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RE: Loss of Credit Cards and other Important Items

Need zippers on my pocket. The key fob to the Ford apparently fell out while sitting? somewhere. Bill fold is kept in left front pocket has fallen out too. I have some clothing with zippers or buttons on pockets..but on legs and the slamming of it on my leg all the time would not be great. I have left a Debit card at a checkout and discovered it 200 miles away. Fortunately Relative nearby that store retrieved it for me and mailed it home. I have one card that has disappeared but no one has used it, Got a replacement a few weeks back. No telling how many months or years ago it disappeared. I don't use cards, don't buy anything, except fuel on two cards.
down home 03/01/21 03:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: Unnecessary Warnings Shown on Products

I have no explanation for the current crop of nitwits and criminals in governments and elsewhere unless they are all smoking dope, because that will sure do it.
down home 02/27/21 03:06am Around the Campfire
RE: Unnecessary Warnings Shown on Products

Next there will be disclaimers warning to NOT WASH YER HAIR IN THE CAR WASH. Geesh :R I plan on washing the ht rod first day it is near 70 early. I get pretty sweaty. Thought about hosing down outside. Do you suppose Mequires wash and wax would give me a youthful sheen and managable hair?
down home 02/26/21 04:15pm Around the Campfire
Poortry corner

Bacon is red! Bacon is rough! One piece of bacon is never enough!
down home 02/21/21 01:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: Cordless blowers

We have the Green one,whatever the brand is. Battery weighs more than the rest of it. It does a great job and has a boost switch for max output. It will put the strain on your forearm. If I was the adventurer type I would take our old Ma Bell Switch board chair, with wheels,and see how fast I could go but there is a bit of slope and the creek is cold.
down home 02/19/21 09:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: HaveYou Ever Noticed: How to Prevent Ghosts Hanits etc

I don't have elephants in my yard and it ain't because of bagpipes. My dog handles those duties I'm Scottish/Irish descendant and I hate bagpipes.......shrill noise but I bet it scared the bejeebies out of foes Got any Haints, Ghosts,Grubs or Moles? it is because you don't play the pipes,see!
down home 02/19/21 09:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: A little lighter subject to discuss

It's because of torque pedaling and shifting thrust from right to left while peddling especially if you are trying to climb a hill or something.The rear tire even gets a bit warmer than the front. It's been a long time since I had a bike. It was heavy with cast iron front section with two springs suspension on the front forks and three speed hub. I had some big legs from peddling that things. Tires were made a bit heavier back then,than the now ubiqutous Chinese tires and used tubes to boot. And weight of rider is mostly on the rear tire,I think.
down home 02/18/21 11:22pm Around the Campfire
HaveYou Ever Noticed: How to Prevent Ghosts Hanits etc

Have you ever noticed, that in none of these photos, videos, and accounts of Ghosts, Haints, Big Feet and UFOs, there is no one playing bagpipes? your kids scardish,at night from all these Folks peep though the windows and making outlandish noises and throwing things? Well the evidence is over whelming! These Fellers won't bother you if you are playing bagpipes, or possibly recordings of bag pipe serenades. I don't know why it took so long to realize,that no one was playing bagpipes while they were being hainted by ghosts and such or pelted with rocks or stick by Big Feets! So if you got problems with these Fellers get yourself a bagpipe, or at least a recording or two and some big speakers and keep them sootheed!
down home 02/18/21 11:04pm Around the Campfire
RE: Not Crazy About Snow and Cold

Snow and cold does not bother me in the least. Much better than 87° and 95% humidity. Well you get steam cleaned, just drink lots of water. Remember when we didn't have ac? We had 440ac in cars though, Four windows down at 40 mph
down home 02/17/21 02:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: wind power

I hateI40 through Texas any more.Nothing but tens of thousands of Turbines.About 1/2-1/3 spinning at onetime.You could not pay me to live within eye sight of them. They are irritating unnatural intrusion,and with car window ,where they are close and not so close to the road the peculiar sound combined with the spinning turbines work on your nerves.One can hear the turbines while in a vehicle driving through on the interstate? One not in a vehicle is more disturbed by the turbines than the “natural sounds” made by interstate traffic? I wonder if “natural beauty” is more disturbed by turbines or the interstate (the pot calling the kettle ....). If we’re going to install something people fell spoils natural beauty it may as well be where it is already spoiled (along transportation corridors, along electrical transmission corridors, near heavy industry, amongst oil/has well heads, old strip mines, etc). Notice they install them in the country where it won't disturb the users! They should be in Houston and Austin etc where the demand is. I had considered some time ago buying property in the fertile plains and putting some cattle on it but not with those turbines there. I bet home builders are few in those areas. Some cattle and bit of farming but it appears everyone leaves the area when they can.Noted a very few homes in the area.....and the window shades blinds etc were all down. I would hate to have endure the ugly low pitched noise and sigh of those things when the blinds were open and every time I stepped out the door.Not much better than living in the middle of refineries, I imagine. In Pa took side road nor much room in the hills for homes but those ugly annoying monsters on the hill tops. feeding power to some far away city. Use to everyone went to the country to get away not any more for a great many unless they drive far away maybe.
down home 02/17/21 07:09am Around the Campfire
RE: wind power

I hateI40 through Texas any more.Nothing but tens of thousands of Turbines.About 1/2-1/3 spinning at onetime.You could not pay me to live within eye sight of them. They are irritating unnatural intrusion,and with car window ,where they are close and not so close to the road the peculiar sound combined with the spinning turbines work on your nerves.
down home 02/16/21 08:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: No power

down home 02/16/21 09:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Again Texas Fails Its Citizens

Twenty mega watts plus is off the grid due to frozen turbines and all of them are now consuming power trying to keep from freezing. If you depend on government or business for your security well..... We don't have a back up generator yet but relatives do and in 2011 when without power for weeks they had power. We lose electricity we have the fire place. Wife has cooked on the bbq grill on the car port at our last home. If your RV has a generator, having a plug installed and switch at the house a 10kw, preferably 15kw or larger onboard diesel generator and full tank of diesel would keep you warm. A great advantage to owning a Mh if you have a garage for it near home. Nothing else roll out the slides turn on the generator. Everyone here young enough or in shape or with the finances needs to make arrangements for self sufficiency!
down home 02/16/21 09:49am Around the Campfire
RE: Not Crazy About Snow and Cold

One great thing about the expected week or more of freezing temps and ice in the south, is it may kill a whole lot of fire and crazy ant the big snakes released that have spread into Mississippi and Louisiana and possibly Texas. it will put a dent into the armadillos which have spread into, Arkansas,Oklahoma, west and middle Tennessee also. will put a lot of nitrogen into farm and lawn soil and loosen it too. I predict a next wave behind these two storms that will be more to the east and get the rest of the east and Ga and Fla.
down home 02/14/21 01:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: Short Term Freezing Weather Tips?

Just looked at the forecast. Fill your fresh water tank and disconnect al hoses, as per others. Your furnaces will be running as the heat pumps won't handle that much cold. Be sure your propane tanks are full. The furnaces should keep the bays from freezing but still I wold put a drop cord and 100 watt bulb in the wet bay,where it won't melt any plastics etc it may be a few days of subfreezing weather so you night want to get a heat tape for the water faucet itself, and a heated water hose. You won't be driving out of the cold it is all around you. This would be advice for our old MH but if a new all electric I'm not sure. There should be some provision to keep bays warm and you may even have a wet bay heater.
down home 02/14/21 11:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Not Crazy About Snow and Cold

Here in the South it has been rather mid for some time. Up on the Plateau. Sisterreports6 snows so far this winter and more to come. When I was young I didn't let snow and cold keep me from anything. I hunted at 13 below the winter in the sixties where it snowed on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in every week in January and into March. Snow from Halloween was around at Christmas. I put on clothes to deal with it. Complete silence, The birds ether flew south or were buried in tunnels in the snow. No game out at all. But I enjoyed it. Until, after the big snows of the seventies,when the river and lakes froze(I imagine they did too in the sixties) over no one had any snow plows or salt trucks. There is a reason the surviving cabins from the1800s all had steep pitched roofs, snow and lots of it. We will see it again unless we are entering another Jurasic period. We have all just grown soft!
down home 02/14/21 10:49am Around the Campfire
RE: Signs of Cognitive Decline

Went fishing one time at least, and ...left rod and 100 miles away at home! Went hunting once, left ammunition,and billfold with license ...110 miles away back home! In formative years, made myself a bowl of corn flakes, added sugar...and buttermilk, Jesh! this doesn't taste right. Poured it out and got another bowl of cornflakes, added sugar...and butter milk, jesh this doesn't taste right.Said I did it again.Poured it out.I;ll get it right this time Made myself another bowl of cornflakes.added sugar and......buttermilk. Tasted it and having used up a box of cornflakes,said it must be fate and ate it! Fortunately Corn flakes were like 39-49 cents a box then.
down home 02/13/21 03:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Pier fishing inFlorida

Isn't the old Skyway bridge billed as the longest or highest fishing pier? Or did they finally tear it down. I think so. It was one of the two or three we were considering.
down home 02/11/21 11:04pm Around the Campfire
RE: Signs of Cognitive Decline

down home 02/11/21 06:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: Signs of Cognitive Decline

Auto Pilot! Wife worked in Nashville. At lunch they would mot often take her car. They would most often arrive at one destination or other, they did not really intend to go. Like a horse, it almost seemed the car decided that was were it was supposed to go!One thing about a well trained horse he heads for home, while you relax in the saddle or buggy...unless.. I have den it too. headed for a destination with business on my mind and ended up at a frequent destination, but not the one intended.
down home 02/11/21 02:52pm Around the Campfire
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