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RE: Atwood Furnace Issues

You replaced the impellor wheel. Now, on some model Atwoods IF the SAIL switch is non functioning, it will cause shut down of the Circuit board. Since the Sail switch is going to be disturbed when replacing the Impellor, make sure the Sail switch is connected and is not broken or "closed circuit" all the time. Doug
dougrainer 11/27/20 06:45am Tech Issues
RE: RVA J2 Manual - can I upgrade to Auto?
dougrainer 11/25/20 12:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RVA J2 Manual - can I upgrade to Auto?

You need to Contac RVA. You do realize RVA went out of business 15 years ago? They were an exclusive Jack supplier to the Old Monaco and Monaco screwed the owner of RVA by demanding he drastically lower his Jack kits or loose the business to competitors. He could not and Monaco dropped him. BUT, he owned other business's and he kept the Replacement part and Jack rebuild part of the RVA open. I would contac RVA (855-782-4068)and see what parts you will need to upgrade. According to their website, the Auto kits and parts are no longer available. They DO offer a Auto to Manual kit, but you already have the manual system. Doug PS, RVA was an extremely reliable HYD Jack system.
dougrainer 11/25/20 12:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Burnt wires in power distribution panel

Transfer switches are not common in trailers and only if equipped with on-board gensets. I would suggest coating the wires with electrical grease. The buss bars are commonly aluminum which oxidizes causing issues. de-oxidation compound lessen this. IF the Trailer is prepped for a Genset, it will usually have the Transfer box. Doug
dougrainer 11/25/20 07:10am Tech Issues
RE: Burnt wires in power distribution panel

MY rule when working on 120 volt Breaker boxes and Transfer switches, is, I tighten the screws as tight as I can get them. WAIT 30 minutes and then tighten again. Even solid core wire will "settle" a little. Stranded wire will settle a lot more. You will be surprised that you will usually get 1/2 to full turn on the screws after initial tightening. Doug PS, the cause of neutral burning is the MAIN Neutral supply was loose and caused a heat build up and that heat build up caused the BUSS bar to heat up and expand slightly and then all Neutral wires then heated up and melted or burnt loose. ANOTHER cause is, in conjunction with loose wires, running on overloaded CG circuits that drop the line voltage. BOTH together will cause a problem, that is why it is important to tighten the wires in the Breaker box. Once done, it should not be needed again.
dougrainer 11/25/20 07:09am Tech Issues
RE: Oven Going Out / Thermocouple

Your problem is the Pilot goes OUT after the first time the main burner comes on and cycles OFF after the Oven has reached preset temp. NO ADJUSTMENT OF THE PILOT IS NEEDED. I have yet ever adjusted a Oven Pilot light flame in 41 years. They are usually dirty or clogged. NOT the problem in your case. In older Ovens this type problem was fixed by replacing the Oven Temp control assbly. But, in newer ovens it is a defective Pilot assbly, usually. There are 2 things that fix your problem. Doug 1. Defective Oven tstat 2. Defective Pilot assbly
dougrainer 11/24/20 07:00am Tech Issues
RE: Oven Going Out / Thermocouple

Need Brand and Model of Oven. There is a non published TSB on I believe Atwood ovens where the problem is what you describe and it involves replacing the Pilot assbly. NO adjustments would fix this problem. Doug Suburban SRNA3, sounds like this is not an issue for mine, but thanks for mentioning it. I did hear about some recalls for my brand but havent found anything specific. UNPUBLISHED! You will have to contac Suburban with Model and serial number and explain what it is doing. They then may send out the replacement part. Or send it to a Service center if yours is that problem. Doug
dougrainer 11/23/20 03:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Oven Going Out / Thermocouple

Need Brand and Model of Oven. There is a non published TSB on I believe Atwood ovens where the problem is what you describe and it involves replacing the Pilot assbly. NO adjustments would fix this problem. Doug
dougrainer 11/23/20 11:47am Tech Issues
RE: Airxcel Non-powered mechanical freeze valve

Explain what you are talking about. I have 41 years as an RV tech, and have no idea what you are talking about. Doug Model of AC would help. Heat Pump?
dougrainer 11/23/20 08:33am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Location on Highlander HF350H Toy Hauler

Click the link for your RV. Look at the genset in the video. Beside the Genset, you will see a black vent louver on each side. THAT should be the vent system for your batteries. You probably have 2 batteries, one on each side of the Genset. Now, they may be in a plastic battery box. From the Video, it looks like it is difficult to get access, UNLESS, you can gain access from the side LP bottle compartments. Doug
dougrainer 11/23/20 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: freon charge in a Dometic

I use info published by a different a/c maker. The chart is WRONG. If you use RVP's 5 degrees instead of the correct 10 degrees, EVERY RVP unit will show BAD. I went thru this with RVP 3 years ago at the last training school. Doug
dougrainer 11/20/20 02:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Oven ignitor

I just did a test on my Atwood oven. Left pilot on, went outside and turned off gas. Pilot burned for a few minutes then extinguished. No gas smell. Turned gas back on. Immediate strong gas smell in the oven. So, I guess that means the thermocouple doesn't work or never existed in the first place. What Year Model RV? Yes, your thermocoupler is not working or you have a OLD Oven/range. Almost all Oven's you have to put the temp knob in the Pilot indent,PUSH the knob IN and light the pilot. Once the pilot is lit, hold the knob in(30 seconds) and release and the pilot should stay lit. Now, to your test. You shut the LP OFF, Then went out. You then turned the LP back on and smelled gas. A few minutes can be subjective. Maybe less than a minute? Once the Pilot goes out, it takes a few seconds for the Thermocoupler to cool down and shut on the Pilot tube of the Oven tstat. What I would do, is, do your test. Wait 5 minutes. Turn on the LP and then spray soapy water on the pilot burner and see if you have bubbles. Do not rely on your smell. If you are positive you have a LP smell and it is leaking after your test, you have a dangerous situation and you need to fix it. Doug
dougrainer 11/20/20 02:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Draining hot water tank

I did remove it just to check that very thing. It was completely drained and nothing came out the drain hole. Some OEM's install a Check valve on the cold intake of the WH. If so, then your method will not drain the WH tank. So, if someone wants to use your method, they need to then remove the Anode or lower drain(Atwood/Dometic) and see if water comes out. If it does, your method will not work. If no water, then use your method. Doug
dougrainer 11/20/20 02:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oven ignitor

Now, the Pilot on the Ovens, you light it ONE time and it will stay ON during your Camping. You do NOT have to light it everytime you use the Oven. IF your pilot light goes OUT after a cooking run, then the Oven has a fault in the Gas system. Doug
dougrainer 11/20/20 07:39am Tech Issues
RE: Oven ignitor

I haven't seen an RV oven with a pilot. Not that they don't exist, but I haven't seen one. The oven in our last trailer was a nightmare to light. Our "new" trailer isn't so hard to light, but you still have to lean down there to see it. Having an igniter would be fantastic. EVERY RV OVEN has a Pilot. NO exceptions. You may be confusing the RANGE burners having a pilot. Until about 35 years ago, they had a Pilot system for the range burners, but dropped them due to safety concerns. The Pilot system for the old range burners had NO Safety Thermocoupler system. IF NOT lit and the manual valve NOT turned off, they leaked LP inside the RV. Doug
dougrainer 11/20/20 07:37am Tech Issues
RE: Fridge makes clicking sound in Area where fridge is

1. The buttons on the refer. AUTO button will engage the 120 volt heating section when plugged into shore 120 power. On AUTO, if you disconnect 120 shore power, the refer will auto switch to LP and you will hear that click sound for about 30 seconds. IF NO light of burner, the clicking stops and you will have a CHECK light by those buttons. Make sure the LP is ON and you may have to attempt lighting on LP 7 to 10 times to purge the LP line of air 2. On GAS, when this button is pushed, the refer will ONLY operate on LP gas. 3. Normal operation is on AUTO. Since most of the time you will be on Shore 120 volt power. 4. IF this is the problem and you connect 120 shore Power and the refer attempts to light, you either have NO 12 volt battery on the trailer or that Battery is BAD or you have a battery disconnect. The RV needs a good RV deep cycle battery to operate at its peak efficientcy. Doug
dougrainer 11/20/20 07:32am Tech Issues
RE: Burner Tube Air Adjustments on new Dometic Appliances?

In my experience RV manufacturers install regulators without bothering to set them. A manometer is a good tool to own. They come preset. I have NEVER had to adjust a replacement LP regulator in 41 years as an RV Tech. My rule of thumb is, IF you have to adjust more than 1 inch of WC, then replace the regulator. It is not up to the job. Doug
dougrainer 11/19/20 03:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Draining hot water tank

You drain to keep the water and inner tank lining from getting the dreadful sulpher(rotting egg) smell. Doug
dougrainer 11/19/20 03:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Burner Tube Air Adjustments on new Dometic Appliances?

Are the refer and water heater in a slide room? Doug
dougrainer 11/19/20 08:17am Tech Issues
RE: Burner Tube Air Adjustments on new Dometic Appliances?

Just wondering, if both the refrigerator and water heater are having the same issues, could it be low pressure on the main propane regulator? I may order an manometer to check propane flow? What issue with the refer? You did not state problem with the refer. Light the Range Burners, then Fire up the Water Heater on LP. Fire up the Furnace. Watch the Range burners with this LP load. The burner flames on the range should not fluctuate or pulsate or diminish. If they do, your LP regulator is BAD. Brand New, It needs replaced not adjusted. Doug
dougrainer 11/18/20 01:34pm Tech Issues
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