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RE: AA and AAA Rechargeable Batteries

Eneloops here also. I don't understand what "logistics" are needed to charge discharged batteries then put them in the tote for use when needed. They hold a charge very well. We haven't bought any throw away AAA or AA batteries in years.
dieseltruckdriver 08/22/23 06:46pm Tech Issues
RE: YouTube camping videos

My favorite is Grand Adventure, next is Switch It Up.
dieseltruckdriver 08/11/23 09:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Strong urine smell in bathroom

Also, make sure you don't have the vent fan on when you flush. That just draws odors from the tank to the bathroom area.
dieseltruckdriver 08/02/23 06:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: MGVWR and problems titling trailer

Take your trailer to a CAT scale first. They are certified weights so you will know for sure what your weight is. If you really are over that much, strip the trailer and then hit the CAT scale again. When you are good there head to the DMV with the CAT scale ticket in hand. Then you can get it licensed for your trip.
dieseltruckdriver 05/25/23 11:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Printer

We have 2 Epson tank ink jet printers/scanners(ET2650-WIFI). One in the sticks & bricks and one in the MH. The tank system makes ink replacement cheap. When not used for a couple of months, I have to run the head cleaning routine 5 times to get every thing back to normal. The all is good. Richard We have a Brother laser printer and a little over a year ago bought an Epson tank inkjet ET3830 and since getting it we almost never use the laser printer. Epson says print a page a week to keep the ink "flowing", and we have not had any issues at all. It is much better than the old inkjets.
dieseltruckdriver 04/05/23 02:38pm Technology Corner
RE: HDT/MDT tow vehicles alert

SNIP The 3406E ... One of my favorite engines! They purred going down the road.
dieseltruckdriver 03/13/23 08:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Driver’s license for DPs

Actually, NC doesn't require a CDL for private use of a motorhome, they require the regular license for the appropriate CLASS of vehicle, which for most DP's is a CLASS B. So what you have is a Non-commercial Class B license. What people don't seem to grasp is that the CLASS of a license has nothing to do with it being commercial or not - it is simply a designation for the type of vehicle you are allowed to operate. A "CDL" just means it's a Commercial Driver's License. It also needs a CLASS qualification. The most common is the Commercial Class A, and this is what people think of when they hear "CDL", but I know people that have a Commercial Class B license. They can drive a vehicle over 26,000 lbs but the trailer is limited to 10,000 lbs. Many states, but not all, are the same way. I doubt there are many RV'rs that actually have a Commercial license, except those that drive for a living... Excellent post regarding CDL information. I do have a CDL since I used to drive truck.
dieseltruckdriver 03/06/23 05:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CAT scale numbers hitched and not

SNIP BUT, now to me, it looks like the pin weight is over what it should, meaning I have too much cargo in the pass through yes? I guess I don't see a problem with your setup. You are well under your rear GAWR. Another number to look at would be your GCVWR, it should be on the tag with your axle weight ratings. If it's more than 25,500 I would be OK with it, but your comfort level is up to you to decide. When I first started truck driving (real trucks), an old timer told me to always drive 5 mph slower than where you feel comfortable. That advice hasn't failed me yet.
dieseltruckdriver 02/06/23 08:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: CAT scale numbers hitched and not

Hello all. First time weighing our rig after almost a year full time 2022 Ford F-350 Crew Cab 8' bed Dully Diesel 2x4 XLT 2022 Durango Gold 391RKF 42.5 foot 5th Wheel Full tank of fuel (48 gallons). NO fresh water, grey tanks empty, black tank had maybe 15 gallons. Fully loaded like we normally do. Truck had my wife and I, plus 3 dogs in crates in back seat. Portable Generator, and portable waste tank with 3 dog X-pens in bed. 2 bikes and an aluminum ladder on back of trailer. -------------------------------- CAT Scale numbers. Truck and Trailer Steer Axle: 4,800 Drive Axle: 7,260 Trailer Axles: 13,400 Total GVW: 25,460 ------------------------------------------------ CAT Scale numbers: Truck ONLY Steer Axle: 4,760 (diff of 40 lbs) Drive Axle: 3,960 (diff of 3,300 lbs) Gross: 8,720 If I did this correctly, this is my trailer gross and pin weight. Pin takes some of the weight off the trailer axles. GROSS: 25,460 - 8,720 = 16,740 for trailer gross weight Gross of Trailer 16,740 Trailer Axles only - 13,400 ------------ Pin weight = 2,340 You are off almost 1,000 lbs on your pin weight. It looks like a simple math error. It's easy to do. Rear pickup axle weight loaded minus empty. Also it looks like you could have your pin a little farther forward, you are taking weight off the front axle. Ideally it wouldn't change, or add about what you are taking off it.
dieseltruckdriver 02/06/23 05:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Roadtrip by car vs RV, a couple of thoughts...

Last October we took a 10 day 1700 mile trip to see family. I had made a spreadsheet a few years ago that let's me plug in miles, hotel cost, campground cost, fuel cost etc. and I figured it cost us $100 extra at $5 a gallon diesel prices to sleep in our own bed every night. I don't include food because you have to eat anyway, and we might find a place we want to eat at instead of cooking in the 5er. For us the 5er is our preferred way to go, but if you want to stay in a motel it's nearly equal cost.
dieseltruckdriver 02/02/23 11:56pm General RVing Issues

It's not the weight, it's the wind that will have the largest effect on your mileage. It doesn't matter if you hand calculate or not on a no wind day, what matters more is how tall is your trailer. Notice I didn't say how long is your trailer. Source: 17 years as a truck driver grossing 120,000 lbs in a previous life.
dieseltruckdriver 02/02/23 11:35pm Towing
RE: Cold Smoked Cheese

I also use Cabot Seriously Sharp. I also have two smoke tubes with the pellets, but I much prefer a different method of cold smoking. The pellets & smoke tube tends to leave a metallic taste in my opinion. So I use wood chips in my home made contraption. I use a Campbells soup can with the top removed & a 1/2" hole near the bottom on a side. Insert a cheap Harbor Freight pencil soldering iron (about $5.00) & fill the can with alder or pecan or apple chips and plug'er in. Don't use anything harsh like hickory or mesquite. I place my cheese on the warming rack on my gas grill & rotate position after about a good hour of smoke. Can of chips generally last a good 2 hours. Best yet! Good idea for a way to use chips. I also go about an hour to an hour and a half. I find that any more and the cheese gets too smokey. But then, my wife likes some things to taste like the inside of a chimney!
dieseltruckdriver 01/26/23 06:15pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Cold Smoked Cheese

I also cold smoke cheese and find that vacuum sealing the cheese for at least two weeks gives the best results versus shorter times. We also freeze it once it is vacuum sealed for an awesome treat in the middle of summer. I have cut the cheese ;) so that I only eat the center, and it still has a wonderful smokey flavor, so I believe that the vacuum sealing and time is what helps get the flavor into the inner part of the cheese. As far as the kind of pellets that is best to use in a smoker tube or pellet grill doesn't make much difference in the flavor in my experience. I have been keeping a blog for a few years to help me remember and haven't noticed a difference in flavor no matter the brand or kind of wood pellet used.
dieseltruckdriver 01/19/23 07:41pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Ants in the RV a good thing for once

Most of us men have been practicing saying “I don’t smell anything” all of our lives.You've been to my house!
dieseltruckdriver 12/09/22 06:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Insert pins

I always take the shin knockers out and put them inside the cab, under the seat. That way I always know where they are, and they aren't rusted in place.
dieseltruckdriver 12/09/22 06:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Portable Solar Generators

When I bought my Airstream, there were no 12v outlets. Anywhere. SNIP When we were shopping for our current 5th wheel, that was one of the things I looked for. It wasn't just Air Stream that didn't have them, almost no manufacturer had any 12 volt outlets. A few had one. We decided on our current 5er, which had 12 volts available at both the living area and bedroom tvs and each side of the bed. The only other manufacturer we looked at that had that many were Ice Castles, and if you haven't heard of them it doesn't get cold enough for them where you live. They are made for ice fishing and sleeping on the lake.
dieseltruckdriver 12/09/22 09:29am Tech Issues
RE: CGs Near Osseo/Eau Claire, WI w/o Minimum Stay Requirement?

We stayed at THIS place in Osseo a couple of months ago. It let me select a Saturday check in and Sunday check out just now. It's not cheap, but it is a nice clean resort. At least we thought so, but it was our first RV resort. We were visiting family there so we didn't spend a lot of time at that place.
dieseltruckdriver 12/04/22 09:32am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: trying to winterize without pump

If opening a faucet doesn't work, and most everything has already had AF pumped through it, including the toilet, I'd just blow air through the city hookup, opening the outside shower first. This will force AF, that is in the lines, through and out the outside shower. After that, blow all lines, faucets, and low point drains. You don't need to have AF sitting in the lines all Winter. Open the low points, blow AF out there too. Jerry X2 Me three. I don't let the pink sit in the lines all winter either, but it was the last thing in the lines if there is a fitting that sits low enough to gather water.
dieseltruckdriver 12/02/22 08:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Escaping summer heat while in the southwest?

We have 60 acres of beautiful farmland and trees. 1 hour from Mt Rainier. In SW Washington. If you’d like to escape the heat we have room in exchange for a little farm help or property caretaking.They are 5 years older now, so they may not be able to! ;)
dieseltruckdriver 11/01/22 06:01pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Visible Phone Hotspot

Just a curious question as to why folks are using travel routers. It seems most phones/mifi devices have a hotspot feature where they can share the connection so I wanted to know of why go through the trouble of all the other setups people have. Some Visible phones will allow more than one connection, mine will only allow one connection. If we both want to surf the internet, then the repeater is necessary. Also in our case, it depends on whether I am using the Visible phone or the ATT hotspot for internet service. With the repeater our devices only need to know one connection. The phones don't care, but some of the things like the Chromecast and the Kindles or wifi camera need setting up for each different connection and that gets to be a much bigger pain than just plugging in the repeater and having it set up for the different internet connections.
dieseltruckdriver 10/28/22 08:20am Technology Corner
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