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RE: Atwood Furnace issue-need suggestions Please.

Thanks guys i will look at both suggestions. Hope to get it going!! Dead
dad4papa2 10/24/20 04:19pm Tech Issues
Atwood Furnace issue-need suggestions Please.

1996 Damon Intruder has an 8535-lll Atwood Furnace in it. It has always worked perfect but went out the other day and turned it on. Furnace fired right up as always and fan run for a bit and then ignited. Then after running for about 3-4 minutes it went out. Fan continued to run and after a few seconds ingnited again. Now it runs for about 30 seconds and shut back down. So where do I start? I have read about the sail switch. Will it do this?? Limit Switch?? Where do I start?? Thanks in advance. Dad
dad4papa2 10/24/20 12:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Prep TC roof for Dicor redo

opps I forgot to say on prepping for dicor I use a small putty knife and make sure I don't get into the rubber roof. It usually comes off very easy and with denatured alcohol cleans up very nice. If you use a small putty knife be very careful while using it. It can puncture your roof if you get in a hurry. I have never punctured mine thank goodness! Dad
dad4papa2 10/05/20 09:28am Tech Issues
RE: Prep TC roof for Dicor redo

I have used Dicor for my roof seams. I have had great success with it and had no problems. Also I just lat year coated my entire roof with Henges roof coating and must say it is an amazing product. a good washing with the spray washer prior to coating it insured it was clean. I did a double spray wash and let it dry in the sun for a day and a half and then coated it with a roller and paint brush for the hard to get to places and wow what a differnce it made to my MH. I know everything says not to spray wash but in my research for a good coating I had 2 dealers that do this for a living said to spray wash it but keep back about a foot or so while washing it. It turned out perfect an looks like a new roof. New roof probably around $4000.00 and up. Henges roof coating $200.00 and some labor!! No Brainer for me. Hope this helps!! Dad
dad4papa2 10/05/20 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: No 12v power to Motorhome?

Another update in case anyone else runs into my issue. Once I got the 12 volt system back on, I again realized that the fan was still not coming on on my Converter Charger that has always come on to cool the system as it was charging. It would always run for a minute and then shut off once the batteries were back up to par. Here's what I found out after more continuous testing of everything. Once I unpluged from shore power the old batteries were testing full charge but two days later would be dead. Everytime I checked them they would at first show full charge. Then on day 2 nothing. So here I think there is one of two things wrong here. 1. Something is drawing the batteries down that I haven't found yet or 2. I had bad batteries. I bit the bullet and bought new batteries and as soon as I hooked them up I had lights and when I plugged it into shore power the fan on the charger started running again. So it now is up and running and if you run into this just take your batteries to be tested. I guess even with a bad cell they will sometimes give you a false reading!! Problem Solved! Thanks for the input to all. Dad
dad4papa2 07/13/20 08:12am Tech Issues
RE: No 12v power to Motorhome?

No problem. I think always check that switch to make sure it is working!!! It took me over 8 hours to find it!! Not fun!! Dad-- Thanks Again
dad4papa2 06/24/20 05:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Bad Converter Charger

When my 6300 was in my MH it was terrible at boiling the batteries dry. I had to watch them all the time and even lost a set do to my egnorance on the first set of new batterries I put in. got about 8 months out of them and they were gone. I purchased the Xantrex about 12 years ago and it has performed totally over my expectations!! I would buy another one if they still make them!! good luck with your new one!! Dad
dad4papa2 06/24/20 05:55pm Tech Issues
RE: No 12v power to Motorhome?

Got it. Your were correct. The disconnect switch on the dash was in the connect location (on) but wasn't making contact somehow. I tinkered with it and all at once the crazy thing started working. I may need to check into the switch and see if it can be replaced. Thanks very much for all the help on here. I truly appreciate it. Happy traveling to you all!! Dad
dad4papa2 06/24/20 05:33pm Tech Issues
RE: No 12v power to Motorhome?

I have it unplugged now nd will see what happens to them. I'll update once I give them some time. thankls so much for your help. Dad
dad4papa2 06/24/20 02:18pm Tech Issues
RE: No 12v power to Motorhome?

Just above the converter is the breakers and what I call the control board. When I turn off all power I get .30v on the white wire and green wire. When plugged in I get 12.39v. (Everything work when pluged in as in all the 12v lights etc. when I unplug it I get nothing inside to work. Hope this makes more since.(yesterday I hooked up my battery charger to the batteries and they showed 12.73 volt instantly and held right there while charging. Thanks Dad
dad4papa2 06/24/20 02:11pm Tech Issues
RE: No 12v power to Motorhome?

Maybe this will help if it is allowed.
dad4papa2 06/24/20 02:04pm Tech Issues
RE: No 12v power to Motorhome?

opnspaces Yes I was plugged in and the last post I made was both figures of plugged in and when I flipped off the Main breaker. The contol board I am referring to is the little board that has all the fuses that control the 12v lights and fans etc when no shore or gen power turned on. and no to solar. don't have that! Dad
dad4papa2 06/24/20 01:48pm Tech Issues
RE: No 12v power to Motorhome?

Well i went back out and run my meter checks again. With Shore power plugged in the Pos bat and neg bat terminals on the control board show 13.61 Volts (thats the White and green one in the top section of the converter on the right side.) With the power off they show .30 volts. I must have had my meter set wrong. When I test them at the battery terminals on the Battery I get 12.39 v. I think I will check all grounds and go from there. Any suggestions is great!!! Dad
dad4papa2 06/24/20 01:42pm Tech Issues
RE: No 12v power to Motorhome?

As an after thought I have two wires on the control board that is labled Bat Pos and the Other as Bat Neg. I put my meter on these and it shows 30V. ?? Why this is as I have 2 12 volt system for house batteries. Dad
dad4papa2 06/24/20 01:17pm Tech Issues
No 12v power to Motorhome?

Hey folks I have a question about the 12 volt system on my 96 Damon Intruder. I have shore power and Generator Power and everthing works ok, however when I Unplug and not run the Generator my 12V system does nothing. I will say that my batteries do need replaced but I set up my Charger and put a good charge on the batteries and still no 12v system working at all. A few years ago I put an Xantrex converter in place of the old 6300 magnetek and absolutely loved it. Not once did my batteries overcharge and boil them out!!! Question is When I plug into shore power I used to be able to hear the converter fan kick in when the batteries needed a bit of charge and now I can not get it to kick on at all. Where do I start?? I have tested all the fuses inside the Mh and all the breakers and they seem to be working fine. I put a volt meter on what I believe is the wires coming back from the batteries and get a wierd 30v?? On the control board itself should I be able to find a 120v power to the board and then a 12 to 14 volt going to the battery section?? Hope this makes since. I did check the little disconect switch in the battery compartment and it seems to be fine. thanks for any input, as I'm now at a loss!! Dad
dad4papa2 06/24/20 01:15pm Tech Issues
RE: 2000 Bounder Electrical Problem

Not sure it would help but if it is 2000 it should have a connection to check it with a scanner. It may throw you a code to help track it. Most parts stores can code it for you!! Hope this helps! Dad
dad4papa2 06/22/20 05:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dead batteries again

Another quick easy test i usually do is have someone turn the headlights on while you watch them. Are they bright and then get real ddim and go out. Do they not come on at all? If they come on bright and seem to only dim slightly have a helper try to start the vehicle while you are watching the lighrts. I they immedateley go out and you hear the click then not only clean the Battery cables but find the ground to the body or engine and take it loose and clean it really good. I had my ground got coated and it wouldn't let the Ground cable make good contact. Lights were bright until I tried to start it and then went out as I tried to crank it!! Only a thought I had. Hope you find the issue soon, I know that can drive you nuts!!! Dad
dad4papa2 06/22/20 05:52pm Class A Motorhomes
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