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RE: Northern Lite truck to camper cord

They are both male connectors, after the sun goes down today I am going to look at it again. If I get no where then I will call the dealer and they can have a go at it. (400 plus miles away) The day I picked the camper up it was HOT! The employees were over worked it was obvious, maybe I am old but when you pay $48 thousand for a camper and darkness is approaching the people that hooked up everything and put the camper on the truck should say, let us check and make sure all the lights are working properly. after labor day if the issue is unresolved I am going to ask D&H R. V. sales to se if they can fix the problem .
devildog1971 08/29/19 02:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Northern Lite truck to camper cord

I am going to go buy a pig tail tester today and new cord This was the third time I asked for Northern Lites help to find repair service I I should not have to pay for or drive 471 miles to the dealer. I would be happy to copy and paste Northern Lites e-mail to me, it was pretty snotty. I was going through the paper work and found the PREDELIVERY sheet still in the envelope NOT FILLED OUT NOTHING WAS CHECKED ON THE FORM. I do not blame the dealers employees completely they were jumping from job to job and constantly being asked to do something else before they finished there last four or five jobs. If I have to return to the dealer I would like to have my gas and one nights stay at a campground paid for. Wish I had bought the Bigfoot and 4K cheaper but the wife liked this one. once they asked me to sign a arbitration paper I should have run away.
devildog1971 08/29/19 06:52am Truck Campers
Northern Lite truck to camper cord

I bought a new 2019 10-2 after leaving the dealer I thought I would double checked the lights. I had running lights, turned on the flashers they worked so I thought I had brake and turn signals. I was stopped by the highway patrol seems like every time I hit the brake the back up lights came on. This has been the never ending story of Northern Lite annoying problems. I was trying to find out from Northern Lite if there was a dealer or repair shop I could take the R.V. to that was closer than 400 miles. Here is Northern Lite's response "THIS IS NOT SOMETHING WE ARE INVOLVED WITH" . This is comforting wonder what the something is that they are involved with. Anyway, I have a 07 GMC, (you know the camper a 2019 Northern Lite 10-2) I have a factory trailer hitch and a factory plug in for a trailer if you have suggestions please help as it is, we are stuck not able to hit the road, I did get the camper home but sure need help with how to wire up everything.
devildog1971 08/28/19 03:10pm Truck Campers
RE: USAA Insurance

You get what you pay for sometimes. We had a fire and our so called farm insurance put the screws to us.
devildog1971 08/25/19 11:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Solar Panel

got it fixed the fuse, was behind board thanks guys I have had two previous truck campers then a class C then the wife had to have a 40 foot diesel A. Then she finds out our favorite places in the mountains have a 35 foot limit, of coarse it is my fault, she picked the 10-2 EX CD SE dry bath Northern Lite over the 2500 10.4 Bigfoot I do not know all the why's, the Bigfoot has a much nicer layout and hands down a better dry bath and it was 4K cheaper the only extra the Northern Lite had that the Bigfoot did not come stock with was one solar panel. And I told her the Bigfoot is already wired for solar. (for 4K I could have put 400 watts or more on the Bigfoot) Then she told me but the Northern Lite has a slide out pantry. Ahh, but the wife is happy , I am very sincere in saying thank you to all of you that helped me with my truck camper questions and solving some problems. Hope I can some day return the kindness and generosity of your time that you took to answer and help me thank you, thank you
devildog1971 08/24/19 12:59pm Truck Campers
Solar Panel

I have a new northern Lite and the solar panel is not working is there a fuse? and if iso does anyone know where to look for it it is nor in the inverter converter box with the other fuses and circuit breakers. Thanks
devildog1971 08/24/19 10:20am Truck Campers
RE: one more time I need some help

Thank all of you for your help this was a big decision for us, everyone has been courteous and very helpful. regardless of my mistakes in typing or maybe even asking the same thing twice, so again a big thank you from a southern gentleman who does not have a convenient memory. I always remember those that help me or those that gave a kind word of encouragement. To all of you I hope to someday be of help to you
devildog1971 08/18/19 11:00am Truck Campers
RE: one more time I need some help

Sorry the dealer is closed today and we have to leave by 10 PM tonight sorry about the other thread I have been dealing with more than just a new camper, all the contractors in our area have work booked up for in some cases a couple years I have been rebuilding my house by myself after a fire so keeping up with things has been hard. the only part of our home that was not damaged in the fire was one bedroom it has been a floor joist up rebuild I had my son help one week end with some heavy cabinets30 years ago no big deal now with a 4 level back fusion one kidney, replaced hip, and two bad elbows to say the least I have been busy. And Farm Bureau was no help and under bid everything. No excuse I k now but I have been busy we just needed some time off, I have been so busy with the house we no longer have cows and we do not let people board horses any more so that was a income loss not complaining I should be through by April
devildog1971 08/18/19 10:55am Truck Campers
one more time I need some help

I am leaving tonight to pick up a new truck camper Monday morning it is a Northern Lite 10-2EX CD se dry bath I want to put the largest battery possible in the battery boxes. Do any Northern Lite owners know the dimensions of the opening where the batteries are contained. I have a friend who owns a store and he carries a group of batteries that are AGM and contain new lead not recycled lead they are built to military specs. the price is great FREE I did him a solid favor once and he never forgot. Ton pick up the camper is about a 7 hour drive and we would like to go to a national park on the way home, so I need to pick up the batteries today before we leave thank you for all your help
devildog1971 08/18/19 10:15am Truck Campers
RE: Timbren vs. Sumo Springs

I tried Sumo Springs, did not work well for me, I tried air bags, got some bounce. I went to a suspension and spring shop, They really were experts final result they rebent the spring pack to factory specifications, and then added a extra spring to the spring pack best ride of everything I tried. Just my experience what worked for me might not for you, But it was the very best modification I did for handling along with rancho 9000 shocks.
devildog1971 08/17/19 10:02pm Truck Campers
I pick up my 10-2 northern lite Monday

can any one give me the dimensions of the battery box?
devildog1971 08/16/19 10:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Bought a 2019 Northern Lite10'2 EX CD SE dry bath

Thought about lengthen the tongue of the trailer, cut the frame even use a little heavier steel, the weld is always stronger than the metal. my trailer has a V nose is 12 foot long and has two axles with brakes on all four wheels the trailer will never have more than 900 pounds in it. What do you think of that idea?
devildog1971 08/15/19 09:20am Truck Campers
Bought a 2019 Northern Lite10'2 EX CD SE dry bath

Now I need the advice of you other Northern Lite owners that tow a trailer I am having the frame mount tork lifts put on, at the dealer was negotiated in the price this next Monday 08 19 . I have a 12 foot enclosed trailer I haul a motorcycle in occasionally, how do you other Northern Lite owners pull a trailer? Thanks for all the help.
devildog1971 08/14/19 06:24pm Truck Campers
RE: "Porpoising" - How to Tame the Rocking Camper

do you have air bags? more info about your truck certainly would help in trying to help you
devildog1971 08/14/19 06:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Sleepy Checking in!

Hi from Cave Spring Georgia, We are so glad our 40 foot class A is gone, it was handy after the house fire. We are going to pick up a new truck camper August 19. We have a choice between theBigfoot 2500 10.4 and the Northern Lite 10 2 EX CD dry bath. the only concern for the Bigfoot we looked (both are 2019 and new) at was there was water in three different compartments. The cost factor is so close it is not a factor, the Northern Lite comes standard with a 100 watt solar panel and a 12 volt television I know these are small items but if you have to buy it and install it on the Bigfoot I am guessing it would be several hundred extra dollars. someone told me the bigfoot had a better heating system and the bigfoot comes with 1000 b t u bigger air conditioner. and I do like the bath and dinette location in the Bigfoot, the water in the bigfoot was there long enough to rust the handle for the crank out side awning handle. I know I am procrastinating, but this is a big big decision for us, and will be the last R V we will ever have. My wife likes the slide out pantry and cabinets in the Northern Lite. Thanks for checking back in I always vicariously enjoyed your trip reports. Unfortunately I have to be back with my doctor every 28 days and this will go on for a lot longer than I would like. We hope to make the best of those days we have and intend to utilize dispersed camping in National Forests and maybe some B L M land. thanks for reading a long and rambling post, near the later part of September, the latest early October we hope to tour through your general area we both would enjoy meeting you and Janet and buy you lunch or supper, My traveling pal of 12 years Wrinkles the basset hound past away recently that was a stab in the heart. My wife has had shoulder replacement but doing pretty good. Good luck, good health, and happy traveling to you and Janet
devildog1971 08/13/19 03:19pm Truck Campers
2019 Northern lite

can any one please tell me the size of the furnace in a 10-2 ex cd dry bath , and will please let me know where the vents are located, and in cold weather do they seem to be in the right place and does the furnace do a good job on real cold nights. Thanks I still have a chance to get a big foot 10.4 until Monday the only worry about the bigfoot it had water in places that were worrisome to me. another question does the air conditioner in the northern lite do a good job of keeping you cool enough in the type of weather we are having now. I appreciate your patience I am just trying to get information for the best camper at the best deal. both units I have looked at are about the same price, but the northern lite does come with a couple more options standard I know you can always add a solar panel and the bigfoot is pre wired but the Northern lite 100 watt solar panel is standard and I know a 12 volt television is inexpensive, but again it is standard. so for the same price you get a couple small standard extras at no extra charge I know some Bigfoot owners will not ever have issues but some might the same for the Northern lite some get by without any problems for years and a very few might wish for a little extra the factory forgot. I think atwood is a better jack but bigfoot and northern lite both use Happijac I know I rambled a lot but typed as things came to mind. So thanks and let me know your wish list for either camper you own. the furnace is one of my concerns as we get to go places in the winter more than summer thanks for understanding a procrastinator
devildog1971 08/13/19 02:48pm Truck Campers
RE: what to do if you have a leak?

you can actually do a leak set your self take the top off he roof vent and seal a fan on top then spray the entire camper with a solution of water and dish soap where ever it bubbles there is a leak camping world charged me $250 for a seal test and put chalk marks every where there needed to be new calk. what ever your exterior is it needs to be removed and dried out. I had a forest river product years and years out of warranty, went to the factory in Michigan they did all the repairs plus some they found. When I asked for the bill the reply was when you ever buy a new camper just consider Forest River. I know Michigan is a long way, if it has filon on it that is a job you might need help with. if aluminum you are gold you can remove it dry out everything and put it back together. GOOD LUCK
devildog1971 08/10/19 10:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Ready to Buy?

The 2019 Bigfoot we looked at had water in the propane compartment and the basement it had been there long enough to rust the handle of the rod that cranks out the side awning. We put a deposit on the Northern Lite 10-2EX CD dry bath and it comes with the extras at no extra cost we wanted a big foot but the only other dealer is along way from us, wish us luck actually the water in three compartments was what changed our minds. Since I sold my Dodge I now have 07 GMC and need to put the tie downs on I still have the fast guns. think I will cut some stall mats to fit the bed for a bed mat the spray in liner is very thick and rough I think the thin mat would eventually get a hole in it with the wight of the camper. But stall mats will work. I do not think it will come off the truck often now even though we have a farm. New medical problems have me at the hospital in Birmingham every 28 days, but we can have fun three weeks at a time just will be doing more sitting at camp sites than usual. For those of you who knew Wrinkles the Basset hound he passed away wicked old cancer got him, it was a heart breaker still
devildog1971 08/10/19 10:25pm Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot 25c 10.4 long bed

The 2019 model 10.4 battery box is to small for anything more than one battery period and we found water in the propane compartment and in the basement the water had been there long enough to rust the handle for the side awning. I wanted a big foot but no closer dealer for one, so we did buy a 2019 Northern Lite 10-2EX CD dry bath with a solar panel, 12 volt Television and two battery compartments the price was within a hundred dollars of each other. hope we did ok still have at least a week to pick it up to give me time to put tie downs on truck. In the past I used a combination of torklifts on the front and a happijac bumper tie down it worked well with a 5 thousand pound winter creek. I now have a 07 GMC 3500 crew cab 69 thousand miles. but I still miss my 05 dodge 3500 wish us luck on our new adventure, unfortunately we can only make trips that have us home in 28 days new medical problems this may go on a couple years, still kicking just not to high.
devildog1971 08/10/19 10:03pm Truck Campers
RE: How many Northern Lite owners do we have? (revision 2)

This will make our third truck camper our first new and first 2019 Northern Lite a 10-2 EX CD dry bath with solar panel onan generator and 12 volt television which the big foot had neither of those options. and the Big Foot we looked at new had water in a couple compartments. need to update my signature still have to get and install the frame mounted torklifts still have the fast guns pick up in the next 7 or 8 days if all goes well with tie downs
devildog1971 08/10/19 09:37pm Truck Campers
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