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RE: Furrion Camera System - backup camera

I strap the monitor to my rear view mirror so it's just natural to glance up and check behind me.... How do you strap it to the mirror? To the OP, I got our camera system off of Amazon. It was far cheaper than Furion, and I've been happy with it so far. What camera/system did you get off Amazon?
dkuntz 02/10/20 06:44pm Tech Issues
Furrion Camera System - backup camera

Just got a new Fifth wheel that is prepped for the Furrion Camera system (rear and sides, as well as a module in the trailer). Anyone have experience with this camera system? It’s really expensive for just a few camera’s, so wondering if its worth the price tag or not. Is the 5” screen big enough or would you recommend the 7”? I’m going to be double-towing a small ATV trailer behind by fifth wheel it so want to have a camera monitoring the trailer for me while I’m driving. If you have any recommendations for other systems that aren’t as expensive please throw them my way. Thanks!
dkuntz 02/05/20 05:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Chucking - trouble shooting

At the risk of sending this thread off on a rabbit trail I have a question. Does your truck have a performance “tune”? No tune. Factory.
dkuntz 02/02/20 02:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chucking - trouble shooting

Andersen Ultimate hitch in the truck bed along with the locking plate to the king pin box. ^^Explain this a little more. Do you have a RotoFlex that has to be locked out, or a conventional Morryde with a rubber shear spring? I don't think the shear spring model needs to be locked out for a Andersen or PullLite hitch. But I may not be understanding what you're saying. That aside, I would load up and get the pin weight up, get the truck on the overloads, go to a CAT scale, determine if it's still chucking, then get closer to your tire and axle limits, but not over. Rotoflex - per Andersen they have to be locked out from being able to rotate.
dkuntz 02/02/20 01:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chucking - trouble shooting

Got it, yeah that makes sense. I’ll have to check that. Thanks.
dkuntz 02/01/20 04:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chucking - trouble shooting

A third thing is concerning the factory overload engagement. IS it staying fully engaged or fully disengaged? If spring is bouncing off overloads -the ride suffers greatly Good luck! I don’t know what this is or I’m not understanding what you’re referring to. Thanks.
dkuntz 02/01/20 04:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chucking - trouble shooting

You're using the wrong number. With a FW all the pin wt goes on the rear axle. You have lots more available pin, likely 2500-2800 lbs, and still under axle rating. That payload is just the weight of your truck subtracted from a class 2 GVWR. Jerry I agree the truck can handle another 1,400lbs per the axle/tire ratings, but I’m not aware of any other “numbers to use” other than payload as its the most restrictive. Payload is what is calculated as any weight added to your truck, regardless of where on the truck its added. Being in Colorado with some serious grades and the fact that I’m double towing, I don’t play around with capacities....seen too many out of control trucks from people not respecting them. Regular size 5W’s with the layout we wanted were too long for me to double tow, so I had to go to with the 1/2ton model to keep my overall length under 65’ for the State’s I’ll be towing through. Regardless, I’m asking about chucking improvement here as I already have the truck and trailer
dkuntz 02/01/20 03:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chucking - trouble shooting

Maybe your pin weight is too light. Funny story - a 3/4ton duramax only has 2,150lb payload - so 1,700lb pin weigh is right where I want it before I add my family and other stuff to the truck.
dkuntz 02/01/20 02:54pm Fifth-Wheels
Chucking - trouble shooting

I’ve found a few strings in the forum on this topic. I’ve come to the point where I’ve concluded there isn’t a silver bullet to resolve the issue unless I want to spend several thousand on a TrailSaver hitch in the truck - which only eliminates the feel of the chucking, not necessarily the chucking. That being said, I’m looking for advice on where to start the process of elimination to first minimize the chucking coming from the trailer, and then the steps to minimize the impact at the truck. 1) Fill the trailer/truck so its loaded similar to how I will be camping and use that as a baseline for the chucking. 2) Add equalizers/shocks to the leaf springs on the trailer 3) Upgrade the factory king pin on the 5W to a MorRyde type rubber pin box 4) If that doesn’t eliminate 95% of the chucking on the truck, then I may have to look at getting an air system hitch on the truck. For those that will ask; I have a 2019 2500 Duramax, pulling a 2020 5W Keystone Cougar 1/2 ton 29MBS. I’m within all charts/weights/etc. King Ping weight is 1,700lbs. Tire pressures are as spec’d (even though I don’t agree with the people on the forums that this matters with chucking). I added B&W gooseneck hitch to the truck frame and bought the Andersen Ultimate hitch in the truck bed along with the locking plate to the king pin box. The trailer has a front bedroom, middle bunk house, and kitchen in the rear. Cougar has stock “Road Armor” suspension system on the axles. I’ve only towed it so far completely empty from the dealer and to the storage facility. The chucking was miserable.
dkuntz 02/01/20 12:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Store up on leveling jacks?

Isn't it required to be level for the fridge? I never leveled out my TT when in storage. I only leveled out for camping when I was using the appliances. Since the 5W has auto leveling, I’m wondering if I should since the concrete pad sloes 3-4” left to right.
dkuntz 02/01/20 12:42pm Fifth-Wheels
Store up on leveling jacks?

Just got a 5W, had a TT for 8 years prior to this. I have a concrete pad that my friend is letting me store my trailer on, but it slopes left to right across the trailer when I have it parked on it. None of the manuals talk about how to store a 5W in terms of on tires or on jacks as a best practice. Is it best to use the Auto leveling jacks when in storage and level out the trailer on the jacks? Or leave it on the tires and leave it out of level? The slope is enough that the tires on the right side of the trailer are off the ground when level by 2”. If I store on the jacks, should I push all the jacks up so that all the tires are off the ground so the leaf springs are all out of compression? Thanks for the help!
dkuntz 02/01/20 09:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Double Towing vs Toyhauler

Thanks for the feedback everyone! My problem is the garage size and how big of one I need for the ATV's. Their 89" & 83" long and 48" wide. I've found that a garage is really 8-9" shorter than what is shown, so to put my ATV's in a T configuration I really need a 12' garage, and that will leave me with zero space...and the frustration of having to turn the one ATV sideways (even with using a dolly jack). The 89" ATV is too long to turn sideways because the I'm finding the clear space inside is only 95" where the couch/rails are and the 89" ATV is nearly 96" corner-to-corner. So I think my options are to go with the double tow option and keep my ATV's for now, or go with the Toyhauler option and replace my ATV's with a 4 seater SXS.
dkuntz 01/02/20 04:54pm Fifth-Wheels
Double Towing vs Toyhauler

I’m struggling to find a toyhauler that will work with my 3/4ton truck for weigh capacity on the hitch and still provide enough garage space for my ATV’s. So I’m considering to go with double towing. I’m not worried about handling the two trailers (grew up on a farm towing trailers all the time), and I’ve read about how all the state laws are double towing are different, but I like the idea of having a trailer for my ATV’s so I can just grab that trailer and going riding ATV’s whenever I want, and I like the idea of my fifth wheel being shorter/smaller/lighter for when I just want to go camping. I’m in Colorado, and appear to be surrounded by States that allow double towing up to 65’+, so if I stay at 65’ I should be okay. What am I not thinking of that would making double towing a dumb idea? Does anyone know what Fifth Wheel MFG’s provide their trailers with hitches already installed and what kind of capacity I could pull behind them? I’ve noticed some of them call the hitch out specifically on their website (without capacity) and others don’t call them out at all.
dkuntz 01/01/20 08:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Toyhauler weight vs truck capacity

Thanks for all the replies - I’ve checked a few more ratings and continue to think there is a ton of safety factors on safety factors in the math. I’m going to landscaping place near me so I can weigh my axles and know exactly how much weight I’m putting on them so I know I’m making a good decision with this. My GCWR is 21,200lbs - GVW of 7,884 - 600lbs of people = 12,716lbs for hitches/trailer/etc Tire capacity is 3,195lbs each or 6,390lbs per axle I agree the trailer is too heavy - I’m gonna have to find a lighter rig regardless of the safety factors.
dkuntz 12/31/19 09:36am Toy Haulers
Toyhauler with outdoor kitchen

I’ve had a TT with an outdoor kitchen for 7 years and looking to upgrade to a Toyhauler. I’m not seeing any Toy Haulers that have an outdoor kitchen option. Anyone know of some MFG/models that have outdoor kitchens?
dkuntz 12/30/19 09:44pm Toy Haulers
Toyhauler weight vs truck capacity

I’ve done a lot of math and think I understand all the weights and I’ve always followed the safety guidelines for weights, but I feel like I see 3/4ton trucks towing large fifth wheelers down the road all the time. The trailer I want to buy is 16,000lbs fully loaded, with a 2,900lb hitch weight, but my truck only has 2,126lb payload capacity which leaves nothing for the fifth wheel hitch weight. If my FGAWR + RGAWR = 11,400lbs and my truck weighs 7,884lbs, how does the balance of 3,516lbs relate to my payload capacity of 2,126lbs? Why do they publish axle weight ratings when added together above to get to 11,400lbs exceed the GVWR which is 10,000lbs? Is the 1,400lbs difference part of a safety factor? The max 5th wheel hitch weight for my truck from the MFG tables is 3,000. Why do they publish this weight if it has to be included in the payload capacity that is much less? What am I missing?
dkuntz 12/30/19 07:52pm Toy Haulers
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