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RE: Potentially dangerous mistake in March RV Magazine

Snip... On edit, did you attempt to report the error? Yes, I have attempted to report it on several areas including e-mails and Private Messages. No replies as of yet. Interestingly, the magazine does not make that very easy. I searched all over for a "contact us" type link and found none. Barney And that is the problem with the new Q&A section. They have made it very hard to contact them.
dodge guy 03/01/21 05:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Equilizer vs. Blue ox SwayPro?

I wouldn't have settled for either of those. I would've went right to the Reese Dual Cam. The only step up from there is the Hensley or ProPride.
dodge guy 02/27/21 07:37am Towing
RE: Another Towing Question

Yes, your 7500lb trailer will likely weigh 9k lbs loaded for a trip. I had a 7100lb 35ft trailer and loaded for a trip it weighed in at 9000-9300 lbs depending on length of trip. You will not be happy with the F150 towing that kind of weight, and remember it's not just the weight but e high profile of the TT in the wind. If you really wanted the F150 you should've gotten the Max towing and HD chassis with opted for the V-8. I would be looking at a 3/4 ton truck. Rams can be had with rear air suspension which will ride better, they also come with coil springs all around as standard which will ride better than leaf springs. And even with the 3.5 eco boost that motor will be wound up all the time with the turbos spooled up to keep that load moving!
dodge guy 02/27/21 07:34am Travel Trailers
RE: 3rd Issue of RV Magazine

I'm trying to give it time, my subscription ends in June. But so far it has actually gotten worse each month. I'm trying to be optimistic, but it's not looking good. Where is the DIY repair section? Where is the help section? Where is the "readers fixes" section? Hey removed all the good content for meaningless nonsense. The stuff I do like is the recipes, and campgrounds. They need to really step it up!
dodge guy 02/27/21 07:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What constitutes a "new" tire?

I'll tell you what doesn't make sense...this ridiculous misinformation that keeps getting spread about tire age on forums. If I still owned a tire store instead of being retired I would love it! At the current rate of travel, people on here will be advocating yearly tire replacements sometime in the near future! The 5-6 year window is a myth to begin with. No less than Michelin, probably the worlds most trusted tire company, says 5-6 years is when tires should have a yearly INSPECTION. They state tires can last ten years but should be inspected for tread separation, bulges, etc annually after five years. The reason tires deteriorate is because of UV exposure and exposure to the elements while in use. Tires stored in a warehouse certainly are not aging at the same rate as tires traveling down the road. Tires stored on a vehicle parked in a garage are not aging at the same rate as those sitting uncovered in a wide open parking lot. Tires fail most often because they have been damaged while in use or because they are run at improper air pressures for their use. There is simply no reason to worry about a few months old new tire being installed as the aging process is no where equivalent to one in use. There are a ton of logistical reasons why tires are not immediate production line to mounting on a vehicle. By the same token there are a ton of reasons tire aging is not linear from the production line to the end of usability. People would be much better served to be concerned about tracking tire air pressures, weight load, and annual inspection instead of these amateur "the sky is falling predictions" you find on forums such as these. Well I think he 5 year recommendation on trailer tires is accurate. Anyone that has had a tire go bad has been at the 5-6 year mark. You can't see the belts inside a trailer tire so an inspection doesn't tell you everything. But that is how I found a shifted belt on one of my 5 year old trailer tires. ST tires see different loads than a car/t I know/MH tire does. So that is why it is recommended. And you can't feel a tire going bad on a trailer because it is far behind you. No my MH tires I will run until I see an issue. But yes hey should always be inspected. I found my failed tire when chocking it at a campground.
dodge guy 02/27/21 07:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Chevrolet exits all ICE production by 2035

Not sure where people think more than half the electicity comes from? Whatever fuel isn't used for ICE will be used to make electicity.
dodge guy 02/24/21 10:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What constitutes a "new" tire?

How many people have bought a new car that was sitting on the lot for 9 months to a year? Tires 6 months old sitting in a warehouse will b just fine!
dodge guy 02/24/21 10:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Receiver Bike Racks

Cant get a pic up but add an eyescrew into the corner of the trailer on each side and use a rachet strap around the bikes to stop wobble/ bounce. Works great. And can't hurt.. I did the same thing with my old 4 place hanging frame style bike rack. Between that and a clamp to tak out the slop in the receiver it hauled 4 bikes in the back of my TT all over with no movement.
dodge guy 02/24/21 04:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Replacement Question

Don't go to the RV dealer. use a tire store. And I recommend Carlisle Radial Trail HD`s. one of the best tires out there. make sure to get it in a load range E.
dodge guy 02/24/21 11:51am Travel Trailers
RE: trailer jack on a tow dolly

I don’t know why it would say not to level with a tow dolly connected. Especially if you are on level ground! What system do you have? My LCI system does not say anything about not leveling with anything hooked up?
dodge guy 02/23/21 08:20am Towing
RE: not sure where to post this.....

In a short bed the tailgate will hit the Jack. If you don’t have a tall Jack the corners of the tailgate will be driven into the front of the trailer. However....after you load the golf cart into the F150, what are you going to use to tow the trailer?
dodge guy 02/23/21 08:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Ford 7.3 Gas motor

Straight from the Super Duty Order Guide ^^^^ are correct about 3.55/4.30 in 250 and 3.73/4.30 in the 350. Interestingly, the 6.2 is only available with 3.73/4.30. The 250 with 3.55 also has a lower tow rating than the 350 with 3.73. These lower ratios seemed to start in 2020 with the 10 speed transmission. Me thinks Ford is trying to improve their fuel mileage. It makes some sense that Ford would pick the 250 to try for better mileage since it has a derated GVWR. Correct. And keep in mind that fuel mileage savings is across the entire build fleet of gas F250’s. The consumer will never see the savings. And you have a lower rated truck to top it off. Unless you are buying a gas F250 to drive solo on the highway, always opt for the lower gearing. Even with the 10speed it will be a better performer!
dodge guy 02/23/21 07:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: trailer jack on a tow dolly

Where are you reading that says not to level with a tow dolly attached? I’ve never heard of that! You would have to be way off level to have to disconnect. A tow dolly has no tongue weight or minimal at around 25lbs. So that’s no an issue. The dolly is sitting on a ball which will allow it to pivot! So that’s no an issue unless it’s an extreme case like I mentioned.
dodge guy 02/23/21 07:46am Towing
RE: The Future of Chryslers SRT Division

You guys may want to do your research. The AMG badge has been tacked onto just about ever Benz there is with no real performance difference. AMG used to be built in a separate factory. Now it's done in house which makes it very easy to ruin the brand. Look it up and tell me I'm completely wrong! Yes they may have a couple different motors, but the majority is just badges and some trim! Are you talking about real AMGs, or an "AMG performance pkg" offered on regular models? BMW has real M-cars, and M-sport Pkg, the latter is watered down. As far as I know, every real AMG car is a decent step-up in performance, mostly with unique engines. From the lowly C230 Kompressor, to the C36, the early NA E55, the supercharged variant, including hopped up Black Edition versions, the NA 6.2 V8, bi-turbo 5.5/4.0, the insane 4 cyl CLA450. Then the top dogs like bi-turbo V12s, the AMG-GT, and of course SLR. That's not even including all the chassis component differences. But if there is just a badge-job AMG I'd like to know about it. That's what Im saying, the AMG decals tacked onto regular cars ruins the real AMG cars....of which are very few left that are produced.
dodge guy 02/22/21 12:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: CC&R dated 1973 says no RVs, trailers, boats can be stored

I would never knowingly buy a house across the street with Miss Kravitz living there! Its amazing the amount of people that have a hard time with an RV parked in front of or next to a house...….some worth as much or more than said house!
dodge guy 02/22/21 11:54am General RVing Issues
RE: OBD-i and OBD-ii did a '96-'97 F53 ever have diagnostic plug

Not sure if it has an OBD II connector on an F53. I had a 95 Explorer that had the OBDII connector but the system was still running EEC IV software. Its very possible the F53 may still have an EEC IV connector under the hood. If it has the OBDII connector it should be on the right side of the steering column either mounted to the plastic dash or on the column itself Either way, that's Cali for ya!
dodge guy 02/22/21 11:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: The Future of Chryslers SRT Division

You guys may want to do your research. The AMG badge has been tacked onto just about ever Benz there is with no real performance difference. AMG used to be built in a separate factory. Now it's done in house which makes it very easy to ruin the brand. Look it up and tell me I'm completely wrong! Yes they may have a couple different motors, but the majority is just badges and some trim!
dodge guy 02/22/21 05:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: The Future of Chryslers SRT Division

To work in the SRT group, you had to be a gearhead. What they have done is distributing the SRT design work to functional groups. It's a tremendous cost savings, HOWEVER, IMO, the SRT badge will quickly drift off to being a pretty badge. Exactly what happened to AMG with Mercedes. AMG is now just a trim level.
dodge guy 02/21/21 02:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 Ford F53 Chassis v8 engine

Its not just the HP difference, it also has more torque and now its running through a 10 speed transmission instead of a 6 speed. So far every report I've seen has been very positive. Well, except from a few current V10 owners that don't want to accept the newer driveline is better. :W There are also chassis upgrades as well. The F53 isn't getting the 10 speed. It's still mated with the 6 speed. As far as the V-8 being better.......I haven't read any reports that says it any better. I also haven't read anything. That says it's worse. Just new technology. And better programming. When you get rid of the poor Ford ECU programming the V-10 is an amazing engine!
dodge guy 02/20/21 08:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2021 Ford F53 Chassis v8 engine

Maybe the doghouse will be smaller giving you more room in the cockpit. V-10 was 362 HP then detuned to 320 HP in the newer engines the 7.3 is supposed to be 350 HP. Only time will tell if performance or MPG will improve in a 18,000 lb MH. Some initial reports I have read about Class C's with the new engine have been good. It wasn't defund, they just changed he way they do their ratings. So this new motor only has 30 more HP. Not very impressive in a 20k lb MH!
dodge guy 02/20/21 10:20am Class A Motorhomes
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