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RE: Replacement Scare Light Bulbs

Took out the old and replaced it with LED 1156 equivalent I believe. Many variations some with a few leds some with many more. I paid too much an an RV parts place about 11.00, I think. On line many a lot cheaper. I installed the longest one that would fit. They will fit all the bay or luggage compartment lights too and 12 volt lights inside but might be a bit intense. On line they list the brightness in degrees kelvin, I think.
down home 11/30/20 07:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Quiet heater that doesn’t drain batteries ?

Produce moisture? Look at your front window and others when it is 32 outside and raining and furnaces run all night.
down home 11/30/20 03:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Strange advice

Jacking them refers to backing the RV into tight spots, and the two or more axles make the sidewalls and..the threads really squirm sideways. On concrete you can often see the black marks and hear them. It can an does make the belts slip. Heavier constructed and larger tires resist the damage better.
down home 11/30/20 03:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Drawer latches

I do believe shocks and... a sway bar would stop some of the throwing of dishes, silver ware and pantry items all over the RV. Don't hear much of this in Motor Home do we. Even Fifth Wheels and Trailers with shocks don't have sway bars. I think they should. No big project to install one I think, once you determine weight an appropriate sway bar. Also Air Ride hitches really do help a lot. Going west on I40, when it was like driving on rail road ties or boulder field, back then, we saw a lot of pitching and heaving of Firth Wheels and Trailers.Ours rode smooth. Looking out the rear glass of the F350 we could see the air bag adsorbing the beating from the road. I bet the shocks were hot too.
down home 11/30/20 09:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Strange advice

how many reports of blowouts on Towables have we seen on the forums or experience ourselves and..Marathon tires was featured a lot more than once. As in our Holiday Rambler they used older light truck tires not up to the weight of a loaded or even empty unit. Plus...tire squirm when jacking them around to park or even on really curvy roads, with two axles or more. We lost two and the other two were getting ready to shed their threads and the Fifth Wheel wasn't even two years old. They put what ever tires and wheel they can get at the best price, read cheapest to get them out the door, on most of the units. I changed our tires from a G to an H rating LT truck tire and a better grade of tire also and next larger size and from 16 to 17 inch and to aluminum rims from steel. Those Marathon and other ST tires are only rated to 65 mph? I do not wish to drive a rolling obstacle down the road. After so many reports over the years I believe ST tires should be relabeled to RTB ready to blow or shed threads. Apparently their essential criteria is how cheap can we make them to attract RV mfgs. Marathon tires should read out of breath and will self destruct before the marathon is over, IMO.
down home 11/30/20 09:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Quiet heater that doesn’t drain batteries ?

I Our Mh we always had a window cracked open. No way at sub freezing temps the heat Pumps could keep it warm so the furnaces kick in. Build up of moisture inside from the furnaces get bad. If you are dry camping a big battery bank powering the blowers on the furnaces is about your only option. When people buy a Fifth Wheel of Trailer they at least on their first unit don't seem to think about cold weather packages and heating. You need the furnaces to also keep the tanks and lines from freezing. Some heat is directed their way. An onboard generator was/is an option on some unites, and tha4t would be the only logical way to power electric heaters. We ran a small heater off inverter and batteries once and it sucked the batteries down real quick. But lead acid should be fully cycled sometimes. As to noise. I would shop the two but possibly more units available for RVs. The Atwood and Suburban fit the same space, I believe, but don't quote me. We never looked at a replacement. Small Squirrel cage blowers in the furnace designed for the space RV Mfgs provide are loud but on ours the furnace combustion is the most of the noise, I think.. On ours with the bedroom door closed the noise exposure is reduced.
down home 11/30/20 08:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Thanksgiving 2020

Thanks for your service. Your Birthday was yesterday...but...Happy Birthday.
down home 11/30/20 08:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Water Filtration

By all means get one. Get a big whole house filter such as sold at Lowes and Home Depot. The Culligan at Home Depot with 4x10 in filter and remote sensor is about 70.00, I think fittings and devising a stand to bolt it too are just minor details. Filter media well you will find lot of variety and quality on line. Believe me if you say in Midwestern RV Park with well water you will see the need. Those tiny in line filters clog up mighty fast and then bypass dirty water to the faucet again. Your onboard house filter is as good as the media in it but it will cog up fast, in a week atone of those campgrounds too unless a pre filter to catch the most.
down home 11/28/20 01:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Broken Leaf Springs

Cheap Chinese Springs on Trailers do not equate with American car springs but..I have broken springs, the right side on drag cars but they were pushing2,00 hp and slicks. I've seen a several old cars with broken front coil springs over 72 years. I don't have any book marks or anything but do remember reading of some broken trailer springs here overtime. Quite a few problems with broken shackles and worn out spring bushings...because or inadequate pieces for the weight and conditions of use Chinese axle bearings such as those I had to remove and replace, with races of two pieces not even meeting in the middle and broken roller bearings. That was on a two axle boat trailer. The current state of affairs I'm not up on as I don't own a new or old towable now.
down home 11/28/20 06:20am General RVing Issues
Bit of a different subject

Sister In Law's Mother passed. I would like to give my Brother an Her a plant that will survive generations in replanted pieces or cuttings. Brothers Sisters and I maybe Cousins have plantings of Hen and Chicks, from Mom, and she got it from her Mother, our Grand Mother, and she from her Mother and she from her Mother. We are quite sure it goes back three generations and believe Grand M told us it went back through her Grand Mother. That means it is somewhere around 200-220 years old. I never payed much attention to the plant, it was just always there. i don't know if older petals die or not.It was always green when I noticed it.If the original petals are still living, I can touch them and touch the same petals,that Mom, and Grand Ma and Great Grand Ma and GGreat Grand Ma touched.That is comforting and a sense that they are still with me.Even if the original petals went along time ago the roots and new petals descended from the originals. Brother and Sister in Law may already have a cutting form Moms plant.I was wondering, you Ladies perhaps know of another plant that lives it seems for eternity if it gets just a little care?
down home 11/27/20 08:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Broken Leaf Springs

Not the first account of broken springs on an RV. Properly made and sized this should never happen. When we had our Holiday Rambler the subject caused me to inspect the axles, springs etc. It was 2002 model. Everything was fine. But getting the units out the door was/ is first quality is second on many models. I'm surprised as injury, death, destroyed RV and Tow Vehicle and lawsuits is probably a consequence, in some cases. Ours had shocks which stops a lot of motion and keeps dishes in the cupboard, and springs in perhaps violent rebound. I don't know if yours has shocks, but suspect most new ones now do. If you determine the spring broke of its own accord replace them all with American springs. ...and put on shock mounting kits. We sue to have a spring shop in the next city over, and they could calculate what the spring rate and spring was needed and build sets themselves. The shackles may need replacing, with larger ones requiring welding perhaps...and use urethane bushings instead of rubber. On our Motor home the rubber bushings on the sway bar were destroyed in no time. When we unpacked the coach, I estimate at least a thousand pounds of stuff accumulated over the years.Add a thousand or more to your RV weight on the plate, and you may want to change wheels and tires too. We did.
down home 11/27/20 04:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Can Camping World MdseCard beused at GanderMountin?

Hello down home, Thank you for your time and post, Gander Outdoors will accept the Camping World merchandise certificates. What location are you going to? I will be glad to provide you their phone number. Thank you, Ella Good Sam Customer Care Team Thank You. It will be Knoxville most likely. Got their number online. Haven't called them because too many other things going on.
down home 11/27/20 03:47pm Good Sam Club
RE: Can Camping World MdseCard beused at GanderMountin?

Trying to find out this evening. Possibly go to Knoxville early tommorrow to the Gander Mountain there.
down home 11/26/20 10:44pm Good Sam Club
RE: Trans temp gauge reads '0'

It will read cold most of the time. It takes sped load and torque to get it up to show much temperature. Climbing a mountain it will show especially if towing a vehicle. In hot weather it will, of course show earlier. Took ours to Freightliner then Allison shortly after buying it because we thought the trans temp gauge was not working properly. All was fine. That was 2005 model. newer ones I cannot say. Take yours to the factory or to the chassis mfg service service center and have it checked.
down home 11/26/20 05:42pm Class A Motorhomes
Can Camping World MdseCard beused at GanderMountin?

We sold our last RV to Camping World and returned quite a bit of new items we had purchases for it from Camping World. Who knows where the receipts are so they put the substantial amount on a merchandise card. We have no need of any RV products fora while, until we get a new coach. So,Will Gander Mountain except the Camping World Merchandise Card? haven't been there but outdoors type gifts for Christmas is usually what we give or buy for ourselves.
down home 11/26/20 05:27pm Good Sam Club
RE: Drawer latches

Best return for your money is to ask a cabinet maker and possibly have him put proper hardware on the drawers. Ours have magnetic closure and secure latches and ball bearing rails, I was told. I never had need to inspect them and we never had a failure. Probably someone in the RVing community with experience can give type and mfg etc for the hardware but...
down home 11/26/20 05:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Happy Thanksgiving

Amen: Going to be nice today. I had thoughts of shooting a turkey but.... We will have a nice day and give thanks for the blessings we enjoy, that we take for granted.
down home 11/26/20 07:03am Around the Campfire
RE: Gone through 5 water pumps in 2015 cedar creek

I haven't used a Sureflow but in the years here, I think this is the first report of this problem. I thought freezing, but you ruled it out. Then the installation is wrong,in some way, or something is hitting it hard. I don't see a photo and installed which might tell a lot. On the Aqua flow four screws through four rubber vibration isolators, two hose quick connects and on quick connect 12v electrical plug is all there is. Only possible problem would be using a power driver to tighten the screws/bolts down but I think they are stepped on ours. The Sureflow is almost exactly or exactly the same as the Aqua Flow best I remember. Ours is 55psi at 5.5 gallons a minute I think and it would break of its on accord quicker than the Sureflow you have of its own accord. Have a Good Mobile Tech install the next one and look at the whole installation. Water pumps are probably number two in the number of jobs they get called for right behind water heaters, and maybe number one.
down home 11/25/20 02:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Geocache of a mysterious nature...

A lot of people like a bit of controversy, a sensation, the satisfaction of creating it, it's existence even without anyone knowing they did it. It is not allowed on Federal Property, but they will probably leave it alone. When I was kid they called me David Crocket....So I carved David Crocket caught a Bobcat, on one tree near the spot, and captured a bar on another, and David Crockett killed a Bar on this tree on another a mile or so in the woods. I knew no one would believe it bu to find something like that far off the beat track welll...
down home 11/24/20 11:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Reliable Walkie Talkie?

We have a couple of Midland GMRS/FRS radios. We have a couple more somewhere. The reed switches are cra3p on all of them. Easily damaged with a bit of thumb pressure. Range is supposedly about 35 miles, with lots of disclaimers. Wife and I tried for range in Indiana. There might have been a few buildings somewhere in the way. A little over a mile was it. In the woods etc don't expect but hundreds of feet, probably. Considering for a long time 2 meter radios.So much Information/Misinformation is out there. Prices in a couple of shops over from over $600.00 to over $1,000.00 for Motorolas and some others. Power is limited by small batteries and antennas and frequencies. A better model with larger battery on belt etc is available but cumbersome.VHS is allowed in Canada why not here instead of reserved for marine use? It would be a lot cheaper. I will spend a couple hundred maybe three hundred for two radios...with range..and reliability if I could identify them. There surely is someone here with experience not afraid to warranty, so to speak his recommendations. Licenses are not a problem
down home 11/24/20 10:56am Tech Issues
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