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RE: Newfoundland

HA! I just assumed that going in September would mean some snow...I've got some time! Donna
dcason 01/23/20 01:10pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Newfoundland Eateries with good food

HAHA...I have medical marijuiana permit but it didn't work for my use and hubby for his knee pain...which didn't work wonders either. Smoke no! The southern coast of Quebec looks interesting..there has been mention of building road..mostly by the communities that live there or eventually they will be other placed. Yes they wanted the same info from me but I didn't go there. Although hubby wants to turn left when we emerge from BAie Comeau (on route 138) to see what is up there. Good luck! Donna
dcason 01/17/20 02:00am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Newfoundland Eateries with good food

WELL...Its canada so give wife some high THC treatment and she will be fine! I looked at that ferry for fun...size was an issue...don't think they take big ones but ours is a C. Donna
dcason 01/16/20 01:20pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Newfoundland Eateries with good food

MK! Then do the Quebec 389 to labrador highway. SLOWLY! The most difficult part would be the trucks (booking it!!!) on 389. Somehow we managed to time it that they were not up our tail...HOWEVER there was a WIDE LOAD behind us quite a ways (that we were not going to let catch up to us)...those roads are wide but soft shoulder so have to careful on that. They are winding with some straight aways especially towards Manic 5. I see you have small units which makes it easier. 389 is the highway to the mines so big trucks are using it. I am pretty sure they are not moving at night though as they had packed in Manic 5. We left Manic 5 heading south at 4am (I woke up asked hubby if he wanted to move now with no trucks up are buns and he was all for it) out for wildlife. If you are both not fans of boats, then this would work with way less stress. Donna
dcason 01/16/20 02:43am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Newfoundland Eateries with good food

So far no rough for me and would not want to do rough....sunshine and then one night crossing that I was a bit nervous about (got washed on shore at night in sailboat in florida keys and I am NOT a sailor). I think next time we will do night as we have dog and I KNOW she will be sleeping at that opposed to being in the rv all by herself (tried to talk hubby into staying with her/no go). Donna
dcason 01/15/20 03:06pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Dually Valve Stems

Thank you all for your help...he has lots to contemplate. Donna
dcason 01/15/20 03:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Newfoundland Eateries with good food

why not looking forward to it? Donna
dcason 01/15/20 11:52am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Newfoundland Eateries with good food

Thank you, I pulled a couple from that with gluten free. I was using google maps for restaurants in newfoundland and pulling them out from there. Not a lot of choices but some would be nice...sure I can find something in St. Johns if we go there. Donna
dcason 01/14/20 01:03pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
Newfoundland Eateries with good food

Returning in 2020 and would like your best recommendations for good places to eat fresh food....(not interested in fast or fried foods)...if the world was perfect a menu with allergans listed...but freshly prepared real food. What are the best places you dined in while in NL? The Daily Catch on the northern peninsula was mine (saint lunar-griqet)....other than that pretty disappointing. Needs to be casual attire/think jeans because I am that kind of girl with a husband to match. Donna
dcason 01/14/20 10:42am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Newfoundland

We've been two times and love NL...going this year also. We found the provincial parks nice...some have laundry as well. Get the pass. We boondock almost all of the time with some provincial parks (see laundry)...but we are also small (25 feet) for this trip not towing anything. We use our motorhome as a roaming hotel and stop when we wish. We tow out western USA but not in NL. Newfoundland "food" is not good....lots of frozen fried stuff. So the few times we ate out were always disappointed...or we just selected wrong. HOWEVER, the Daily Catch up on the northern peninsula (Saint Lunaire-Griquet) was very good and we ate there twice (we don't eat out much)...freshly prepared food. There are probably other places that serve fresh food so if anyone else found any place feel free to chime in! Iceberg spotting: The last time we went in 2016 there seemed to be an iceberg in every northern cove/bay. It was also a rainy year...we are brining a few pairs of hiking shoes each! 2013 was NOT a rainy year. We are considering returning home to NY via labrador again (2013 we did it) and more roads have been paved since then. Quebec 389 is a challenge but doable for us. La Scie has an rv park that has serviced and unserviced sites (like a parking lot but has laundry and showers). We also found water issues...boil versus bottle water. Maybe because we are there early when campgrounds are just opening...not sure. We found that the water situation was all over the place (boil it/don't boil it and drink it). We buy bottled water now or take only from reliable sources that tell us that water is okay to drink. Fogo Island is one of our favorites but last time we timed it wrong and didn't make the ferry spent the night on the road in line waiting for tomorrow. Some people slept in their car. The artistic studios are interesting. Wildlife: MOOSE (do not drive at night), fox, Caribou. Make a reservation for the ferry at that time of can change it but will have to wait for an opening. Here is our blog...we went in 2013/2016. Enjoy your trip...a month is a nice amount of time. Donna in NY
dcason 01/14/20 09:55am RVing in Canada and Alaska
Dually Valve Stems

Our Class C has dually wheels. Hubby can get to them (with difficulty) to air up...but he has huge hands and there is cussing and spitting to get some air in our class c. I tried it (much smaller hands) and it is a pain. Any ideas on this. The valve extension reviews are not good (leakage). Donna
dcason 01/14/20 09:25am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Labrdor highway from Red Bay to Happy 389!

What kind of storm? Rain? Was it a rainy year? We hit one great year with not much rain and the next it was rainy and not enough footwear for hiking to let them dry out so we bailed earlier than we really wanted AND daughter was in the process of buying a foreclosure with our money (and son to guide her on what need to be fixed)...a little scary. But in the end great location for house and lots of fixing (we lived there for a year fixing).
dcason 01/05/20 04:24am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Labrdor highway from Red Bay to Happy 389!

Thanks Yeti for the current is very helpful. We have gone to NL twice and once we made reservations. We saw that going/leaving in May and June it wasn't really necessary Or if possible we could wait a day or so or do the night route on the way back or just call several days in advance. Last time we asked about next day ferry and it was full (mid june) but THAT night it was not so we booked AND were able to get a room (when we saw you could not sleep on the floor or on couches and the airline seats didn't work for me). We drove FASTer to make it there in time. I will chance it so make our time more free. Donna
dcason 01/05/20 04:01am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Labrdor highway from Red Bay to Happy 389!

I hope they do connect both sides of route 138....otherwise those communities will die or be moved. We were going to do the western/southern side but maybe not time this time and we will do the easter/northern side of 138. Donna
dcason 01/01/20 11:49am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Labrdor highway from Red Bay to Happy 389!

Thanks MDKMDK...I was on that website and missed that road plan because I was looking for a specific construction project listing that had been somewhere on that before. So it tells me that there are only 180km/111 miles left to pave and that will be done by END of 2020. I believe we will do it anyway. It is the quebec part that I also searched high and low for information on that is rough and I have not found any plan for improving it or any solid info saying it will be done at any specific time in the remotely near future. So that is what it is...ROUGH...but parts of it are paved. Thanks again. Donna
dcason 01/01/20 03:03am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Cell phone Newfoundland

REGARDING the passport, yes. We have a pet with us so I think we are not going there...have thought about it though.
dcason 01/01/20 02:48am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Cell phone Newfoundland

Thanks to all. DOES ANYONE know how good Rogers coverage is in Newfoundland? Donna
dcason 12/31/19 10:46am RVing in Canada and Alaska
Labrdor highway from Red Bay to Happy 389!

Read somewhere that in 2017 the section of Labrador highway between red bay and happy valley 500/510 was going to be paved. Anyone know if that actually happened. AND has any additional paving happened on Quebec 389...which was by far the worst part of our 2013 trip....could not get a good speed up due to winding road. Here's to hoping that 500/510 was paved! 389 don't have much hope for but will do it again anyway. Donna
dcason 12/31/19 10:45am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Nj to SW Fl

We have done the route 81 thing and always use that on the return trip. Going south from NY state we make it to our in laws near Lancaster pa first by avoiding NJ (very congested). We leave their house and get onto route 95 at 8pm and make it PAST washington DC and spend night in rest air just past DC (the car only one). and then onward we go. OR leave nj around midnight and head south....
dcason 12/31/19 08:48am Snowbirds
Cell phone Newfoundland

We will spending 6 weeks in Newfoundland this spring/summer. We have been there before but never seemed to get the phone right. We have Verizon phone but and old AT&T phone we could use. Tell me if you got good service with which phone...which is better AT&T or Verizon. We are retired but have old parents that we need to keep track of.... Donna
dcason 12/31/19 08:40am RVing in Canada and Alaska
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