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RE: Yet another great mapping resource -- NFS topo PDFs

I posted that link several years ago as a map source. The scale of those maps is 1:63360, or 1 inch = 1 mile if you print them on a standard 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Printing on photo paper makes a clearer image and makes the fine detail easier to read. It works on regular paper, but may 'bleed' a bit and the small symbols may be fuzzy. They cover only National Forest land, but if a tiny portion of the quadrangle is NF, the entire quad is available. So parts of many National and State Parks are there, if adjacent to NF lands. National Park visitor maps are available on this site:!/parks. These are the same maps you get at the entrance station and at each individual Park website.
dave54 08/07/19 10:43pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Nevada Hwy 50

The only grade of any note is just east of Austin, with a few climbing switchbacks. Not really a problem. As others noted, gas up in Ely. The towns along the way have 1 or 2 stations, but may or may not be open, may or may not be able to maneuver a larger rig to the pumps, pay tourist prices... Fallon is a large full service town with multiple fueling options. In between Ely and Fallon, no so much.
dave54 08/07/19 10:50am Roads and Routes
RE: Do you contribute ?

If I had an unusually bad or good experience I do. For a typical uneventful stay I usually do not.
dave54 08/05/19 05:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bicycle Safety

I lock ours to the rear bumper, or the side of the rig furthest from the road. Not quite as visible to passersby on the road. If I have real doubts about the area (which makes me wonder why I would stay there anyway) I throw a camo tarp over them -- a couple yards of camo cloth from walmart. This hides their shape and color, and makes them even less noticeable from the road.
dave54 08/05/19 05:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: This is why we can't have nice things.

I agree with bgum! Restricting activities that destroy the BLM, national forests and parks would be a start. Lottery system would not work for those of us that travel aimlessly around the country with no particular place in mind! Nor with people like us that live in a small town in the forest. We must drive through National Forest to get to the nearest grocery store.
dave54 07/22/19 08:19pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Stoped routine

The same. If I have driven through weeds I check underneath for any stray branches or twigs hitchhiking. The TPMS gives me a continual temperature readout, but I check the brakes, treads, etc anyway.
dave54 07/15/19 10:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anchor bolts or boats

Just read that California has had over 10,000 quakes i nthe last 7 days and more to come and doom forecasters saying the big one hasn't happened yet and is coming. So should we invest in anchor bolts, or boats since California may sink and make investors, in Arizona beach front property, rich, or anchor bolts for Californians and for RVers quake insurance. California will not sink into the Pacific. The rest of the US will sink into the Atlantic!
dave54 07/14/19 05:51pm Around the Campfire
RE: Feds open 1.4 million acres to hunters and fishermen

... By almost every metric private commercial forestland (owned by big greedy capitalist timber companies) are in better health, more biodiverse, and more resilient to disturbance than the adjacent federal forestland.... Everyone always says they want federal forests managed according to the best available science. Yet Congress keeps passing laws forbidding the Forest Service from using the best science.
dave54 07/03/19 08:17pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: This kinda' makes me sad :(

Even if you don't drink bourbon, it is a good marinade for your steaks.
dave54 07/03/19 08:12pm Around the Campfire
RE: Going to the Sun Road in Glacier NP

Do it on a bicycle before the road opens to traffic. :) The only way to do it!
dave54 06/25/19 09:21pm Roads and Routes
RE: Flying J Dedicated RV Lanes

My other beef is every car lane is open but the small Toyotas and hondas use the RV lane. I can usually get into the car lanes...if I block traffic while jockeying around in a 87 point turn.
dave54 06/23/19 07:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Feds open 1.4 million acres to hunters and fishermen

I like clean air and water and the regulations that used to prohibit those who would plunder and pollute for their own greedy purposes from doing as they please. When the last tree is cut down and the last bit of drinkable water is poisoned and there's nowhere for your children and grandchildren to visit that hasn't been destroyed with industrialization you'll have nothing left to do but eat your petroleum and fossil fuel. Funny- I haven't seen that happening. Matter of fact, I haven't seen ANYTHING close to that. By almost every metric private commercial forestland (owned by big greedy capitalist timber companies) are in better health, more biodiverse, and more resilient to disturbance than the adjacent federal forestland. But then, most so-called environmentalist would not recognize a healthy forest if they got lost in one.
dave54 06/23/19 06:54pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Feds open 1.4 million acres to hunters and fishermen

dave54 ~~ I like your word 'CATASTROPHIZE' do you mind if I use it?? JM2ยข ~~ YMMV It is not mine. I took it from some other web site "Creative plagiarism is better than inept innovation."
dave54 06/23/19 06:50pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Feds open 1.4 million acres to hunters and fishermen

What isn't discussed is the 7,500 regulations. Digging into the weeds of this article it appears most of the changes are aligning the hunting/fishing regulations on National Wildlife Refuges with state regulations on adjacent lands. Others are updating decades old regulations to reflect improved technology and better understanding of wildlife population dynamics. Again, the media is trying to catastrophize everything.
dave54 06/20/19 01:15pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Hose question........

We have 2x25 plus 2x10. The tens are sufficient for 90% of the hookups. Occasionally use a 25 when the hose bib is further away. Used all 4 just once in Colorado when one pedestal was shared by two back-to-back sites and was far away. Also, many public campgrounds only have a few water faucets scattered around the campground. It's nice to be able to refill your tank by stretching hose instead of moving the rig to the faucet. Even in a site with city water we fill the tank. Too many times the park shut down the water system for maintenance half a day, and one time overnight. We were glad we took the time to fill the fresh tank.
dave54 06/16/19 09:54pm Beginning RVing
RE: Fridge on propane while driving

I totally agree with you ScottG. I think quite a few people don't know that the tanks will shut the flow of propane off if the lines are ruptured. Supposed to. In a violent crash they do not always shut off. Or were defective. Personal experience. Seen it twice in a 32 year career in fire. How many RVs passed through my area in a 32 year career? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? I cannot even WAG. So a line rupture and fire is quite rare, but possible. The risk is extremely low, but not zero. Having said that, I usually travel with mine on. I also occasionally practice an emergency total shutdown of my rig including battery disconnect and tank shutoff -- just to see how fast I can do it.
dave54 06/16/19 09:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: Fridge on propane while driving

It is a low risk, but not zero. So it depends upon your comfort level. An RV versus car accident did rupture a gas line once, and ended up a total loss for both vehicles, and a dog in the RV. So it can happen.
dave54 06/15/19 07:00pm Beginning RVing
RE: Storing tools for the RV

Over the years the tools I carry get fewer in number. If I have not used it, or can jury-rig another tool to use in its place, I take it out. So all my tools now fit in a .50 cal ammo box and carry it under the truck rear seat. I figure I do not need to rebuild a transmission out in the boondocks, just patch something together good enough to limp into town. ...Save weight and space for more beer...
dave54 06/05/19 08:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: low grill gas pressure

There is a regulator on the tanks. Many of the plug in BBQs also have a regulator. That is two regulators on the gas line. Don't work. Take the regulator off the BBQ, and hook it up direct to the already regulated gas line.
dave54 06/02/19 04:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Supervisors that CANT supervise?

Once sat on an evaluation panel reviewing over 200 applicants for a position. We were to winnow the list down to 15-20. The applicants ranged from a high school dropout with no experience at all to PhDs with 10 years experience. The worst written applications were from the PhDs -- most had gross spelling and grammatical errors, and sentences were so poorly written they were incomprehensible. We shook our our heads wondering how these people ever got their dissertation approved. The job involved communicating and explaining complex projects to other professionals in other fields, so discarding those were easy. The dropout made it through the first cut. Despite his lack of education his application was complete and well written.
dave54 06/01/19 06:36pm Around the Campfire
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