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RE: Food!

Perhaps your wife is not "into" cooking this trip, but how about you? I know several men who cook and do a darn good job. Get a cookbook and find something good. I guarantee your wife will be thrilled! Dale I'm not physically able to stand for long and so on. I like to cook and. At home I would cook have the pots and pans cleaned and put away, food on the table with just the dishes and bowls to stick in the dishwasher in no time. I liked to make breads and rolls cakes etc and BBQ my own receipts for sauce and Mesquite smoked.
down home 09/18/20 12:11pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Food!

Let's start with this premise: McDonald's does not make hamburgers. Those are beef (I think) flavored salt licks!
down home 09/17/20 06:59pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs

We are tired of everything! Fast Food is enemy number one. I have ate enough hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, steak, ham, and everything else. I want something different! If I had the energy I would open a restaurant and call it Something different. Anyone who ordered a burger, might be banned for life? Out here in the desert especially the options are even more limited Micky Ds and Cracker Barrel. I know the menue by heart! Don'' ask me though. Wife isn't into cooking, on the road this trip. I don't believe a steak wold whet my appetite after a week, right now. I want something different. What is it and where can I get some...within 50 miles???
down home 09/17/20 06:33pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: To brighten our day

A few years ago at a Flying J in Texaaas. A pickup puling a full horse trailer of race horses was taking his time inside. I had some interesting conversations with them their noses sticking out. The ante nose ribs. Except oen who was hgh strung and wanted out. The guy came out and filled a bucket with water and let them drink, while he held it up for them. I would have gladly done that but not my horses and he might object. I love horses. and still miss my daughter's quarter pony. He wsa a mess. If I didn't scratch his nose and hug his neck he might grab me by the shoulder gently to let me know. Wouldn't let the adults ride him but he loved to take the kids. Chico would have been great at a rodeo. He had to supervise everything.
down home 09/17/20 06:07pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Cast Iron pan seasoning Question

We know the Lodge Folks.Fine People. new cast iron is not the same quality as the old stuff, which they tried to make with as fine or small a pore as possible.Seperating the iron and filling the pores with lard or other shortening is the only way I know of. Grand Ma cleaned the skillets with a kitchen towel and a hand full of salt, or sand. When Mm go the pans they had a thick crust on the outside and the insides were black and slick, with ages of burned in grease etc. They got hot many times on the wood cook stove and in the oven. how many times she had to scrub them as described I don't know. When Mama got her first self cleaning stove she used it on the skillets and all that burned off.Great Grand Ma 1857-1933 used those skillets and that crust truly was antique. The skillets I know never performed the same.Wife has some Cross? Pans and they don't stick. Heat the skillets not real hot with oil or lard rubbed in both inside and out. Let them col after there is no fat t swish around wipe out and repeat. I don't know how many times, until the inside looks and feels slick in the corners or edges too. If it sticks clean but not wash and reseason again. I see some godposts on the subject like Wonderlost too. There is more than one way to skin a cat and I have no idea how Grand Ma did it was the best but I do think lard is the better idea. Bacon grease I'm wondering about though,even though everyone has used it has some salt in it.
down home 09/17/20 05:37pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: recipes

My wife doesn't look at the forums but, I have copied some receipts and given to her. Don't remember which ones. I've posted some things of interest on old cast iron. And got an old cookbook from a lady here which my wife has used. I use to cook quite bit myself especially yeast breads rolls and cakes. As we are now older cooking while RVing hasn't got as much flavor, so to speak. We had pursued buying a new larger all electric coach with better kitchen and a dishwasher. We would be traveling more and cooking more instead of eating out. here in the Mohave all there is is fast food except for Cracker Barrel in Kingman. We have cooked some but the receipt and cookbook get used more while we are home. I glance here every once in a while but I don't have much to offer. We may if we have to stay much longer do a lot more cooking. Micky D's is publi enemy number one right now. We have eaten so many burgers the cattle have our posters on their walls.
down home 09/17/20 05:23pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: How do you pay your bills on the road on extended trips?

Everyone wants autopay or draft. We don't do that we pay online and schedule payments when to come out ahead of time, many times. So far we have been where we have wifi.using the smart devices or phones anywhere you have a connection connecting the lap top is better than trying to use that teeny pad.
down home 09/17/20 03:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Shearing the sheep

On RVs at least Motor Homes the MSRP is much higher than you can purchase one for. as much s 45%+ in some cases..from experience. Financing which most people have to do is way out of line. Our Credit Union two years ago quoted us 3.9%. When we got serious, earlier this year, it was over 6%. That's with right at 800 on wife's and over for mine. We refinanced our home from 3.7% to 2.9%. If I had don it months earlier we could have gotten 2.25%. Not thinking far enough ahead, we culd have rolled a new Mh into the ref. Prices on homes in Tn are now doubling and more in the last two or three years especially in outlying areas of the cities. We count our blessings we got our new home when we did. already over twice what we paid offered by a r4eal estate who would do some things and sell it for much more. The cheapest way appears, if it fits you situation, is to roll a Motor He in to your mortgage. at our age don't liek bills but it will be paid off in ten years max. Our Mh is over ten years old and Banks don't want to loan money on them. Dealers take and sell them to Wholesalers,if they take them in trade. Doesn't matter that your RV is better than the new ones. I won't go into the whys. So we are keeping ours and updating and so forth even though we would dearly like to have a larger unit with two full wall slides and all the niceties that have come along since we purchased this one. its paid for and I like that a lot more than payments. We usually spend all our time away from it anyway.
down home 09/17/20 02:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: smoking diesel exhaust

We've seen three newer Prevost passenger coaches with engine fires, I don't know the years of the coaches but were newer. That doesn't mean much. However at a Michigan RV Resort last year or year before, We sat and talked with some Folks in two Prevost coach conversions and another brand, I don't remember. One was a Marathon Coach and another brand Conversation, was about the weak take off the 515 hp Volvo and response down the road. The 650 hp, I think, Cummins engines was being requested by some of the new Customers, plus reports of fires. It was mentioned it was probably the pollution control systems now required on everything.
down home 09/17/20 12:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What to make of this......

You can talk to her, but first instinct is to leave.
down home 09/16/20 02:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: new tires thru National Tire Concierge Services ???

I'm glad I read about this here. An opportunity to save money and for better service I won't pass up next tires needed.
down home 09/16/20 12:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wolves as Pets

I admit to just bouncing the idea around. Most people agree it is too big a challenge to integrate a wolf into the family. I certainly would not keep it caged. Amazed, that I can keep a bear, with a permit but not a Bobcat or a wolf. I had a Professor, long ago, that had one for a pet. He took t on speaking/video engagements, for kids, about the wild. It would jump from the floor onto his shoulders . He was over 6 ft tall. it would chew the dickens out of his ears. Te cat's canines had been ground or taken out or something though. I wouldn't want to do that. The Kitten I caught, in the woods,and took to Grand Ma, for a pe,t as a young kid, was rough as a cob and I can still kinda see the scars. I'm not going to take a wolf for pet and family protector.
down home 09/15/20 09:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: Going to a DOG

Cast iron is porous. Leave the crust on the outside on. That is the grease that bled through the porous iron over who knows how long. When Mom got her first stove with cleaning cycle she ran Grand Ma's skillets that had passed won from her Mom 1857-1933. It burned off all the old grease inside and out. Ruined the conditioning..and if you don't get oil on it while it is still hot it rust not just on the surface but int the metal. Those skillets were less porous than the new skillets manufactured deliberately to be porous. Grand Ma cleaned the inside with salt and a cloth and put a little pork fat back in and rubbed it around. Bacon fat has salt, which likes metal and water. I still can taste r imagine it of fried chicken and everything else in those old skillets. Not much stuck and if it did you cleaned it off.
down home 09/15/20 05:10pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Motor Home/Trailer Life Magazines Cease Publication

I still get the magazine. It is a quality publication. Every once in a while I spot something advertised I was looking for. News about rallies etc and you don't have to go on the net and deal with million intrusive ads and cookies.. Also new coaches in depth none or two models per issue. I suspect the new mag will be 5055% advertising or more and only feature items, MHs and Towables, that sponsor and pay for advertising. About to cut the cable because of this very same issue. Over the air has the same, and now Netflix is detestable. All the advertising s an irritant now everywhere. The forums here are great generally but the pc is heavy, and no power no web, no access. This HP weighs about 10 lbs and not lap friendly and it gets hot.
down home 09/15/20 04:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Decals

You asked a question that depends on your skill and energy.Can't answer it. Me I would have a pro remove them and prep and paint or coat the entire cap and mask and tape and paint the graphics. Probably only two colors, then clear it with urethane or the latest auto paint. You won't have to do anything further to it with two coats for 20 years. My 05 F150 older paint tech still looks new. The put on decals with short life to get it out the door. Most people don't seem to keep the units very long. Graphics and paint fade and it gets traded. Especially the corrugated stuff which is very hard to deal with. I have wondered if planned obselesance isn't the plan o as to sell more units next year and so on. Out here in Arizona I have sen thousands of towables and Mh parked fro a long time. I wonder if they got here and sold as too old for banks, 10 years, to be interested in financing for resale.
down home 09/15/20 03:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: new tires thru National Tire Concierge Services ???

We had four Michelins put on in Chattanooga Tn at the Michelin Dealer. 100.00 per tire,mount and balance and he/they.....kept the FMCA Dscount. FMCA kicked them out of the program afterwards. Overheard the Manger to Clerk or whatever her title was " We need to make our margin." This was 2014. $25.00 Wow!
down home 09/15/20 01:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Noisey seat coushions

down home 09/15/20 05:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: smoking diesel exhaust

Our Cat has always done itit'saC7 and when you hit the throttle in goes more fuel. A diesel does not mix fuel and air and go through throttle blades. It breathe in as much air as it can handle all the time. Hit the throttle and lot more fuel and black smoke. Newer diesels don't have the response of the old because emissions dictated tuning. The Volvo engines are a good/worse example. Low and slow response and power throughout the range and mileage is worse and have lots of engie fires.. Tuners spew more at take off and hot rod diesel engines rely spew the smoke as cam and injector timing is increased and more fuel is sprayed in when you hit the throttle and really gets going when the turbo(s)spool up. When injector pumps go bad in diesels you will smell and possibly see gray smoke actually raw diesel and smell and raw diesel though the exhaust. haven't seen in my case any MHs spewing a lot of black smoke even with a tuner. The turbo could be getting bad...and not compressing enough air for the amount f fuel sprayed in would be the only thing I can think of at the moment. Hard to hear in a running diesel but a stethascope on the turbo might reveal bearing problems etc. Not cheap but what s on a diesel,a Cummins Dealer or other shop hooked up to the computer, unless yours is pure mechanical diesel, can sort it out pretty quick.I don't think I want to crawl around on our engine and side radiators probably still would have to go through the bed room.A Diesel mechanic knows his brad and others real well.
down home 09/15/20 05:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wolves as Pets

I live in the piedmont of NC and have seen several large, gray coyotes that could trick one into believing they were wolves. As far as wanting a wolf for a pet -- Why? Just ... why? There is no logical, sane reason I can think of that anyone would want or need one. If you want protection there are quite a number of breeds of dogs who would serve the purpose better, not to mention MUCH more reliably. I'm firmly of the opinion that the closest anyone should come to having a wild animal as a pet is the domesticated house cat. ;) Tried a better reply and get the message invalid formatting. I have no idea what that might be.
down home 09/14/20 12:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: Wolves as Pets

They say emphatically there are no wolves in Tennessee 78 or79 I saw two gray wolves nearly run into my lap! Folks in the County Historical Society where Mom was raised and I spent a lot of my youth report them also. I have no doubt if I can get into the area I can capture one but hopefully, if I do it in the spring I can find a Pup. This is all of course contingent on health. Anyone here raised a full blood gray wolf for a pet and family protector? For what it is worth: I live in the high mountains of NC almost on the TN border. We have Coyotes living on the mountain across from us and each night and occasionally during the day we can hear their yapping and barking. We have lived on the west coast and have seen the Coyotes there, which are gray, but much smaller than gray wolves. I was told that the Coyotes here are much larger and often mistaken for Gray wolves and finally several years ago had one cross the road in front of me one night. I was astounded at it's size and would have sworn it was a gray wolf, but the following morning a neighbor informed that what I saw was indeed a Coyote and sees them in his game cam lots of times. Guy I know what coyotes are. We have a group or family living not far from our back door. When we get home I'm going to have to try to deal with them. A good while back my So In Law walking his two pups were set pon by the Coyotes. He called the mother and Dad dogs who came and chased them away. I know what wolves are. My cousin had one for a guard dog and pet. I don't know all the particulars but it was mostly black and weighed probably 160 lbs it was huge.He kept it penned except when he had it on a leash, which was in reality worthless if it decided to be mean. A half breed or whatever percentage might be an option..not knowing from experience. My desire is not for a unique pet but for an intelligent but obedient family protector, friend and pet. We have had someone enter our home and our Former family defender Dakota, passed away three years ago, now, charged him inside the door and he ran. Dakota looked the part of a wolf but weighed only 80 lbs or so.part Terrier and part Pit bull.(there is no such breed as pit bull),
down home 09/14/20 12:15pm Around the Campfire
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