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RE: Anybody do a fall (sept/oct) Newfoundland Labrador

Decided to make it the usually spring trip and snow in October would not be fun. Don't want to think about that! Borders...too. Donna
dcason 06/29/20 07:33am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Anybody do a fall (sept/oct) Newfoundland Labrador

We boondocked the far majority of the time while in Newfoundland/labrador. We fill in with occasional provincial park for laundry/water fill/dumping. We stayed pretty much wherever we wanted to stay there and was never bothered to move on. I would want the parks to be open though so that we have those options for laundry/dumping. Donna
dcason 06/24/20 02:11am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Anybody do a fall (sept/oct) Newfoundland Labrador

Hubby and I did route 389 quebec in 2013. We timed it right (pure dumb luck) and there were not many trucks at all breathing down our necks. It is weavy winding so you cannot really get up to speed except on the straight aways...which is about 40mph. We are planning on doing this again. 389 was the worst part of all of it and much less was paved then.
dcason 05/22/20 08:37am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Anybody do a fall (sept/oct) Newfoundland Labrador

So snow doesn't hit until......when? November or october at all? Donna
dcason 05/21/20 12:44pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
Anybody do a fall (sept/oct) Newfoundland Labrador

Contemplating...was going to be NOW but if they open...thinking about it. We would be out in the boonies anyway...not "tourist" stuff...hiking etc. Research tells me it rains a bit more..might be a bit of a bummer for outside stuff though. Donna
dcason 05/21/20 12:13pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Water dripping from New AC

Doug, THERE IS NO FREEZING. I do not think i would want you trying to fix my unit. Thanks anyway.
dcason 04/13/20 08:28am Tech Issues
RE: Water dripping from New AC

We are in the florida keys and it is extremely humid here...surrounded by water. We leave in less than a week but for now the AC must be running constantly. It is 89 degrees mostly. The AC is new installed last june and used first time in february of this year in florida but not the keys. He is also going to call DOMETIC today. Donna
dcason 04/13/20 05:15am Tech Issues
RE: Water dripping from New AC

Two ideas. the FIRST is CLEAN the intake filters I have had that issue several times when I'm lazy about cleaning the intake filters and ONE time it was not so my first suggestion is CLEAN THE INTAKE filters. and I can tell you when the blower shuts off it is kind of "Niagra Falls" under the A/C. if that's the problem.. If you need to know why. ask. is niagara falls when we shut it off. Running without the filter is only a temporary fix until we figure out what is wrong? NO DRIPS this morning without the filter but yes, I know we need it there and is niagara falls when we shut it off. Running without the filter is only a temporary fix until we figure out what is wrong? NO DRIPS this morning without the filter but yes, I know we need it there and why. Now the other problem.. For this you need to go up on the roof. Pull the shroud and do two things.> Clean everything (might as well since you are up there anyway This includes the condenser coils (On a Dometic I suspect the side that gets dirty is the fan side.. not easy to clean) inspect to see where the "Drip Lip" is (may be on one side or the other or the "Rear" (condenser) side of the A/C. The one time it was not Dirty Filters the RV was not quite level. the drip lip on that unit was on the rear and I was nose down a couple inches. Lifting front fixed. but .. like that was one of several so I do not think that's it. Icing of the fins can cause a slow drip drip that will go on for some time after you shut it off.. But not as likely to "Niagra Falls" type downpour.
dcason 04/13/20 05:13am Tech Issues
RE: Water dripping from New AC

Not raining so condensation is source of dripping YES! Could be Evap Coil Fins icing up then thawing NOPE Which could be from dirty filter/dirty fins ---- A/C fan on Low speed *Clean Evap Coil Fins, change air filter frequently, make sure fan is in AUTO Could be Evap Coil drip tray drain holes obstructed MAYBE...he has yet to find them Which could be from crud/mold partially plugging drain holes Which could be from overtightening the hold down bolts, crushing roof gasket & A/C Pan is now too close to RV Roof obstructing the drip pain drains *Access Evap Coil Drip Pan drain holes under roof shrouds (Main cover and evap coil section sealed cover) and clean them **Check that roof gasket is not over-compressed (should be roughly 1/2" distance between A/C Pan and roof line -- replace gasket if crushed) Could be Evap Drip Pan drain holes are just too small to handle the High Humidity --- condensation is accumulating faster then drain holes can remove THIS SOUNDS POSSIBLE. While A/C is running the excess condensation is being sucked up by fan and blown into ducts --- then when fan stops a wave of condensation drips out *When cleaning Evap Coil Drip Pan drain holes...enlarge them for higher flow thru them We took the filter completely off and left it open. It is much better now without it on. He still needs to go up and find the drain holes to see what is up with that. Still a little water seeping out under the on dial over time but not the cascading water when we turned it off. Thanks, old biscuit. Donna
dcason 04/12/20 02:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Water dripping from New AC

He has removed the filter, cleaned it just now and we are trying it without to see what that does. It was not that dirty but maybe dirty enough.... Thank you for you reply. Donna
dcason 04/12/20 08:53am Tech Issues
Water dripping from New AC

Hubby installed it last fall. Dometic Air conditioner. We are in VERY humid florida but it is mainly happening when we turn off the AC...water dripped out of the on/off switch on the AC. It is not happening all the time but it does when we turn it off....any ideas? Donna
dcason 04/12/20 08:01am Tech Issues
RE: Vernal, UT to Rock Springs, WY

Flaming gorge was empty in the beginning of october....just us and son met us there...great for boon docking right on the lake.
dcason 03/18/20 04:51am Roads and Routes
RE: Snowbird parks and Coronavirus

Anyone notice the how rapidly this spread? Anyone? Does that tell you something? I don't get flu shots and will never. But this one has me concerned. It is not your average flu but something much more sinister. I don't watch tv but I do read statistics. I am not afraid but I am taking precautions. If you want to go out in large groups, go for it but don't drag it back to me. Florida state parks are closed for camping as of friday at 1pm. More info to come. MODERATOR'S EDIT: Per the site Admin's request, I am closing all COVID-19 threads and directing future comments to one thread in Around the Campfire. 2019–20 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC POSTINGS
dcason 03/18/20 04:38am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: How to clean the toilet flap thing...

Ah, thank you...never thought about that! It doesn't do great on tiles.... Will get some. Donna
dcason 02/17/20 02:55pm General RVing Issues
How to clean the toilet flap thing...

It has stains on it....want to douse it with bleach but do not want to open up can of worms for hubby to fix the seal. He hates plumbing. Any ideas...I did use clorox clean up beach to no works great on white sinks though if you let it sit for 10 minutes.
dcason 02/17/20 02:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gas, 26-27 foot, no slide Class A...any ideas

Well I found two.... Winnebago brave retro 26A - rather liked this but the one below LOOKed better exterior Fleetwood Flair 26D - not enough beds So will keep looking.
dcason 02/17/20 12:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CBD oil

Daughter had better luck with her anxiety dog using the homeopathic remedy phosphorus 30c...her issue is puppy barometric pressure..thunderstorms or feeling it is coming. So this is for noise phobias. It worked better in this case than CBD or the bach rescue remedy. Donna
dcason 02/17/20 04:42am RV Pet Stop
RE: Crossing into Canada from Maine

We do Calais...easy.
dcason 02/17/20 04:30am Roads and Routes
RE: East coast north/south route (PA to FL)

We do route 95 on the way down and 81 on the way up. On the way down we hit DC anytime after 10pm...mch better and then stay in no truck rest area after DC. Donna
dcason 02/17/20 04:21am Roads and Routes
RE: Water Fill up - Flying J?

We are heading down to Florida soon and since my trailer is winterized, I don't want to put water in the tank until we get further south. Santee state park might fit your bill? We usually stop there from NY to fill. We do carry about 6 gallons of water to use and if it is really cold out we use the toilet but flush with the pink antifreeze. Flying J will be noisy...people coming and going all night. South carolina will allow overnight parking in rest areas even if it says no...we asked a worker once. Also exit 57 in SC has a walmart which could be more quiet. There is also a new welcome center in Georgia...they are always a good choice....park away from trucks though. Hope this helps. Donna
dcason 02/17/20 04:16am Roads and Routes
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