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RE: Extended run, homemade or store bought?

I made my own using a boat gas tank and fittings and gas caps off ebay. That way the hoses come off comletely, and I can us it with either one or both of my Hondas without extra hoses laying around.
dieseltruckdriver 07/03/20 08:55am Tech Issues
RE: Class C vs Trailer for Cross country with family? Help

Could you do the parks in different years? Say do Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons this year and Glacier next year. We have gone to both several times, and either are worth the time. A bonus is you can actually slow down and see things along the way. The kids will most likely enjoy that more, at lest mine would have.
dieseltruckdriver 07/03/20 08:44am Beginning RVing
RE: Honda generator question

Snip and a link to a $30 unit. Link Another snip I built one of these using the factory Honda parallel cord and cut it in two and reconnected them at an rv 30 female plug. It works great, and is safe. I also think it cost more for me to do it than the one in this link.
dieseltruckdriver 06/28/20 08:25pm Tech Issues
RE: City Water is filling/overflowing my freshwater tank

If your tank is full, just disconnect the water hook up and use your tank and pump. I never use a water hookup, even if it is available, except to fill my fresh tank.
dieseltruckdriver 06/28/20 08:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Advice - tires again

Well if everyone is back to talking about tires, I just put on a set of Cooper Discover HT3s and LOVE them so far. Already have 300 miles on them, all towing. ;) Seriously though, I have had good luck with Coopers whenever I have run them, including on my last 5er, but time will tell.
dieseltruckdriver 06/18/20 09:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Camper Bedding

X2 Before we started full timing at retirement, exactly what we would do. Come home strip bed wash and remake the bed so ready to go for next trip.We also refilled propane. We also kept the closets stocked with clothes, so spur of the moment trips didn't take any time to prep. This is exactly what we do, as we are still working. We live in a forest, so in case of a fire, we can leave on very short notice and still live a normal life.
dieseltruckdriver 06/13/20 09:13am Beginning RVing
RE: Interesting way to tow a 5er

Here's the new B&W gooseneck version... Kinda looks like a Reese sticker..... :)
dieseltruckdriver 06/12/20 06:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Extended Run Tank for Yamaha EF2000IS

Not sure about the fuel pump but I have twin Honda EU2200's with this dual feed 5 gallon tank. Runs for days even when I use the AC. I made the same setup myself, only I used marine fittings so the hoses come off.
dieseltruckdriver 06/11/20 07:54pm Tech Issues
RE: How to safely operate a B & W Patriot 16k 5th wheel hitch

I will be having a B & W Patriot 16k hitch installed later this week. I am replacing a R & W Lil Rocker 15k hitch. The Little Rocker uses a slide bar to secure the pin. I also have a Bed Saver installed. This is NOT a sliding hitch as I have an 8 foot bed. I have watched a few videos on the Patriot but really want to feel comfortable prior to an upcoming trip. Is it really as easy as pulling the pin on the handle and pushing the handle open? My Lil Rocker would often bind. Can I really just open the handle and pull forward even if the jaws did not open? (etrailer video states this) Should I order the Bed saver as well? I never used it in almost 15 years of pulling a 5th wheel and they cost $349 for the Patriot hitch. Will I be okay closing jaws and handle insert pin and then do a pull test? Are there any things that I need to be aware of with this hitch? hitching, unhitching, unlevel ground, and maintenance? Any issues with high hitching? Any other helpful thoughts or comments are appreciated! Dave I went from a Lil Rocker to a B&W Companion. The B&W is a much easier hitch to use. In my experience, if the handle will not stay forward when you try to unlatch, there is a hole to put the locking pin in that will hold the handle forward so you can pull out. Remove the pin as soon as you pull out. I have to do this every time I unhook at home. When you back under, make sure the handle goes to the "closed" position, go under the trailer to verify the jaws are wrapped around the pin, THEN put the pin in the handle locking it closed. I TRIPLE check that the jaws are closed and the handle is pinned by grabbing the handle and looking at the jaws every time I go by it on my walk around. Once when I hook up, once when I start the walk around, once when I get done with the walk around (looking at jacks up, lights working, cargo doors, windows, awning, antenna etc.). I never do a pull test, they are almost always done wrong anyway. This takes about a minute in real life. I drove truck for 17 years, and just kept my habits and I have never dropped a trailer. Yet. ;)
dieseltruckdriver 06/09/20 05:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anybody Know what this is?

City water hookup? The lowest one sure looks like a tank drain, that is what we had on our S&S.
dieseltruckdriver 06/01/20 08:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Needles Highway (too big?)

Tour buses go through the Needles Highway on a daily basis. I am pretty sure you truck is smaller that those big coaches. My Class C Damon made it through. This is exactly right, big tour buses go through it daily. Just go slow.
dieseltruckdriver 06/01/20 05:55pm Roads and Routes
RE: first time sanitize fresh water tanks

You don't NEED to open the low point drains for sanitizing, just run water through every faucet until you smell the bleach solution. The low point drains just speed things up a little. I let my anode rod sit dry every winter, but with my water it needs to be replaced every 2-3 years anyway.
dieseltruckdriver 05/31/20 01:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hard Core Shopping: Best Laptop Buy For The Buck SSD ?

If you mainly do internet, maybe light word processing and spreadsheets a Chromebook would be perfect. My mom has the first one I ever bought, and it still works like new. It has to be 5 or 6 years old now. Both my wife and I use our Chromebooks much more than the Windows 7 or 10 machines. Edited to add: You can work with spreadsheets and word processing without internet, and you can get by with a $200 to $300 computer that will work faster than Windows 10. Just wanted to add that before someone says they don't work without internet. Chromebooks are not a real substitute for all things "PC". You do realize that a Chromebook is nothing more than a highly crippled Android OS? Has very limited processing power, very limited on board RAM, has very limited onboard drive space, pretty much all of your "APPS" sit out on the "Cloud" not on your Chromebook, your "data files" sit out on the "Cloud", your printing sits out on the "Cloud".. Want to install some PC software you have, NOPE, not going to happen on a Chromebook.. Can your Chromebook PRINT directly to a printer without the Internet? NOPE, not going to happen there.. Have to use an Internet printing app.. Can you plug in anything USB? Nope, not even close, some do, most do not.. The ones that might have a USB port, well most likely will not support say optical drives, printers or anything other than a flash drive.. Heck an Android phone has pretty much everything you need except for a bigger screen. But Mex WAS asking about a PC, not a wannabe pretend PC, a PC where you can install your own software LOCALLY, store all of your FILES locally, operate at 100% even without Internet. Sure, it may be possible to do SOME very limited stuff on a Chromebook, but to REALLY do most anything it REALLY NEEDS 100% Internet connection, something that Mex does not have the luxury of. The only thing the Chromebook has going is the cheap, cheap price, it really does not compare to a real Laptop running a Windows version of some sort for compatibility with the world.. If you want limits and be cheap then Chromebook is definitely your cup o tea.. :R I deleted most of what I originally replied because it was getting too long. You are right about the printing, I forgot about that, and should have mentioned that. Many of your other points are incorrect. Standard USB is available on every Chromebook I have seen. Every USB device I have tried works the same as on a Windows machine. This includes keyboards, mice, and optical drives, I have several 1 and 2TB external drives that work the same as Windows. No they can't run Windows software, that shouldn't even need to be said. Expecting them to is honestly ridiculous. I stand by my original post, if all you need is offline Word or Excel compatible work and online surfing, a Chromebook CAN NOT BE BEAT for the price compared to a RAM hog Windows machine. 4 GB of RAM is more than enough for most casual users. Plus there are no moving parts inside a Chromebook to go bad, so they handle vibration much better, in my experience.
dieseltruckdriver 05/29/20 10:34pm Technology Corner
RE: Hard Core Shopping: Best Laptop Buy For The Buck SSD ?

If you mainly do internet, maybe light word processing and spreadsheets a Chromebook would be perfect. My mom has the first one I ever bought, and it still works like new. It has to be 5 or 6 years old now. Both my wife and I use our Chromebooks much more than the Windows 7 or 10 machines. Edited to add: You can work with spreadsheets and word processing without internet, and you can get by with a $200 to $300 computer that will work faster than Windows 10. Just wanted to add that before someone says they don't work without internet.
dieseltruckdriver 05/28/20 07:09pm Technology Corner
RE: Amp hours

Been meaning to disconnect my solar and cycle my batteries. Will get some rough numbers for ya tonight or tomorrow. So no generator right? Like others said your only real variable will be how much heater you can run each night. One of the portable propane heaters might really come in handy. Or a small genny if you can make noise at night/early morning. I do have a little Yamaha Genny for back up. Brian I have a pair of Honda 2000s as backup power. We also have a pair of group 31 AGMs, and 420 watts of solar. We were out last week, and on one day the clouds were so thick that we didn't get any charging all day. We went into the evening at a negative 28 amp hours. The next day was partly cloudy (-58 amp hours according to my Victron BM-702) and by evening when we like to watch tv (using a pure sine wave inverter) we were fully charged. My normal draw is 1.5 to 1.75 amps. This is with the fridge on, and ready to do anything we want, but us not using anything. Conventional wisdom here says to have one watt solar to one AH of battery. That wasn't enough for us. After 9 nights, we never needed the generator. I told my DW that I want to add another 400 watts of solar, and she agreed after that experience. We did OK last summer with 300 watts of solar, but we didn't use the furnace, this time we used it normally. We also set it at 60 overnight. All of that being said, we use everything we want to, lights, tv whatever. We don't waste power, but don't scrimp to conserve it either. I actually did a power audit, but in the end just went by trial and add more solar then trial again. :)
dieseltruckdriver 05/26/20 07:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV Anti-freeze question.

I drain the pink stuff out of my lines immediately after winterizing so nothing is left in the lines and it makes flushing much faster in the spring. I say drain it and don't worry about it in case you can't get out this year. It still won't freeze next winter and it isn't in your lines all year.
dieseltruckdriver 05/17/20 07:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best way clean 5th wheel

Try some RejeX on the front cap, makes getting those bugs off pretty easy, also a great wax to use anywhere. I have to agree. It is not any easier to apply than regular wax, so I just did the front cap. I had to leave the bugs on the front of my 5er over the winter because it turned winter on the way home from our last outing. Anyway, the bugs came off very easy last weekend. Mine has lasted 6 months now, at least. :)
dieseltruckdriver 05/17/20 08:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Generator for travel trailer

Thanks for all the responses. I’m leaning toward the Honda 3000 because it will run everything but my concern is the weight. I hadn’t thought about pairing up 2 of the 2000’s. That is worth consideration. How long will they run on a tank of gas? That depends on what you are going to do with them. If lightly loaded, one of my Honda 2000s will run just shy of 15 hours, the other one will go well over 12 hours on a tank of gas, which is about a gallon. As far as I know Honda is the only one that will let you use an extended run tank which is important to me when the weather is bad and the solar doesn't do anything.
dieseltruckdriver 05/12/20 05:29pm Beginning RVing
RE: TIres, looking for long wearing, all weather load range E

Many years ago I bought a set of Michelin. With in a year the sidewall started to crack. After 2 years, the whole sidewall was very badly cracked. Michelin was recalling the truck tire 1 size below what I had, Called them and was told they don't cover sidewall cracking, only tire separation or blow outs. I removed them and bought American made Cooper HT3. Got 60,000 miles out of that set and have replaced them with another set of Cooper tires. I will never own Michelin tire again. I just put a set of Cooper HT3s on my pickup. They seem to ride nice on the 5 miles I have on them. I have always had good luck with Coopers. I had been running Goodyear Wranglers for years because they worked so well on snow and ice. They changed their tires, and I didn't like the offerings, so I went straight to Cooper. I got about 30,000 out of my last sets, and that is about average for me, with mainly mountain driving.
dieseltruckdriver 05/08/20 06:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Water Pump Being Weird. Is it dead?

I replaced the pump on my old 5er for a quieter version and kept the old one for a spare. I usually use it to pump from my 6 gallon jugs to my fresh water fill. It is much better than pouring the water in!
dieseltruckdriver 04/23/20 09:17am Tech Issues
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