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RE: Chromebook questions

I've been using a Chromebook as my only computer for several years. You don't have to be connected to the internet. Most of them have tiny hard drives, like 32gb. Get a 128gb SD card for $20, stick it in, and it is your hard drive. If you need the space you can get more than one. No need to mess with a usb external drive. Wife loves hers, virus free, it is fast for general surfing, emails, etc. I do business on a Windows computer. I spent over an hour today trying to get my Windoze computers on line. I went to my Chromebook and was able to go online with a Windows 7 desktop at work, while Windows Remote Desktop Connection wouldn't work. I was able to see that my controls stuff was ok. Most comments on this thread have been on the mark. You do not need to be online to make them happy, but online is mostly how I use the Chromebooks. They really are much faster than any Windows machine I have ever seen.
dieseltruckdriver 03/27/20 05:43pm Technology Corner
RE: Spearfish, SD

Expanding our search for campgrounds to Montana. Thinking about seeing the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument and would like to camp near by. But need electric. About the only thing I can find is Tongue River State Park, Montana. Not the cloest, but has power. Any thoughts on this park or any other near the monument? Also in Wyoming, we want to see the Devil's Tower, but the only campground I can find near there is a KOA and really don't want to refinance the coach to spend a night. WOW! Any other campgrounds around there, with electric, worth staying? Boy the pioneer life in the wild west is rough! Can't find many, if any parks with conveniences without selling the farm. That is why many of us have our rvs ready to go with no hookups.. If I were you, I would look at skipping Custer until you were done with Custer Battlefield. They are quite a ways apart. Honestly, Wind Cave NP as a drive through will show you more wildlife than Custer SPs Wildlife Loop. They are actually connected.
dieseltruckdriver 03/27/20 05:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 6 volt batteries in series

One thing to think about.. When you take two 6 volt batteries and put 'em in series like this: -{6v}+-{6v}+==== 12 volt What you have is a SINGLE 12 volt battery. You put two pair in a series/parallel -{6v}+-{6v}+==== 12 volt -{6v}+-{6v}+==== 12 volt You still have one 12 volt battery (around 450 amp hours). SNIPPED You got this right. I read a lot of posts from internet battery experts on here, and they are knowledgeable, but no one ever gets this part correct. I am NOT saying I am an expert. For a few years I worked with a guy that did PMs on strings in power plants and sub stations. The individual unit is a jar, the entire string is a battery. When I was working with him, we did batteries up to 250 volts made up of 2 volt jars (which are really just huge 2 volt plastic containers). That is where the term "jars" comes from, it actually is correct. The testing tools in THAT industry still call the individual cells jars, and the whole group is a string, with the connectors called straps. Even today I have access to a Midtronics battery analyzer. I do enjoy it, if nothing else just so I can still play with it. As I said, I am NOT an expert, trust me, MEX knows WAY more about this stuff than I do.
dieseltruckdriver 03/26/20 06:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Solar Charge Controller question

I am leaning towards the EPEver controller also, but may go with the Victron for a bunch more money just because I am so darn happy with my battery monitor. The reason I am upgrading is I am already close to maxing out my Renogy Wanderer, and I have 200 more watts sitting in the garage waiting to be installed, and I really didn't plan on going this big to begin with. It gets addicting being able to do everything we normally do without having to start the generator.
dieseltruckdriver 03/22/20 03:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Any hints about why my tire leaking?

Your valve stem went bad, probably from no fault of yours. My pickup has been sitting since Thanksgiving weekend, and suddenly early March it had a flat tire. I thought that was strange, so I filled the tire back up. Next day it was flat again, so I put some air in it and then wiggled the stem and sure enough I could hear air leaking. I had a metal stem put in it, as this isn't the first time this has happened in that last couple years.
dieseltruckdriver 03/22/20 02:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Honda EU2000i Generator Shop Notebook is always pretty clean at 100 hrs even when run in the desert. I added a small hour meter like this one to my generator so I can track hours between oil changes. I have a pre-owned EU2000i that still idles bad after rebuilding the carb. I'm about ready to replace the carb on it. Honda recommends a 100 hour oil change interval, so that's what I do with mine. I also added cheap hour meters to my Hondas, one 2000 bought new, one bought used. I mounted the hour meter to the spark plug cover, because that small piece is easy to change, instead of putting holes in the main covers. Delta Bravo, I had the same issue with the 2000 I bought used. Take it apart and clean it again. Seriously, I had to do that after I was positive I had the carb spotless, but it wasn't. There was the tiniest piece of dirt only blocking about a fourth of one of the emulsifier tube holes, and it wouldn't run correctly. It needs them all. I used a strand of wire from a brass brush, as I do not think plastic is strong enough to clean the stubborn stuff off. These don't get cleaned this way often enough to worry about scratching or enlarging the holes.
dieseltruckdriver 03/22/20 09:08am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Charge Controller question

I'm confused with what I need, PWT or MPPT? Then watch THIS video. My PWM works perfectly, but this is part of the reason I most likely will be changing. That and I want to get to at least 600 watts on the roof.
dieseltruckdriver 03/21/20 10:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Solar Charge Controller question

Watch this video, it will help you decide. I have a Renogy Wanderer and 320 watts on the roof of my 5er right now, and it works flawlessly. I am looking at changing and keeping the Wanderer for a spare. Solar Charge Controller Buyers Guide.
dieseltruckdriver 03/21/20 09:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Trying to decide which way to go on fifth wheel hitch

Well said 2014... and adding the turnover ball a waste, unless actually needed for a different goose neck trailer. Jerry I sat thinking my last post over for quite a while, and actually deleted what I am about to say. As a former truck driver, if I bought a vehicle with an Anderson hitch, I wouldn't use it any farther than to get me home. No different than any sliding bar hitch. Not sure what being a former truck driver ,and the Andersen hitch has to do with anything, but truck driver or not, how many miles you put on a Andersen hitch :h . I have put a few thousand now on a rail mount steel Andersen ,so I have been a bit further then just getting home :) Well, zero miles, but a neighbor just bought a pickup with one on it, and they just don't look "right" to me. It is my personal opinion, and nothing else. The point about being a former trucker, the B&W works and acts like a hitch on a semi, so there is a comfort level there. Again, my opinion. As to your point about shoveling rocks out of the bed, how did you know? That is exactly what got me cussing it out! LOL!
dieseltruckdriver 03/19/20 06:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Germs, viruses and fuel pump handles and doors

I know this is getting off topic as most do, but I reuse every plastic bag that doesn't have holes in it. They work great for fish after I get done filleting them. I store them in a used plastic container that formerly contained food we ate.
dieseltruckdriver 03/19/20 06:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: How are others facing issues with the Coronavirus?

Gas dispenser nozzles are CLEAN ROOMS Compared to fondling currency and coinscash? Done using that until this passes. Dave Me too. I haven't touched currency in nearly two weeks.
dieseltruckdriver 03/18/20 08:55pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Germs, viruses and fuel pump handles and doors

Fj12ryder, those reusable bags are theoretically a good idea. In practice they can be a real source for some nasty bugs unless you wash them after every use, which kind of defeats the save the environment idea...use of more water and chemicals, soap etc. Just a thought.Well, that as may be, but my hands don't stink of diesel, which is the point of the exercise. Unless I loan them out, I'm the only one who uses them, so anything I pass along will be from me to me. And unless I've got an open sore, the chances of picking up anything strange is vanishingly small. At least it's been that way for the last 20 years or so. Nope, they've never been washed, just stored under the truck's seat. I think I have lost/misplaced a pair over the years. Oh yeah, these are the cloth gloves with the rubber coating over part of the palms and fingers. Not full rubber gloves. But just look around you at the fuel pumps, now think about how many pairs of disposable gloves you'd be seeing in the trash if everyone used them, or even 50% of the people. It makes no sense so I don't do it.I only use one nitrile glove per fill, if I don't just use my leather gloves. That cuts the waste in half. Honestly, I have been using leather gloves since I started driving commercially in the 90s, and just keep doing it out of habit. I hate a dirty steering wheel.
dieseltruckdriver 03/18/20 08:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trying to decide which way to go on fifth wheel hitch

Well said 2014... and adding the turnover ball a waste, unless actually needed for a different goose neck trailer. Jerry I sat thinking my last post over for quite a while, and actually deleted what I am about to say. As a former truck driver, if I bought a vehicle with an Anderson hitch, I wouldn't use it any farther than to get me home. No different than any sliding bar hitch.
dieseltruckdriver 03/18/20 08:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trying to decide which way to go on fifth wheel hitch

This thread doesn’t need to go real far. OP: get a B & W turnover ball, install in bed. Ignore the holes for the old rail system. There’s no benefit in trying to reuse them, plus you’ll eventually hate the rails. Then get a B & W Companion or Andersen Ultimate. You don’t need a slider. You don’t need to use the articulating feature of the TP pin box. Lock it out, check the fasteners from time to time. And pay attention when making tight maneuvers. The TP pin box is designed for those short bed half ton trucks. There is absolutely no good reason at all to use the TP articulating aspect on 3/4 and 1 ton short beds with newer fifth wheels. Don’t be distracted otherwise. Oh!, come on , you'll eventually hate the rails, why. Had them for years ,and they were not an issue . I won't buy they get the road nonsense , sure they are there ,but pray tell what are they in the road of . What sliding in a sheet of plywood . Not hardly , you go in at an angle anyway ,and after the first sheet thats a done deal. Granted if he had the puck system great, but apparently he doesn't so now you want him to blow another large hole in the bed :h . He already has the holes use them , with bedrails ,and a good hitch he is set ,and a strong four point attachment . No fan at all of gooseneck ball attached hitches , all the torquing ,and one point of attachment . Forget the Ultimate ,and go with the steel rail mount Andersen as said . I have to disagree with you. My last pickup had rails and a sliding bar hitch (not a slider hitch). I went with the B&W turnover and Companion on this pickup and couldn't be happier. I HATED those rails every time I used my pickup as a pickup. I could never sweep out the bed, or shovel things out. Those are some things no one ever talk about when hitches are discussed.
dieseltruckdriver 03/18/20 08:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Corona Virus and RV Travel Video

I just watched this video by one of the bigger YouTube RV channels, "Long Long Honeymoon". He is interviewing his sister, a Doctor at a Tacoma Hospital. She delivers some good information. If this does not belong here, do what you must. Coronavirus & RV Travel -- SHOULD YOU CANCEL PLANS? (with Dr. Elizabeth Wheeler, MD) Funny thing, this is almost exactly word for word what my cardiologist told me today. He said to maintain distance from other people, wash your hands more than you think is necessary, and don't touch your face. He also didn't have a problem with travel, as long as we were aware of these things.
dieseltruckdriver 03/16/20 09:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: Solar Questions

I am hip deep in this LI battery thing right now. A very large advantage is the ability to use nearly 100 AH of a one hundred AH battery. Much better than the useful AHs I get from my two group 31 AGMs. BeerBrewer, I am assuming you mean 30 amp hours from a one hundred watt panel. I typically get 6 amps from mine, and I have three of them on my roof right now. Also, run your fridge on propane if it is an rv fridge. If you are doing that, then 150 AHs seems high. I typically use about 50 to 60, depending on the temperature outside. We are pretty easy on power, but we don't use flashlights inside, or not watch tv because of power. DW told me she wants to be able to use our 5er without having to start the generator, but she will if she has to. I have been making this happen, and have two hundred more watts of solar to get mounted on the roof. Don't forget an inverter for the tv and dvd if you need it.
dieseltruckdriver 03/16/20 08:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Info on 5th wheel brand

Diesel, hopefully they know what type of camping they want to do. No multiple day dry camping with that unit. That is exactly why we don't have one now.
dieseltruckdriver 03/14/20 09:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Info on 5th wheel brand

Don't believe all the junk. Tiffin, who makes the Vilano, is the best manufacturer on the market. I just wish they made a shorter model. They standby all they sell. When we looked, Tiffen didn't make them, it was a family member though. So, I figured they would be built with similar quality.
dieseltruckdriver 03/14/20 09:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Info on 5th wheel brand

We have a Vilano Beacon. I will recommend Vilano especially someone working out of an rv. It’s a beautiful trailer and feels very well made. Also the service is excellent. We love the residential fridge. I agree that they seem well built, and we looked at the Van Leigh. It was the smallest one we could find at the time. I don't know about now. We did like them a lot, but again, for us, the small tanks and residential fridge are a no go.
dieseltruckdriver 03/14/20 09:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Info on 5th wheel brand

We seriously considered a Vilano, but they had small tank sizes, no 12 volt inside and only a residential fridge. 3 fails for our useage. Other than that, we really did like them, but those are three important things to us.
dieseltruckdriver 03/12/20 07:23pm Fifth-Wheels
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