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RE: Advice on handheld electric drill for jacks

Please, no impact driver. It gives you no advantage and it is just plain anoying to others near by who can hear it. I had a DeWalt drill with the 2 torque settings and it worked just fine. Those jacks are are stabilizers not leveling jacks and should not be used to level the trailer by putting high torque on them to lift the trailer. Use blocks under the tires instead. I use my impact each and every time and has not damaged a thing and if the other people can't stand it for just a minute then they can leave as far as I am concerned You obviously don't really hear it. An impact has its uses, but stabilizer jacks is not one of them. And yes they are loud and obnoxious!
dodge guy 10/07/19 05:54am Beginning RVing
RE: wisconsin dells? or somewhere similar

The Dells are perfect for kids. Just choose and spend wisely! It’s a great destination. I would recommend Stand Rock Campground close to the downtown area, but located out in the woods. The Jellystone is nice I’ve been going there since I was a kid in the 70’s, but faster traffic on the interstate seems to have made it louder along the interstate sites, a site farther from the interstate may be quieter! For your age kids The Original Ducks boat tour Noah’s Ark water Park Just about any mini golf place is good Upper dells boat tour Lower dells jet boats, not sure about your 2 year old! I would order a Wis Dells tour guide. It will give you everyplace in the area for things to do and see and places to eat and stay. As well as maps of the area. I love the area even though it’s very touristy. We only hit 2 things when we used to go. My kids are 17 and 18 now so we are done for a while.
dodge guy 10/06/19 10:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ram overtakes GM

I will gladly pay more for a truck that is "Made in the USA". To be honest. I think you would buy a Ford Powerstroke regardless if it were assembled in the US or not, and you just use the "assembled in USA" because you feel it gives you a one up on the Ram guys. I for one don't care, but I know a few that get their feathers ruffled because of it. Obviously you don't know me and touched on a hot topic... I almost purchased a Dodge Ram in 1998 for my personal truck and discovered it was Made in Mexico so I pulled the plug on that purchase. Before that I only owned GM products. Hate to tell you, but a lot of the pieces in every car are made in another country! I for one am not buying another Ford product. They may run OK, but they look like junk after 5 years. My neighbors 11 F150 looks like it’s been in the ocean it’s entire life and it just turned 100 miles. My wife’s 13 Explorer has the paint on the hood popping along with the rear doors rusting on the inside along the upper seem of the door panel. Not to mention the camera stopped working as well as the left door unlock switch. No more for me! And I was a Big Ford guy since I could drive, despite my username.
dodge guy 10/06/19 10:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New LP/CO detector needed

So I’m just wondering how is he repairing the CO part of the detector. I know my LP side is functioning properly, it would seem to me repairing the CO side has some liability that I wouldn’t want to be a part of. Not bashing here, just an honest question!
dodge guy 10/06/19 09:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New LP/CO detector needed

I currently have a Safe T Plus unit. And am replacing it with the same part number. It’s a complete kit with the solenoid.
dodge guy 10/06/19 01:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New LP/CO detector needed

Ok. Thanks. Yes AVA I was have been doing that. But I just wanted it working 100%. I just ordered the new one this morning. $160 shipped. So for now I’ll keep It as it was built. Maybe next time I’ll just leave it, although they do say that the LP part of the sensor has a 5 year life span also. However I didn’t read that on the one in my 12 year old trailer we traded in.
dodge guy 10/06/19 11:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What is this?

OP, did you go look at this RV yet? Good morning! It's nice to see a neighbor here on this forum. :C We passed on this one. DH and I are very close to pulling the plug on a Class A, either this year or next year but since it will be our first motorhome we don't want any stupid mistakes. We are still green in regards to storage and insurance options, although these two issues wouldn't make me say no to a good buy, we just need to research a little more. You were correct, it was listed on FB Marketplace (or Craigslist) and this unit actually sold already. Price was great, around $9,800 if I remember correctly. There is actually another one on Marketplace that we are very interested in, a Bounder, but we haven't been able to meet with the seller yet. We both seem to have very busy schedules. Hopefully, we can see it next weekend. If not, we are comfortable with waiting. I don't know of many Motorhome owners near me but now if I see one when driving through town, I'll have to honk and wave!:) Did you se this in person or decline after calling them. Just wondering how the damage was. But for $9k and a slide out I thought it was a very good price! I did se the bounder also. Personally I would spend a bit more on my first RV. Not sure on your situation, but for $20-$30k you can find a really nice one that needs no work. Maybe I’ll see a new MH parked around town soon!
dodge guy 10/06/19 08:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Aquariums not going to work out!
dodge guy 10/06/19 06:14am Travel Trailers
New LP/CO detector needed

OK, so it's well past time to replace the LP/CO detector in the Georgetown. Mine has the safety shutoff solenoid to shut off propane in the event of a leak inside. I want to replace it with an LP only alarm with auto shutoff but i can't seem to find one. Has anyone Donne this ? I have a CO smoke detector in the bedroom so I'm covers there (actually better since CO rises). What I currently have is a Safe T plus 70-742 R. Looking to see if they make an LP only detector with auto shutoff.
dodge guy 10/05/19 08:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trailer Suspension Questions

The only change I made to my new TT was to add wet bolts and bronze bushings. You could heart a difference at low speeds because the creaking, grinding sound was gone when we hit bumps. With the new bushings and bolts, there is no noise so I am guessing a lot less wear. Yes. I forgot to say that as a positive side effect you can sneak into or out of a campground early in the a.m. or late at night and no one will hear you!
dodge guy 10/05/19 03:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: What is this?

OP, did you go look at this RV yet?
dodge guy 10/05/19 03:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trailer Suspension Questions

I replaced my equalizers with dexter EZ Flez equalizers amd a wet bolt kit with bronze bushings (they have a complete kit). One of the best mods I did to our 35ft TT. When I removed he old pieces everything was so loose I finally knew why he trailers always had a bit of sway that I could not get rid of. All the bolts were worn to the point of being dangerous, this was after approx 5k miles! The plastic bushings were gone. You can't feel or see this looseness when it's one the ground. When it was sitting on jack stands you could push the axles side to side easily. I think I paid around $200 from Amazon years ago. Definitely worth every pennny!
dodge guy 10/05/19 06:20am Travel Trailers
RE: What is this?

Seeing as how the OP and I live on the same town, I believe it’s the same one that came up in Facebook market place. I can’t get a link to post the listing. But looking at the rest of the photos the RV looks to be in good shape other than the basement doors. I couldn’t see any delam in the sidewalls. It does look to be weathered! But I see no sidewall damage. It’s on an F53 chassis with a V-10. If the doors are the only issue, then I would jump on it! For the price you can’t go wrong! I won’t post the asking price, I will let the OP post it if they would like.
dodge guy 10/04/19 09:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What is this?

Welcome neighbor! Love how everyone is scared of the doors! And offering advice on something completely different than what they are looking at. The basement doors I wouldn’t worry about at all. I would worry about the sidewalls! If the sidewalls look like that then I would pass. If the rest of the RV looks good and the price is right (and I believe this is the same one I came across) the basement doors wouldnt worry me, and yes they are delaminates, But They would be fairly easy to repair it would just take some time to do each one right. I would go look at it. Is this in iL because I believe I’ve seen this one on Facebook market place. If it is for that price I would seriously consider it if the structural and mechanical part of the MH checks out. Good luck!
dodge guy 10/04/19 06:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Anti Sway system being introduced in 2020

A similar system has been on the aftermarket for a few years now, maybe 5. It uses a gyroscope? Mounted on the trailers A-frame. The brakes are wired independently into the control unit, then it sends the signal to control each wheel independently if needed. It's not a bad idea. I belive the factory integrated controllers only pulse the trailer brakes (as a set of 4) instead of independently. However this system sounds like it's even better because it's fitted with speed sensors at each wheel.
dodge guy 10/04/19 05:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Diff, transmission maintenance questions

I know it got a 22k lb GVWR and a 26k lb GCWR. Either way I need to make sure I have enough to do the job.
dodge guy 10/03/19 08:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diff, transmission maintenance questions

5 gallons of rear end grease????? I think I would question that, but what'da I know. I haven't verified, this is what I was told on FTE. but I do know it’s a large housing! I’ll know when I pick it up from storage tomorrow!
dodge guy 10/03/19 11:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diff, transmission maintenance questions

I just asked this question on he Forest River Forum and Ford Truck Forum. It's not an S110, but even bigger. It holds near 5 gallons of gear oil. There is a drain plug on the bottom of the housing, and then fill it though the fill plug on the side or back of the cover. It's not going to be a cheap service as the fluid is around $10 qt! The trans is easy, drain the fluid through the drain plug and drop the pan and replace the filter. The pan basket is reusable. Should be Mercon LV.
dodge guy 10/03/19 05:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Advice on handheld electric drill for jacks

You will want a drill with at least 18V and a hi/Lo setting. No impact, as that can potentially damage the jacks, as well as being annoying, especially if you leave early in the a.m. Be careful when you put it on low you can potentially break a wrist! Came close to that once!
dodge guy 10/02/19 06:50pm Beginning RVing
RE: BFG tire disintegration

I've always had BFG's. never had an issue. What is the date on the tire?
dodge guy 10/02/19 06:44pm General RVing Issues
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