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RE: Trouble with California

Ag. Check points;we all know understand and tolerate them,never a problem. Couple of weeks ago we were heade to redwood. National forest from Grants Pas Oregon. Ag check ahead, ok I fall into line with everyone else,multiple lanes,cars trucks,other rv,s. Everyone pauses about thirty seconds and moves on. Normal right? My turn, she looks at my NY tags,Have you any fresh fruits or vegetables on board?" "No we Don,t" "w When was the last time this vehicle was in Ny?" "About 8or9weeks ago." She then grabs a flashlight and inspection miror and gives the undercarriage of both truck and trailer a thorough going over. She then does a second tour inspecting the roof area. I was quite surprised,but oh well not an imposition. "I would like to inspect the interior" "Not with out a warrant" "Sir Weare trying to protect our agricultural resources" "I understand that,bbut you are not entering my trailer without a warrant !" She gave me a look that could kill,and entered her both and made a phone call. Minute is so later she comes out,shoves a handful of invasive critter literature into my hand and said,"move on" Has anyone else been subjected to such nonsense,or did this inspector just have a bone for New Yorkers? Not sure of the large quantity of alien species now here, but....In 03 before Fire Ants were entrenched, we were looking at an RV at Camping World in Nashville. A used unit not really interested in but looked anyway. They just brought it up from South Ga, I think. Tons of Fire Ants cam out.
down home 01/17/20 04:34pm General RVing Issues
Porch light

The porch light on our 05o Revolution has died. Anyone know the bulg number or size, you need to replace the gasket around the ens or anything else? I'll replace ti with an LED if I can find one that fits inside lens. Thanks
down home 01/17/20 04:29pm Tech Issues
RE: I am heartbroken

So Sorry.
down home 01/16/20 12:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: "Leather" coming apart and peeling

Our 2005 has the ultra leather and is in great shape. A year or longer later they started using a cheaper ultra leather, or polyurethane I think it is. it was on these forums and others. We looked at Winnebago, some American Coach and the others and their seat covers feel like the really cheap car seat covers from Japan 30 years ago as well as the seats being smaller and hard and not fitting us.
down home 01/12/20 02:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Haunted Honda CRV

No animated winders but.... My little AMG, four or five years ago, Dad's last cousin on his Mom's side passed. I went to in place of Dad, passed some time ago himself. I couldn't remember the name of the funeral home but the small town, I put in the main street address I would drive down it and fidn the funeral home. Got to town and GPS said turn right, destination ahead on the right so many feet. It was off a few feet but no name nor address, how did the GPS find it?
down home 01/09/20 10:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: Air brakes on Towed

One concern may arise. When we had our Saturn as a towed, applying the brakes hard in the coach would lock up the Saturn's brakes many times. Of course the Saturn was so light you didn't know it was back there. The10 and the 13 Edges no problems bu this new 19 Edge ST has larger and stronger brakes.Though a bit smaller is is about 400lbs heavier than the 13. Proportional response is the way to go. I looked n line at install and activation of Air Force 1 just a bit ago this evening. AIt still activates by the pedal arm. I had thought it worked on the master cylinder or brake lines. Looks to be the only two games in town it and Roadmaster. I thought there were more options.
down home 01/09/20 09:16pm Dinghy Towing
Air brakes on Towed

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30023937
down home 01/09/20 01:08pm Class A Motorhomes
Air brakes on Towed

Since 2006we have used the Roadmaster air brake system, with the cylinder that has to be installed an uninstalled every time you hook up or unhook. Airraid I believe is one brand,and Air Force One is another brand of under hood air braking system, that you don't have to disconnect or reconnect anything. Anyone comment on which one you use and of course prices?
down home 01/09/20 01:08pm Dinghy Towing
RE: CW Flagstaff

We are in Kingman the center of nothing. People are leaving. We are here on a family mission for longer than expected. Flagstaff for VA. Wet to Henderson to find Camping World at first because it was closer than Vegas or Flagstaff
down home 01/06/20 09:05pm General RVing Issues
CW Flagstaff

WE were going to Flagstaff tomorrow and by Camping World. Wife looked on the Internet and it says store permanently closed. Last month went to Camping World in Henderson, Nevada. It took a long long time as GPS was over 12 miles. Decided when we couldn't first fine it to drive to the one in Vegas.The GPS put us about the same amount on the wrong side of town. Called the one in Henderson on the way back and got the right directions. Store had some few displays of larger items but not one thing that we went there for. What is going on?
down home 01/06/20 07:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oil headed for 70 bucks s barrel. Here we go.

Before Christmas n 93 toward Vegas we found, ata new Pilot, 4.99.9 for premium. The last few days in Bullhed City regular has been around 2.47. In Kingman it is 273 and up. It must be California refinery. Why are we still selling our oil into the Global oil Cabal to set prices far above what they should be, when we are poducign much more than we can use an storage is lipping full around the Country and world.
down home 01/03/20 10:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do y'all see the IRONY here?

Saw a mocha?colored Prius on the side of the road yesterday. Enough juice for flashers but that was all, apparently. Sh was on the cell so some help on the way. Wouldn't have done any good for me to stop, s I don't have any kind of adapter form 12 volt to whatever voltage plug. Ad it would have taken the rest of the eevening or longer to get her underway.
down home 01/02/20 06:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Wierd bathroom water problem

This is one reason the primary reason for good or great water filters for every bit of water that enters the Motorhome not just the the drinking water spigot.Every new Motorhome has a built in filter system but older ones,, some don't, and mny times no body changes them and they bypass dirty water into the Coach. I've trying to figure out how to intall a filter inside our bay with limited space
down home 01/02/20 05:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wierd bathroom water problem

This is one reason the primary reason for good or great water filters for every bit of water that enters the Motorhome not just the the drinking water spigot.Every new Motorhome has a built in filter system but older ones,, some don't, and mny times no body changes them and they bypass dirty water into the Coach. I've trying to figure out how to intall a filter inside our bay with limited space
down home 01/02/20 05:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What kind of car do u think Old Saint Nick would drive

A Mercedes according to the Television commercials. An AMG SLS Black Series or SL63 or SL 65 or 15 or earlier C63 or CLS 63 with the 6.3 with RennTech tune.
down home 12/31/19 09:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: Kwikee Stairs failure rate

Note* while trying t find the other brrand of step similar to kwikee for my own information I saw on the Stromberg Carlson site that Lippert no longer makes the RV step but Stomberg Carlson makes or has the parts.
down home 12/31/19 01:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Kwikee Stairs failure rate

Our Kwikee steps are original to the 15 yr old motorhome. Only problems we had were lubing the parts at the motor and step joints with a grease. It gathered a lot of dirt and froze things up. Since then nothing but silicone spry. They still get stuck from road dirt when it rains hard sometimes. I think there is a shield missing to keep road spray from hitting as you go down the road. I had to squirt the step swing points or joints the other day with silicone. We have kept them extended and it rained and snowed. On the way out here at a RV park in Ark I opened the door to exit and get us in close and putting jacks dwwn position for utilities and the step hit a railroad tie around their plantings and broke the pot metal arm that operates the steps from the motor. RV Park Mgr came to the rescue with a part. There is another manufacture that produces a set of steps that look almost just, like the Kwikee but has sealed bearings and joints I don't remember the brand but it is something like Seakins. Then there are the new extend only type steps, which are a step up in design, that are made t fit the same openings but about1400.00 but can be had for much less. If you can mange to get under the step area, use some diaelectric compound on the plug or electrical splices.The plastic like kind is much better than the older petroleum based diaeltric grease. One electric is secure wash the steps off with lots of water pressure before lubing with silicone. Heat shrinks on wire joints if need be should keep all moisture out. Wires to the switches may need looking at. And...did someone turn off the step in the closed position by accident. Our control panel is right in the entry way.You can turn them off with steps extended and that is okay as the safety interlock when you put in in gear will retract the steps but better still have the switch in the on position.
down home 12/31/19 12:47pm General RVing Issues
Are yu Hungry?

Because of the hour and other things we areeating Hungry Man Turkey aand dressing dinners. It says on the box 15 grams of protein. That is about an eighth of an ounce, I believe. So maybe we need to fix about ten of them and just eat the dressing and such from only one of them Probaably a whole ounce of turkey in ten dinners.
down home 12/30/19 05:57pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: I expect a 10 cent price increase in diesel

Te new diesels don't stink with the fuel available now. Don't even smell the french fries of Bio diesel, so to speak. I have no intention of doing it but supposedly you can breath from the exhaust pipes of new diesels, no pollutants. so why would we need to make diesel essentially into an expensive kerosene? I said I expected a ten percent increase others ae saying as much a a $1.25 a gallon initially. And the Industry and Washington is remaining silent about it. We have to pay it or park it. They have no intentions of protecting us from the designs of those tying to force America into electric vehicles and on bicycles.
down home 12/30/19 01:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Words or sayings that are passe or old fashioned...

Pish Posh: A Fish In A Pickle Dish Dumber than a sack of doorknobs. Jumpy as a cat in a room full of rockers. I don't chew my cabbage twice. Airish.
down home 12/28/19 03:55pm Around the Campfire
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