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RE: setting a digi tank monitor f

This is the best info you can get. Doug
dougrainer 07/27/21 01:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Water pump off/on switch inside RV

Manuals only go back as far as 2001. This is from 2001. To operate the water pump, push on switch and watch for the green light to stay on. The remote switches are located in the bathroom, on the control panel next to the entrance door and on the outside water control panel.
dougrainer 07/27/21 09:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cruise Control Monaco Executive Roadmaster Chasis \ Your owners manual if you do not have it. Doug
dougrainer 07/27/21 09:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cruise Control Monaco Executive Roadmaster Chasis

Thanks for the information. There is a clear box with a bunch of fuses relays and a circuit board off on the passenger side of the front area where the engine compartment would be on a regular vehicle. It has a bunch of lights I didn't even know what that was but I guess maybe that's a smart controller. I don't know how to post a picture of this. I will get that guide I didn't know they had that I've been trying to figure out the Smart Wheel information as well. There is a solenoid near the vacuum pump above it but under the ball which I would love to send a picture of and it looks kind of melted and it goes to a blue hose I know that that vacuum line controls the air conditioning vents and they work fine but that other solenoid I wonder if that's the cruise control and it's just not working because of that solenoid being melted. I'd love to show you what that looks like. That ball is about 8 in in diameter. In terms of the engine horsepower so somebody put a 600 on the back with the six slightly crooked. It says that the 600 was an option for this camper but the tag on the engine clearly states 525 horsepower. I called Cummings and I'm going to register for their free whatever so you can download some stuff but he said that their site shows that it's 525 horsepower. I suggested that maybe Monaco or Roadmaster did something to make it 600 there wasn't at an authorized Cummings dealer. He said that was unlikely that in order to do that they would have to have a coming certification and therefore Cummings would know about it or whatever. He said those places all used authorized whatever so he said he didn't think it was at least done by the manufacturer. But I heard it 600. I doubt they did any super big modification to make it 600 it has to be something external some type of modification which I have no idea what would do that or how that would be a really bad thing. I heard on these motors that the rear like one of the cylinders can have a problem that's big trouble because of cooling or something. It's my understanding the 600 horsepower started having problems after 07 and this is an 06 but that could be this information. I can't be sure if it's $600 I don't even know how it would be. Certainly happy to hear anything further regarding the box that I see on the passenger side by the way it has a clear cover and it's a fancy box like all weather sealed. And also anything you might say about this 600 horsepower and that melted relay. How do you post pictures by the way? Thanks The round "ball" is a vacumm reservoir for the Dash AC vent controls. There will be NO solenoid up front for the Cruise Control in that area. Odds are that solenoid you state is melted is for the Interior entry step cover which is usually air pressure operated. Yes, Pics would help but like you, I do not know how to post them. Doug
dougrainer 07/27/21 09:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dash AC not cold

The LARGEST Poundage of a Diesel Motorhome built prior to 2016 is 5.5 lbs. YOURS(Roadmaster) is 4 lbs. The range is 2.0 lbs to that 5.5 lbs. One of the BIG myths of Diesel Motorhomes is that the LENGTH(38 to 45 foot) MUST use double to triple the POUNDS of coolant. NOT SO. I have Multiple RV and Automotive AC training and they state in that training that the Physics of Gas/Liquid does not really increase the amount of coolant for 45 foot runs. This is why that RV dealer(IDIOT) stated 10 lbs. Doug
dougrainer 07/26/21 07:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dash AC not cold

1. YOU NEVER ADD OIL TO A SYSTEM. PERIOD 2. You only add any oil if you have had a catastrophic 134a coolant leak that blows out some oil. 3. As you probably know you have 134a not Freon. 4. To correctly test a Diesel motorhome Dash AC you must drive at 60 mph with the system on Max AC with a digital thermometer in one of the Passenger side AC outlet vents. 5. Also, you need to make sure the Condensor Fan IS running which it probably is since you get that 63 degree air. 6. Your year model holds 4.0 lbs of 134a. 7. Your BEST bet at this point is to remove the existing 134a and then install 4.0 lbs 134a, as you CANNOT be sure of the current charge 8. TOO MUCH 134a will cause cooling loss just as much as to little 9. At temps 95 or below at hiway speed, you best output will be in the 50 to 55 degree range. 10. To eliminate a possible hot water coolant valve leak take needle nose vise grips and clamp off the 2 coolant lines going to the Heater core. Note the best possible low temp after installing the correct amount of 134a and then see if that temp goes UP after removing the vise grips. Doug
dougrainer 07/26/21 04:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Should Be Simple But..

it coould be that you just need a pressure regulator OK, but you STILL have a leak. The system should withstand 100 psi of pressure with no leaks. The water pump is 45 psi. That extra 10 lbs may be enough to leak thru the problem connection. Doug
dougrainer 07/20/21 06:29am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic AC Issues

It is installed in the evaporater fins and accessed from inside just above the return air filter. It looks like a thin white wire with a black bulb on the end. It is 2 wires. I forget which is which. You either connect the 2 wires to bypass or leave them open to bypass. Just cut the wire in the middle of its length. If the compressor runs either way and STAYS running then your Sensor is bad. If not, then just splice the wires back together. Doug
dougrainer 07/20/21 06:26am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic AC Issues

Freeze sensor defective/intermittant/installed wrong. Doug
dougrainer 07/19/21 08:32am Tech Issues
RE: Atwood furnace model 8536-IV-DCLP control board

1. Are you the original owner? 2. If NOT, then it is possible someone used a water heater module instead of a Furnace module. 3. Look at my link and see if that module looks like yours. 4. If it does then get the model p/n you listed as the wire harness on the Atwood should have enough length to connect. 5. I have NEVER seen a rectangular Furnace module like my link shows, they are all more square than rectangular. Doug
dougrainer 07/17/21 04:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Little fans in skylight

Vast majority of fans in RVs are Fantastic Fans. Fan parts Not so. The vast majority are the cheaper Ventline and older Jensen roof vent. Fantastic are in the higher line Trailers and Motorhomes. This link will point the OP to his fan and blade and switch. This is the fan motor that operates the BLADE of a powered roof vent, not the lid up and down. Doug
dougrainer 07/17/21 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: [SOLVED] Buy if slide out is sluggish?

Lots of people talking about the battery. So the question is. Was it plugged into shore power? If it was. Then the battery is not the problem. It will work with a dead battery, or no battery if plugged to shore power. Not always. One of my TTs actually had a warning sicker next to the slide button stating that a battery was required for slide operation, The reason is simple. A slide can draw more amps than the convertor is capable of. CORRECT. Lots of slides pull a lot of amps and the Power Converter CANNOT supply the amps(power) required to operate a motor driven slide room. Doug
dougrainer 07/17/21 09:16am Tech Issues
RE: Leak

Well, That "guy" has no real knowledge. Silicone is NEVER used as a sealant on the roof. Dicor and eternabond is the way to go. Doug 1. Silicone will NOT adhere correctly to metal or fiberglass or paint 2. I can peel off Silicone from almost any type surface very easily. 3. Dicor adheres to almost anything and is self leveling.
dougrainer 07/16/21 01:22pm Tech Issues
RE: [SOLVED] Buy if slide out is sluggish?

If the slide does NOT operate as designed(which it is NOT), then you need to tell the seller to get it fixed. You never know what may be involved. It may take $100 or it may have a structure problem that can cost Thousands of dollars. As a Master Tech, I would not buy it until it was fixed. I would not try to "guess" what may be involved. Doug
dougrainer 07/16/21 01:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Waste/Sewage System

You don't actually have to use any chemicals in an RV tank, though they can be mighty helpful on cutting down on odors under some circumstances. I wouldn't worry too much about upsetting the balance in a septic tank from RV holding tank treatment chemicals used in proper moderation. Septic systems see all sorts of household chemicals all the time, due to cleaning bathrooms, washing dishes, and other household tasks, and generally that causes no problems for them if they're properly designed and working correctly. Since not a few dump stations feed into (large) septic systems at RV parks, any tank treatment will be at least reasonably safe for them. RV Holding tank chemicals are NOT for making it smell better. They are used the BREAK DOWN the solids. Doug
dougrainer 07/15/21 05:09pm Tech Issues
RE: High AC voltage - Norcold Fridge

Onan gas gensets the no load voltage range is usually 128 to 132 volts. So, I would not worry about 133 volts. The good thing about 133 volts is, it will make your refer operate better on 120 volts. The higher the line volts on AC the more heat output the Norcold refer element puts out. You really need to get a surge/line voltage device for your shore cord. The Norcold would be the LAST item of 120 appliances in my RV I would worry about 133 volts. Doug
dougrainer 07/14/21 07:23am Tech Issues
RE: 12 volt AGM battery

Lifeline batteries are warrantied for 5 years. They are VERY good, but expensive. BUT, Lifeline batteries CANNOT recover from going completely DEAD. The just will not come back. Normal deep cycle batteries can recover from being dead as long as you recharge at the rate they were discharged. Lifeline battery warranty has a catch 22. They are warrantied for 5 years. BUT, if they fail before 5 years, it is because you let them go dead.:B Not a defect in the battery but user abuse. Doug
dougrainer 07/13/21 01:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Question on Hydraulic Fluid

ATF has a very distinctive odor, you should be able to recognize it pretty easily. if you aren't familiar with it, just check the transmission dipstick on your car. Take a wiff of that, that odor is very distinctive, hard to miss even if you have a bad sense of smell. Also, this isn't a very demanding application, it's not like its a tractor digging or moving dirt all day long; it's not going to make a huge difference what you use. There is not a lot of danger in mixing common oils like this, the additive chemistry may not be a perfect match, but there shouldn't be a problem with negative reactions occurring if you added ATF into a system originally filled with anti-wear hydraulic oil, or vice versa. The important thing noted in a message above is DO NOT USE BRAKE FLUID!. Brake fluid is a particular type of fluid that if you added it into your leveling system it would damage the seals and you'd have to have the entire system rebuilt. Both HWH and LCI state, that if you use the wrong Fluid, it will cause problems with the operation of the seals and/or leaks. Doug
dougrainer 07/13/21 01:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Question on Hydraulic Fluid

If the fluid in the Lippert level up is clear it is NOT transmission fluid… It is AW32 hydraulic oil.. nit all Lippert level up systems come from factory with Red ATF.. it depends on the builder and what they use.. My 2014 Keystone Alpine has clear fluid and is most certainly AW32.. Here is LCI official list. I am NOT a Oil engineer or expert on HYD oils but I can read and follow directions. I am also a Master Certified RV Tech with factory training in both LCI/Powergear and HWH. In ALL training, they stated to use Dexron 3 and NEVER TO USE HYDRAULIC FLUID. I have worked on both HYD Jack and slide systems for 35 years. If this list shows AW32, please list which it is. CLEAR Transmission fluid is available from HWH. It IS Dexron 3 without the red dye. You cannot look at clear(gold) fluid and state it is NOT Transmission fluid. Doug PS for very easy use, just use Dexron 3
dougrainer 07/13/21 09:32am Tech Issues
RE: Problem with U-Haul refill. Time replace my propane tanks?

The only safe legal way to fill DOT portable cylinders is by WEIGHT. That said there are variations in the sale of LP 1. Some LP fillers sell by POUND(gallons) only. You only pay for the Pounds(gallons) they put in your tank 2. Some fill by TANK only. They charge by the full tank regardless of how much LP they put in----A 20 pound tank x dollars---A 30 pound tank x dollars 3. So by gallon only you only pay for what they put in 4. BY TANK, if your tank still has LP you are paying full price regardless of how much(or little) they actually put in the tank. 5. Last, COST and convienance is a variable. How much time or Gas money are you going to spend to get to that LP gas filler station? If close then refill, but if it is a lot of miles and time then use a exchange service. Doug I use a by the pound(gallon) refiller. AND it is less than a mile from me.
dougrainer 07/13/21 07:17am Tech Issues
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