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RE: generator and alternator charging at the same time

8 is good for a 1 foot run. Also the converter has over current protection. Perhaps that is what is cutting the power. The battery handles 90 amps from the alternator no problem.
dave17352 04/05/21 09:45pm Tech Issues
RE: generator and alternator charging at the same time

Power max is coming out with a converter for lithium in the near future.
dave17352 04/05/21 06:51am Tech Issues
RE: generator and alternator charging at the same time

BFL, I spoke with the same fella you did probably. He also told me he would ask as of yet I have not heard back from him. To explain this is exactly what I did. I drained the ut1300 to almost empty. I hooked the converter directly to the battery with foot long 8 gauge cables. I set the voltage at 14.6 and left it on the constant voltage not 3 stage. The converter fired up and did indeed charge at about 50 amps for a short time and then cut out. I am talking after about 1 minute. I was also monitoring the voltage at the battery which was slightly lower than at the converter. So then I turned up the voltage so I was getting 14.6 at the battery. I cut out quicker. Then I turned down the voltage enough to where it would run at about 40 amps and that worked. So then after a good bit of experimenting around I decided I would mess that with second pot. I found that indeed did adjust the current up and down. Of course with the higher current it would then cut out quicker. So in the end I installed in my wfco and adjusted it where I will get just about 30 to 35 amps when the battery is drained about 20 percent. It starts to slowly drop as it tops off. I have the voltage set at 14.6. I am perfectly happy with this. Lion suggest a 45 amp charge rate but also points out it can take up to a 100 amp charge rate. The bms on LION shuts off current at 14.7 on the dot. I found this in my experimenting with the converter. When I did have the alternator in the system I watched the battery getting charge at 90 amps while running the motor, I drove for about 15 minutes and that battery was amazing just guzzling the amps. I bought this battery for the convenience and the cool factor a lot more than a need factor. If I ever need a quick charge I will just put the fuse back in and let the alternator charge it up. With just one battery (my son in law has the other one) I am not to concerned with using the alternator once in a great while. I have bought other powermax converters in the past and have been pleased. I will have the other new converter in my rig for a back up. So to sum it up I could get higher current just not the full 55 and I would have to use higher voltage which as the battery topped off it would cause the bms to shut it down and I don't want that to happen. Now you know the rest of the story. :)
dave17352 04/04/21 10:13pm Tech Issues
RE: generator and alternator charging at the same time

Around 120,I did not check though.
dave17352 04/04/21 03:33pm Tech Issues
RE: generator and alternator charging at the same time

Interesting about the 55 amper LKs I will check that out. I suspect the 30 amps instead of 55 is from being in the WFCO's location and it has long thin wires to the battery. My 55 amper does 56 amps but I use short #4 wires with it. You can parallel the two 55 ampers running off the big gen and get 110 amps that might be under 100 with voltage drop if you want to do 1C on the LFP that way. EDIT--AFAIK the converter has no high current power shut down; it is just current limited to its rated current (and a bit more). Did you mean the 120v power to the converter is shut down by a generator shut down controlled by the BMS or Victron? When I ran the converter next to the battery it definitely would cut out at higher amps. I did this several times. It would run up to 50 plus amps and cut out. When I lowered the voltage therefore less amps it quit cutting out. I could get higher amos but I am okay with 30 plus.
dave17352 04/04/21 02:50pm Tech Issues
RE: generator and alternator charging at the same time

There is a SEARCH function on all forums world-wide where you could have found this very same question asked 100 times already.... You can run multiple charging sources at the same time. IF you have li-ion batteries then you will need solutions between the alternator (not made to charge these batts) and your batts. So what’s your point? I like this forum.
dave17352 04/04/21 02:46pm Tech Issues
LION ut1300 Lithium

The victron bluetooth smart shunt is awesome. I put that in there first because I would not have been able to find this info without it. :) The lion ut1300 indeed does have 105 usable amps I verified that. The lion ut1300 does charge at 100 amps. One lion ut1300 does run a coffee maker or a toaster no problem. The lion ut1300 does start my 4k onboard generator easily and well within the specs of the lion. The lion ut1300 is extremely lite and small. I bought the Costco deal 2 for 1399. I think that deal is over now but if it comes back I think it is one heck of good deal. Now I have only had this battery for a month or less but so far very very impressed. Dave
dave17352 04/04/21 08:42am Tech Issues
RE: generator and alternator charging at the same time

Well thanks for all the great replies! This Lion battery has been very impressive. I put in a victron bluetooth smart shunt and have done several tests of my own. My alternator alone puts in 90 amps even when the battery is at about 70 percent. I disabled that by removing the 250 mega fuse by the chassis battery. I was concerned about over taxing the alternator. That fuse is super easy to get to so if I want to use the alternator it very easy to put it back in. I also did get that powermax lk55 online for 119.00. I adjusted it to 14.6 which is what LION recommends. If you take the cover off there is second dial and you can adjust the current. I have found that the LION can take so much current so fast the most I can get is 30 to 35 amps when set at 14.6 Two problems when you turn the voltage over 14.6 one is the over current protection shuts off the power in the pm lk55 and if you set it higher than 14.6 the LION BMS shuts it down. Now this only happens at the top of the charge but I feel better running this at 14.6 so the BMD is not always kicking in. I took the cover off the converter and modified it to fit in my wfco 8900 series. I actually bought two of the pm lk55's because the price was right. I also like the idea the converter is not running at its top limits maybe it will last longer. Thanks again!
dave17352 04/04/21 08:38am Tech Issues
generator and alternator charging at the same time

I have a new LION ut1300 battery. It can take a charge at 100 amps. So lets say I am running down the road and I have the generator on so there are two charging sources heck lets throw in solar too. So there are three sources of charging. Alternator generator/converter and solar. Is there a problem. I don't think so, but any advice from those that know and could explain how this works would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Dave
dave17352 04/03/21 09:41pm Tech Issues
RE: backing up 4 down jeep jk

Thanks for the replies. I am only talking a few feet here and I am aware of the steering issue. Disconnecting is a snap with this tow bar. So I imagine I will disconnect now and then.
dave17352 03/29/21 09:18am Dinghy Towing
RE: backing up 4 down jeep jk

I have too I am just wondering about this jeep, If I am reading this correctly.
dave17352 03/28/21 09:03pm Dinghy Towing
backing up 4 down jeep jk

My manual for my 2017 jeep wrangler says backing even when the transfer case is in neutral and you are in dingy towing mode can cause damage. I have towed four down in the past and occasionally have backed up a little with some success in a tight spot. I was not towing a jeep at this time. So my question is lets say I am towing four down I pull into a gas station and for some reason I need to back up 10 feet. Will this cause damage to a 2017 Jeep wrangler while in dingy towing mode??? Thanks Dave
dave17352 03/28/21 08:49pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Drilling holes in trailer roof to install solar: worth it?

Putting a couple screws in your roof is no big deal. Think about it all you have to do is waterproof the area of a couple screw heads. Fill the hole with caulk screw in and as others have said a little dicor on top for frosting! Piece of cake!
dave17352 02/13/21 05:48pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Winterizing a Leprechaun 260ds

The owners manual is generic nothing specific at all. I have been winterizing my stuff for decades. This is a little odd.
dave17352 10/23/20 09:26pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winterizing a Leprechaun 260ds

look thru these vids, maybe there is some info regarding your setup. Believe me I have looked. I found it hard to believe I couldn't find one video using this panel!
dave17352 10/23/20 04:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winterizing a Leprechaun 260ds

Jack another question couple questions for you. When you fill the fresh water tank I am assuming it goes in the same place as it comes out. I turn that valve in front of the fresh water tank when winterizing. Also the only way to tell when the fresh tank is full is when it overflows out what I assume to be the vent and comes out underneath the rig. Are these to observations correct? The overflowing part makes me a little nervous and I don't really like it but I suppose I can get use to it! One other question have you ever taken the platform off the queen bed It would certainly make nice access to the the systems. If you have how did you find it attached. Thanks Dave
dave17352 10/23/20 04:57am Class C Motorhomes
Winterizing a Leprechaun 260ds

I have a 2017 Leprechaun 260ds. It has the little door on the side for the fresh water hose and a little blue valve that you turn in one direction for fresh water fill or winterize and the the other for city water inlet. My question is are you suppose to be able to suck the pink stuff through the water inlet when on fresh water fill and winterize position. I could not get that to work and took the panel off and went directly to the pump as I have on all my previous rigs. I have looked high and low for a youtube on this particular water inlet setup and have not found it. This little panel has the fresh water and black water flush inlet. It also has the little blue valve and a little bity lite and a water pump switch. Thanks in advance for help. Dave
dave17352 10/22/20 09:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: bigfoot leveling info straight from the top

Well I was not comfortable with the rear tires off the ground. I lowered the unit where the rear tires where on the ground and then also chocked all of the tires for just that reason. So that people don't get confused I will remove my thread starter!
dave17352 10/20/20 09:14am Tech Issues
RE: bigfoot leveling info straight from the top

Pulled straight in. No other place to park. The rear of the class c was a lot lower than than the nose. I need to jack the rear up to level front to back. I thought I was clear about the situation. :(
dave17352 10/20/20 08:33am Tech Issues
bigfoot leveling info straight from the top

removed by me
dave17352 10/20/20 07:57am Tech Issues
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