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RE: Bolts to Replace Retractable Steps

Spray Liquid Wrench on the exposed bolts/nuts and let sit for 24 hours. The 4 nuts should then spin off easily without causing the Carriage bolts to spin in the wood below the rubber mat. Doug
dougrainer 01/14/21 07:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Heart Interface converter/inverter/charger

How old are your batteries? Have you checked the water in them? If they really are dropping to 10 volts you may have bad batteries. Bingo. Bad Batteries or boiled dry batteries will indeed cause havoc on a Inverter/Charger system. Doug
dougrainer 01/13/21 08:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Aquahot issues

1. If 1 zone has no hot air and the other does, 99% of the time the Circulation pump is bad on a 6 year old system. The other 1% would be the zone check valve is stuck for that zone and does not allow hot coolant to circulate 2. Unlimited Hot water depends requires the Diesel Burner to be ON and has run long enough(usually 30 minutes or less) to heat the coolant tank which is about 7 gallons of coolant. Once the Tank coolant is at temp, the Diesel burner will then keep the coolant hot enough for unlimited hot water. HAVE YOU DONE THIS? 3. If you have done as listed above then the odds are the Stir Pump is not running. Rarely does the Mixing valve go bad. 4. Depending on the age(yours is 6 years) and how often the Aqua Hot had been used in those 6 years, it is very possible that both the Zone Pump and Circulation pump are gummed up and defective. Aqua Hot has a new style Circulation pump that does not have this type problem. If you look at the 3 Circulation pumps at the Burner side, IF they have clear covers, those are the old style. 5. A Aqua Hot "service" does not take into account the problem you are experiancing. A Aqua Hot service just replaces the fuel nozzle and the Fuel filter and sets the Spark Gap. BUT, the service center should then do a complete operational check---Ensure Hot water is unlimited and the Heat zones work. Most Service Centers do not do this. I get customers all the time that come in and state they want the yearly Service. I then ask WHY and if they have any problems and they state problems similar to yours. I tell them a standard YEARLY SERVICE does NOT fix this type problem. There will be an extra charge to diag and fix any operation problems after the yearly service. I, ALSO, before I do any Aqua Hot Service if the customer does NOT state any problems will do an operation check BEFORE doing the Service. Then we call the customer BEFORE we do the service to let them know that the Yearly Service will probably not fix the problems we see. 6. The Zone pump and Stir pumps are the same model pump. Doug
dougrainer 01/13/21 08:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Plumbing pressure relief

I am always amazed about perceived repairs to a simple problem. 1. I have NEVER in 41 years as an RV Tech had a specific complaint that the OP posted 2. WITHOUT the air gap in the Water heater, the pop off valve will leak once the HOT water in the tank reaches 150 psi. Without a INLET cold water Check Valve that pressure will extend to the cold water piping. 3. An accumulator tank is not needed for this specific problem. It may diminish the problem but you need to FIX the cause of the problem 4. Establish the Air Gap in the Water Heater Tank 5. Install a check valve on the Water Heater Cold Inlet. Doug To restore the Air Gap Turn off water heater. Turn off incoming water supply. Open the closest hot water faucet in the coach. Pull handle of pressure-temperature relief valve straight out and allow water to flow until it stops. Allow pressure-temperature relief valve to snap shut, close the faucet then turn on the water supply.
dougrainer 01/12/21 10:11am Tech Issues
RE: Heart Interface converter/inverter/charger

The simple answer is-----The OLD Heart Inverter/Charger and current products do NOT let the battery charge drop at all as long as you are plugged into Shore Power. The Inverter/Charger will MAINTAIN the existing 12 volt power. It should never drop to 10 volts unless you are disconnected from 120 power and drawing 12 volt current. Now, while you could have the Heart serviced or fixed, it is not cost effective on a 22 year old Inverter/Charger. I would not worry about it until the 12 volt system dies when the Heart finally completely fails. IF you decide to replace, there is NO plug and play replacement. You will have to change the Inverter/Charger(It is called Xantrex now) and the remote wiring harness and get a new remote. Your old remote only works with the Heart, not with the newer Xantrex models. Doug
dougrainer 01/12/21 03:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Holiday Rambler in tank fuel pump quit. Cant find relay?

The 300 cummins starts and idles fine. Goes into high idle fine and even revs if not under load. Once in gear with brake set or driving it will stumble, rebound and then stumble again in a cycling way like running out of fuel. My diesel mechanics scan tool shows no fuel pressure from any aux fuel pump, but it does show vac. pressure from hi pressure pump drawing fuel to the engine. Dont know for certain there is an aux pump, but assuming there is because tank is over 20 feet from the engine and seems should be one. Manual makes no mention of one tho? On top of tank there are number of wires going thru a portal into the tank and seems like more than needed for sending unit. Two good diesel mechanics believe Cumminns ISB300 engines have an aux pump, but could they be wrong? Manual does mention that clogged tank vent can give issues and guess id better check it out, but didnt ghink could be culprit. Hoping might be some good techs on the Monaco group provuded me, but busy next couple days. Thanks much for replies and advice. On the Manual I sent you the link to. Go to the Calibrating part of the Fuel tank sending unit. You will see WHY there are more wires than you think is necessary. I was waiting for others to reply. I NEVER saw any In tank fuel pump on a Roadmaster Chassis. The fuel pick up and return is just 4 hoses. The 3rd/4th hose is for the optional Aqua Hot and Genset feeds. The good news is, since the Fuel pump system is part of Cummins, you should be able to get it fixed by a Cummins Service Center. Doug
dougrainer 01/12/21 03:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: shower head

The REASON RV shower heads drizzle when the OEM shut off is OFF is simple. The HOSE from the faucet to the Shower head is NOT designed for continous 45 plus PSI water pressure. Purchase a metal flexable hose when installing a positive cut off Shower head valve. Doug} Sorry Doug but that's not it. I used two shut off valves in my RV and confirmed this The first was a full shut off, a quarter turn ball valve that I ended up using elsewhere. The problem is if you went FULL OFF then when you turned it back on (Depending on several things) you either got a blast of COLD or SUPER HOT water (120) The "Shower cut off" dribbled. and thus did not do that. and that's why they dribble The hose is designed to take 40-50-60-78-80 Likely 100 PSI or more for a long long time. You know, You have NO IDEA and NO EXPERTISE, but you have constantly posted. I KNOW what I am talking about. I have 41 years of dealing with this type problem and have had numerous customers that used a positive cut off and have had the hose burst. Doug
dougrainer 01/11/21 04:51pm Tech Issues
RE: shower head

My problem has been that our shower head has a valve on it, which I want, but they drizzle, when closed, which allows the hose to fill with cold water. What I have done is go to Tractor Supply and in their farm/field sprayer area they have 1/2" National Pipe Tapper, NPT, to threaded Garden Hose fittings. This would be, female pipe to male garden hose, and female garden hose to male pipe. Take the shower head off the hose, Put the adaptors on the hose and head then put a garden hose valve on the hose then the head on the hose valve. Now the when you turn the garden hose valve off, it will not drizzle, and the water temperature will hardly change. The REASON RV shower heads drizzle when the OEM shut off is OFF is simple. The HOSE from the faucet to the Shower head is NOT designed for continous 45 plus PSI water pressure. Purchase a metal flexable hose when installing a positive cut off Shower head valve. Doug
dougrainer 01/11/21 11:25am Tech Issues
RE: Looking for Dometic DMR702 service manual

I'm not 100% sure I have solved my ambient temperature problem. But, I do feel I am gaining ground on it. Since I started this thread, I have learned\done this: 1. My electrode was bad. I replaced it. 2. Frost on my tank is two fold A. If the ambient temperature is below ~35, propane can't vaporize quickly enough to provide gas for appliances to work correctly. In cold weather, never let your tank(s) get below 1/2. B. Regulators on RVs (as with many things) are the cheapest the RV vendor could find. In other words, they go bad pretty quickly. In my case, cold weather, bad\inefficient regulators - I replaced both tank regulators and the switch between the tanks with higher quality and increased flow rate rating. 3. In cold weather, the refrigerant can freeze. In summer, the refrigerant can't release the heat it removed from the fridge efficiently. The heat can't be released from the coils since the fridge is "inside of a low air circulation box" (aka built into the side of the camper) A. For summer - increase air circulation by adding temperature controlled fans to get the hot air out. I added two low amperage fans: 1 to suck in the bottom vent; Another to blow air out at the top vent. B. For winter - reduce air circulation (never remove all circulation). I added a shaped foam rubber "stopper" for the lowest louvre of the lower vent door. If the temp is going low, I push the stopper into the lourve to reduce air flow. 4. The inside-of-the-fridge temperature sensor (thermistor) can go bad. I replaced it with a aftermarket variable thermistor. I hope this information helps you. As I mentioned, I am not 100% sure I've corrected the problem - time will tell. I sure know a lot more about RV fridges now :-) OK lets take some misinformation first. 1. LP will vaporize down to -42 degrees. YES, a LOW LP fluid level will hamper vaporization, so YES, keep them full in cold weather 2. DO NOT restrict the air flow in freezing temps. Just add a 60 watt light bulb to the rear outside area of the refer 3. BOTH tank regulators????????????????????? I have NEVER seen a RV LP system with 2 LP regulators. Never in 41 years as a Tech. They have 1 regulator with a dual Auto switchover. Now, some 5th wheels have dual/triple tanks, with 2 tanks on 1 side and the 2nd or third on the opposite side. The hose between those types have a HI PRESSURE regulator to prevent a BAD accident if that hose springs a leak and would spew hi pressure/volume of LP. That hi pressure reg reduces the LP pressure from the tank to the other side. Usually the PSI (NOT the WC LP RV working pressure) is around 150 PSI out of a non regulated LP tank. This Reg drops it to about 30 PSI. 4. While they do use the Cheapest LP regulators, the main enemy of any regulator is, liquid LP. Liquid LP can be easily introduced if the LP cylinder is somehow overfilled. The auto shut offs do not always stop extra liquid when filling. Having a full cylinder whether on DOT tanks or ASME motorhome tanks, can allow the Liquid to slosh in transit and allow liquid to get into the regulator and either causing it to leak of cause pressure problems. 5. It appears that you had multiple problems and you slogged thru and fixed the various problems. Doug
dougrainer 01/11/21 11:21am Tech Issues
RE: Holiday Rambler in tank fuel pump quit. Cant find relay? Page 322 Doug
dougrainer 01/11/21 10:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Removed over/stove...replaced with two burner induction.

Three years ago we got a portable induction single element induction cooker. Since then the DW has maybe used the two burner gas stove a dozen times and we are half timers. In the last year I doubt it was used even one time. Between a crock pot, micro/convection oven, and a single element induction we eat very well. OK, and the portable infrared gas grill for steaks when she will let me have one. Any pot (including most SS) that a magnet will stick to will work as "induction cookware". Tiffin's have come with 2 burner Inductions for over 10 years. Tiffin supplies the correct Pots and Pans for Induction. WE advise and show customers how the system works and TELL them about the correct Pots and Pans to use. I would say we get 3 or 4 customers per year that come in and state the Induction cooktop does NOT work. We find they threw away the supplied correct Pots and Pans and are using non magnetic Pots and Pans. I have a 5 burner at home and would never use anything else(my wife is SOLD on Induction) including Natural gas burners. I also found that if you lift the Pot off the surface just a inch or so, the Pot continues to operate. Doug
dougrainer 01/08/21 12:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 4' LED Shop Lights In Costco?

I guess some on this post use the 4 foot Shop lights for light and connect to the Garage door opener light socket with a screw in adapter. One thing I found out the hard way is, REGULAR 4 foot Shop lights use to much amps if you connect more than 2 bulbs to the light socket on the Garage door opener. It can burn out the control board or the light socket from use over time. Now, I use LED 4 foot shop lights. I have 2 LED 4 foot dual light fixtures connected to my each Garage door opener. About 160 watts, less than 2 amp draw and the light is great. I am a big fan of ALL LED lights. Less current draw which does not overload circuits in the house. The LED's I have do not have those little LED squares that are visible like glue on LED light strips. Doug
dougrainer 01/08/21 08:37am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Fridge stopped working in cold weather? Ideas?

1. THERE IS NO INDICATION OF A BAD 120 ELEMENT on Dometic refers. Other than NO COOL on AUTO. 2. Access the rear Main control board. Find the 120 element in the Burner flue sleeve. There will be 2 wires. Those wires go to the rear control board. VERY carefully. With the rear control board cover removed, you will see the 2 spade wire connections from the 120 element. With the refer ON and on Auto, check for 120 volts between the 2 Heat element spades. If you have 120 volts the 120 element is bad. If you do NOT have 120 volts, go beside the spade connections and you will see where the 120 power cord connects to the control board. See is you have 120 volts. If you do, then the control board is bad. Doug
dougrainer 01/06/21 02:22pm Tech Issues
RE: vac u flush

There are 2 types of remote Toilets 1. TRUE Vac u Flush, uses a remote vac pump to "pull" the debris from the toilet thru the Vac Pump small reservoir and then forces the waste to the remote Black tank. This uses very little water, usually about a pint per flush. 2. The 2nd is a Macerator style pump system, that uses plain force from the pump in the toilet to get the waste to the Black tank. This is the most common remote RV toilet used 3. The Vac u flush I have only seen in Fleetwood Motorhome products, but I know others use them. The disadvantage to the Vac u Flush is, the down pipe from the toilet to the Vac pump is only 1 inch in diameter. Then it has a larger hose from the Vac pump to the Tank. I have worked on just 1 and it was because the down hose from the toilet was clogged. REAL PIA to work on because you have a few qts of sewage water to deal with. Then they usually install the Vac pump in a inaccessable area under the main floor. 4. I would opt for the Macerator toilet rather than the Vac u Flush.
dougrainer 01/05/21 10:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Brisk Air II fail

Your Welcome:B Doug (NIASE certified and MASTER CERTIFIED RV TECH) Remember, your record is good because you went for help. PS. The MOST common cause of your problem is NOT torquing the mount bolts correctly, not that they installed the impellor wrong Did you read the part about being an ASE mechanic. The bolts were torqued to 45 inch pounds. I still have over $10,000 worth of tools. Probably almost as many as you have. :) It is a good thing you fixed it. If you had taken to a Dometic service center, odds are they would have charged you for the repair. I have repaired/replaced upwards of a Thousand AC units, and NEVER had one that the Impellor was rubbing by Manufacturer (appliance)build mistake. Always install error. FYI, due to insurance purposes, My Boxes and Tools total over $34k. 41 years as an RV Mechanic kind of adds up in tools. Doug
dougrainer 01/02/21 04:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Brisk Air II fail

Your Welcome:B Doug (NIASE certified and MASTER CERTIFIED RV TECH) Remember, your record is good because you went for help. PS. The MOST common cause of your problem is NOT torquing the mount bolts correctly, not that they installed the impellor wrong
dougrainer 01/02/21 11:13am Tech Issues
RE: Good time to buy class a diesel?

Our dealership has sold out of Diesels. We have just 1 or 2 NEW left. Used are selling fast. Our Motorhome makers cannot supply us with Stock units. Almost all ordered all sold. Doug PS, I am AMAZED that with the Covid economy, that RV sales are so HIGH.
dougrainer 12/31/20 03:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Powerglide Chassis

I forgot to mention the additional advantage of a Motorhome builder making their own chassis/frame. Like Roadmaster and Alpine, Powerglide chassis/frame are built for the particular Floorplan. Freightliner and Sparten chassis are all built the same and the Motorhome builder has to adapt the box and such to that frame. Doug
dougrainer 12/31/20 11:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Powerglide Chassis

Looking to upgrade to a used Allegro Bus on the Powerglide chassis in a few months. How does this Tiffin built chassis compare to Freightliner? Are parts readily available in case of a break down? How is the ride on one?? Looking for any advise on these. Steve The ride is great. If you have the optional Valid Hydraulic/Air leveling system control(system uses HWH and a special air bag system), the Valid ride control, can be optimized using a Laptop PC, with Tiffins consent, to control the roll and sway when making turns to prevent sway left and right. A few on my customers have had that done at Red Bay by Tiffin. Doug
dougrainer 12/31/20 08:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Powerglide Chassis

1. The old Monaco built their Chassis from the ground up. But as Freightliner and Sparten did, they used standard Diesel engines from Cummins or Caterpiller. They used standard Transmissions, usually from Allison and the Drive Axles system was Dana or Eaton. The rest of the chassis was built by Roadmaster 2. Now, for Powerglide by Tiffin and exclusive to Tiffin. 3. Tiffin builds the Powerglide from the ground up. Frame and rails and all steel is built by Tiffin in Red Bay. 3. They as other do use Cummins/Allison/Dana and other brands for the running gear. 4. The reason Tiffin started Powerglide, was twofold. A. Freightliner was having a hard time keeping up with the demand B. Tiffin was tired of paying out of his pocket for his customers that were getting screwed by various Freightliner service centers by charging customers for warranty repairs that were actually Freightliner covered items. This was also true of Cummins warranty repairs and Allison repairs. Freightliner would ALWAYS state it was a Body Builder caused problem, hence not warranty by them. 5. The Powerglide chassis was designed by the Engineer that designed the Western(Alpine motorhome) RV Diesel Class A chassis. Once Western went under over 10 years ago, Tiffin hired that engineer to do the Powerglide. The main difference between Western chassis and Tiffin is, Western had NO AIR BRAKE system. 6. Tiffin has authorized service centers for the Powerglide chassis. The individual components,(Engine/Transmission/Rear End) will be handled by the supplying vendors, just like on a Freightliner or Sparten. 7. Most Customers swear by the Powerglide and want nothing else in a Tiffin Diesel. Doug
dougrainer 12/31/20 08:32am Class A Motorhomes
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