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RE: New to Chromebook: very basic question

One more thing to add, do not worry so much about just closing the lid, Chromebooks have very good battery life.
dieseltruckdriver 01/22/22 06:20pm Technology Corner
RE: New to Chromebook: very basic question

I've always been a Mac user, but I just bought a Chromebook for RV travel. I'm getting the hang of it, but I have a few basic questions. When I turn it on, it wants me to enter my (complicated) Google password. I would like to turn that off (which I can on my Macs), since it will be used in the RV and there are no kids, relatives, co-workers, etc., to look at my (boring) emails. Another question: can the Chrome browser have more than one window open? (I don't see menus -- "file", "edit", "view",... -- that I am accustomed to when I use Chrome on my Mac.) If you just close the lid, you do not have to log back in. You might have to adjust the settings to do this. Go to the lower right of your screen and click on the time. Then click on the gear at the top part of the menu that pops up, then it will be under Device, then Power. This will work fine for short time use, but obviously will not work if it sits for long periods of time. You do not usually need to have more than one "window" open, it is all done with the tabs. The other menus aren't there, and usually not needed. Remember to right click if there is something you are trying to do that you would have used those menus. Many things are automatically backed up as you work. I don't remember if using word processing or spreadsheets automatically back up when you are using them offline. I haven't done that in quite s while. Now I have to get off my Chromebook and go do some things on a clunky Windows machine. There are some things the Chromebooks can't do, like run Windows or Mac programs.
dieseltruckdriver 01/22/22 06:15pm Technology Corner
RE: AGM battery

FLA batteries are the dinosaurs of the battery world! AGM and Gel batteries are the new and better batteries. No doubt LiFPo batteries are now the new way to go, but these for sure need the proper charging voltage, which is why you need a DC to DC converter to use them in the RV world so you don’t destroy them. I’m just starting to learn about them. But at $800-$900 each it will be along time before I consider one for my type of use. When the MH house batteries are due I’ll be going with AGMs. I switched my 5er to group 31 AGMs when it was really new. I have 4 years of use on them and I look at them a couple times a year to make sure they are still there. ;)
dieseltruckdriver 01/21/22 05:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Custer State Park. 175 site new camp proposal

First to answer you, we sold our park 2 years ago, are retired, our interest now is in equality and fairness. Yes and no The private and public parks in the state have an inequal relationship. Its more than the free land, no property tax, subsidized utility amortized beyond possibility of bond recovery. Read and think about the continual past bison blockades to and from this area, that would make even worse EMT services. Custer County has an established &1.51 deficit/ PILT ( payment in liew of tax ) with CSP, for service to the park from the county taxpayers. Increased visitor overnight load would demand even more from our services. The only recourse we in Custer co. have to recapture the costs is sales tax, which the State park does not remit to. Thank you for the response. I knew you had sold and retired. I also understand the frustrations with providing services that do not get reimbursed. I am a retired (health reasons, not age) volunteer firefighter in the northern hills, and I was also on the county Search and Rescue squad. People think the Sturgis rally is a huge windfall but for us it never was, it was and is a huge drain on resources that are never reimbursable. I can definitely see the parallel here. I also question the location, it's one I would very rarely use. I love South Dakota state parks and recreation area campgrounds, I think they are some of the best in the nation. But that being said I do avoid camping at Custer SP because of the crowds. They also have their own rules compared to every other campground in the state.
dieseltruckdriver 01/21/22 05:42pm Beginning RVing
RE: Custer State Park. 175 site new camp proposal I have to ask your professional opinion, are the private parks around there not booking full during the summer? I just assumed they were full. We almost never go to the Custer area in the summer because we couldn't get sites before the Covid rush without booking nearly a year in advance. It has to be worse now. Am I mistaken?
dieseltruckdriver 01/18/22 07:25pm Beginning RVing
RE: Dumb mistake

Water will settle to the bottom, it will roll around on the bottom looking like mercury. Slowly pour it into another container thru cheesecloth until the water is close to coming out. Now let the new container set for a day and then pour most of it into your truck. Slosh around the containers and then pour out and let them set upside down to drain. Done!!!This is the best advice here. The water WILL settle to the bottom, so don't pour the entire container into the clean container. Just let the clean container sit to make sure you didn't pour too much fuel out. As someone else mentioned, use the bottom fuel to start a fire.
dieseltruckdriver 01/16/22 04:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Champion 2000 w Dual Fuel Generator

Thank you for the response.. my generator does not have the run out of fuel setting on the switch..SO I just pop the cover, and open the drain screw on the carburetor and put the drain hose is a cup to drain the machine. I thought there would be an easier way such as what you have or my Yamaha generator has..This really is the best way to drain them of gas. Even if you run them until they stop running, there is still gas left in the carb bowl to possibly gum up and clog up things at a later time. Using the carb drain will drain virtually all the gas out of the carb bowl. It isn't as convenient, but if you aren't going to use it for a few months, it really isn't that much extra time if you think about it.
dieseltruckdriver 01/14/22 05:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Custer State Park Sylvan lake 32’ tt

You would be better off at Game Lodge or Fort Welikit (it is close to Sylvan) with a trailer your size. Note that there are several posts on this that aren't entirely accurate, but make sure you pay attention to the posted signs and official online warnings about tunnels etc. Sylvan Lake can be accessed without tunnels, so don't just blindly follow Google or any other gps guidance.
dieseltruckdriver 01/14/22 08:51am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Making A Warmer Truck Camper Bed

Heated mattress pad.This. I tested our heated mattress pad and found it used half the power of our electric blanket. I don't remember the numbers anymore, but that and the foam pads that someone posted between the mattress and plywood let us go below zero F in our S&S.
dieseltruckdriver 01/10/22 06:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Sea Foam stabilizer

So what happens if you use less than the recommended dose? Like maybe half of it. Hmmm. I don't know. Maybe it works half as well?
dieseltruckdriver 01/08/22 11:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: More efficient propane furnace

dieseltruckdriver, What make and model do you have? The study I saw is quite ancient now.What make and model of what are you asking? The CO detector or catalytic heater? I will make sure and include you when I do the test I spoke of.
dieseltruckdriver 01/08/22 10:43pm Tech Issues
RE: More efficient propane furnace

You'd think that if there was a significant danger associated with catalytic heaters, there would be at least one published news story about some hapless RVer being killed by one. It happens frequently enough that it is no longer newsworthy. A blue flame heater may self extinguish before oxygen levels become too low to support life. A catalytic heater will quite merrily continue to work at extremely low O2 levels. Of course, as O2 goes down, CO increases. There are many through the wall heaters that do not need electricity. They cost a little more, but are MUCH safer. You may do as you wish Skibanel, and I'll continue to NOT use an unvented combustion heater while sleeping. Hmmm, you gave me something to check. I am going to test at what O2 level my catalytic heater stops working. The literature says it will not go below a safe O2 level, but I can check mine. This is something I always point out, it is mine, not all of them. I will build a small enclosure in my unattached garage and see at what O2 level it self extinguishes. Actually I think it will do it outside, in case of fire danger. Oh, by the way, I was also a deputy chief on our fire department before I was forced to retire for medical reasons. The test I have in mind just screams fire danger, but that is the best way to test for CO. ;)
dieseltruckdriver 01/08/22 09:39pm Tech Issues
RE: More efficient propane furnace

Piano, I tried to buy one of those when I first remember you mentioning that story of your daughter, but that company is NOT serious about selling anything. I tried for nearly a year with multiple emails and phone calls going to voice mail with no reply. This was over four years ago and I am still waiting for a reply. I am not going to fight with someone to get them to take my money. I did the research and the catalytic heaters are safe. I have also tested mine, as well as my CO detector to ensure it's proper operation. I know almost no one can do this, but I actually do the CO testing and calibrating of CO monitors at work. I have also tested the output exhaust of my Honda EU2000i generators, and I am comfortable running them all night. Since I have added solar I don't need to anymore, but it is not something I worry about. I did check the accuracy of my Kidde CO sensor with a readout and I found mine to be accurate. When I get another one, I will have to test it to trust it, but right now I can test them with a good degree of accuracy. All of that being said, I trust mine because I can test and verify them. But I also do run at least two CO detectors in an RV. Piano, I pay great attention to your knowledge of batteries, and I understand why you judge unvented heaters, but CO is a product of incomplete combustion and catalytic heaters are very efficient.
dieseltruckdriver 01/08/22 08:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Sea Foam stabilizer

I thought I’d try sea foam for winter. I had read general accounts-fill up and add a can then run long enough with the generator running to get the treated gas through the system. I bought two cans to try but the directions are confusing me. Calls for one ounce for every gallon of gas. 55 oz? Really? Then directions are to add to a low tank of gas for a higher concentration as it runs through the engine. Can’t do that I filled it for the winter already. Is one can enough for storage? Do you really add 4 or more cans when storing your RV?Seafoam is a petroleum based product, so you can add more if you want. It won't hurt a thing, and it is a good gasoline stabilizer. I have used it for over a dozen years when I switched from Stabil. You really should add it before you fill, as with any additive so it gets mixed well when you are filling your tank.
dieseltruckdriver 01/08/22 07:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2022 Trip Planning- Advice for Newbies

Most RV parks set aside at least some sites for overnighters. The only reservations I make are at our destination otherwise we use the RVPARKY app to find parks on our route. It also shows gas stations and Cracker Barrels and other places. It gives you all the info you need to find an overnight park. We start looking at around 2 or 3 pm to find a place to stay. We call them and then have them hold a site with an estimated time of arrival. I have the luxury of owning my own time because I am retired so I can take as much time as I want to going somewhere. You will find it very difficult to hold to a schedule if you try to make reservations at every park you think you might stay at...and sometimes you might lose your reservation deposit if they require one and if you don't make it. Get better acquainted with how your RV systems work. Water pumps, slides, lights and furnaces work off of your 12 volt battery. Depending on if you have to run your furnace while you are not on shore power you will deplete that battery in one night depending on how cool it is out and frequency of running it. At some time you will have to settle for staying in a Walmart parking lot so understand how to conserve your battery. Like others have suggested, upgrade your battery to a better deep cycle marine battery with a high amp hour rating. Your air conditioner requires 110 volts to run so if it's hot out and you can't plug into a shore power source you will not have that available to use. Thank you. I guess I missed the battery upgrade. We just need to get out of our comfort zones of staying in state parks A better idea for you to learn how to use your trailer is to go to the place you have been going to. The difference is when you get there, pretend the water and electric are not there. Use your fresh water tank, and propane. If things go bad for you, plug in or hook up. That way your time isn't wasted and you can learn what to do next time. Actually, you can do the same thing in your driveway just to learn how to use your rv in ways you haven't before. It may sound strange to some here, but when I pull in to a full hookup rv site, I am lost. We have only done that two or three times, and it just feels like cheating to me. 8)
dieseltruckdriver 12/31/21 09:41am Roads and Routes

If it's a new unit, highly likely it will require each device to be reconnected.Not really, if the password is the same, the devices won't care about the machinery, just the connection. All of the devices, phones, tablets, and laptops all connected with no issues.just password or name and password? I think both need be the same as the old.Yes, the SSID has to be the same as well as the password.This is correct. The stuff on the user end won't care who made the new equipment as long as these two things are the same as the old equipment.
dieseltruckdriver 12/31/21 08:50am Technology Corner
RE: Advice on replacing my IOTA battery charger for boondocking

BFL13, I just checked. The input wattage on the 60 amp PD is 1000 watts. That will not make a 2000VA generator run flat out.This is my experience also. But I will admit I almost never take my batteries to 50%. Why would I when I had a generator, and with the solar I don't even worry about it. When I would put a hard draw on the batteries, the Honda would pull hard, but not rev up. If you have a Honda you know what I am talking about. As GDE had mentioned the 9160, that is what was on my previous 5er. The only real difference between that and my 9260 is the cost of the pendant in my opinion. Just press the button once and walk away from it. It takes care of itself.
dieseltruckdriver 12/27/21 09:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Advice on replacing my IOTA battery charger for boondocking

I know already that the blinking LED on the pendant would bother me when camping. But I imagine I can just leave it in a cabinet or otherwise out out of site so I don't see the blink. This is exactly what I did (left it in a cabinet) when I added the pendant to my PD 9260. As far as it being too much work, after you start your Honda go in the camper and press the button on the pendant then forget about it. That is MUCH less work than starting the generator. That is from personal experience. It has been mentioned, but according to what you are posting here a better solution yet is just add solar. Then you don't have to do anything. I have both, and the generator only gets used anymore if I am in rain or cloudy days for a couple days. We don't conserve electricity, but we don't waste it either.
dieseltruckdriver 12/27/21 05:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Amp draw vs battery bank & solar array = totally confused!

I agree with the other posters here. You seem to be taking the loads that are listed as maximum and trying to correlate that to a 24 hour draw. Almost nothing works that way. Your laptop might use that much power for two hours a day while you are recharging the battery. When you are doing your calculations, convert everything to watts. Then understand that in my experience my wattage charge numbers come in slightly lower than what 2oldman posted because when the sun is out, you are getting 13.6 volts or higher and that drops the amps needed even more. The 12.5 amps is a safe voltage number with no solar input. I am assuming some solar input during the day based on my experience. On top of that you have to remember that almost everything has a duty cycle. That means maybe 2 hours a day to recharge your laptop. It might mean (I have no idea) 45% of the time your fridge needs peak power but not 100% of the time. Taking that into consideration you have to do some more homework before you get some true useable numbers. Now that I have put that out there our personal experience is we can get by on probably 300 watts of solar. We know from experience that 200 is the bare minimum, and the 420 we have now can last us a long time, unless we get several cloudy days. That's why I am adding at least a couple hundred more watts. That gets us as much tv as we want to watch with the fridge, coffee maker and water heater on propane. For some background, when we bought our current fifth wheel my wife told me she wants to be able to live a normal life without having to worry about power. I bought what I thought would work and over time found out I undersized the inverter which is 375 watts. Last summer she thought she would like to be able to use the microwave once in a while without the generator also. I had a 1200 watt inverter picked out but I might upgrade to an even 2000 watts after she said that. I reminded her that we would also need some more battery capacity to do that. We have two group 31 AGMs currently. If I buy more batteries I am getting lithium batteries for the duty cycle.
dieseltruckdriver 12/23/21 05:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Diesel anti-gel additive

I use this when its down right COLD - Power Diesel Fuel Supplement Used it in all of my BIG Rigs back in the day and it works. Same here. I have used it for about 35 years, even when I hauled fuel. That is what many places use to treat their bulk fuel. I don't gel, but I don't trust anyone else blending my fuel either. I do carry Power Service 911 just in case, and have used it when I had to take a truck that wasn't used much and was filled with straight untreated #2 fuel. It worked, but like was said, you also have to treat the filter. I have never used Howes, but I have also never seen anyone sitting along side the road in below zero F weather that did use it.
dieseltruckdriver 12/19/21 10:05am Tow Vehicles
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