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Does damp rid have a place in rving in winter/cooler temps

due to rv being closed up. We will begin our full time adventure in early September but for many years we have been quasi retired and used our rv for 2month long trips. This past winter in AZ but at sons so cooler temperatures (like high teens) with rv closed up and condensation...I was wiping the windows a lot. Any ideas how to combat this when you are trying to keep it warm in rv. We had been using Mr. Buddy so he was part of the problem but 2 adults and one lovely dog in rv that is 24 feet long was pouring moisture into the air and then add showers. Any ideas for cutting down on moisture that doesn't involve me running around wiping windows.
dcason 06/10/21 05:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: beginner full-time

I get it...there does need to be a plan for WHEN we no longer do this. Since hubby has been dealing with 5 hour drives to rescue his parents when help doesn't show up (along with his siblings taking turns), he is adement that we be near our children (which is ny state but one is in AZ/off grid...too hot). So we have decided that we will eventually settle there and build a small house. We are 65 and 66 and in fairly good shape...although his knees have been a problem for many years (like age 30!) and I suspect we will be okay until at least age 75 but that gives us a number to go buy...thank you. I asked him, what about living in our kids driveway forever...he's like a nope. And yes, if one of us drops dead, things will change dramatically and no one wants to have "OH ****" moments and to scurry around. The good part for our kids is that we can be of help now (babysitting and help with diy stuff) and we are getting rid of our stuff NOW so they don't have to do it. One son is receiving a lot of it toolwise. Thank you for this perspective...which I probably needed more than hubby.
dcason 06/08/21 01:28am Full-time RVing
RE: Florida domicile people do you stay 6 months there?

Michelle you stay in florida for six months? Donna
dcason 05/23/21 05:51pm Full-time RVing
RE: Florida domicile people do you stay 6 months there?

Yeah, NY makes me wonder...greedy. We will be selling house end of July in NY but have grandchildren in NY so May - September? and possibly a month around christmas would be NY. It is not like we will never return...have ties there. Donna
dcason 05/23/21 11:17am Full-time RVing
RE: Is there an online listing for Army Corp of Engineers parks?

Thanks. I searched under south dakota and did find some COE places along with others. That will work for me. Thanks youuuu.
dcason 05/23/21 06:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Is there an online listing for Army Corp of Engineers parks?

I know there is a book but reviews say it is missing some. I have looked online but so far no luck in finding a campground list. I see lakes but no info about the campgrounds on those lakes. Anyone have anything? Donna
dcason 05/23/21 04:56am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Florida domicile people do you stay 6 months there?

I read somewhere that florida domicile requires 6 months stay in florida? Does anyone that uses florida as domicile stay that long? NY (high tax state) is currently our domicile (full time beginning late july 2021) but thinking about using florida since we do spend about 3 months there each year (sometimes 4). Am I being too anal? Donna
dcason 05/23/21 04:09am Full-time RVing
RE: beginner full-time

AND thanks for the guy that recommended the COE campground book...never knew there was one...had a map once and we have stayed at a couple in florida. Going to spring for that one! We also are charter members of boondockers welcome, had a year of harvest hosts, and use the BLM lands and national forest service lands well!
dcason 05/23/21 03:59am Full-time RVing
RE: beginner full-time

We have spent the last 10+ years partially retired (doing art shows in NY area and florida part of the time). We are selling the house in NY and taking off end of August. Rving is NOT new to us and we boondock most of the time (southwest, newfoundland/labrador), have solar to keep us stocked with power, added truckfridge and extra water tank. All in a 2005 24 foot class c. It IS possible we may upgrade while on the road but for now we will stick with the C. Currently selling all furniture, worldly goods, giving tools to sons/daughter and anything else they want. Facebook marketplace has done well for us in moving things out (not asking top dollar just want it out). We will have an 8x12 shed at sons house to store some tools and some house stuff...not getting into the storage unit trap. Pretty sure we will not be one of the ones that say this is not for us". We have been spending 3 months in florida volunteering/state parks and fall is out west. For now domicile is in NY because we will park at kids in the summer and christmas. We look forward to the adventure at 65 and 66. See ya on the road.
dcason 05/23/21 03:55am Full-time RVing
RE: Domicle not getting caught?

I do not understand what you believe " domicile " means . You can file a " Proclamation of Domicile " and spend zero time in that state . Thousands of foreign service officers , military , out of country workers and many others do it for years . My wife and I spent 13 years out of the states and were " domiciled " in Florida all that time .Come to Florida , ya gotte have a drivers license any way , you can register your truck here , all though none of that is really necessary to claim domicile . No state income tax , get ya a mail forwarder , you never have to come to Florida again . I THINK you need to live 6 months in FLorida? Not sure where I read that. Florida would be on our list bcause we are there for about 3 months in winter anyway but definetly not six months. I will have to verify this.
dcason 04/23/21 01:31am Full-time RVing
RE: Leaving Illinois, going full time.

We have been traveling in rv for 4-6 months per year (usually two different trips) for the past 10? years. This September we will be selling house (before then) and moving into our 24 foot rv (which may change when on the road but we will see). We are giving away, selling our STUFF. Eventually we will move a county over to be near kids/grandkids. But for NOW, we are hitting the BLM lands and national forests HARD....which is what we usually do...rarely do we pay for campsites....frugal. There is a LOT of places in the this country to see...don't limit yourselves to relatives. Relatives have their merit but.... Hubby was not really on board when I announced I was selling the house and moving and invited him to come with me (LOL...he is the driver/me the navigator). Within a few weeks, he was with me and had formulated plans on how to get rid of all the tools and what he would keep...tough for the DIY man! I tried this once before but this time it is for health reasons...I need a dry climate desparately. We will eventually settle again in NY but for now just visit our kids in NY and AZ. Donna
dcason 04/18/21 04:53am Full-time RVing
RE: Domicle not getting caught?

yes, selling our house (there are PLENTY of NYC people moving to ulster county and wanting to buy and they have way more bucks in their pocket than locals). We will spend a good 3-4 months here in summer with our kids/grandkids and perhaps in winter. We do camp in COLD weather and do fine. Florida we spend about 3 months in during winter/early spring as well. FLorida for us would be the most likely choice. Not a big texas fan but who knows. First year we are keeping ny. Thanks for you input.
dcason 04/05/21 01:10am Full-time RVing
RE: Domicle not getting caught?

Thank you all...don't want to be the one caught due to the money I would have to give them...but it looks like many are NOT I will wing it.
dcason 04/04/21 09:56am Full-time RVing
RE: Domicle not getting caught?

FOLKS! This is the case that got me going on this and I do NOT want NY coming at me for taxes:
dcason 04/04/21 03:25am Full-time RVing
Domicle not getting caught?

WE currently live in NY state and will be full timing as soon as we get rid of our stuff. Husband was a hard sell but for health reasons I need to get out of this damp climate. I've been doing some reading on domicle. Two of our children live in NY state. One in AZ but I am reading that whichever state you pick, you need to establish "relationships" (think doctors, dentists and spend some time there). I DO NOT want it to be NY but could 2 months per year be enough in AZ to be considered domicle if we have credit cards blasting as many as 5 months per year in NY? Anyone get busted? Don't want that and don't know how much they check.
dcason 04/01/21 03:45pm Full-time RVing
RE: Need to get dinette cushions replaced

Thanks I searched and found upholstery near me...who knew...would have bet nope. So I will have them do opposed to hubby...doesn't need more to do. Thank you both. Donna
dcason 03/28/21 07:02am General RVing Issues
Need to get dinette cushions replaced

Any ideas where? Donna
dcason 03/28/21 04:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Newfoundland

Yes!!! I hope it opens and early enough. I claim dibs on mid-May for six weeks. I know, I like cold! Third trip for us! A few provincial parks and lots of boon docking. AND we will go through Labrador again and quebec to return home to NY. PLEASE open those borders...meanwhile we quarantine.
dcason 12/18/20 12:49pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Thor (ACE) thumbs up or down?

Thanks Justin...funny about the C clamp. Our C is a jayco so we no quality levels and a well loved 2005...just hit 100,000 miles and 75k is ours. Thanks for your input. Camping World Akron, OH never got back to us with a quote of any kind so we are skipping that unit and waiting for one closer to home to inspect. Winnebago is also in the mix (although no electric water heating). Donna
dcason 11/16/20 04:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Thor (ACE) thumbs up or down?

Thanks for that. We MOSTLY boondock/dry camp on BLM lands, national forrest, etc. Hubby insists he can get the ACE wherever he can get the 25 foot class C...yeah right! AND we use it a lot in the shoulder season or colder seasons...SO I want that insulation...we've taken the C to 16 degrees at night...kind of cold but doable. And yeah, I don't expect the best but we are NOT (lol) the weekend travelers...we go out for minimum of 6 weeks and mostly two months/sometimes more...retired and just like to roam. Donna
dcason 11/14/20 02:19pm General RVing Issues
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