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RE: Buyers market?

Think about this. It could soon be a seller's market. As many of the Rv manufacturers have shut down, and there could be a shortage of RVs this spring, and summer. on a negative note...…..once the manufacturers start up again they are going to blow so many units out the door the quality is going to be even lower than it already is. I wouldn`t buy one built right after this is all over!
dodge guy 04/03/20 07:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How to remove gutter spouts from TT

Do not remove them. The water will run down the side instead of being pushed away from the trailer. This will eventually wick its way into the seam and start rotting it. I always used bubble wrap on the corners of mine and it never wore through.
dodge guy 04/02/20 08:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Jensen 212T Radio Problem

I just installed a Pioneer touch screen with apple car play and a back up camera. I have a dedicated monitor of the cameras. They do make radio that are also monitors. Shop around. Anything is better than a Jensen.
dodge guy 04/02/20 08:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Virginia - Stay At Home till June 10th

Up in Canada signs reminding people to maintain “social distancing” to other people say a good minimum distance is “the length of a hockey stick”. There might be .0000214% of the population that does not understand what that means. Smacking them in the head with said hockey stick might help them understand.
dodge guy 04/01/20 04:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Virginia - Stay At Home till June 10th

Looks like they are trying to kill off the economy as much as possible! Yes this is serious, but it has to be put in perspective. X2. One also has to look at the long-term effects of such a shutdown. Potential increases in poverty, suicide, child/spousal abuse and overall mental health need to be taken into consideration. A more measured approach such as the governors in New England are doing-shut down until 5/4 then a week-to-week basis-seems far more logical. People need hope, even if it's just a slight glimmer. Exactly. Although doom and gloom are the preferred ways for media to advertise. Right now the country needs something to look forward to. Like the tens of thousands jay have recovered. Or the millions that probably had it and didn’t even know they did and are OK now.
dodge guy 04/01/20 09:34am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Virginia - Stay At Home till June 10th

Two and a half months. Your Governor is serious. Good! Agreed. All states should be taking this as serious as Virginia. Looks like they are trying to kill off the economy as much as possible! Yes this is serious, but it has to be put in perspective.
dodge guy 04/01/20 06:02am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: The numbers were too good to resist

Set the cruise control at 72 all the way home for 50 miles and be indicated MPG was 14.2 That's what my 02 V10 X got with 4.30 gears. Although I'm sure it's going to do much better towing!
dodge guy 04/01/20 06:00am Tow Vehicles

Check out the CoPilot app. You can download preloaded maps to your phone so it will work when cellular signal is lost. You can also set height and length as well as tunnel restrictions.
dodge guy 03/30/20 08:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Expedition or Excursion $6000 budget

Also on the V-10 X, depending on what you are towing you may need to find one with 4.30 gears. Not just for towing because it drives so much better with them. With 3.73 gears and nothing else it will do 15 on the highway at 65. Towing with them With a 9k lb trailer will get you 6mpg. When I went to 4.30's my highway mileage dropped to 14.2 avg. and towing mileage jumped to the upper 6's. And when I installed a 5 star tune and y pipe mod I went to 7 towing. Another thing to look out for is broken exhaust manifold bolts. If they haven't been done or are leaking expect a $1k repair as they are stubborn to remove and a major pain if there are more than 1 or 2 on each side. Just shop around real good. There are plenty to choose from. But for $6k your aren't going to find a very clean well cared for X. Unless you stumble across the one person that doesn't know what they are truly or is just needing to unload it fast.
dodge guy 03/30/20 05:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: New rv's

Gloss finish on the cabinets! Especially dark ones. Ridiculous and looks awful!!! I hope they get away from that.
dodge guy 03/30/20 05:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Unusual tire wear

If they are wearing on the outside edges then it's an alignment issue. Too much toe in. My MH when I bought it sucked to drive. It was all over the road. The previous owner did a lot of suspension work including an alignment. I belive they traded it in because they couldn't get it to drive straight. Turns out the professional alignment that was done had the toe set at 5/8" toe out. The tires were new enough that they only showed very little inside feathering. I took a tape measure and checked and the toe was definitely out of spec. I found the specs on line and it should have been set at 3/16 or so toe in IIRC. So I did a tape measure alignment and it drives straight with no wander and no more tire wear. So I would double check the alignment even if you had it checked some techs just don't care to do it properly.
dodge guy 03/29/20 06:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: how good are the 2005 safari simba,s

If you are happy with it and love the features and have no issues. Then it's the perfect RV! BTW, you should know by now that you can't post a question like that without some pics!
dodge guy 03/29/20 06:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2019 Ram 6.4 drivers

Looking at gas, 20 years in the Coast Guard, lots of time around diesels and just don't like the clatter or the smell. LOL, have you been around any of the new diesels? They have neither clatter or smell! That said, I think you'll be happy with the 6.4L although I have to agree that towing 14k with one may be less than enjoyable in the mountains. Yes, and the clatter and smell has been traded off for low mileage and poor reliability! The poor reliability comes from all the emissions junk that has been tacked onto them in the last 10 years.
dodge guy 03/26/20 05:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2019 Ram 6.4 drivers

Have one, with 4.10 gears. Traded a 2009 Dodge 3500 dually with diesel and 3.73 gears in on it. Tow a HitchHiker LS with a scale-checked trip weight of 13,200 pounds. Have towed to Central Coast of California and also to Lake Tahoe from Central Valley. The 6.4 will tow circles around the 2009. Easier to drive, better on grades. But, it is thirsty. About 8 mpg towing. I changed because I was hired of diesels after 2 of them and I do not tow as much nor as far as I did. 8mpg! IDE take that every time. The newer diesels won't get you much more than maybe 10. I don't see any 6.4's come in at work with issues (I'm a Mopar tech). The biggest issue is the exhaust manifold bolts. And those are far easier to remove than the Ford 5.4/6.8 Tritons. I think you'll be happy with it.
dodge guy 03/25/20 06:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 20 year loan for RV?

I don't think a modern RV will last 20 years. It will with the right person owning it! My 07 TT was bought new on 06, and We traded it on our current 2012 last year. 13 years old and it was in very good shape. The MH we bought also looks like new and we keep it in indoor storage as the previous owner did. I expect it to last 20 years no problem. As for length of loans, it all depends on the person and there financial position. Some people shouldn't have a car loan for $5k!!! Other people have no problem with apple.15 or 20 year loans. I'm sure our parents and grand parents would have a heart attack at th thought of a 30 year home loan!
dodge guy 03/24/20 04:21pm Beginning RVing
RE: Lost Falls Camp Wisconsin

Hmm I’ve never heard of it. IDE like to know more about it also!
dodge guy 03/23/20 09:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: F-53 V-10 Oil Capacity

At 7 qts my V-10’s never used any oil! And being a technician I would know. Also 10-12 hours on the highway at 70 mph would show any issues with being overfill on oil. So as far as I’m concerned 6 1/2-7qts is what I use.
dodge guy 03/23/20 08:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: The danger of self-isolating from COVID-19 on public lands

Why does everyone think that 100% of the people will get deathly ill from Corona virus? Fact is to may have or had it and not even know about it. That is how little it will affect most people! Yes you need to be aware of things, but at the same time why act like he world is going to end!
dodge guy 03/22/20 05:06pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: F-53 V-10 Oil Capacity

The original V-10 F-53 came with a short dipstick (1999-2000) making it appear it needed more oil to bring it up to the full mark. The replacement dipstick was Part # F81Z-6750-HC Indicator - Oil Level The correct capacity of the V-10 in the F-53 has always been 6 quarts with a filter change unless you've modified the oil pan. TSB 01-10-5 Publication Date: MAY 15, 2001 ENGINE - 6.8L - OIL LEVEL INDICATOR READS INACCURATE - SUPER DUTY F-53 MOTORHOME CHASSIS VEHICLES - UPDATED OIL LEVEL INDICATOR FORD: 1999-2001 SUPER DUTY F-53 STRIPPED CHAS. ISSUE: On some 6.8L equipped Super Duty F-53 Motorhome chassis vehicles, the oil level readings on the engine oil level indicator (dipstick) may read inaccurate (low) when the actual levels are within acceptable limits and adequate oil volume is in the sump. This may be noticed after an oil change, 5.7 L (6 quarts) of oil are added, and the engine has been started to fill the galleys and filter. The engine oil level indicator may then indicate 0.47 to 0.95 L (1/2 to 1 quart) low. This may be caused by the oil level indicator design. ACTION: Remove engine oil level indicator and replace with new design engine Oil Level Indicator (F81Z-6750-HC) which has correct markings to record oil levels at acceptable ranges. The new indicator has a "loop" handle. The prior indicator has a "Tee" stick-type handle (Figure 1). PART NUMBER PART NAME F81Z-6750-HC Indicator - Oil Level 2002 Ford Excursion V-10 always took just over 6 1/2 qts. I always put the full 7 in and it was just over the full mark by a hair. Same goes for my 2012 F53. But on mine it seems to be full at the 61/2 qts. 6qts would make it below the full mark.
dodge guy 03/22/20 04:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Flatulence causing CO/Propane detector alarm?

Glad I’m not sleeping in the same RV as you!!!!!!
dodge guy 03/22/20 09:02am General RVing Issues
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