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RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

clearly the idea of driving being an earned privilege has now morphed into a right with no assumption of consequences or responsibility. sometimes I think half the people on the road failed driver training. And yes, previously in NC they will pull right onto four lane, go into left lane with no one in the right lane, and just sit there. I have always wanted a huge light up sign in rear window that would flash WRONG LANE
daugen 09/08/20 08:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advantages of diesel pushers

DP's seem to be built on three or four different custom chassis that have been tweaked for many years to give not only what is likely the best ride but also the most storage. Dynamax makes a model using a Ram 5500 with the Cummins diesel with 800# of torque, a nice setup. But no washer/dryer option that I could see for Isata 5. Renegade, Dynamax and Newmar make high end Super C's that give up little in amenities but are built on medium duty truck chassis. Even with air bags added and an air ride seat, am wondering how a higher end Super C rides and handles compared to a DP. one of my challenges in this time of very low used inventory is that there are almost no used diesel Super C's out there, they haven't built this kind long enough apparently. But plenty of 40 foot DP's. So my 150k budget may restrict me to a ten year old DP anyway. I'm not sure a 36-40 foot gas Class A will have enough power for me. I am not going to do the maintenance on anything I own, other than carrying a good set of tools when things break, which they sure will.
daugen 09/07/20 11:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

it was one of the greatest driving experiences I ever had going on the Autobahn. 99 percent of vehicles obeyed the laws and the whole concept of lane control was fully there. Funny that the fastest vehicles were the big BMW and Mercedes sedans, saw few Porsches driving fast. Maybe that has all changed. They do say when there are wrecks on that road, they are severe I just wish I wasn't driving a rented Opel then that maxxed out at 95mph.
daugen 09/07/20 06:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

good to know, the two aftermarket ones I previously bought did not have temp thanks
daugen 09/07/20 06:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

since this was a thread on fifth wheel speed, I think one issue that has been overlooked is ambient temperature. Pulling a trailer through California or NM right now adds quite a heat load to tires, and my understanding is heat is a prime factor in tires coming apart. TPMS systems tell you when air is low but not how hot your tire is. I wish they did both... My little motorhome has door stickers saying 62 pounds in all six tires. Yet the tires are rated to 80 pounds. I put 70 pounds in each tire just to be safe and super high temps are not an issue on East Coast normally. Is there a common sense rule where if it's over 90 outside maybe we should not do 75mph? Not that I would anyway...
daugen 09/07/20 01:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advantages of diesel pushers

I appreciate the feedback. "It really and truly rode much more like a truck than our DP." that's what worries me...I want the smooth airbag ride. My 27' Itasca Sunstar was basically a UPS truck with a nice paint job too...and boy did wind throw it around. I test drove a used DP before I bought my current rig and found the driving position a bit challenging. Sure you can see well but have to make very wide turns. I'm wondering if Super C is more maneuverable. The DP turned me off because it was not in good shape and was a real slug, I think a 300-330hp model and had very poor acceleration. Probably should have driven others but then decided to get an rv I didn't always have to pull a toad with.
daugen 09/06/20 12:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

Seems there are a lot of impatient folks on the road with a ME FIRST attitude. Frankly I have little sympathy for someone doing 15-20 over the limit and then getting annoyed at me doing 5-10 under limit in an rv. What ever happened to Share The Road? I've driven the Autobahn and speed differentials are an issue but they seem to make it work. I'm almost always on cruise control, to be consistent, and wish more rv's had adaptive cruise like my car. Otherwise I worry about texting fools driving right into my rear bumper. We have so many Left Lane Louises in this country that traffic flow is a problem no matter what. I've always felt that if overtaking another vehicle, and there's someone behind me, I'd better be doing at least 5mph more than overtaken vehicle. Left lane is for passing only, a very hard concept for many. On I-95 with typical 70mph limit, on any of my rv's I am usually doing 62-65mph, with my lights on, and simply do not believe if I'm in the right lane I'm doing anything inconsiderate. I will not be a lemming going over the cliff...
daugen 09/06/20 04:24am Fifth-Wheels
Advantages of diesel pushers

I'm considering going larger than my current Dynamax Isata 3 built on MB chassis in order to get a larger bathroom/shower and a built in washer dryer. I want to do some snowbirding during winter and have realized that as wonderfully nimble as my current 25 footer is, the compromises aren't worth it. I have had a Class A gasser before, small 27 footer with Ford V10 and also a TT, and both had lots more room inside. Have been looking at Super C's (Renegade, Newmar, Dynamax) and wonder what you all think of relative comfort of those rv's vs diesel pushers. At issue is noise, safety, space utilization, ride, handling and overall comfort. Seems the go to for the most of everything was a diesel pusher in past, but maybe not any more, and wonder if I intend to stay on East Coast and out of mountains, would a gasser with new Ford V8 be a reasonable option? I can't afford a new diesel pusher, would be looking at something 5-10 years old to keep price down below 150k. I sold my farm a few months back and simply have no use for a truck any more. So a big fifth wheel and diesel F250 variant means owning a large truck I would rarely use otherwise. I am a senior, single and no pets. I have pulled a car on a dolly and with my arthritis that was very hard on me to hook it up and unhook, so know I need a better solution for toad. Seems the ideal would be a 400hp+ diesel pusher. Newmar would be my first choice particularly since I'm focusing on used rigs. For those of you who have owned big Class A's and gone to a Super C, could you describe your experience? Or known someone who has? Thanks very much. Drew
daugen 09/06/20 03:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: TT Tire Recommendation

this is why politics and religion are banned from all regular forums. It puts folks on edge and reactive, makes nice folks nasty and in the end accomplishes nothing since most folks who post about either have their minds set before they start. please guys, just stop...most of us don't want to keep reading this. I came here to get educated on tires, not your personal philosophies on life. And I have strong opinions on this matter and I'm sure not going to share them with you. Just not the appropriate place.
daugen 09/05/20 12:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT Tire Recommendation

I also say thumbs up to Maxxis tires. Had a set for seven years on a utility trailer and they held up great. Seems Carlisle and other companies keep getting burned trying to outsource tires to China in order to hit a lower price point. Had same problem on John Deere diesel garden tractor, front Chinese Carlisles wore out in five years, rears made in USA looked like new. I would trust South Korean tires btw, they seem to set high standards, unlike Chinese tires where you just have to get lucky to get a good tire. Tires are such an important safety item, this is where it seems to make sense to buy the very best you can find. Thankfully is becoming more active here and offering some alternatives.
daugen 08/22/20 03:15am Travel Trailers
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