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RE: Dometic refrigerator left off for 10 mo. not working

No...just one fridge...neighbor's. An RV tech did look at it and said it was a problem with the "electronics", think he meant the board so I'd like to help her and save her the money. The board I ordered is returnable. The fridge has an element too? I'll google...she left it to spend the winter in Mexico. The trailer wasn't moved. And it did snow one day so it could have gotten pretty cold. Don't know if that was enough to affect the ammonia. ANYBODY that states, "it is a problem with the electronics" means they are NOT a qualified RV Tech and are just Part Changers. They should be able to state WHAT part is the problem if they are qualified. IF that person did not actually look at the refer, then do NOT trust what he states. Doug
dougrainer 09/22/19 01:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Fridge temp change

1. Overstuffing the freezer will not cause cooling problems in the freezer or lower section. 2. Overstuffing the bottom section can cause lower cooling in the bottom You MUST have a path for the convection air to flow up from the back bottom of the refer and flow thru the Evap fins to remove the heat. Plastic bags and such are a big NO NO. If there is no clear easy path for that air to flow, you will not get adequate cooling. Doug
dougrainer 09/22/19 10:52am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic refrigerator left off for 10 mo. not working

10 months on? Was it level for those 10 months? If not, it probably has a clogged tube. As long as it is NOT running, UnLevel is not going to cause a problem The refer will NOT show any Check on 120 volts. Check is ONLY a function of NOT lighting on LP. There is NO problem with the Ammonia not being "mixed" after sitting OFF for any amount of time. IF ON 120 volts(Auto) and you do get a Check Light, that means at sometime the 120 supply was OFF and the refer tried to light on LP and did NOT. Once 120 is restored, the refer will resume 120 operation, but the Check Light will stay ON to let you know it did not light on LP when required and to find the problem on LP. The BEST way to check a refer and NOT BUY parts, is to run the refer with the 120 element wired direct to 120 for 24 hours. THAT will tell you the state of the cooling unit. Doug
dougrainer 09/22/19 08:04am Tech Issues
RE: Newmar Sold

is newmar currently using parts from Lippert? lci Has taken over probably 70% of the RV supply chain. So, Newmar has to buy some components from LCI. Doug
dougrainer 09/18/19 03:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newmar Sold

Remember 1 Thing!!!!!! Newmar is a smaller maker of Class A gas and Diesel(with a new Super C). They have a limited production facility. They have a Loyal worker base. Very little turnover. So, I fail to see how quality would suffer. They have a 1 year warranty. They use the same appliances as other OEM's. So, the workers are not going to do shoddy work because the management is different. So, for at least until the 2022 model year, there should be no concerns. Doug
dougrainer 09/18/19 12:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diminshed Value Claims

There is an inherent danger in non-disclosure of accident repairs when selling even though the accident doesn't appear on Carfax. Putting the moral issues aside, a subsequent collision to the same area that was repaired could cause a structural failure resulting in injuries, possible lawsuits, etc. If an insurance adjuster should deny or low-ball your claim because it isn't on Carfax, ask them if they are saying that you should withhold the repair info from any prospective buyer. Not one of them will answer yes. Therefore, the "not on Carfax" claim denial approach is easily challenged. I have through my businesses sold tens of thousands of cars with that never being a "thing". You are just making up scenarios trying to justify your business. A few years ago in Dallas, we had a Jury rule against a Body Shop/DEALER and The Insurance company, for millions of dollars in damages because the Dealer Body Shop did NOT follow (either Honda or Toyota) Body manual when repairing a damaged roof top on a Car. They repaired(cheaper), but the manual stated to replace. After the Car was fixed and then sold to another person, That person rolled the Car and nearly died when the roof collapsed. Experts determined the roof would not have collapsed as it did if the original repair was done to OEM spec. Doug
dougrainer 09/18/19 09:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2016 Adventurer: Waterpump works, but shower & toilet dont?

You have mineral deposit build up. You need to remove the Toilet water valve and clean it out. Remove the outside faucet and clean it out. Quick way to determine blockage----- remove the water line from the toilet and point into a bucket. have someone turn the water pump ON. You will know in a few seconds if blockage at the Water Valve. Doug
dougrainer 09/18/19 09:41am Tech Issues
RE: Newmar Sold

I think it was sold for a couple reasons. One top of the market so max price. Two is taxes. If they passed it down in the family there would be an inheritance tax. It would mean huge debt but selling you get to pay about half the tax now and structure it out to reduce it over time. Tiffin will be next I figure as they are the last big family owned company and the last time bob tiffin retired he had to come back. You will be taxed on the profit you make from selling the business. ... Profit received from the sale of the business assets will most likely be taxed at capital gains rates, whereas amount you receive under a consulting agreement will be ordinary income. There is no inheritance tax in Indiana either. However, other states' inheritance laws may apply to you if someone living in a state with an inheritance tax leaves you money or property. ... The federal government has a gift tax though, with a yearly exemption of $15,000 per recipient
dougrainer 09/17/19 01:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic AC

^^^ Not on a Newmar. They use a different system for feed and return. Tom has it right. Not just Newmar. LOTS of RV's(towables and motorhomes) do not have the square intake duct filters. If they are TOP roof mounted, then they will not have the standard filter. Doug
dougrainer 09/17/19 05:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Asking for help.

You people need to get a life. ALL Motorhomes and RV's are IDENTICAL. There are no variations. So, when a furnace does not work, it can only be one model and problem. They are all the same. Doug PS, I have excellent beachfront property for sale in Oklahoma. 100 acres at $1000 an acre. First come first sold.
dougrainer 09/16/19 02:10pm Tech Issues
RE: hydraulic leveling jack replace / rebuild

Per HWH, you maximum cost to rebuild will be $371 per cylinder. It may be less, but they quote a maximum. Doug
dougrainer 09/16/19 08:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: hydraulic leveling jack replace / rebuild

If you know the model of your system go to and give them a call. The name of the company is Stuart's Services and they are in Elkhart, IN. The number is (800) 826-6267. I've always had the best results from them when having a problem with the jack system. My guess is you have the HWH325 system on your coach. If the jacks are not going up it's probably a bad solenoid which would be located on the pump manifold. There would be four (4) of them, one for each jack. Good luck and hope you get it taken care of. Note that he states the Jacks DO retract. They just stop when there is no added weight to force them up. So, that means his solenoids are OK. He also opened up the Hydraulic lines at the jacks(bypassing the solenoids). They still did not fully retract and he had to pry them up when in store mode. That always points to bad internal sticking seals. Doug
dougrainer 09/16/19 06:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic RM2551 fridge won't operate on propane

I took a gun cleaning brush and cleaned out the tube. I went all the way past the holes. There was no debris. My next task is to check the pressure. Both stove units burn bright blue with plenty of flame. So, I believe the problem would have to be after the split to the stove. Also,as a footnote, the water heater works very well. Only 20-30 minutes after turning on that we have nice, hot water. You need to pull the refer and remove the spiral baffle and then clean the flue tube. 11.5 inches WC is the LP pressure. Your stove operates at 10 inches WC. It has its own regulator that drops the LP pressure. The water heater also will operate with lower than spec LP pressure. Just a drop from 11.5 to 10 inches will affect the LP flame on the refer. Doug
dougrainer 09/16/19 06:07am Tech Issues
RE: Danger from charging golf cart inside toy hauler??

I had a Harbor Freight cheap Battery Tender years ago connected to my 1975 Corvette. I had a good Interstate sealed side post battery. Corvettes have the battery inside a fiberglass box behind the drivers seat with a latched sealed lid. I don't drive the Corvette that much. about 15 years ago, I decided to start it up after sitting for about 3 months. Battery tender still connected. The minute I turn the Ignition key to start, BAM, the lid of the battery blew off and luckily the battery compartment lid kept the remnants IN the battery box. The Battery tender had boiled the battery dry and the Instant draw from the starter combined with the Battery minder connected provided the spark to blow the gas. Lesson learned. I purchased a more expensive Battery Minder and now I monitor the Water Level in the battery before I run the car now. NEVER had a problem in the past 15 years using a GOOD Battery Minder. Doug
dougrainer 09/15/19 06:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Danger from charging golf cart inside toy hauler??

Yes, there are 6 x 6V batteries. No, I didn't leave a tender on them. I charged them up fully then drove the cart into the hauler. Didn't disconnect other than cart switch off. There are no windows open but I did leave the main air conditioner on at 85F. RV AC units are sealed systems. They only recirc the Inside air. NO outside air at all. Your AC unit when on would just help distribute any possible corrosive gassing thru out the box. Doug
dougrainer 09/15/19 06:47pm Tech Issues
RE: hydraulic leveling jack replace / rebuild

If the jacks retract when the weight of the motorhome is on them, then they stop and the springs cannot retract fully, your Inner seals are bad. 3 ways to go. 1. Remove each jack and send to HWH for a rebuild---cheapest way 2. You have already found out what the NEW cylinders cost 3. Find a local Hydraulic shop to rebuild for you HWH does NOT sell rebuild kits If it was MY unit, I would send to HWH for rebuild. HWH has changed the Inner seal design and the new seals will not have this problem in the future. Doug
dougrainer 09/15/19 06:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Danger from charging golf cart inside toy hauler??

I suspect not. A "proper" battery tender will NOT charge at a fast enough rate to "gas" the batteries in any significant amount. Then, it is doubtful that the RV is really sealed good enough to promote accumulation. And what ignition source would there be ?? You doubt the RV is sealed good enough???? Maybe not to your standards, but corrosive Gas will just accumulate and corrode out everything inside that toyhauler garage. Lead Batteries OUTGAS. How much depends on the charger you are using. A proper Battery Maintainer will not outgas. There is a reason that good Battery Minders cost a lot MORE than the Harbor Freight cheap ones. Doug PS. You ought to see the corrosion in some Motorhome Coach battery compartments that ARE vented thru the bottom and back wall of the compartment.
dougrainer 09/15/19 02:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Danger from charging golf cart inside toy hauler??

I would also worry about corrosive fumes/gas being generated inside a closed space. Corrosion is not a good thing. Doug
dougrainer 09/15/19 06:41am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic RM2551 fridge won't operate on propane

You did good research. I doubt 1 out of 10,000 RV'ers would even know to inspect the Baffle to be there. IF they even knew they had one. The critical point since you seem to have done almost everything. EXCEPT-The LP pressure. THAT is critical to LP operation on a refer. Low LP pressure will still yield a blue flame. Also, Did you pull the baffle and did you clean out the flue tube the baffle is in? ANY rust or blockage around that spiral baffle will hinder flue temp operation. You need to state how old the RV/Refer is. Is it possible the baffle has rusted/corroded and is not as long as it needs to be? Doug
dougrainer 09/14/19 06:03pm Tech Issues
RE: shower wall

This is what the RV industry uses in white/off white/beige. These are what I use also. Doug
dougrainer 09/14/19 06:13am Class A Motorhomes
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