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RE: Strange house battery issue

Check the batteries first. Bad batteries with dead cells will quite often not take any charge. Dead cells will bubble and boil but that is it. One bad battery in series will keep the others from working acting as a wall between it and the others.It or they may have some charge but not enough to function. If these are flooded batteries, how long since you checked the electrolite level. You may have essentially bone dry batteries.
down home 11/11/19 08:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Toilet Leaking

We just had two leaks fixed n our Sealand toilet in the Mh. One was the pedal that fills and flushes. There was small piece inside the valve, but the o-ring was leaking due to slop in the valve. The toilet had to be taken up and the valve bout the size of your palm replaced. The second leak was the water supply. We had the small hose replaced in 14 in south Carolina when it flooded the place. The nylon fitting broke on the too small hoes in a tight bend. Then it was replaced with solid nylon or other plumbing fittings. It was leaking at the joint. Replaced it with proper hose this time. Our RV's flex and move a lot. We had water in the floor too. Wife was blaming me for poor aim at first. She's gonna pay. :) Looking at the parts and that you think it is an Aqua... in follow on post your mileage may vary.
down home 11/10/19 11:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Having a SENIOR moment

This subject comes up several times a year. No one wants to drive with the flow and other issues. Every week, just about while home, we drive 200miles pus round trip to the Doctors. We have almost been involved in accident, been forced off the road, crowded out of merging on the interstate,Had truckers block traffic in all lanes, all the time, n purpose, and all sorts of their games. Now in the last five or six years, we have a lot of new people from California, some I see at the VA,and escapees from high tax areas with people jammed cheek to jowel. They drive very aggressively and don't care, it seems, about bent fenders. Then we have a lot of drug users something new to Tn and in Nashville and other cities. Defensive driving is the name of the game and I avoid many stretches of I24and I75 when I can. Wife insist on driving them however. Just stay safe out there is about all you can do. No Sunday driving, no cell phnes etc.
down home 11/09/19 08:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bummed out

My sympathy. No words I have will make up your loss. Lots of new friends to be made.
down home 11/09/19 07:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Be careful out there. There are some bad people

When a gun is pointed at you, what the hell makes you think you will be able to pull yours out and "win"? B.O. Being armed means having the ability to try to to save your life...but nothing is certain in this world. So practice, and more practice is prudent and increases your odds. If you don't win at least you have the opportunity to try. Not having the tools the weapon means your chances are slim to none. Even Jesus said if you can't afford a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.From that point, of having the weapon, it is on you to learn how to use it well. Weapons are neither good nor evil that comes from whoever has it or a hammer or baseball bat, big rock or whatever. I fail to see the logic, the reason, the morality, in being being defenseless, or not trying to defend yourself.
down home 11/09/19 07:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: what a find as we approach Veterans Day

Unworthy, Nay: We were called and honor meant we answered the call. We did not develop bone spurs, Get Daddy to stop them from sending us to Nam when we would not show up for required Air National Guard training, because we were chicken---- and would not learn to navigate.We did not run to Canada either. We did our duty whatever, was called of us to do. We served our Country. You may not have been Sgt York, but were not called into that or some other battles.You may be suffering death every day from service too, if Disabled Veteran from service. Don't listen to those who cheat us, to those who denigrate us, those that try to refuse us honor. They love not their Country and what it has made possible for them, or for those who served our Country. We didn't loose the war, those people did, Those people in Congress, and the Kerrys and Fondas and Browns. The North was ready to sue for peace! Congress seized defeat from the jaws of victory!! Those people/these people dishonored us and most especially the thousands who answered the call, and lost their lives, sacrificed, disgraced, dishonored by those no continuing the destruction of our Republic. Hang those medals and certificates and stand proud. You have earned the honor! Hooah!Hooah! I raise a glass in your honor!
down home 11/09/19 04:48pm Around the Campfire
RE: Be careful out there. There are some bad people

As far as defense weapons I vote for the 10mm in Glock, Rock Islands 1911 or Colt Delta Elite ad a number of others.I also favor a number of other calibers but the 10mm hass it all over the .45 which wtoul not penetrate an old Model T's door. I heard a non gunner say something about over penetration well spray and pray is not the idea. practice and marksmanship is. Almost any caliber will penetrate both sides of an RV including .22s. A 10mm with liberty Civil Defense Rounds willnot go through a tank but will take down any animal out there.
down home 11/09/19 11:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Knee Pain

If the miniscus is torn yu risk doing a lot more damage, to the rest of it, if you don't get it fixed
down home 11/08/19 08:39pm Around the Campfire
RE: Electric Pickup?

How many pickup owners actually haul anything? Looking at all the pickups in my area, it is not many. That's the argument the Greenies and EPA and NHTSA used. Our 05 F150 has taken us to Canada and all around the Country, however at home we have hauled all manner of things for home and lawn/field.It has pulled a car on a trailer to Ky. The Vehicle is roomy but the seats not as large or comfy a 2002 and prior thanks to NHTSA. The roominess and ride is sufficient reason. You can put a lot of groceries in the back seat, and if that is not enough locking tops and caps on the bed. Try hauling a Christmas tree in Toyota. Or bikes to repair shop and a thousand other uses. All of this by the feds and Auto Makers is supposdely going to save us money an the environment? We now have a new Edge with the largest motor a 2.7 liter twin turbos. It gets less mileage than our old 3.7 non turbo and does not perform as well,. You have to downshift it on hills especially down hill, if the auto shifting own through 8 gears won't slow it enough in cruise.And neither one got as much mpg as our 6.3 AMG 6.3 with three times more power and doesn't need to downshift up or down a hill. As long as it is in cruise or you use a steady foot, at 75, 95, 120, in seventh gear it gets around 22mpg. Floor it of course it's a different story. Electric cars someone in town has a Tesla and a few moths ago he was stopped along side the Interstate half way between home and Nashville A gas can would do him no good and he Imagine had to be towed to somewhere to sit for a day to get charged. And if it is too cold or too hot battery range goes down, use the ac and or heat and battery range goes down, or the lights or windshield wipers or the entertainment center.Now imagine towing your boat to Toledo Bend with an electric motor or going hunting fifty miles from civilization.
down home 11/08/19 08:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Knee Pain

See an Orthopedist! If it is inflammation he can give you a shot and stay off it for a bit. If you have damaged the meniscus it may take arthroscopic knee surgery to extract the torn bits.
down home 11/08/19 12:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: MIA - Mexico

Mex loves people and culture of Mexico. It's sad to see a thread about him tarnished by the racism so prevalent in the US. I sure hope he is ok; we all know his health is not great. Nothing at all racist in the posts. I see you trying to make it abut race though. Mexicans have German, French, a lot of Spanish, Aztec, Welsh, and all the European ancestry, and Native Americans, and others separately identifiable and almost everyone else has some or all those heritages.
down home 11/07/19 12:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: what a find as we approach Veterans Day

All of Dad's gear and mine disappeared from Mom's home. An uncle Dad's youngest brother, it seems gave it to a museum thought. My overcoat, moths got into the closet It couldn't be saved.All have left is the belt from the overcoat. none of my meals except my daughter has my wings that were on my uniform. Trying to find replacements was not easy. Service Ring was stolen at Ft Eustis. PX no longer sells Service Rings and becaause of the Belfort does not make military ring anymore. This all started in 08 an now the PX is just a shadow of hat it was.
down home 11/07/19 07:55am Around the Campfire
RE: Be careful out there. There are some bad people

The only way I would tour Mexico is the same for the Darien Gap! Mother hovering overhead and a select group of friends armed to the teeth.
down home 11/06/19 11:12pm General RVing Issues

down home 11/06/19 08:27pm Tech Issues
Loose doors and cabineet panels

Our RV is now 14 years old. The cabinets and doors are solid wood. in the land of it's a dry heat...and cold of Az. The bathroom door won't stay closed going down the road and all the panels in the doors are loose. Tech says the wood is drying out. Wippee another problem to deal with. Says the factory uses not even dried woods and seals it. Well now it is shrinking. So bucket of water in shower and full toilet bowl of water. But ac will suck all that up in n time.
down home 11/06/19 02:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Campground Theft

I vaugely remember a number of small generators being reported stolen from Rvers over time,here. In some cases with them chained or cable locked to the Rv. Coolers and beer, in state and county parks, especially ones with lots of people driving through, and worse on busy holiday weekends.One reason we avoid such RV parks. Use to be reports of lots of tailgates stolen especially ones on larger diesel pickups which cost an arm and two legs. Wheels and tires off campers, anything and everything off picnic tables, and strapped to ladders, and bikes,and...power cords which ain't cheap. Another reason to lock the cover on the pedestal over the cord, They'd be get the shock of their life cutting it near the RV other wise. Been rather few reports of campground thefts, here, for a while, though. But anything not welded on or guarded by pit bulls and a loaded shotgun has and will be stolen. Rvers with those generators or spare fuel in cans use to mix diesel and a variety of other things in decoy fuel cans, that seemed to dampen the number of thefts. I think I will find a different campground, if I have to stat bringing along armed security to guard the site. Dreaming up way to foil,deter, catch, make them wish they hadn't tried, thieves at campgrounds and even our driveways use to be a favorite subject. Myself I favor C4 in chunks painted to look like rocks and triggered by trip wires, or I'm considering for a replacement for Dakota a black bear, If I can just figure out how make him more discriminating and if I can buy a trailer for the toed and housing for the bear. Maybe not.
down home 11/04/19 03:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Orange County Calif., Loses Another Large Storage Lot

Managing partner sold our to Volkswagen.around 300.00 a month. Another one not too far away with same services is over 400.00 an up and a waiting list. We are reserved at a new one about 60 miles away, but no services and individual storage units. Last one had heat if needed and an excellent Mgr and Staff. Did lot of maintenance and repairs for us. So far he has not found or been able to get permits to build. Spaces and building that large are magnets to business. They can pay much more than it cost to build new and make a huge profit. Two acres or so under one roof concrete floor with electricity for numerous coaches, and water and propane, ventilation tight buildigg for no rodents and so on cost a lot to build.
down home 11/04/19 12:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Cabin Air Filter

It is smart to install a cabin air filter on a MH why most RV mfgs don't is beyond me. I'm not able to get up under the intake area in fron of the coach or I might figure out how to make a housing with an easily changed air filter. I now I have mentioned this to American Coach several times but not lately.
down home 11/04/19 11:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Alternative satellite option?

I have a dome on my RV I don’t even bother to connect anymore. We camp Fl state parks often and they are mostly heavily treed. I use a Winegard Pathway X2. It lets you select eastern or western arc which gives you options when here are trees. DISH is more RV friendly than Dtv IMHO. We have dome also and its in motion. We have found over a decade that trees block the signal. Is there some new tech?
down home 11/03/19 08:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Country Ham

There is a small Butcher near Donaldson,Tn, I think, who produces great Country Hams. Don't remember the name right now. The hams are not that large but they are pricey. May order one and have it shipped. We had Uncle Hershels Breakfast, renamed at Cracker Barrel a week ago or so. We had the country ham in it. Real pricey to buy slices of, ham or a whole one if they sell a whole one. Sedona is a few hours away. Tucson or Phoenix are they perhaps or probably have Country Hams. As far as lty Country Ham it depends on who produces it, as to how long it is smoked, or even smoked after curing with salt and sugar. When you cook a slice of country ham, put it in a skillet with water and let simmer for a bit. Pour that of and cook it. What your pour off is often used to make gravy. The reason for curing and peppering and smoking was to preserve the ham, bacon, and other cuts of meat, when there was no refrigeration. Wife wanted to make a dish of scalloped potatoes with pieces of Country Ham in it. Last time she made it was for our Tribal meeting years ago. The aroma had everyone's mouth watering. It was great. There are bad hams too which we have encountered way too often in some Supermarkets. Now that Sheffield is Chinese Owned and processed and shipped back ehre quality sucks.
down home 11/02/19 11:09pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
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