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RE: Closure Threads

Much appreciated by one who must be on the road to get home (or be homeless in 4 days). Dave Godspeed Dave. Other Dave
dedmiston 03/28/20 03:41pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Closure Threads

We have been trying to funnel all of the Coronavirus discussions (including park & campground closures) into one thread in Around The Campfire (ATC). The ATC moderator agrees that this has been a success with respect to the COVID discussions, but we're changing tactics on the park closures. We will now be allowing posts for park & camp closures here again. Please keep your discussions on-topic. The two topics that have been problematic so far are discussions of politics and nutty home remedies & cures. My sympathies are with all of you who have had to cancel upcoming trips and even more so with you who are already on the road, fulltiming, or permanent campers. You all have my well wishes.
dedmiston 03/28/20 02:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: now it's SC's turn to close state parks

Per the site Admin's request, I am closing all COVID-19 threads and directing future comments to one thread in Around the Campfire: 2019–20 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC POSTINGS
dedmiston 03/27/20 02:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Wobbly Dinnette Table - How to fix?

Could you add a third leg to the existing table? Even though the mounts are shabby, an offset third leg would firm it up.
dedmiston 03/27/20 11:37am Toy Haulers
RE: Spearfish, SD

Secondly both the DW & myself have respiratory issues and don't want to get in to too high elevations. Wyoming can sneak up on you. It doesn't seem like it when you're in the flats, but even places like Laramie are at 7,000' in town before you even head up into the hills.
dedmiston 03/27/20 11:06am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Off Road Riding Spots (with coordinates)

The fastest way to ruin the good places in the outdoors is to publicize them. Show the coordinates, give directions and photos, and the next time you go there you won't be able to recognize it. Stop it. Oh please. This thread is 14 years old. We still recognize it. If anything, the responsibility and ethics of the riders have improved over the years and these spots look better now than they did 14 years ago.
dedmiston 03/27/20 09:57am Toy Haulers
RE: Wobbly Dinnette Table - How to fix?

Ask your wife what she wants. Or, buy this: That seems like a good fix. If you decide to go with a folding table, would you remove the bases and patch the holes? I used to stub my toes on those things when the tables were down.
dedmiston 03/27/20 09:54am Toy Haulers
RE: Snowbird returning to Ohio

Don't jump to the conclusion everyone has a choice. Where we are staying, when your rental expires you are out on the street as the owner is honoring leases that are in place but closing units as people leave. Rather than be homeless we will be returning to our home in New England. As much as I would like to beam us all home that isn't going to happen, so we too will be hitting the road taking the I-81 route to avoid the major cities. Dave In the past few weeks worth of posts, this is really the most interesting issue that I've seen over and over: the closures. The closures are supposed to prevent all of us who are at home from hitting the road and traveling, but it ignores all the people who are in the parks already. What are you supposed to do if you're: Traveling on a trip alreadySnowbirdingFulltimingPermanent Where is everyone supposed to go and how are they supposed to get there? I agree with shutting down reservations and bookings, but I disagree with booting everyone out of their camps and parks.
dedmiston 03/27/20 09:21am Roads and Routes
RE: Stewards Volunteers are no longer allowed

Thank you, nayther In California it's very limited to where you can go off roading. In many other states it's promoted. But not in California and we're loosing more ground every year. I've been looking at moving to Utah where OHV is actually welcome and encouraged. Same here. Too bad all of our friends are down here.
dedmiston 03/27/20 08:56am Toy Haulers
RE: Snowbird returning to Ohio

You decided to ignore all the requests to stay put? Why? It happens. width=150
dedmiston 03/27/20 08:52am Roads and Routes
RE: Trip Planning by mile

Another vote here for RVTripWizard. Those concentric mileage rings were great for trip planning. You can configure the size/distance of the rings for your own driving preferences. I used the tool on my tablet too. It worked great on the road (not while driving).
dedmiston 03/26/20 12:16pm Roads and Routes
RE: Missouri SPs closed

Per the site Admin's request, I am closing all COVID-19 threads and directing future comments to one thread in Around the Campfire: 2019–20 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC POSTINGS
dedmiston 03/25/20 04:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Virginia

Per the site Admin's request, I am closing all COVID-19 threads and directing future comments to one thread in Around the Campfire: 2019–20 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC POSTINGS
dedmiston 03/25/20 01:18pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Per the site Admin's request, I am closing all COVID-19 threads and directing future comments to one thread in Around the Campfire: 2019–20 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC POSTINGS
dedmiston 03/24/20 10:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Stewards Volunteers are no longer allowed

Stewards of The Sequoia has been in existence for many years. USFS encourages volunteerism to help maintain motorized and non-motorized trails (most in the forest are multi-use). I have supported Stewards financially many times. Met a ranger at Kennedy Meadows two years ago, he was very vocal about getting help but when I brought up Stewards and their upcoming work weekends, he didn't bite, I could tell there was some bad blood somewhere. The Executive Director is Chris Horgan, a VERY passionate trail user with an extensive background in trail maintenance to the point that he's come up with mitigation measures that were ground breaking. Every winter countless trees and limbs fall and block trails and if not removed new non-authorized trails emerge as users bypass the fallen debris, some of these trees are very tall/long necessitating a long misguided trail that may damage sensitive habitat, Stewards go out every spring and clear these snags to keep the trails open. Chris has been very vocal about the travel management plans proposed and in particular the "1/2 mile" buffer from the PCT, with the limited amount of non-wilderness land that buffer is just not possible, there are already way too many trails that do not connect, forcing users to double back, adding double the use. Chris' mention of "freedom of speech" is that Stewards, and he, are being singled out since they stand up to the bullying tactics of the USFS (they'd rather shut ALL trails off to motorized access, reducing use and maintenance. I too would be interested to hear how the ranger can justify denying trail maintenance access to a qualified group, that should not be allowed. That's a great explanation. Thank you Nayther for clarifying this for us.
dedmiston 03/24/20 02:32pm Toy Haulers
RE: Off Road Riding Spots (with coordinates)

Just FYI for those of you that don't have a GPS you can just use google it'll map it out for you. Just enter the GPS Coordinates like this N 35 12.951 W 117.059 The H U S K Y M O N U M E N T It gets bigger and bigger every time we ride out there. I can't believe how much it's grown just in the past 10-15 years. Pretty inspiring.
dedmiston 03/24/20 12:08pm Toy Haulers
RE: Neat Supermarket Health Tip

I disagree with using single-use plastic bags that way, especially when you could bring your own real gloves. That's just my opinion though. Putting my Moderator hat back on, this really isn't a "RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues" topic, so I'm moving it.
dedmiston 03/24/20 08:35am Around the Campfire
RE: Lost Falls Camp Wisconsin

Bumping your thread for you. Does anyone have any feedback on this camp?
dedmiston 03/23/20 05:42pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Stewards Volunteers are no longer allowed

To the moderator: Everything I said was respectful. All issues like this have more than one thing going on. I asked a question about why it was where it is. My question was more respectful than your biased reply. You are a moderator. Moderate don't inject your opinions in a somewhat heavy handed manner. I have opinions. I'm sorry you find them heavy handed. Truly I am. That's not a sarcastic response. This is a topic that is near and dear to me. Access to public lands is a topic that has been discussed often over the years and it's truly crucial to the Toy Hauler community. The interesting thing about this specific issue is the symbiotic crossover between the OHV community and ... I'm kind of struggling for the right word(s) here ... I guess a picture is worth 1,000 words in this case. I don't want to use any pejorative labels (because I don't think negatively about this group), but if you look at the photo of the volunteers, they look diametrically opposed to the typical OHV enthusiast. These are two very different demographics whose Venn diagrams intersect in a meaningful way. It's fascinating to me. Look at their picture and then envision the average OHV enthusiast; they're very different critters. As far as my request to try to cordon off this conversation and limit it to the Toy Hauler community, this isn't a unique situation here on RV.NET. Discussions often go off the rails when someone unfamiliar with the topic (and I don't think that's an unfair description of you in this case--respectfully) joins a conversation within a group they are unfamiliar with. We see it here all the time when someone with a Class A joins a Truck Camping conversation or someone with a Travel Trailer posts about 5th Wheel hitches. Each of the specific forums has a characteristic style and point of view. And each forum has topics that make a lot more sense to the members who have not only participated in the discussions for years but traveled and camped in the areas being discussed and have unique firsthand experience. You have my sincere apology that my comments seemed heavy handed, but I don't apologize for having an opinion (and even a bias) on a topic that affects my ability to recreate. I'm not just a moderator, but a participant. As a moderator, my objective is to keep the discussion on topic and even prevent any discord before it occurs. Maybe it wasn't your intent (or perhaps it was), but your comment about hearing from the other side came off as nay-saying. As the moderator, that catches my attention and I try to head off any conflicts before they occur. Again, I meant no disrespect and I hope this discussion will continue as constructively as possible.
dedmiston 03/23/20 04:14pm Toy Haulers
RE: Stewards Volunteers are no longer allowed

Now let's hear the other view point. I'll bet free speech isn't the only issue. Why is there in toy haulers? It's a legitimate topic for Toy Haulers. Many (most?) of us use our RVs to access and enjoy public lands. If you represent the other point of view, please respectfully provide it. Otherwise, this is a topic for the Toy Hauler members who have so much at stake with access to these public trails. Please respect our forum and our area to discuss matters that affect us so much.
dedmiston 03/23/20 02:57pm Toy Haulers
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