isse and immediately he was telling me of my options. We visited briefly and I thanked him so much for the information and was getting ready to hang up and he said We do still have those mirrors heads in stock that will work as you want them to and priced it right then! I thanked him again and said if I couldn't live with my decision that I would contact them and get the mirror on the way. end of out conversation and again Thank You Ramco for being Customer user Friendly!! Now he explained that I would probably get it to work ok but that one of the switch movements would be inverted. I told him that was what I had figured out and was just wondering if there was an easy fix. His comment was not really but could be done with a different switch install that was a bit of a challange but could be done. So I told him I was going to install the mirror as is and live with the up and down switch being inverted. At least I have a mirror to see out of. So with all that long post again, thanks to all that helped with suggestions and thanks to Ramco For their professional help. Mirror is on and now for my electric step and I am ready for spring travel!!!!! Thanks to All -Dad
dad4papa2 03/02/21 12:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mirror replacement issue. Need some assistance Please!

Thanks much Mountianair05, I will give these a try and if not working I will call the number to get more help!! Thanks so much everyone for your input. Getting closer to solving this!! Dad
dad4papa2 03/01/21 01:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: OBD-i and OBD-ii did a '96-'97 F53 ever have diagnostic plug

It's probably to late but I bought a OBD 1015 reader that plugs into the wires of the EEC. There are two ways to read it. One is by beep counting or the other is by light blinking. It worked great for me. My biggest problem was I was to tight to buy the extention cable that would have made my life so much better. But what I ended up doing was hooking the scanner up under the doghouse to where I could see the light blinking. Then I took my Ipad and took a movie of the blinks. I then cqme into the house and replayed the video until I had the code. once I got the code I knew exactly what to do to repair my Motorhome. Mine also was a 1996 Damon that didn't get the OBD upgrade so I have to live with the EEC. I highly recomend the OBD 1015 reader if you can find one. Life saver for the DIY'ers. Dad
dad4papa2 03/01/21 11:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mirror replacement issue. Need some assistance Please!

Update from Yesterdays post. wired yp everything this morning and here is my results. MotorHome Green Wire to Mirror Black MotorHome Red wire to Mirror White MotorHome Black to Yellow. Now everything is working except-- left and right is perfect. Up and down is backwards-- Up on swith is down mirror and down is up. Now if I have to I can live with this as I have a new good functional mirror, but being me knows there is a pattern to get it right. any suggestions would be helpfull. Thanks much Dad PS: I am not using the 2 Red wires!!
dad4papa2 03/01/21 11:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mirror replacement issue. Need some assistance Please!

Hmmm a quick check on the polarity change would be easy. I will try that. MountainAire I will check your method out also. dad
dad4papa2 02/28/21 03:12pm Class A Motorhomes
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