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RE: New trailer brakes shuddering

Thanks Doug, that's another piece of useful info that strangely wasn't included with our new camper. I'll try the break-in procedure and hopefully that takes care of it. Will not be included. This is an Install and TSB for service centers. Doug
dougrainer 09/27/22 01:50pm Tech Issues
RE: New trailer brakes shuddering
dougrainer 09/27/22 10:19am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

EXT Stage Select - Two Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Units (Select Models) On 1 Zone This system can be configured to run two air conditioner/heat pump units using the same temperature set-point for controlling the comfort level in one zone One unit is designated as the primary stage and the other unit is designated as the secondary stage. The power module boards in both units will use the same DIP switch selection for the Zone (for example, both will be set to Zone 2). On the unit designated “secondary” the power module board DIP switch identified as “Ext Stage” must be set to the ON position in order to configure the power module board for the on-demand secondary stage operation (in this example Zone 2 and Ext Stage DIP switches are in the ON position). In this stage configuration, the CCC 2 thermostat temperature set-point will be used for both the primary and the secondary stage air conditioner/ heat pump. Only one indoor temperature sensor is required for this configuration and it must be installed in the power module board configured as the primary control. The turn ON time for the compressors and fans will be controlled to ensure that compressors on the system start one-at-a-time. A minimum delay of 20 to 30 seconds is required between compressor starts
dougrainer 09/26/22 10:25am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II I assume you have this. Doug file:///C:/Users/bcbea/Downloads/3311071.017_DometicRooftopACMechanicalComfortSingleZoneControl_SVM_AMER(en)_2012_01.pdf
dougrainer 09/26/22 10:20am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

E1 is communication error, which you have fixed with the new modular connections. YES, Zone 1 is NOT listed and is the default Zone 1 for the Dometic system. The 2 COM cables for each AC control board. There is no preference at all. You can use either one. EACH does the same thing. Are you stating you did NOT see any corrosion on the ends you replaced? Remember, EACH AC, you have the 2 modular connections on the Control board, THEN BOTH those com cables go about 18 inches and then connect to the supplied unit a quick connect union. So, in your 3 AC system, you will have a total of 11 modular connections. Did you replace all 11? Some are NOT used, but need replaced anyway. Doug
dougrainer 09/26/22 10:16am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

The reason I suggested adding the remote interior temp sensor is to allow that 2nd ext unit to turn off and on, by sensing the actual temp of the area it is cooling. I also do not know what the problems may be by setting it at Zone 3, versus just an extension of Zone 1. If the 2 AC units were within 5 feet or less, than using the wall tstat may be best. I looked at a similar model Cedar Creek and it did show a middle AC, then all the way up front, the front AC and all the way at the back, the rear AC. Indeed 10 to 15 foot spacing. Is your front the LR or the Bedroom? Front to rear, which AC units are EXT? Doug
dougrainer 09/25/22 09:35am Tech Issues
RE: Heat pump question

Thanks Doug, The HP system is on and functioning properly but once the outside temp goes below 40 (according to a temperature gauge I have set up outside the coach) the unit will run continuously doesn't get the room warm enough to reach the set temperature to shut down the HP. Then after maybe an hour or so of continuous running will eventually start making the noise. I would suspect the Outside ambient temp sensor is bad. Doug
dougrainer 09/24/22 03:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

I guess I could do that but the wall thermostat is in the same room. It seems to work OK as is. How close are those 2 AC units? Doug
dougrainer 09/24/22 03:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

BTW, Have ANY of the AC units been replaced since new? Doug
dougrainer 09/24/22 12:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

Remember, now you have designated that AC as Zone 3. You need to purchase a temp thermister and connect to that Zone 3 so you have individual sense of all 3 Zones. Just run it just below the Zone 3 AC and mount to the ceiling close to a return ac duct cover. Doug
dougrainer 09/24/22 12:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Heat pump question

Don't take the switchover temp too literal. It all depends on the outside ACTUAL temp below the shroud of the Heat Pump. On Tiffin's, the clicking noise could be just as simple as the foil tape in the ductwork is peeling up on an edge. That will make a clicking sound. Now, are you stating you have the HP ON and heating, and when you notice the outside is about 40, the HP shuts OFF and then makes the clicking sound and the Floor furnace does NOT come on? Remember, the furnace will only come ON if the inside temp calls for heat. Another clicking noise may be the defrost cycle and you hear the ice dropping off the condensor onto the HP mount pan. Another cause may be a defective reversing solenoid. Some HP units will still function all the way down to outside 32 to 34 degrees. Because the HP shroud insulates partially the outside ambient temp. You can force the furnace to come ON in HP mode. This will cause the HP to shut down and the furnace mode activate just like in outside 35 degree ambient. Lets say the interior temp is 60 degrees. Set the HP at 64 degrees. Once the HP comes on, after a few minutes, manually raise the tstat temp display to 75 degrees. That will trigger an automatic shut down of the HP and start the furnace. See if you have the same sounds or if the system functions normally. Doug
dougrainer 09/24/22 11:20am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

Doug. I found something in the manual that explains my setup. In the Special Features Section the subject is Stage Select. Stage Select - Two Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Units (Select Models) On 1 Zone It won't let me post the entire paragraph due to some type of strange formatting of that section but it describes how mine is set up. Learn something new every day. I was going to ask if you had 2 CCC wall tstats, but yeas the EXT will suffice for YOUR set up. So, to get back to your problem. Do BOTH (EXT)connected on Zone 1 AC units come ON and it is the Zone 2 that is NOT coming on? While I remember the EXT, make note that I have NEVER in 25 years of CCC control, had any OEM utilize that feature. That is why I never posted about this possible. How close are the 2 AC units to each other on the roof? Unless they are within 5 feet of each other it makes NO SENSE to use the EXT function to control. BUT, the BAD of it is, YOU have to kill the breaker. Like 99 99/100 of all CCC installs, it gives the RV'er the option of just turning any AC off at the tstat, istead of killing a breaker. That bad idea of this is, you are pulling about 27 to 30 qmps of service when both are running and this limits your options unless you kill the breaker for one. Since I have never had to utilize or even see an EXT used, I have no technical knowledge of the parameters of this system. Still, since Zone 2 is not working, I would do what you are going to do, replace the modular connections. Remember, you need to check all 3 AC modular connections just to make sure you don't have a potential problem later. Doug
dougrainer 09/24/22 08:33am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

3. Does the CCC2 show a display for BOTH Zones? Or does the AC that is inop has no Zone display? The inop is the 2nd AC on Zone 1. I have 2 Zones but 3 ACs. Display is normal. This is in a 2017 Cedar Creek. WRONG!. If you have 3 AC units you have 3 zones. So, if you do not have Zones 1/2/3 showing you have a problem. Usually when you have a 5th wheel, Zone 1 is the Main living room, BUT NOT always the case. ON each AC control board will be DIP switches. So, you flip the DIP switch for Zone 2 on 1 AC and DIP switch 3 for the third AC. Now, as a temp sensor. Ideally you have the remote sensors. BUT, if the CCC2 is located on a wall that will sense the interior temp for that Zone, IT can be a temp sensor and then you only have to run a remote temp sensors for the other zones. I have never seen or even know if you can connect 2 Dometic AC units together on one Zone. IF you do, then you get a COM error on the wall tstat. Since it sees 2 AC control boards. I have 25 years of servicing the Dometic CCC system, ever since it came out. Are you the original owner? YES, all 3 AC units are daisy chained. In my previous post, you would have a COM cable from the 2nd to 3rd AC unit.
dougrainer 09/23/22 09:47am Tech Issues
RE: Fridge Fan Swich Failed

Is the refer in a slide room? IF SO, running the fan 24/7 will yield the best possible performance of the refer. But, NO, to your question. There is no possible harm by running the fan 24/7. Doug
dougrainer 09/23/22 09:37am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic CCII Control Board for Penquin II

1. CCC2 2. You need to add more info 3. Does the CCC2 show a display for BOTH Zones? Or does the AC that is inop has no Zone display? 4. It is extremely RARE for a CCC2 wall tstat and upper AC board to be defective. 5. The CONTROLS are 12 volt, NOT 120 volt. So, most common problem on CCC2 systems is lack of communication for the Inop Zone. AND, most common failure is corroded Communication cable quick connect ends. 6. The COM cables use RJ22 modular ends and use a standard 4 wire flat Phone TYPE cable. But NOT wired like a phone cable. You cannot use a standard prebuilt phone cable to test. The ends on a COM cable the wires are reversed. 7. Most common failure of a Penguin COM cable is corrosion where the ends are plugged in, in front of the evaporator due to the moist environment. There are 2 COM wire cables plugged into the upper board. Then those 2 wires go about 18 inches and are connected with a quick connect splice at the evaporator area. IF when you check, I always cut off and replace the RJ11 connections(all of them on the zone). Takes 5 minutes and that removes a bad connection and usually the corrosion will be very evident. 8. BOTH roof AC units have this com cable between them. So you need to check the operating AV Com cables also. Usual connection is --Wall tstat to Zone 1, then a Com Cable to Zone 2. That is why each AC control boards have 2 Modular connections. Doug
dougrainer 09/23/22 08:16am Tech Issues
RE: Both blinkers flash for right and left

The positions are labeled the same, but the colors are all different; hence you would be putting the wrong color wire on the terminal. I stand corrected on the color code. The chart on Etrailer's website is the same as the one Bucky posted. Could Etrailer be wrong? Etrailer Link There are 2 different versions of a 7 way Bargman. I posted the CORRECT one for RV's. I have no idea what the other version is used on. Also, 4 way flat(utility and boat trailers), the Yellow IS Left and the BROWN is Clearance and the GREEN is right. But when people try to update their 4 way flat to a 7 way, they use the wrong colors on the pins. Over the years it always seemed to be CW and U haul that screwed this up when wiring vehicles. Doug
dougrainer 09/21/22 03:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Both blinkers flash for right and left

7 wire color chart Absolutely WRONG! This is the problem with using the Web to find out things. This is the correct RV 7 way. Doug
dougrainer 09/21/22 08:09am Tech Issues
RE: Both blinkers flash for right and left This is just one version of that box. Doug
dougrainer 09/20/22 09:27am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic RM2652 climate control switch

1. ALL white wires EXCEPT the 2 pin connector below the 6 pin connector are GROUND wires. The 2 Pin with white is the Temp Thermister that goes to the refer evaporator. So, if you have a white wire that is NOT connected, that means the control board is NOT getting the negative signal to operate. Has nothing to do with the Climate control system. Pic would help a lot. Doug
dougrainer 09/20/22 09:00am Tech Issues
RE: Both blinkers flash for right and left

I am learning from you people and the interweb. After a few searches I see the ESCO KAL wiring harness has 6 wires (yellow being aux), with red(LT&B) brown(RT&B), green(tail lights). The harness wires go in to, (I wish I was smart enough to know what every part was called) a rectangular rubber "thingy", and a red, brown, green set of wires comes out the other side and goes to the back of my trailer. Anyone who has forgotten more that I will ever know is laughing at my ignorance. Anyway, it looks as if the right wires are indeed going to my tail light modules. BINGO, That box is your problem. Once they went to LED trailer lights(low amp pull), some OEM's installed that box to allow the SIDE clearance lights to flash when turn signals ON. Left turn signal Left side markers flash. Right turn signal, right side markers flash. That box is defective. There should be a Brand and P/N on the box and if you are still under warranty, the OEM will replace. Doug
dougrainer 09/20/22 08:47am Tech Issues
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