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RE: How do you summer travel?

After a 300k-400k mile drive pulling a 11k 5th wheel trailer were ready to stop for the nite at a camp ground or rv park. Just plug in on arrival and unplug in the morning when hitting the road. I'd be ready to stop for the night after a 300,000 mile drive too......and a new truck! Don't think I could handle a 400k drive! LolThats what I was thinking. They are animals! :)
dieseltruckdriver 12/28/19 01:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: *NEWB ALERT* question about TT up keep

I agree with the others regarding your propane issue, it takes a while to get the air purged. When you are having to retighten your stabilizers, do not lubricate the threaded shaft. If you do, they can loosen themselves, I made that mistake one time. I have seen others do it, but mine would not stay snug, so I never did it again.
dieseltruckdriver 12/28/19 01:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV Crushes Truck

I NEVER pin my arm open. When I park at home I have to pin my arm open every time. It is a serious downhill slope and the weight is always against the front of the hitch, so the arm will not stay open on its own. I am also one of those that doesn't do a pull test. I have posted my reasons why several times. I do multiple visual checks making sure it is properly hooked as well as grabbing the handle to make sure it is pinned. Every time.
dieseltruckdriver 12/20/19 09:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Crushes Truck

Big SNIP His wife started filming him pulling away then had him stop. During this initial time of pulling ahead if high hitched that sucker would have dropped instantly! The video starts again and almost immediately the RV drops like a rock. Reason is when he stopped the tenion of the kingpin against the slide bar released and the slide bar released and once pulling again it drops. CASE CLOSED!!! And another one No. You are incorrect here, but it is understandable. Most people would be surprised how much force it takes to pull a trailer free of just resting on the hitch plate and not latched. That is why many times I have posted that the only way you can really know how to do a proper pull test is to do just that. Back under, barely take the weight off the legs, do not close your hitch, then pull out. I have done this. Most do not, and will not know how much pedal it takes to pull out. Only when you use the same amount of throttle can you do a proper pull test. That is why I never do a pull test. I do a visual inspection, but do it at least three times before moving. Also, I do have a B&W, and they are much easier to do a visual than most hitches. If they are closed and pinned, and you verify the large part of the pin is completely visible under the hitch, they will not fail. Of course that is true of most hitches. I also painted the large part of the pin on out last fiver so my DW would know what I was looking at when doing a walk around. She has instructions to do a complete walk around inspection separate from mine in case I have a brain fart. It can happen to anyone.
dieseltruckdriver 12/17/19 06:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Please help me choose between these two portable smokers

Interesting! I am very new to smoking. I have been using a 30-inch unit, keeping the temperature as low as I can and still get smoke. But after 4 hours the bacon is cooked. Does that mean I'm doing it wrong? I slice it up and freeze it and fry it for breakfast and it makes me very happy. But is it not supposed to end up cooked? I don't carry a grill with me, but I could, if that is a better solution. I have a little one that I got for free. I've never used it. I don't really understand how it is different from my propane stove, except that there is a little Hood over the burners. Is that to keep the grease from putting out the flame or catching on fire or something? Do I really need both a grill and a stove? I'm feeling a bit clueless here, but eager to learn! If you already have something to use as a smoker, lower the temperature as low as you can, that is when you get the best smoke. That is the beauty of the smoker tube, it produces very little heat. Maybe you just need to work with what you have more so you can learn it better. My experience with bacon is limited, but I have done roasts, briskets, chickens, turkeys, steaks, beans, mac and cheese, etc. with great success.
dieseltruckdriver 12/15/19 11:26pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Please help me choose between these two portable smokers

If you carry a grill with you already, you may want to consider the LizzQ. I have two of these, one for the house, one for the 5er to use in our Weber Q120. I have a Weber Smokey Mountain, and a pellet grill. Some call them pellet smokers, but they don't give much smoke flavor. I use the LizzQfor cold smoking cheese, smoking turkeys, briskets, etc. It really is turning to my go to for smoke. If I remember, you have a smaller rig, and the little tube takes up the space of an empty paper towel roll. Just the cardboard part.
dieseltruckdriver 12/15/19 04:26pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Hey Smokers! (meat, that is)

I have carried my Weber Smokey Mountain 14" smoker with us on several occasions, but honestly I prefer to just use the LizzQ smoke tube from Amazon on the Weber Q120. If I plan to do quite a bit of smoking I will still take the WSM, but that stupid little LizzQ is so versatile that it is my go to. I even bought one to have at home and use it on the pellet grill. Cool morning? Cold smoked cheese! Yum!
dieseltruckdriver 12/13/19 07:08pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: No more full size cars from GM

All manufacturers are getting rid of "most" of their car lines. Ford will only make the Mustang, and a variant of the Focus in the near future. they are putting their eggs in the SUV basket.. As for me. I love my Taurus, and wouldn't trade it for any SUV on the market. Ride is style, and comfort. At 80 mph. you can't even feel it moving. And it gets 29 MPG. That is my exact feeling with our Taurus as well. We can get 31-32 mpg depending on weather, but we have no stop and go traffic to deal with.
dieseltruckdriver 12/06/19 07:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Thoughts on studded tires

While I have never run the Hakkapeliittas, my wife has the Cooper Evolution Winter tires on her fwd Taurus, and they work better than the Blizzaks IMO. We can get anywhere from 150-200" of snow a year here, so we have something to compare them with. The fwd with winter tires does better than the previous AWD car with all season tires did. I was very surprised by that, and it made me wonder what the AWD would have done with better tires. We travel too much to deal with studs, but the new winter tires are WAY better than they used to be. I will never buy an all season tire again if I can help it. All season just means they suck at everything, but will usually just get by.
dieseltruckdriver 12/06/19 07:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Garmin GPS

And what would you suggest for people that frequently go where there is no cell reception or other internet connection which Google Maps requires? Um, Google Maps. If you know you will have poor reception, it will let you download the area you will be traveling through. Kind of like updating a gps. Yes, I'm aware of that and have a number of downloaded maps. That will show me the roads and where I am but without any internet connection you can't start a routing or re-route. I really like Google Maps but it isn't a complete solution. I know it will let you plan and start a route without any data connection, but I do not know about rerouting. I like the Garmin feature of showing the lane you need to be in, but Maps will tell you which lane to be in. I need to look at some of the new units that have been mentioned here. I do like buying new gps units. :)
dieseltruckdriver 12/02/19 08:45am Technology Corner
RE: Garmin GPS

That's why I suggest that those who want a large display buy a 7" - 10" tablet and use that with Google Maps. And what would you suggest for people that frequently go where there is no cell reception or other internet connection which Google Maps requires? Um, Google Maps. If you know you will have poor reception, it will let you download the area you will be traveling through. Kind of like updating a gps. I like Garmin products very much, and have a gps in both our vehicles, two for hiking, as well as one on my wrist. That being said, while traveling, Google Maps has always been up to date. It has even asked me if I want to download maps in a poor coverage area.
dieseltruckdriver 12/01/19 08:38pm Technology Corner
RE: Extender Gas Cans

This past weekend, we had up to 10 hours running time in my RV with our Honda 2000 on 'ECO' mode. It was running the lights, furnace fan, fridge, radio, and about 300 watts of other equipment (we run telescopes, cameras, and laptops). We were boondocking where generator sounds were not an issue since we had no neighbors. Rather than have to 'gas up' first thing in the morning or top off, I am considering an extender gas can. So of course I have questions. Given the photos of extender can products, is it true that the Honda siphons from the extender can? Is there a special cap for the Honda? Since I can run close to 10 hours on the gallon of fuel in the Honda, are there 2-3 gallon extenders? Are there preferred brands? Can I refuel the extender can while the Honda runs? Go to ebay or amazon and buy an extended run gas cap, then you can either buy locally or through ebay/amazon a boat gas tank that you like. Then all you need is the fittings to go from the new gas cap to the hose, then to the tank. If you have an outboard boat, use that model. It is that simple, no need to pay someone a lot of extra money to get those things for you unless you prefer to. I have a six and a half gallon tank with dual outlets so I can run both generators on one tank if I want to use air conditioning, and a three gallon that is much easier to deal with for one generator.
dieseltruckdriver 11/25/19 05:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Website Host

Well, I had to move my personal website because my ISP decided to stop hosting. I put everything on to my Google drive and used Google sites. The switch couldn't have been easier, but it is slightly slower, which doesn't bother us. I do not have a sophisticated site at all. I have even moved away from having page counters.
dieseltruckdriver 11/21/19 08:56pm Technology Corner
RE: MIA - Mexico

Yes, thanks for the update. Hoping for the best for him.
dieseltruckdriver 11/21/19 08:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Custer SP?

Beaverlake campground near the town of Custer. Custer state park is nicer than many national parks or monuments imo Yes it is.
dieseltruckdriver 11/21/19 08:31pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Custer SP?

No SD State Park offers full hook ups All SD state parks are electric only , primative, with a community water tap and a dump station. Except In Custer State Park there is only one dump station for all 5 camps. If it is not convenient to you, there are options in private parks nearby to dump. You beat me to it and you are right.
dieseltruckdriver 11/21/19 08:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Let's talk generators - again.

Roy Bell Wrote: I lock the door from outside and leave the truck running. Parked in a parking lot it's not too likely someone is going to notice a truck running in the middle of the day and attempt to steal it. I think you'd be surprised how many cars left running are stolen with the keys left in it I personally witnessed an officer scolding someone for leaving their car running with the keys in it. No matter how you slice it, Leaving a car unattended and running with the keys in it is a bad idea. Um, a remote start isn't all that expensive. Mine has settings that allow you to leave the truck running for a few minutes for "turbo cool down" or indefinitely. Push the button on the remote, dash lights flash, take the key out, truck stays running, lock the truck. If someone =does= get in, they have to step on the brake to unlock the shifter. Without the key in and turned to RUN, it shuts right down. Lyle That is exactly how my aftermarket remote start works, and spending the money on that makes much more sense to me than installing a generator that may or may not get used. That is a much cheaper and simple way of solving the problem, so it is on topic.
dieseltruckdriver 11/20/19 05:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: leaking grease seal.

Wow, only three posts to get this off topic! Yes, there is a good chance the brakes have been contaminated eith grease. No matter how you try, youll never get all the grease off the brakes. Definitely have them replaced. Yep. Lots of folks have a problem with reading comprehension. They read things that are just not there. The post was about question brakes shoes. Not Wheel bearings.Not off topic, and no problem with reading comprehension. The grease on the brakes comes from the wheel bearings. On axles with EZ lube hubs, this is a common occurance. Hence my question. If the OP has EZlube hubs, and uses this feature, then that is most likely the reason he is now probably facing a big bill. True, grease seals can just fail... But it happens a lot more often when using the EZlube feature. Agreed, I was going to post nearly exactly what you just said. If anyone had used the EZ Lube feature that can easily push grease past the seal, so it helps in the future.
dieseltruckdriver 11/20/19 05:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: leaking grease seal.

If there is grease on the brake shoes, you can not get it out. You will definitely want to replace them.
dieseltruckdriver 11/19/19 07:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Battery Monitors

I don’t find it complicated or in need of micromanagement. I charged it fully, set the amp hour capacity and 100% charge on the monitor when I first installed it. The solar charge controller keeps on charging slowly after the monitor reads 100% but the monitor doesn’t go beyond 100%. It has recalibrated itself so 100% means charging has replaced all the amp hours used since it was last fully charged. No adjusting ever. No doubt it is getting less accurate as the battery capacity diminishes but I always know when I’ve got a full charge. The battery monitor is perfectly easy to use and the only convenient means of knowing how charged the batteries are. The voltage method, including idiot lights, is overly optimistic because it reads the charging voltage for hours after charging has ceased and you think all is well until your batteries die. For me, on our first long trip, it was no heat on a cold morning. Fortunately we were near a town on Vancouver Island that had a Costco store where I could get new batteries. Those batteries I bought in 2011 now seem to be as good as new so I figure the $25 battery monitor is doing its job. That is the battery monitor I had in my first 5th wheel, or one very nearly like it. It told me all I needed to know, and I don't watch the batteries nearly as close as I used to, so a lot of the features of the Victron go unwatched by me. My DW likes to watch the progress too. I don't know why, as much as I like tech stuff, I have no desire to use the bluetooth on the Victron.
dieseltruckdriver 11/17/19 05:52pm Tech Issues
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