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Best way to install extra propane

I saw a 2017 Northern Lite with a big L P bottle somehow attached to the rear bumper. Cummins gave me paperwork on how long the generator would run usually half power with two 5 gallon standard L P bottles just about eight hours in the fall winter and spring these numbers might be sufficient. To run the fridge hot water and some heat. But summer camping that is inadequate. Would it be best to try and mount two more of the 5 gallon tanks to the bumper and swap them out as needed, or something bigger permanently running the line into the regulator. Our second truck camper was a 1998 Real Lite. It had two 7and 1/2 gallon L P tanks that slide in sideways and we never ran out but that is a little over three of the smaller ones filled at 80% With cooler weather coming on I have some time, we enjoy mostly dispersed camping so I do need to get a plan together With the large bumper on the Northern Lite I could make mounts for two 5 gallon tanks to swap them out or maybe a larger one that is constructed to lay sideways. I am going to check out factory type mounts for the bumper, if that is not successful it will be time to put the fabricating hat on. I f you have suggestions please let me know. We very much want to make a trip to Alaska so extra propane would be a big help not knowing the distance between L P stations
devildog1971 10/12/19 12:15am Truck Campers
RE: How many Northern Lite owners do we have? (revision 2)

I now have a Northern lite 2019 10-2 CDSE
devildog1971 10/01/19 08:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Torklift fronts and Happijac rear?

I did the same thing on a 05 dodge with a winter creek camper that weighted over 5000 lbs. this time when I bought the new camper the dealer said it would void my warranty, not sure how that would affect a refrigerator
devildog1971 10/01/19 08:00pm Truck Campers
Northern Lite

Does anyone know where to purchase a sewer hose that will fit in the factory mounted compartment. That I think was provided to hold a sewer hose. If this orifice was not intended to store a sewer hose can you please tell me what the intended use was. Thank you
devildog1971 10/01/19 07:54pm Truck Campers
new 2500 cummins onan

If you have a new 2500 l p generator. the dipstick sits behind what I think is a L P gas regulator, it is very hard to unscrew the dipstick because raised part of the dipstick hits a screw in the regulator. I have to pull on (what I believe) is a regulator and then twist the dipstick real hard to get it out go the filler tube. A dealer installed the generator not the camper factory are all new onan generators like this?
devildog1971 09/21/19 10:02pm Truck Campers
First get away in new camper

Went to the mountains, 75 degrees in the daytime 50 degrees at night it was great. Love the truck camper life stopped and saw two historic markers with no room for a 40 foot motorhome. Glad I came back to the light side
devildog1971 09/21/19 09:40pm Truck Campers
RE: 2020 SE TC Gathering - planning stage

Just give us a date and address, we have missed out on a lot the past year, so we would not want to miss this it os time for some fun thanks.
devildog1971 09/20/19 10:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Big Brother- Tag on your TC?

Facial recognition, that is why I have tinted windows, a truck camper is considered cargo, you do not mount your tag on other cargo loads that might obscure your plate glad Georgia does not have front plates.
devildog1971 09/20/19 10:14pm Truck Campers
RE: How many Northern Lite owners do we have? (revision 2)

I just bought a 2019 10-2 EX-CD dry bath took our first trip to Mount Pisgah
devildog1971 09/20/19 10:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Northern Lite truck to camper cord

we are finally good to go local mechanic said the problem was behind the plug on the camper I was not there and could care less what it was as long as it works like it should and it does now and we are using the twenty foot cord the undercoating and bedlinen coating made it hard to find a good ground on the plug up front and since I brought him the long cord that is where he put it the back bumper. We are making plans to get on the road hopefully by the weekend.
devildog1971 09/09/19 12:53pm Truck Campers
RE: 2020 SE TC Gathering - planning stage

Early spring in the mountains would be great this summers heat has been tough. But we are ready everything on the truck and R V are now working ok
devildog1971 09/09/19 12:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Best selling truck campers (by volume) ?

The tiger 4x4 seems to be the best I have seen looks like a clam shell design like bigfoot and a truck, and a class C really like the tiger design
devildog1971 09/09/19 12:26pm Truck Campers
2019 Northern lite cummins oil change

Up front apology on any format errors I have a basset hound in my lap. All truck campers and class C we have owned have a plate to take off under the camper, then the oil drain plug. there are a total of three vent like covers under the generator and they all have caulk around them. have yet to find which one to take off to find the plug. and the generator seems to run very much on the rich side it is not a L P leak it is a very strong L P smell coming from the exhaust. We were spending the night bringing it home and a full L P tank only lasted about three hours only using the air conditioner. Any help appreciated hope no one gets mad about this post
devildog1971 09/08/19 12:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Bought a 2019 Northern Lite10'2 EX CD SE dry bath

Thanks everyone my V nose trailer the tongue (I guess right name) is only about 3 feet long so length that I think is better than a super truss I have a 10-2excd. I know it will be difficult to put the step down but it would be the same problem with the super truss. The only thing I haul in the trailer is my Harley Limited low
devildog1971 09/04/19 11:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Anyone running this particular WD hitch on a SuperTruss?

I am going to a welding shopped having the tongue on the trailer strengthened,, and made longer the welds are stronger than the steel I have a V nose trailer and it has the shortest tongue that attaches to the ball about 3 feet. can't wait I can then bring my motorcycle along. I live close to Rome Georgia and Center Alabama if you know someone that doe3s good work and is honest please let me know
devildog1971 09/04/19 11:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Northern Lite truck to camper cord

My leg was not long enough to push brake pedal while truck is in reverse and then look at the lights at the same time. one other problem`the week before I bought the camper it had not rained at the dealership and it has not rained on the way home and still has not rained. before we left the sales lot the dealer had the camper washed they put the camper on the truck. When I got home I was going to take the camper off the truck, the remote did not work the dealer had me try and jump the circuit breaker, that did not work. called Lippert, HappiJac they had me check the board no light that should have been on but there was water in the enclosed area where the holding tanks and the circuit board is located. I do not know how water got in that compartment maybe when it was being washed the door was not latched but apparently the water shorted out the board. HappiJac was happy to send me a new board I paid the shipping. A drawer the dealer was suppose to fix because it would not stay shut when the truck moved with the camper on it, I fixed the drawer at home, when we inspected the camper the carpet was rolled up after we had them roll up the carpet because I have a basset hound there was a scratch in the vinyl just saw the carpet was rolled up I did not enter the camper again until I was about 200 miles away from the dealer. I started the generator the propane smell was almost like unburnt propane, the one propane tank went empty in twenty minutes. After I parked the camper on the way home I moved the curtain by the window that is right behind the rear window on the truck what I saw was a stream of dried glue about 4 or 5 inches long. yes there were a couple other small problems which are my problems now. The new dealership in Jacksonville Fl does not yet have repair men on site the dealer (owner) told me that The dealer is sending me a ambilical cord 20 foot long, because the factory installed 7 pin connecter checked out perfectly on the truck, the one in the front left side of the bed does not have a good ground. I hand cranked the camper off the truck at home after I got home ,remember bad board,(98 degrees that day) I needed the truck. So when the cord arrives the truck pins are correct so if there is a problem we then know it is in the camper. Thank all of you who were objective and for those who were sarcastic Thank you for your sarcasm and no help
devildog1971 09/04/19 10:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Northern Lite truck to camper cord

I checked the lights after I left the dealer running lights ok checked flashers ok the backup lights did not come on I could not step on the brake and be in the back at the same time so it is brake light back up light problem.
devildog1971 09/01/19 07:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Northern Lite truck to camper cord

What I would like to reply I will not. I thought up till now this forum was here to help people . So thank you for your help. I did not ask Northern Lite to diagnose a problem I was asking if they could recommend someone closer to me to provide service.
devildog1971 09/01/19 06:53pm Truck Campers
RE: bigfoot and northern lite details on their construction

I now own a Northern Lite , at one time I owned a Real Lite had a side door and jack knife couch, and it was a four season camper it had copper shut off valves to cut the water off to the outside shower. Surprised that Northern Lite and Bigfoot neither one has a valve to cut water off to the outside shower, when it is below freezing I would think the valves on the hot and cold water side might freeze?
devildog1971 09/01/19 06:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Northern Lite truck to camper cord

I know I did not get enough time with a tech.
devildog1971 08/29/19 03:08pm Truck Campers
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