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RE: Full Moon on Friday the 13th an UFOs woo woo woo

Friday the 13th.....that was 2 days ago Won't happen again until Dec 13th Pretty poorly composed huh? Around the campfire, which is something we haven't done in a while, and noticed not too many others lately. Now that is cooling of a bit at night, maybe a few more chairs around the campfire. Hard to find RV parks with dark skies, they al are putting in lights or o it seems. I doubt I will ever see a Sasquish or a Flying Saucer, but a whole bunch or people are making things up or delusional or perhaps really saw some things. I sue to aly out in the grass at night and watch the skys sparkle and shooting stars etc. It is the spirit of seeing the unknown o something new. Ironic it seems that all the photos of these things are pretty poor quality, or is it?
down home 09/15/19 09:38pm Around the Campfire
Full Moon on Friday the 13th an UFOs woo woo woo

OK, time to start. We hear plenty of accounts of sightings of UFO and Big Feet...from people with sorry cameras and or film or maybe shorted out diodes or too much to drink. I want to see some clear photos, and from those of you that were or will be abducted some autographs. And as far as big feet a big swath of hair and autographed photos! Now RVers are a talented bunch that have run businesses or military. We want to see some results some of your best work here in the next few months! Photos with clarity. Mybe we ought to start a fund to raise money for all those who took sorry pictures from sorry cameras and phones, but then maybe not. Put out the campfires and lights and get to laying under the stars. counting on you. :)
down home 09/15/19 05:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: Best wax for lazy people?

I bought some of that "ceramic wax" everyone of the bottles leaked at the bottom. I had the Tech that washes my AMG at Mercedes apply it. You spray it on after washing, and rinse it off with good water pressure. It seems to work. Whether it is really any different than the stuff they put on a a commercial car wash, I don't know but apparently it doesn't like the bottom of the plastic bottles it comes in.
down home 09/15/19 04:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Vent fans and a/c at the same time

Anone seen any benefit from running a ceiling vent fan or two, while the ac/is running in an RV? Hot air goes tot the ceiling and cold air from the ac sinks toward the floor.
down home 09/15/19 03:44pm General RVing Issues
Vent fans and a/c at the same time

At home we find it unnecessary in summer to run the het pumps on the own stairs level usually. We have a huge vaulted ceilign on one side and the cold a/c air sinks down, and sometimes makes it really chilly on the lowest level. In our RVs with both heat pumps/ac running it still some times is warmer than we want. Has anyone used one or two of their roof vent fans to pull the warmer air, that rises out of the RV found any success with that approach. The cold a/c air sinks to the floor of course.
down home 09/15/19 02:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: “I was shocked with just how white it was there,” she said.

I don't want to get involved. Not in my backyard. It's not my problem. It doesn't concern me. I'm just doing my job. I'm just following orders. Only bad comes from burying your head in the sand. I'm sure glad there were people willing to get involved in years past to give me the opportunities that I would otherwise have been denied. I owe it to them to do so for others. That is one of the most off target red herrings ever, We will never face an "alternative life style" or entertain its intrusion.
down home 09/12/19 06:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bugs...

Whatever birds will eat them, put out a lot of birdhouses for them. We have one little crew o family of bluish grey feathers with slightly black crest that unfortunately nest on one of our fans on the east porch, they sit n the railings and nearby trees and catch every bug that comes into the area. Don't know if they cthc stink bugs or not. And we have three families of crows that patrol the yard/field every day several times a day catching bugs plus the turkeys, If someone knows what birds eat them then tell us.We have a few stink bugs but no many. I will definatly build bird houses for any birds that will eat them. I had understood not many birds would.
down home 09/12/19 03:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best wax for lazy people?

/didn't use to be lazy but I got ooold! I use to change the oil in my cars and washed and waxed them every week and the underside and engine bay sparkled too. Even the spark plugs were changed often and the points and timing checked every week. Waxing! not again. I used Mc Quires spray polish and spray synthetic wax. Wash, polish, wash again, and then wax by spraying on and rubbing until it disappears with micro fiber towels. Not hard except when you are older than dirt. Don't have Grand kids. Maybe I can rent some next time. Need teenagers who drive up in their cars for an example of their work!
down home 09/12/19 03:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: “I was shocked with just how white it was there,” she said.

I love it when a bunch of hetero white men state there is no racism. That everyone has the same opportunity to do and achieve the same things and it's just because others are too lazy or not interested in doing so. And that any time someone suggests inclusion, they are simply making up a problem. Keep the status quo because if these other folks start camping WE won't have a campsite when WE want it. I would love more inclusion in camping and RVing. Some of the best things I've done have been improved because of new ideas brought by different people. And this is one area that is so ready for new ideas and new people. We go RVing, or in every day life we're not interested in this --! We don't want involved. Leave us out of it and everyone gets along fine. I have enough as everyone else to worry about, without taking on this.
down home 09/12/19 03:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: “I was shocked with just how white it was there,” she said.

I posted what I thought was an accurate response. However from another angle, let people do whatever they want to do, if they want to RV fine if they don't fine. Why do some feel it is necessary to bring race and controversy into everything. RV Mfg Associations etc, apparently want to get into race thinking they can increase sales with this idea, a very bad idea. Perhaps, looking into my crystal ball, they will give them the idea they must get into it. All they have to do is to market to targeted groups as every other business does and not make it a social issue and controversy! The manufacturers and Dealers know this so this whole idea this whole controversy, the people in this article, are introducing, has nothing to do with selling more RVs and supplies etc!!!IMO
down home 09/12/19 01:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fuel economy

Class A drivers, how. do you maximize your money spent on fuel, over the milage gained do you shop for price.? do you alter your driving? do you added gizmos? ME? I set the cruise at 65+_ place the transmission in .in economy, and allow the computer to drive it. Gets me about 9.5 by the computer. 9.5 MPG! Can you bring your magic wand over here please. About 38000 lbs towing 4100lb Ford Edge 05 Revolution Cat 350. We didn't set the trip computer, oversight, when we started out, but about 6.5 to 7MPG is what we are getting, long haul. We try to run at 65, but taint possible McGhee! Every other Driver especially semis have their own ideas and its on the breaks and eventually passing, plus the winds this eek on the high plains are trying to push us into fields. We shop for price going down the road. this trip we paid as little as 2.39 in Tn and as high as 2.59 in Oklahoma. We slipped up and missed a couple or more exits with prices in the 2.49 range. Tried laying out a fuel stop plan ahead of time but no go. We have seen prices as high as 2.97 along the way. Loves seems to be the highest or maybe Pilot. independents are the more economical. We fuel when the price is right and at half a tank or so. If we were able plan fuel stops withe the better prices we could save a lot of time and a bit of fuel too.
down home 09/12/19 12:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quit RVing

I'm 15 years your junior, a disabled veteran and I'm having problems hoking up the towed and so forth. If we could sell our MH I think we might give it up. But still upside down on it, so we push ourselves to get use of it. Still enjoy what it is all about though.
down home 09/12/19 07:18am RV Lifestyle
RE: praying mantis

A good many years ago, during the eighties I think, at a Client's home we saw a green as grass praying mantis.It was well over a foot tall. I have told this several times and people say they don't get that big and other comments. I thought I would grab it from behind. In an instant it turned and bit my right forefinger and drew considerable blood. It hurt like the dickens. It during that same instant had jumped or flew into some honeysuckle and tall grass. Watched it for a few minutes ore before it flew, I think, or hopped into the woods. On edit. I said well over a foot tall. I really think it was over two feet tall after thinking about it. It was huge.
down home 09/06/19 06:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: For those that have had a blowout when towing

Had two blow outs on our 02 Alumascape when the fifth wheel was two years old or so. Didn't know about date codes then. Goodyear Wrangler LT truck tires in 16 in rim size. One took off part of the plastic skirt over the wheel arch and metal brace. The other4 loosened up the brace and left strips of rubber every where but little damage. Goodyear store replaced both. I had to pay some amount. Just lucky it didn't wreck us.
down home 09/06/19 05:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: .............

down home 09/06/19 05:45pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Chatanooga bound

The Aquarium, Ruby Falls and Rock City, then....go trout fishing on the Hiwassee, Walk Muir Trail. Rent bass boat or bring your own and fish hundreds of miles of water. Cloudland Canyon near Trenton ,Ga. Chickamuga Battle Field, south of town in north Ga. Foster Falls west off Chattanooga. Savage Gulf natural Area, requires hiking. Several historic Cherokee sites, one near Athens on the River dedicated two years ago. I just can't remember it all at the moment. The Tellico River east of Chattanooga about 100 miles and the road into the Smokies the Cherohala Skyway. Cherokee Lake in Cherokee National Forest east of Cleveland. Russel Cave west of Chattanooga in north Alabama. Nickajack Lake and the cave west of Chattanooga. The Coke ovens, Dunlap, Tn northwest of Chattanoosga. Nantahala River and National Forest,butts up against the Smokeis east of Cleveland Tn ,in NC. Ft Loudon, east of Chattanooga, toward Knoxville. A bunch more
down home 09/06/19 04:17pm Class A Motorhomes

down home 09/06/19 03:54pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
Toad Hitch and wirig Installation

We have been grounded in Shawnee Oklahoma 3 days as of Friday. Stopped to stat and run car everl time. Each time the battery was dead. Finally it would not crank at al even with jump box. Tried to disconnect from coach and wife screamed at me that the(safety cable)was burning. I disconnected jump box and and tried to disconnect safety cable, which no electricity should be going to under any circumstances. I got second degree burns on left elbow where it touched the ground with hand on safety cable. Unplugged with great difficulty the four pin connector which should not have any electricity either but one pin was burned up. Towed to Ford Dealer finally when road side assistance went back to work on Tuesday. Dealer in Shawnee was very familiar with RV. wiring to a toad. We were supposed to have had a charge wire on a six pin connector instead of this four pin, I guess. And...they wired a hot lead to the one pin of the four pin. Our "8pin"" in the Ford edge is toast. Deler pulled the burned wiring off, and it was found to not be wired properly and no diodes in the tail light/signal/brake lights. Each time we applied the brakes in the car it tried to set fire the 8 pin computer and disconnected navigation and phone and radio speakers. he pulled the wiring which we have, so we can drive the car without going up in smoke. Called the CW Service Mgr in Oklahoma City on Broadway. Not cooperative. Just ketp on about 145.00 diagnostic fee, wear and tear wasn't covered, under the lifetime warranty ad so on and he could look at it but he was booked up 6 to 9 weeks out, I believe. We are on our way to Kingman, Arizona,to help care for Wife's terminally ill little sister. We cannot wait 6 to 9 week and I also need four maintenance free house batteries to replace the T105s as, the main slide doesn't want to come in on just the house batteries, I believe, if price is reasonable. We are now stuck her in Shawnee Oklahoma City with no assistance apparently available.
down home 09/05/19 08:09pm Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: RV'ing 100 Years Ago

Born too late. Even in 1928 there was no road system across America. Like in the letters and revelations of Great Grandfather .People simply loaded up the buckboard or filled the saddle bags etc and went to Texas simply to see wht was there from the period pf the 1850s through the 1950s even. A lot more space and freedom but road side assistance might be a farmer or hunter this week or two months down the road.
down home 09/04/19 08:52pm General RVing Issues

down home 09/02/19 06:01pm Class A Motorhomes
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