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RE: How to remove/prevent standing water at campsite???

I was thinking about the deep drains, but I don't think they'd give you enough volume to make a difference. You've got more than 50 gallons of puddle there. When I was a kid our driveway was poorly designed and only about 1/4 of it drained to the street and the rest drained back towards the house and made a huge puddle by our side yard gate (not as big as your puddle though). I was probably 15 years old and had been taking music lessons for years and really wanted a new instrument, but it was more than I could afford. My dad told me he's pay half if I did a job for him. He brought home a 55 gallon drum with the bottom cut out of it and handed me a shovel. It took me days to dig a hole almost as deep as I was tall. Then we sunk the drum and surrounded it with gravel and topped it with a large drain fixture and grate to funnel the water into the drum. It worked great for us, but I don't think we ever had more than 55 gallons of water to dispose of. It's a whole lot of work and you'd need multiple drums. I think the only reason it worked for us is that we live in an arid climate and the drum was always empty until it rained. It's pretty green where you are though, so I don't think you'd start off with an empty receptacle like we did. You'd have to sink too many drums down there to make any difference.
dedmiston 09/18/20 09:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Food!

Moved from General RVing.
dedmiston 09/17/20 09:10pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Shearing the sheep

But your argument falls all apart if the economy doesn't tank, sales remain strong, and borrowers don't default on their loans. Yes. You're 100% right there. Hopefully I'm wrong. My main point was to compare the low upside to the lenders because of low interest rates with the risk of inflated prices during this temporary boom. But yes, hopefully the markets remain strong and there aren't a lot of defaults.
dedmiston 09/17/20 11:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Where to Camp in Wiickenburg, AZ

We want to visit Wickenburg, AZ. Any suggestions on where to camp? Appreciate your help. Betsy. Hi Betsy - One tip for you is to use the Edit function in your original post and then add to your topic title. Instead of "Where to Camp", try something like "Where to Camp near Wickenburg, AZ". This will draw more attention and get more responses from people who know the area. Good luck.
dedmiston 09/17/20 09:31am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Shearing the sheep

It's reminiscent of the housing bubble. Shame on the lenders for lending at those prices. Especially now with interest so low, it seems like the lenders are just asking for trouble but with little upside. On the one hand, they'll get low interest payments from the borrowers, and on the other hand they'll be facing tons of repos that will just end up going to auction.It's not a lender's job to determine fair market values. Unless the Dealers are putting guns to the heads of the customers they are responsible for their decisions. How would you feel if you went to Ruth's Chris, had a nice steak dinner and your credit card denied the transaction because they felt you should have went to Sizzler. Is there actually any evidence prices have risen or is it just speculation. Have the MSRP of rigs actually risen dramatically or are dealers just not discounting as deeply as they have done in the past? Just because an RV listed for a price 5 years ago doesn't mean a similar RV today will be the same price. Prices do rise over time. Yes, except... :B So yeah, I'm totally a free market guy, but the steak analogy kind of falls apart since it's a durable good with a residual value. Ruth's Chris doesn't have to worry about you eating a third of the steak, loosing your job mid-meal, and then them having to repo the unused portion of your steak. I wasn't so much criticizing the banks for lending too much money to gullible people as criticizing them for making risky loans that are likely to blow up their books when the borrowers start to default and so many repossessed RVs flood the auctions. The attraction of the lending kind of made more sense to me back when the rates were higher and the lenders got so fat, but now with rates so low, I don't see how it could be worth the risk. I guess they have to sell new business though.
dedmiston 09/17/20 09:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Shearing the sheep

It's reminiscent of the housing bubble. Shame on the lenders for lending at those prices. Especially now with interest so low, it seems like the lenders are just asking for trouble but with little upside. On the one hand, they'll get low interest payments from the borrowers, and on the other hand they'll be facing tons of repos that will just end up going to auction.
dedmiston 09/16/20 03:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: las vegas

We've stayed at that Sam's Town KOA enough times to make our go-to Vegas stop when on the road (as opposed to trips where we're specifically going to Vegas to stay on the strip and do all the Vegas things). Sam's Town is as nice as your RV is. It isn't really nice enough to unpack your chairs and sit outside, but it's also not so seedy that the boogiemen are going to beat down your door. The slots in the adjacent casinos are pretty fun and they seem looser than the ones on the strip. Twice my wife "went next door to play a few nickels" while I cleaned up at camp and dumped the tanks and then she texted me to say she was "up" enough to pay for another night at the KOA and a decent dinner, so we extended our stay by a night. That's never happened for us when we're staying at expensive places on the strip where the rooms are pricy and the slots are tight. Come to think of it though, we've seen some amazing coupons in the mail lately from the Wynn. They're really trying to get people back. Our last trip to Vegas before the pandemic shutdown was on one of those Wynn coupon trips and it was pretty amazing. I think it was two midweek nights for the price of one plus a free buffet. Anyway, Sam's Town is a great stop ("good enough" for us) when we're in the RV.
dedmiston 09/16/20 02:51pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How to remove/prevent standing water at campsite???

I would just get a pump. Low cost solution for the few times a year. I only get my pump out every 3 to 5 years and is well worth having it. Not a bad suggestion. It's hard to tell from those photos where he would pump the water to, but I bet he'd get the park owner's attention real quick if he pumped it out of his space and into the sewer. I can't help but think the park owner owns most of the responsibility to make this right.
dedmiston 09/16/20 12:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to remove/prevent standing water at campsite???

Wow Darley, This thread is a blast from the past. Can you find a local landscaper to help you with the grading? Do you have free range to do whatever you want (and can afford) there, or do you need approval from the owner and/or permits? It kind of depends on your budget and how much work you want to put into it, but it seems to me like your choices are to either divert the water somewhere else, add French drains, raise the grade, or construct a raised walkway or even a pontoon bridge :B to get to and from your truck, or some combination of those. How long does it take to soak in after a rain like that? I assume it takes a few days or a week? And how often do you get that kind of rain? A professional landscaper with good experience in grading and drainage is a must though. You need to be careful changing the grade so you don't starve those beautiful trees. Where's your camp? Is this in ND? My wife and I took a big trip last fall and spent a few nights at a gorgeous little County campground called Buffalo Gap Campground, just to the west of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We agreed that it was our second favorite camp of the trip. It was also the least expensive. That sure is beautiful country up there. I wish we could have spent more time exploring the area, but we had to head home by then. Out of nineteen states and nearly 11,000 miles on that trip, it was our #2 favorite spot. Anyway, my wife has run major landscaping companies here in Southern California for decades (the kind of companies that landscape Disneyland and Universal Studios) and a lot of her expertise has rubbed off on me. You definitely want to consult with a decent landscaper to get some drainage advice that works in your area. It probably won't even be that big of a job, but it will go a whole lot smoother if you get quality guidance.
dedmiston 09/15/20 04:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: A V-10, a Scan Gauge and lots of good karma...

Nice. Bullet dodged. That's a great area up there. Last year we spent Labor Day weekend up at Angle Fire at a friend's camp. This camp has been in their family for generations as part of a Spanish land grant. We rode mountain bikes and quads to the top of one of the local peaks and got caught in a crazy thunderstorm. We didn't have any choice but to ride out of it, but the lightning strikes were so close that you'd see them and hear them at the same time. Not fun. What a gorgeous area though. You're lucky to have a place to go up there. And what a piece of luck to have your coach perform so well and have the errors be no big deal. And hats off to that shop for helping you out without any charges.
dedmiston 09/15/20 12:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ice Maker

I use a turkey baster (cut in half to fit) from the dollar store. Good idea.
dedmiston 09/15/20 09:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Orlando to Los Angeles Good Sam Trip Planner

At the risk of being disrespectful to our Good Sam hosts, I personally wouldn't rely on the trip planner for navigation advice. Between the free Apple Maps app, Google Maps, and Waze, you have some pretty good tech available in your smartphone with a lot more expertise.
dedmiston 09/14/20 06:34pm Roads and Routes
RE: Run with only one propane tank

Settle down, TomG2. You asked for opinions and got opinions. You aren't under attack; people are just disagreeing with you. Take a deep breath. It'll be OK.
dedmiston 09/14/20 05:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Total outdoor flame device ban Oregon SP

How many of the fires in Or were caused by BBQ's they just banned? I assume that with the firefighting resources stretched so thin, they don't want to take any chances that a simple campfire or BBQ gets out of hand and requires those resources to be stretched even thinner.
dedmiston 09/11/20 02:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Solar Cable Tangles

Zip ties? That's literally what they're for, right?
dedmiston 09/10/20 04:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Avoid drive thru Salt Lake City

...or take a long road around the whole state. :) Seems like it would be a lot faster to just bite the bullet and muscle through the traffic, but I guess it also depends on how much you hate traffic.
dedmiston 09/10/20 01:19pm Roads and Routes
RE: Fresh Water Tank

Can you slowly add water now and see if it leaks and where it leaks from?
dedmiston 09/09/20 01:37pm Toy Haulers
RE: Avoid drive thru Salt Lake City

If I had to choose my own ring of Hades when I die, I'd much rather tow through SLC than through Los Angeles County (any time of day). We've towed through SLC many times and as long as we avoided the worst morning/evening rush it wasn't too crazy. Try to avoid the weekends too, unless you can sneak out of town Sunday morning while folks are at temple.
dedmiston 09/09/20 01:25pm Roads and Routes
RE: Utah to Idaho

In my opinion, the 15 north through Utah to Idaho is much safer than the 80 through Wyoming. Wyoming can be brutal and surprising. Plus trucks drive fast through that state, so when things go wrong, they go very very wrong. Our kids went to school there and the weather was predictably unpredictable. Last year right about this same time we got caught in heavy winds in Wyoming coming west from South Dakota. We stopped and pulled off the 80 when the winds got too bad, but then we got back on the road when we saw the truck traffic return fully. We stopped for fuel somewhere between Rawlins and Evanston and my wife went back into the fiver to use the bathroom and noticed it was really cold in there. It turned out that the heavy wind had blown our bedroom window out. It wasn't just broken, it was GONE. These windows are designed to be driven down the road at highway speeds, but the wind was just too much. We had to finish our trip with plastic and duct tape over the window, which wasn't so fun when the wind turned into snow. I could be wrong, but I think the troopers and other drivers in Utah keep the speeds safer and don't drive as aggressively as in Wyoming. Maybe they aren't in as much of a hurry to get out of there.
dedmiston 09/09/20 01:20pm Roads and Routes
RE: Motor Home/Trailer Life Magazines Cease Publication

It's interesting to see Camping World launching a new magazine when publications are dying out, but I'm glad to see them capitalizing on the RVing boom.
dedmiston 09/09/20 01:08pm General RVing Issues
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